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Player, The

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 8 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; Bondage; Girl on Guy Strap-ons; Sex Toy Play; Strap-ons

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Silvia Rubi, Alexa Tomas, Ena Sweet, Yasmin Scott, Susy Gala, Soraya Wells, Nacho Vidal

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers; Motion Chapter Index; Cumshot Recap; Cast List; Filmographies; No Regional Coding


Nacho Vidal embarks on a dark, moody, erotic feature in his flick The Player.  This movie is an intriguing journey in sexual encounters that Nacho experiences across 6 scenes with Alexa Tomas, Soraya Wells, Ena Sweet, Silvia Rubi, Susy Gala and Yasmin Scott. This flick has a flavor of BDSM with its straps, chains, and the guillotine. Nacho pushes himself to his sexual limits, making this flick hot to watch. It all starts when he meets with the dominant Yasmin Scott and tells her he wants to experience the wild and crazy. She orchestrates his experiences, beginning with sex on stage in a strip club, sex in a cage in a gay club and a scene dedicated to giving Nacho anal pleasure with a strap-on and a rim job from the dominatrix Silvia Rubi. Nacho creates a steamy, BDSM mood in this flick with the lighting and backdrops, adding to the graphic imagery. I highly recommend this flick. Nacho fans will enjoy the way he explores all manner of sexual pleasure in this flick.

Scene 1:  Alexa Tomas and Nacho Vidal

Yasmin Scott tells Nacho she has been expecting him when he walks into the room. She asks him if he’s sure he wants to do this. He says he needs something new in his life and he’s willing to do anything. Nacho looks unsure but his wild, wicked journey is about to begin. He is handed a cell phone and begins receiving texts with instructions on what to do next. His first instruction is to go inside Maxx Club and find the mermaid into the ocean. At the strip club, we see a beautiful girl on a stripper pole on stage. Several guys enjoy watching her dance. Nacho sits in front of a large fish tank and that’s when he sees Alexa Tomas walking toward him in white shorts and a t-shirt. She is gorgeous and she takes his breath away. She straddles him on the chair and starts kissing him and giving him a lap dance. Nacho helps pull off her t-shirt and starts licking her tits and stomach, driving Alexa crazy. He grips and spanks her ass cheeks then pulls out his hard cock. Alexa jerks his dick and lubes it up with her spit. She strips for him then bends over and sucks his big cock. Alexa works on deep throating Nacho’s hard meat while he encourages her to send it further and further down her throat. A curious and horny patron in the strip club watches the couple please each other orally. Nacho starts licking Alexa’s clit while she stands in front of him. She moans in pleasure as the toys with her clit.  

Alexa rides Nacho’s pole in reverse cowgirl position on the lap dance chair. Her head falls back effortlessly as his dick penetrates deep inside her pussy. Nacho’s adventure into the wild and forbidden has begun and Alexa is his first mark. She continues to bounce up and down on his pleasure prick, working herself into a feel of ecstasy. The banging turns into a deep filling fuck up Alexa’s pussy in standing doggy position. She leans up against the huge fish tank getting her pussy slammed by Nacho’s cock. Pulling her hair hard gets her even more worked up. They walk away from the tank and back into the main club. Alexa takes control, pressing Nacho up against a glass wall and kissing him. She sucks him off, leaving drool hanging from his shaft then she gets a leg up fuck that keeps her screaming. The male club patrons watch this live sex show between the 2. Alexa lies on her stomach next and takes a downward doggy pussy slam that she loves. Nacho drills her cunt like a piston, keeping her turned on. He pumps her hard then pulls out and cums all over her ass cheeks. Alexa kisses him and smiles as she watches him walk away.

Scene 2:  Soraya Wells and Nacho Vidal

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Scene 2 with Soraya is one of the hottest ones of the flick. It’s a sex show in the club between Soraya and Nacho on stage and the strip club patrons enjoy every minute of it. Soraya’s heavy, torrential squirting at the end of the scene is a sensation to watch. All it starts when Soraya and Nacho talk passionately at each other in the bar area. He tells her he doesn’t want to hurt her with his big dick. Soraya assures him that he can’t hurt her and she aims to show him why. She takes to the main stage with a baseball bat and makes that bat her makeshift dildo. She lies center stage, opens her legs wide and stuffs the wide end of the bat inside her pussy. The guys in the club begin unzipping their pants to jerk their cocks. Before long, Nacho joins her onstage, takes the bat away from her and starts working her body into a sexual frenzy. He spits in her open mouth, licks her neck and fingers her pussy. This erotic sexual journey between these 2 is heating up much to the pleasure of the onlookers. While Soraya is lying on her back, Nacho pulls out his hard cock and begins fucking her throat. After making her gag, he presses his foot against her neck while he strips down.  Soraya gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide, accepting Nacho’s prick down her throat. He fucks her face, making her drool down his dick and into his hand. He catches her drool and feeds it back to her, stuffing her mouth with it and telling her how much he likes what she’s doing. Soraya has made a sloppy mess all over herself, Nacho’s cock and on the floor with her spit.

Soraya leans up against the stripper pole and raises one leg for a leg up fuck on stage. Nacho holds her leg high in the air while his cock stretches her pussy. The guys watching the action jerk their cocks while Soraya’s pussy gets stuffed. From the leg up fuck, Soraya slams her body back and forth into Nacho’s cock in a hot standing doggy slam session where she gets her ass cheeks spanked again and again. The bartender watches the action as Soraya uses Nacho’s cock to pleasure her wet pussy. Nacho covers her mouth to silence her screaming then he slaps her face and chokes her. He pulls his cock out of her pussy and eats her snatch from behind while she holds onto the pole in standing doggy. Soraya takes control next, sitting on Nacho’s dick in cowgirl position and riding it fast and furious. The fucking gets kinky when while in that same cowgirl position, Nacho lifts both his legs up over her shoulders and watches Soraya as she continues to ride his pole. Soraya’s feeling of ecstasy explodes into streams and streams of girl juice squirting out of her pussy ass over the stage. Nacho bends and licks her juice up then lies on top of her and fucks her hole missionary style until he pulls out and pops in her mouth. He grabs the baseball bat and leaves the stage.

Scene 3:   Ena Sweet, Phillip Zyos, and Nacho Vidal

The third scene in Nacho’s kinky adventure begins when he gets a text telling him to come inside the gay club Homens and be free. Once he gets into the club, he his hit on by the gay patrons. One guy works his way over to Nacho, whispers in his ear kneels in front of him and unzips his pants, pulling out his cock. Just as the guy is ready to begin sucking Nacho’s dick, Ena walks into the room sucking on a lollipop. Nacho makes his way over to her and starts making out with her, kissing her and making her smile. He tells her she is so cute. The gay patrons watch from across the room as Nacho spits a mouthful of red wine into Ena’s mouth then puts his cock in her mouth. She sucks his dick, making it harder and harder then she sucks on her lollipop again. She plays with his cock and her lollipop, enjoying the taste of both on her tongue. As the intensity of the action picks up, the guys watching start jerking their cocks. Nacho pulls his cock out of Ena’s mouth and beats her tongue with it then gets back to the business of fucking her throat. Phillip, who has been jacking off the whole time, walks up, pulls Ena by the hair and leads her away to a cage with a swing. Another guy tries to suck Nacho’s cock, but he walks away in search of Ena. He finds her in the cage with Phillip.

Nacho sticks his dick through the bars of the cage and Ena kneels down to suck it. Phillip helps push her head back and forth while she sucks Nacho’s meat. Phillip helps Ena into the swing and Nacho joins her inside the cage to fuck her. He slams her pussy with his hard cock as she lies on her back in the swing. Ena moans out in complete sexual abandon as Nacho’s cock stretches her pussy. He pulls out and fingers her wet pussy while more guys watch the sex show from outside the cage. Nacho slams harder and harder deep inside her pussy, sending Ena into fits of ecstasy. He tongues her pussy next, swinging her pussy back and forth into his tongue. Ena gets on all fours in the swing and looks back over her shoulder as Nacho fucks her pussy from behind. He leads her out of the cage to the shower stall and fucks her in standing doggy position then quickly pulls out, turns her around and cums in her mouth.

Scene 4:  Silvia Rubi and Nacho Vidal

This 4th scene pushes Nacho to his limits in an incredible scene of bondage and strap-ons that make him scream. Nacho meets with Yasmin again and tells him he is done with this whole thing. He says he’s not gay and she put him in front of gay guys in a club. Yasmin puffs on a cigar and tells him he said he wanted anything. She asks for his hand and stuffs her hot cigar in his palm, burning it. She tells him he has one final challenge. Cut to Nacho being strapped to the wall in a bondage cellar. He is facing the wall and is fully naked. Silvia walks up with a strap on attached to her waist and tells him he is going to feel it now. He doesn’t know what she means. When he feels the strap-on he begs her not to do it. Silvia puts her hands on his ass cheeks and says open your ass baby. Nacho screams no as she works the strap on between his cheeks. She starts fucking him as he stands pressed and strapped against the wall. He screams louder and louder as she slams the dildo in his ass. She locks his head in a guillotine and continues the ass fucking.  Next, Nacho gets his ass hole rimmed and tongued by Silvia. She bends him over a bench doggystyle and spread his ass cheeks open. Silvia pierces his hole with her tongue, turning him on and making him beg her for more. When she’s done, she slaps him and sends him off to his next level.

Nacho screams no as she works the strap on between his cheeks. She starts fucking him as he stands against the wall. He screams louder and louder as she slams the dildo in his ass. She locks his head in a guillotine and continues the ass fucking.  Next, Nacho gets his ass hole rimmed and tongued by Silvia. She bends him over a bench doggystyle and spread his ass cheeks open. Silvia pierces his hole with her tongue, turning him on and making him beg her for more. When she’s done, she slaps him and sends him off to his next level.

Scene 5: Susy Gala and Nacho Vidal

The naked Nacho finds Susy caged and naked and humming to herself. He sticks his dick into the cage between the bars and she leans over and starts sucking it and soon finds herself gagging on his meat. Nacho sets her free, opening the cage and letting her crawl out. She climbs on top of the cage and kneels to suck on his hard prick even more. Susy sits on top of the cage and Nacho fingers her pussy until she squirts, leaving her girl juice dripping and draining down his arm and into the cage. He stands up and rams her pussy with his cock, holding one of her legs up over his shoulder and slapping her perky tits. Susy’s mouth gapes open as she moans in pleasure. She bends over the cage for a hot standing doggy fuck that keeps her moaning. Then she uses his cock as her pleasure tool, slamming her pussy back and forth into it while he holds on to the swing behind him.

Nacho lies in the cage and Susy sits on his cock in cowgirl position, bouncing and grinding on his meat. She gets into reverse cowgirl for more deep pussy fucking then lies on her side and gets spoon fucked by Nacho’s dick. He drills her hole until it’s time to pop then cums inside her.

Scene 6: Yasmin Scott and Nacho Vidal

In this closing scene of the flick, Nacho and Yasmin come together for an erotic scene in bed. When the scene opens, Yasmin is standing in front of the mirror rubbing her body all over and squeezing her tits together. Nacho comes walking up the stairs in search of Susy and instead walks into the bedroom to find Yasmin who set him on this sex journey. She congratulates him and tells him he made it to his final reward. She invites him into bed to get his prize. Nacho climbs in bed and she tells him well done. He licks her neck. Yasmin takes his cock and puts it in her mouth, licking, sucking and spitting on it while keeping her eyes pinned on Nacho. She licks her tits, teasing him then climbs on top of him, straddling him cowgirl style and riding his cock. She goes slowly at first, moving her body up and down and hugging his prick with her pussy.

Yasmin lies on her back for missionary fucking with her legs back behind her ears. Nacho pulls out of her pussy and fingers her pussy, making her cum. He penetrates her pussy again in a snow angel, bottoms up fuck that shows his cock drilling deep inside her pussy. They 69 each other with Nacho on top and Yasmin lick his ass. He licks and tongues her ass hole too. He spoon fucks her, slams her hole missionary style then pumps it in spoon position again. Yasmin lies on her stomach for a downward doggy fuck then on her back for a missionary creampie that leaves her pussy squirting and dripping in cum.

Final Thoughts:

Spanish mega sex stud Nacho Vidal creates a feeling of erotic BDSM and graphic sexual imagery in his flick The Player. The feature film presents Nacho himself on a sexual journey, out to push his own limit and experience what he has never experienced before. He relies on Yasmin Scott to be his guide through this journey of pleasure and she sets up every sexual experience, keeping him on the edge. Nacho fucks Alexa Tomas, Soraya Wells, Ena Sweet, Silvia Rubi, Susy Gala and Yasmin Scott across 6 scenes that are a pleasure to watch. Soraya squirts in torrential fashion after Nacho fucks her on stage in a strip club. He licks up her girl juice and spits it in her mouth. Nacho submits to Silvia Rubi who uses a strap on to tame his ass then tongues his ass hole, sending Nacho into fits of pleasure. He finds and fucks Susy in a cage and slams Ena’s pussy in a swing in a gay club with horny onlookers jerking off to the action. The end of his sexual journey climaxes in a fuck session with Yasmin who rewards him for passing his erotic test. I highly recommend this flick. Nacho creates a moody feeling throughout the flick with his use of lighting, BDSM toys, guillotine, chains and swing and the graphic sex that leaves each girl in a puddle of pleasure. Nacho fans will enjoy watching his journey of sexual pleasure.


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