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Lustful Widow, The

Studio: Harmony » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/21/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Foreign, European, Lingerie, Star Showcase

Director: Scarlett Revell



Cast: Ariel Rebel, Sasha Rose, Brooke Logan (credited as Brook Logan), Kira Queen,  Alessandra Jane, Arwen Gold, Clarke Kent, Nick Moreno, Alberto Blanco

Length: 1 hour 57 minutes

Date of Release: February 13, 2017

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Superb. Well lit, Hi-Def capture with an anamorphic widescreen presentation. Each scene utilizes a well-chosen soundtrack to emphasize the visuals.

Ariel Rebel

Overview: Everybody grieves differently, and when our beautiful redheaded starlet becomes a young, rich, widow she sets out to fill the void in her heart and her loins. She keeps pushing her sexual boundaries with new and diverse partners, often choosing to just sit back and watch others play with each other while she plays with herself. It's a continuing plot line, but it plays out more like a series of semi-connected thoughts and musings. Along the way, she amuses and pleasures herself with five other young beauties. In the end, she brings the beautiful Arwen Gold in to cap things off with a double penetration scene.

Scene 1. Ariel Rebel & Kira Queen

Ariel & Kira

We find our lovely widow trying to bathe away her doldrums in a giant, claw foot tub and her lover, Kira, strolls in wearing a negligee made of pearl strands. My first viewing of Miss Rebel was in a Dorcel flick which was lit artfully and kept her in shadows. This time, she's drenched in light and looking fabulous as Kira finger-probes her hole while she sits on the tub's edge.

The camera work here is not your usual porn fare, as it seems to concentrate on tight shots, panning or tilting to focus on one body part at a time only occasionally going to a wide shot.

Ariel & Kira

Ariel is being driven wild by Kira's tongue; her moist, red hair hanging fashionably and setting off her bright eyes. She happens to have a large dual headed dildo and places it between Kira's boobs, kissing her softly. Their contrasting locks and skin tones complementing each other nicely. Kira chooses to sit tub edge now, so Ariel can get that dildo to work. Kira grips an overhead beam to steady herself as Ariel licks and rams away. The bathtub proves to be a useful prop, allowing them both to straddle an edge while utilizing both ends of the dildo to pleasure themselves simultaneously. As well as that works, Ariel seems to prefer jamming it in and out of her girlfriend quickly. Kira however, has another idea and reaches into a tub-side drawer for a fancy waterproof wand vibrator. She gets to work on Ariel's pussy with it. One side allows external stimulation, the other is like a shoe horn for deep penetrating action.

It's a hot scene, and although it lasts almost 25 minutes, it seems to fly by and fades to black.

Scene 2. Alessandra Jane, Sasha Rose, Nick Moreno

Alessandra & Sasha

-- sponsored by --

Ariel is relaxing poolside, recalling the good times she had here with her husband. Nowadays, she prefers to be a voyeur and watch her gal pals ogle the pool boy. The scene switches to black and white as he approaches the trio and our two beauties drop to their knees while Ariel looks on. Once his cock is thrusting between their lips it swaps back to full color. Alessandra works his meat with her throat while Sasha strips to take him into her while Ariel commands him to do her harder.

Alessandra & Sasha

High tempo music loops as he thrusts in and out of the brunette beauty while her blonde counterpart sheds her clothing so she can ride his cock. Both ladies are now clad only in black stockings and matching bras that have no fronts to them. They take turns on their stud while Ariel sips a martini and plays with herself. Mr. Moreno pumps into Miss Jane as she licks Miss Rose and then he approaches Sasha to finish him with a jerk off to her chest. While she cleans herself off, Alessandra cleans him off. Ariel continues her musings and fantasies as the scene fades.

Similar to the first scene, the camera stays tight, which seems unusual for a threesome scene. Someone is always doing something that you can't see until the camera pans that way. It's unusual but oddly effective.

Scene 3. Ariel Rebel & Brooke Logan

Ariel & Brooke

Ariel is continuing her sexual explorations with Brooke. Brooke's milky white skin contrasts heavily with her fancy zebra-striped lingerie while she's busy peeling off Ariel's panties, taking the time to lick them. With them out of the way, she's quick to bury her face between Ariel's legs. Ariel also spends some tongue time on her new friend who has her legs spread wide so Ariel can get her fingers deep inside of her. She also gets a little pink dildo slid in and out of her slit.

Ariel & Brooke

Once Ariel gets her turn to spread her legs wide, she holds Brooke's hair allowing long, dangling earrings to swing like pendulums with each finger thrust. With warmups out of the way, Ariel chooses to ride Brooke's face and the two have an ass-slapping, leg clenching 69. Ariel's found her post-grief groove apparently, and straps on a dildo so Brooke can do some bouncing. After the bounce fest, she straddles Brooke's face again and throat fucks her with it while pinching her nipples. Brooke takes some time after the throat fucking to lick Ariel's slit before they settle down for some post-coital kissing.

Scene 4. Ariel Rebel, Alessandra Jane, Alberto Blanco

Alessandra Jane

Ariel's memories of her husband continue to push her to seek sexual experiences with new people and it seems she has developed a fondness for Alessandra. She binds the beautifully clad Russian with some red rope and ties her to the headboard. As she explores the blonde's black lingerie with her tongue, she intersperses her loving licks with ass slaps and skin brushing with a purple flog. As always, she has come prepared and has a selection of toys to tempt her lover with, driving Alessandra wild as she rams into her with a pink toy and then letting her suck it clean. Toys are just the warm up, though.

Alessandra Jane

She unties her plaything as Alberto strolls into the room. While Ariel unbuttons his formal wear, Alessandra rubs his crotch with her still bound hands. Ariel unties them and then holds her hair, forcing her head back and forth on Alberto's now unleashed cock. Alessandra presents herself like a contestant at the Westminster Kennel Finals and Alberto starts banging into her while Ariel slides her crotch into Alessandra's face. The ladies lock lips as Alessandra rides her swordsman in reverse and then she's in missionary with Ariel straddling her face while Alberto works his load up inside of her, pulling out just in time to send a stream across the length of her torso.

Scene 5. Arwen Gold, Clarke Kent, Alberto Blanco

Arwen Gold

Ariel leads the beautiful Arwen into a room where our cocksmen stand waiting. She's ordered to her knees and gets to work licking their lollipops. Ariel strips the swordsmen as one of them pushes Arwen's head ever deeper onto their shafts. One of the men lies on a table to get more mouthing while Alberto bends her over and fucks her at Ariel's command. Ariel meanwhile has settled into a chair across the room to work herself with a wand vibrator. Again, an upbeat soundtrack emphasizes the tempo of the thrusting going on. Ariel barks out orders and Arwen plants Clarke's cock in her back door, while Alberto takes his place in her other hole. The ease with which Arwen assumed that position is pretty amazing! She's an active cowgirl, sliding to and fro with both men occupying her. I'm not sure the wooden table would have been Clarke's first choice to lie on, but it is at a very effective height.

Arwen Gold

He takes a momentary break while Alberto swaps between Arwen's hot holes. The trio repositions so Clarke can bang her bootie in spoon while Alberto fucks her throat. Ariel continues her voyeurism while vibing and verbalizing her wishes. The men are now seriously fucking their little plaything, who takes the throat and ass pounding in an unblinking fashion. Arwen only has 16 titles to her name as of this, but you'd never know it. She climbs back on for some more dual dicking and then swaps cocks in and out of her throat at Ariel's command. She gets onto the table in missionary so the guys can work themselves to a finish while spit roasting her. Even though they are at opposite ends of her, they both manage to coat her face with their cum! That seems to be enough stimulation for our lustful widow to finally climax herself!

Final Thoughts: It's high-end Euro-porn. Unlike much of the titles in this genre that I've reviewed in the past, Scarlett has chosen to shoot in a very different style than many other directors. She keeps the camera close in and moves your attention as she likes, rather than shooting wide shots that emphasize the massive scales of the locales. Also, she uses lots of light in every scene. Often, in this genre things are shot in very shadowy environments; pinpoint light being used to focus your attention rather than a close shot.

I really enjoyed getting to see Ariel in all that beautiful light! She's a very pretty girl, and here she is paired with plenty of other pretty faces. While there is a continuous story line, I'm not sure I'd call it a feature. It's more like a series of vignettes following a path. Whatever you call it, it's quality adult filmmaking. The extras section of this disc is sorely lacking, which will play a factor in my recommendation. I'm also not sure how much replay value fans of this genre will find in the title, but it is a solid Recommended viewing from me. This is my first time checking out Scarlett Revell's work, and it's quite notable that even though she's only directed half a dozen or so titles she got award nominations for almost all of them! I'm not going to be surprised if that happens here.

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