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Studio: Other » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 2/14/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


EvaPARADISXXX.com is the home of gorgeous and oh-so-hot Italian T-Girl Eva Paradis. She has a very fit and beautiful body and is a very enthusiastic and willing sexual performer. She is a switch. That is, she sometimes "gets fucked" (bottoms) and other times "does the fucking" (tops). She also is a very hot and horny solo performer. Her website includes content in each of these three categories and she performs equally well with men, women, and fellow transwomen. 

You can see some of Eva's work on other websites. However, the majority of her videos and photos that I've seen are on this site. If you like Eva Paradis' look and performances, you need to check out her site.

This review is based upon my visits between 12/22/2016 and 02/12/2017.


  • Overall Look and Feel (Aesthetics): Overall, I am pleased with the look and feel of the site. The color scheme is appealing, the site is fairly well designed from both the visual and usability perspectives, and everything works well. However, there may be too much advertising at the top of the home page...at least from the member's perspective. As you can see in the screen capture above, one of the first things you'll see is information about how Eva can be booked for shoots in Las Vegas. Most members of Eva's site will not have an occasion to book her for a shoot. So, to us members, that ad is a waste of space...we want to get to the good stuff. I understand that Eva needs to publicize her availability. But, does that mean that potential movie producers have to join her site in order to book her? Weird web content...at least from my perspective.
  • Ease of Navigation: After you log on and get past the captcha device, the site is easy to use. There is a menu panel on the right side of the screen that allows easy access to Eva Paradis' photos, movies, and other content. I spent a good deal of time on this site and was never "lost." From a web design, perspective, however, I did note that the "Back to Member's Home" link on the photos pages is a bit hard to find. It's about 1/3 from the top of the screen capture below, but it is off to the left side instead of aligned with the content as it is on the video pages. When that's all I can find to complain about, the site must be pretty easy to navigate!
  • Speed: Never any problems using two different desktops using wired Internet and my phone using Sprint LTE.
  • Responsive Design: The site is very usable on my iPhone as well as on my desktop. So, the responsive design works well. The only thing that I find a bit disconcerting about the mobile version, beside the captcha device, is the collapsed menu that sort of hides the "logon" function. Other than that, the design is well responsive to my viewing needs. 
  • Content provided: The home page includes links to hard- and soft-core photos and movies, ads for other sites and trans women, and links to Eva's most-viewed and top rated scenes. One really cool advantage is your ability to add your favorite scenes to a list that appears on the home page. 
  • Frequency of updates: While I was reviewing this site, Eva published new videos on 12/24/16, 01/10/17,  01/21/17, and 01/29/17. New photo sets were made available on 01/03/17, 01/08/17, and 02/12/17. That's about one new set per week. Overall, the site contains 31 hardcore videos, 14 soft-core videos, 34 hardcore photo sets, and 26 soft-core photo shoots (as of February 13, 2017).
  • Cost: If you use one of our links to join this site, there is a discount membership available to you. It is $24.95 for the first month instead of the regular $35 (see screen capture). You can also purchase a five-month non-recurring membership for $99. This purchase price gives you access to 28 T-Girl Websites, including Eva Paradis' site, but also the sites of other luminary transwomen including Vaniity, Bailey Jay, Bianka Nascimento, Morgan Bailey, Kimber Lee, Jonelle Brooks, and Jessica Fox.




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These comments are based upon my review of five most-recent videos that were posted between 12/22/2016 and 02/12/2017. 


  • Size (resolution): As you can see from the screen capture above, you can choose to watch the movie in streaming SD (824 X 464 pixels) or HD (which is sometimes 1920 X 1080P and other times 1280 X 720P).
  • Down-loadable? No. I find this disappointing. 
  • Available as Video on Demand? Yes.
  • Approximate length: The videos are quite short...those I reviewed for this article ranged from 7:15 to 13:41 minutes. The average length of these videos is just under 11 minutes.
  • Storyline/acting: The scenes I reviewed all have some sort of scene set-up. That could be a short plot sequence or tease/naughty talk by Eva.
  • Type of Scenes Available:
    • Solo: Yes
    • Transwoman/genetic woman: Yes
    • Transwoman/transwoman: Yes
    • Transwoman/man: Yes
    • Group: Yes
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Good. Eva always looks attractive and well attired in her scenes on this site.
  • Girl has orgasm during scene: Usually. Eva ejaculates in most of her solo scenes and when she tops in sex scenes. You can see some of Eva's creamy loads in the collage below.


  • Compression artifacts: None that I noted.
  • White balance/lighting: The lighting is reasonably good, as you can tell from the unretouched video captures I've included in the collage below. The outdoor scenes, lit by the sun, are more pleasant from a white balance/lighting perspective than the scenes shot indoors.


  • Camera angles/motions: The video production ranges from amateur to pro-amateur in quality. In some cases, the videographer actually steps in front of the lights while shooting. Of course, that throws his shadow all over the performers. The video isn't bad, but it is not up to the level of mainstream porn producers.
  • Audio: No problems.
  • Editing: No gross errors. Again, the video captured during the sex or solo is not always professional level. But, whoever did the editing did an acceptable job stitching the clips together to make watchable scenes.
  • Problems encountered: None, except the videos cannot be downloaded.


These comments are based upon my review of five most-recent photo shoots that were posted between 12/15/2016 and 02/12/2017. 


  • Size (resolution): Most of the photos are 1600 pixels wide by 1066 high. The most recent set (shown above in the screen capture) has larger photos what measure 2000 pixels wide by 1335 high. Of course, I prefer the higher resolution images!
  • Down-loadable? Yes
  • Type of Photo Shoots Available:
    • Solo: Yes
    • Transwoman/genetic woman: Yes
    • Transwoman/transwoman: Yes
    • Transwoman/man: Yes
    • Group: Yes
  • Approximate quantity of photos per set: The photo sets I reviewed range in number from 113 to 248 images. The average number is 170.
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Quite good. As you can see in the unretouched sample photos below, Eva always looks scrumptious. I particularly like the way she has her long hair styled in her photo shoots. (I think the center image below is from my favorite photoshoot of Eva. Look at her gorgeous hair and perfect butt!)


  • Photos of Orgasms included: Sometimes. Creamy endings only appear in one of the five photosets I reviewed during the writing of this article.
  • White balance/lighting: The lighting is reasonably good, as you can tell from the sample photos I've included in the collage above. The outdoor scenes, lit by the sun, are more pleasant from a white balance/lighting perspective than the scenes shot indoors.
  • Problems encountered: None.


  • Preview of video/photo-shoot content: No.
  • Blogs: There is a comments section where you can read and post your remarks about a scene.
  • Stories: No.

Commentary and Recommendation

I love Eva Paradis and would love to be with her. For that reason, I recommend this site to you. Compared to most pornstars' sites that I've seen, this one is about average in terms of the amount and quality of the content, but above average with regards to the beauty of the highlighted woman. I do wish that Eva would post more extensive (longer and more "fleshed-out") hard and soft-core videos. On the other hand, the photo sets are extensive and are really good.

I also wish that the site would provide us with an opportunity to download the scenes. I think download capability is pretty much a requirement for a pay site.

The site is a bit pricey. However. you can buy membership in a network of transwoman sites, www.tgirl-network.com, for just a bit more than buying just Eva's site. This membership, which sells for $35 a month ($24.95 if you buy using a link from this review) or a non-recurring $99 for five months, is well worth your money because you get not only Eva's site, but also the sites of other luminary transwomen including Vaniity, Bailey Jay, Bianka Nascimento, Morgan Bailey, Kimber LeeJonelle Brooks, and Jessica Fox. For this reason, I recommend you join www.tgirl-network.com.

One more thing...my friend and colleague, Apache Warrior, interviewed Eva for the XCritic.com site. Be sure to read it!

Dr. Jay

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