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Faces Of Alice, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 2/25/17

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Genre: Lesbian Feature Comedy


Cast: Sara Luvv, Bree Daniels, Cadence Lux, Serena Blair, Kimmy Granger, Darcie Dulce, Melissa Moore, Adrianna Sephora, AJ Applegate, Dahlia Sky, Kristen Scott

Writers/Directors: Stills By Alan and Bree Mills

Length: 3hrs, 52 min

Release Date: 12/05/16

Video/Audio: The anamorphic widescreen picture is sharp as a tack with great sounding 5.1 surround sound.

Extras: 30 min. Behind The Scenes doc. and two trailers for Christmas Spirit and Going Bonkers


Overview: In this terrific romantic comedy from the creators of Little Red and A.I. Artificial Intelligence comes one of the best lesbian features I've seen in a while, mainly because of the uncanny performance of the lead actress Sara Luvv. How she's able to play three different characters at the same time is remarkable. And while on the surface this might seem like a comedy about a girl fighting split personalities, a' la Me, Myself and Irene, it is in fact a touching story of girl trying to find the courage to face her inner demons and show the world her true self. It's truly a remarkable piece.


Part One: Sara Luvv and Bree Daniels

Meet Alice, played by Sara Luvv. Alice is a lesbian who's still in the closet and is afraid to come out. She simply doesn't have the confidence her girlfriend Dina, played by Bree Daniels, who's out and proud. Dina is president of the Gay Student Association and organizer of the the college's Queer Prom and Alice is her date. But Alice is so afraid of the exposure. So when she arrives at Dina's she tries to stall her with sex. This is the first of a series of incredibly hot, sexy and romantic scenes, almost all of which center on Sara's incredible performance. Her intense orgasms are a thing of beauty only equaled by Bree's earth shaking climaxes.


There's so much hot electricity between these two actresses. After each one cums for the other Alice keeps stalling Dina who really wants to get to the prom, much to Alice's reticence.


After a series of terrific pussy eating, finger banging, face sitting and pussy bumping, Alice confesses to Dina how she doesn't want to go, telling her she's not ready. In this heartbreaking and very well performed dramatic scene Dina tells Alice to leave and not to come back until she's able to face her true self. In tears Alice drives back home where her roommate, Cadence Lux, is reading The Art Of Squirting. The next morning Alice sees Dina hasn't answered any of her texts so she calls a women's support group and sets up a meeting with it's leader.


Part Two: Sara Luvv and Adrianna Sephora


Later that day the support group's leader Ellen, remarkably played by Serena Blair, rings Sara's doorbell. Serena is just terrific as the new age hippy naturalist Ellen, complete with incense and new age moon crystal necklace. Alice confides in her about her fear of coming out, what her family would think, if the world would accept her, genuine fears all gays must have faced at one time in their lives. Ellen comforts Alice telling her she's a lesbian also and that spirituality helped her come out, she being a practicing Wiccan. Alice tells Ellen she just wants to become a strong confident lesbian, or “the ultimate lesbian” as she calls it. To which Ellen invites Alice to join her inner circle and invoke the spirit of the goddess Aphrodite. Later Alice looks up incantations on the web to invoke the goddess herself. She gathers what is listed, including a seashell, and performs the ritual to no avail. Exasperated she gives up and goes to bed not noticing the seashell moving to underneath her bed. A strange glow and a hum wakes Alice up and suddenly Aphrodite, the gorgeous Adrianna Sephora, is in her room naked.


Alice tells her she wants to be someone else. Someone more confident and self assure. The ultimate lesbian. Aphrodite tells her she will grant her wish if she makes love to her. At first Alice is hesitant, but soon she becomes intoxicated Aphrodite's kiss and is more than willing. This leads up to another smoldering sex scene starting with a killer make out session. When they get to the bed Aphrodite gives Alice sweet butterfly kisses all over before Alice welcomely opens her legs to her. Aphrodite's fellatio is the best Alice has ever had and gives her a TRULY screaming orgasm. Aphrodite then sits on Alice's face and it's the sweetest pussy Alice has ever tasted. They then grind their pussies together before Aphrodite fingerbangs Alice. The goddess knows how to hit just the right spots to make Alice have an incredibly intense orgasm. Another incredibly hot performance from Sara Luvv who's orgasms a truly a thing of beauty.


Part Three: Sara Luvv and Cadence Lux


In what's probably the funniest scene in the series, Sara wakes up the next morning and thinks it was all a dream when suddenly her first alter ego starts to emerge. All of a sudden she's Al, the crude, tomboyish, “ultimate butch lesbian stereotype” as she calls her self. Sara Luvv's performance is remarkable as she fully embraces this character, going back and forth from the cool laid back Al to the panicky Alice as she tries to regain control. As Al, she goes out and buys some new clothes, a skateboard and a dildo already inserted in her pussy. Al is a total horn dog who's only mission in life is to fuck anything with two tits, three holes and a heartbeat. When she comes back home she finds her roommate Kristy, still reading The Art Of Squirting.


The befuddled Kristy wonders what's gotten into Alice as Al starts hitting on her. Sara Luvv is in full butch lesbian mode, taking complete control of Cadence Lux, telling her to call her daddy and orchestrating all of the positions starting with Al fingerbanging her. Al is there to fuck Kristy and that's all. And Kristy is all but more thatn willing as she rides and grinds on Al's dildo and sitting on her face all the while showering Al with endless streams of juice. It's an amazing display of squirting from Cadence Lux as she cums gallons of liquid.


After the fuck session Alice reemerges and runs upstairs in a panic, dildo still in her pussy. And while talking to herself in the mirror trying to figure out what's happening to her she changes into her second alter-ego, glamorous lipstick lesbian Alicia. She is the complete polar opposite of Al. Alicia is all about make up, fashion and getting fucked. She's a super horny runway model. She's aghast at what she sees in the mirror with the trucker cap and the dildo. She pulls the dildo out of her and asks, “What do you think I am, some sort of bull dyke?” She gets Kristy to give her a make over and Alicia emerges as the vain self centered beauty queen who directs any conversation to her.


Just like she did with Al, Sara Luvv fully embraces the character flawlessly. While Al speaks in a rough low voice, Alicia is all girly girl speaking in a high overly feminine voice. She makes it perfectly clear to Kristy that she likes to get fucked, handing the dildo to her. In her black lingerie and stiletto heels she rides the dildo and fucks doggy before sitting on Kristy's face. Alicia then eats out Kristy until she squirts on Alicia's face.


Yet another amazing sequence beautifully shot by Stills By Alan. After Kristy cums Alice reemerges and tries to tell Kristy about the pact whe made with Aphrodite. She goes upstairs to lay down and Kristy leaves a message to Ellen to call her back. As with the rest of the cast Cadence Lux turns in a great comedic performance as Alice's very confused room mate. She goes into each scene as the hilariously dominated Kristy, giving complete control to Al and Alicia and still turning in some scorchingly hot sex scene. Yet another testament of just how great this movie is.


Part Four: Sara Luvv and Serena Blair


The next morning the tortured Alice wakes up as Al and looks on Alice's phone for some hookups. She goes on a lesbian dating site and chooses one after the other. The scene goes to an hilarious sequence as Al greets each woman at the door, complete in Hugh Hefner robe. Yep, Al's a total player, sometimes taking in two girls at a time. (BTW, watch for a hysterical cameo from Bree Mills in this scene) This reduces Alice to a crying mess, huddled on the floor and rocking back in forth until Ellen arrives. She tells Ellen shat she did and about Al and Alicia. Ellen performs a seance to remove them which doesn't really take. At this point there's a terrifically shot sequence as Al and Alicia conspire to fuck Ellen. The camera moves back and forth behind Serena Blair's head as Al and Alicia speak. It reminded me so much of the Smeagal/Golum scenes from Lord Of The Rings.


The two personalities take turn fucking Ellen, Al first licking her in a pile driver position, then as Alicia with Ellen eating her out. Al then bumps her pussy before Ellen bumps her as Alicia and finally ending up with Al fisting her (and I mean her whole fist) from behind to a screaming orgasm.


Ellen realizes she can't help Alice alone and says to herself she needs to take her to the power circle. Al and Alicia are too excited thinking about all of that pussy as long as Ellen isn't there. So she locks Ellen in the closet and goes to the power circle alone.


Part Five: Sara Luvv, Kimmy Granger, Cadence Lux, Bree Daniels, Serena Blair, AJ Applegate, Dahlia Sky, Kristen Scott, Melissa Moore and Darci Dulce


At the power circle we see a who's who of great Girlsway Films actresses. Look at the incredible list above. They're all joined hands in a circle awaiting Ellen but instead Alice shows up in a mashup of both Al and Alicia, trucker hat and make up, tuxedo shirt and tutu. They have both completely taken over Alice and now are planning on using the power circle for lesbian domination. Al tells them to take off all of their clothes and repeat a chant that they're all just there to fuck. Back home Kristy discovers Ellen still trapped in the closet. Kristy tells her about Alice invoking the goddess Aphrodite. Ellen summons Aphrodite back and asks her how to reverse the spell. Aphrodite tells her only through loves first kiss, or orgasm. Ellen and Kristy know they need to get Dina. Back at the power circle the orgy has begun. It's an amazing 10 girl orgy starting with Al fucking each girl one by one with her dildo.


There's so much licking and cumming and squirting it's hard to keep up with all of the action. The amount of talent used in it is extraordinary. And above it all is the terrific Sara Luvv, seamlessly alternating back and forth as Al and Alicia all within a blink of an eye. Eventually Ellen and Kristy arrive. Ellen tells everyone to stop using her Wiccan magic. Alice by know is blithering, hilariously spouting out all kinds of things about working on her truck and how she loves the hardware store, The Indigo Girls and Birkenstocks. Ellen attempts to tame Alice by eating Alice's pussy and using the circles sapphic energy. Once Alice is more docile they bring in Dina. 



The girls form a lesbian daisy chain around Dina and Alice as the bump pussies until they cum together. Alice now freed of Al and Alicia confesses to Dina she just wanted to prove to her she could be a real lesbian. Dina tells her the only lesbian she needs to be is herself. The power circle then leaves them together embracing each other in a true testament of love, Alice sobbing in Dina's arms while Dina comforts her. With no dialog Dina is assuring Alice that she accepts Alice as she is and that she wouldn't want her another way. It's a very touching ending between two great actresses emitting wonderful performances of sapphic love and is a very fitting ending to this terrific movie.


Final Thoughts: Recently I remarked elsewhere that I am detecting a renaissance in adult film. True quality is returning and as of right now the unstoppable team of Bree Mills and Stills By Alan are leading the way. They are setting a standard not only for lesbian porn for porn in general with sumptuous sets, sharp writing, lush scores, expert cinematography and terrific acting. They truly CARE about the work they are putting out and it shows in spades.  Sara Luvv is so phenomenal in this role, playing at times three different personalities at once. She's definitely a true talent as evidenced not only here but in other films such as Babysitting The Baumgardners. I also have to give it up to the supporting cast. Serena Blair is terrific as the hippy naturalist Ellen while the truly sexy Cadence Lux is hysterical as the dumbfounded room mate. This is an amazing piece of work with so much going for it. Hopefully it won't be forgotten by awards season later this year. In the meantime it should be a welcome addition to any adult film library. Without any reservation I give this amazing romantic comedy the Xcritic Pick.


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