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Sexxxploitation Alix Lynx

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/16/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Big Boobs, Blonde, Star Showcase

Director: Ivan



Cast: Alix Lynx, Jenna J. Ross, Cherie DeVille, Leya Falcon, Kissa Sins, Johnny Sins, Ryan McLane 

Length: 2 hours 28 minutes

Date of Release: September 12, 2016

Extras: Photo Gallery, 30:53 minute BTS

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good. Widescreen presentation. Some underwater footage. Audio is clear.

Overview: Ivan points his camera at young starlet Alix Lynx for over two hours of footage for Desire Films. She goes solo, girl on girl, boy on girl and even gets into a frenzied fuck session with a guy and a girl. It's a great showcase of who she is, and what she's capable of in this industry. Definitely worth checking out one way or another!

Scene 1. Alix Lynx & Ryan McLane

Alix Lynx

Alix and Ryan get busy in a bedroom. He starts things off with a bit of cunnilingus and fingering; her high-heeled leg wrapping around his neck. He responds by wrapping his belt around hers and pulling her mouth onto his cock, spanking her ass as she blows. With the oral introductions out of the way, he tosses her backward and starts giving her the D. His muscular body pumps into her like a piston. She wants to be his dirty little whore, and he seems absolutely cool with that whole concept. She's no slouch in the pumping department herself, riding his rod with gusto while rubbing her bald beaver. She does some dirty talking as he takes her tight little hole in a number of positions. He has her pressed face down onto the bed while he hammers himself home, splashing across her pretty little ass before hitting the shower. She takes some time to shoot a selfie or three, including a shot of his load on her ass, using an instant film camera.

Alix Lynx

Scene 2. Alix Lynx & Jenna J Ross

Our blonde plaything is teasing in a pretty, colorful bikini in the bathroom. It's readily apparent why she was nominated for best solo performance at AVN in 2017 for this movie; she's simply stunning.  

Alix Lynx

Alix Lynx

There are a few moments of BTS outtakes and then we move on to a "Hidden Underwater Camera" which is shot from the bottom of a tub filled with blue water. The footage is of Jenna and Alix rubbing each others' crotches. You can't really see who is who, or exactly what is going on. It's artsy, but a seemingly unnecessary part of the scene.

Scene 3. Alix Lynx Solo

Alix Lynx

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Back to our pretty blonde starlet in glorious color! This scene is also shot in a very artsy manner as she rubs a huge sunflower around her gorgeous, scantily clad bod. When I say it is shot in an artsy way; I'm referring to things like the director actually saying he feels powerful because she looks so hot, or shooting up through the slats of a wooden porch swing. Ironically, the shooting from below technique actually makes her the one that looks so powerful, like a stick of dynamite just waiting to explode. If you are into watching hot blondes touch themselves, then you just can't go wrong with this scene.

Scene 4. Alix Lynx & Cherie DeVille

Alix & Cherie

Alix is silhouetted in red, behind a glass door as she seductively moves. Her moves behind the door are mirrored by Cherie outside the door, who is doing her own little tease in a pretty black bra and panty set. The dual silhouette thing is nice, but it gets hotter when Miss DeVille opens the door and starts licking Miss Lynx's breasts. They take that action to the bedroom where we get great views of both of their attractive bodies pressed together. Cherie took home MILF performer of the year at XBIZ this year for a reason! Her face glows with a smile as she buries it in between Alix's legs.

Alix & Cherie

They trade licking duties for awhile and then they get into a 69, Cherie doing a tongue twirl that seems to keep Alix too enthralled to pay attention to her part of the action, but it's hot enough as it is!

Scene 5. Alix Lynx Introduces Herself

We get some more outtakes and then our stunning starlet sits down for an in-depth look at who she is. It offers a lot of insight into what makes her tick, and she looks fabulous from every angle the camera team shoots her from.

Scene 6. Alix Lynx & Cherie DeVille

Alix Lynx

Alix decides to take a skinny-dip in the pool, and Cherie joins her. They frolick around in the pool as we learn that our camera guy has brought along some waterproof gear so we get to see above and below! It's just a few minutes of the ladies swimming around and then getting out.

Scene 7. Alix Lynx & Kissa Sins & Johnny Sins

Kissa & Alix

We watch Kissa putting on her makeup and checking herself out in the mirror as Alix dances in another room, also checking herself out in a mirror. The scenes fade into the girls meeting on a bed, both clad scantily in black. Their long, blonde locks flip hither and thither as they paw at each other. Kissa's anxious to taste some lady parts and starts lapping her tongue furiously along Alix's slit. Alix grinds her hips as if she hasn't had anyone touch her in weeks. Kissa sits on her face and fingers her hot little hole. This isn't the soft, slow lesbian action she shared with Cherie. This is much quicker paced pussy play, and Alix buries her tongue in Miss Sins' ass hole.

Seems Kissa thought ahead and brought the Hitachi along. That toy has been around forever for a reason, it drives girls wild! Squirming, and panting, they press it into their crotches. In fact, they get crotch to crotch so they can both feel the good vibrations. That gets them ready for some dick, and magically one appears. The girls start a slurp and suck fest, temporarily abandoning their wand in favor a real one. Don't worry, it makes a reappearance on Alix's clit as she rides Johnny's cock. Johnny's jamming any hole he can while the ladies scramble for better positions to get licked in. Kissa manages to lay on Alix's face while Johnny drives into her, causing her to scream continuously. It's a full on jam session as Johnny swaps his cock from hole to hole, lifting the girls up to fuck him in standing. He's pounding into Alix's pussy furiously as Kissa licks Alix's ass. It's intense fucking that causes Johnny to unload all over Kissa's face and the girls share it like wild animals.

Kissa & Alix
Scene 8. Alix Lynx Solo

Alix is lying on a bed, artfully lit and shadowed as she goes back into selfie mode with her instant camera. It's a much more erotic self-pleasuring than her earlier one, so doesn't seem repetitive.

Scene 9. Alix Lynx & Leya Falcon

Alix & Leya

Alix is pole dancing while a bunch of creepy clowns ogles her. Perhaps the creepiest clown is the pretty one: Leya Falcon, who has SLUT written across her forehead. Leya stares, glares, and leers at our young stripper as she performs on a lit plexiglass podium. Miss Falcon can only take so much teasing from our young tart and joins her on stage, smearing clown makeup across Alix's face and tits as she kisses her. She pulls off Alix's clothes and then rips open her own clown attire so she can force her pussy into the stripper's face. They trade some more makeup as they go down on each other, a camera atop the pole offering an interesting view of some of the action. Leya gets so deep in Alix's ass with her tongue, her face actually gets reproduced across Alix's butt cheeks. The ladies slurp juices out of one another, as a weird techno-circus soundtrack plays and the other creepy clowns continue their ogling. Leya points out the pole-top camera and orders our featured starlet to take the camera and go clean herself off. Alix does just that, giving us a handheld view as she walks off set and heads to the shower as the credits roll.

It's an interesting scene, to be sure. If you have a lesbian clown fetish you're going to want to see this.

Cover vs Content: The cover has the title as 'Sexxxploitation Alix Lynx' while the end credits have it as 'Sexxxploitation of Alix Lynx'. Either way, Alix looks great on the cover and is featured throughout the movie! Tie.

Final Thoughts: If you are an Alix Lynx fan, then you should definitely pick this title up. If you haven't seen Alix before, this is a great way to check her out. The outtakes between scenes are an interesting look at some Behind the Scenes material, and they are brief enough so as not to be bothersome. This film got Alix nominated by AVN for Best Solo/Tease Performance and if you check it out, you'll understand why. Miss Lynx also took home a trophy for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene, and her lesbian performances here don't disappoint.

Ryan McLane is her cocksman in the first scene, and he just uses her like a dirty little whore and she loves it. Later on, she has a threesome with Kissa and Johnny, and that's an intense fuck session. The camera work here is good, with some unique angles thrown in and the audio is good. Overall, I'm going to say unless you are an Alix Lynx fan, most people will find the best way to view this is On Demand, but it is definitely worth viewing!

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