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Corrupted Cuties 5

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/4/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: 18+ Teens, Gonzo

Directors: Uncredited




Cast: Jay Taylor, Mia Malkova, Macy Cartel, Jasmine Rain, Roxanne Rae, Uncredited Guys

Length: 2 hours 6 minutes

Date of Release: January 30, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap, Trailers

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in HD, presented in anamorphic widescreen. There's almost no audio, so you can safely mute this and not miss anything. There's a minor lighting discrepancy here and there, but nothing the average viewer will care about.

Overview: Porn Pros puts together five young starlets, including award winner and fan fave Mia Malkova, in this fifth edition of the series. There is no setup to the scenes, it's just hot girls seemingly passing the time by fucking. Jasmine Rain opens the disc, followed by Roxanne Rae, and Jay Taylor in scenes that all start with an unnamed guy taking a nap. Mia and Macy follow them, with Macy's scene perhaps being the hottest due to the fact that it starts out slightly different and she's stunning to look at. Plus, she's a very active fuck bunny.

Scene 1. Jasmine Rain, Guy

Jasmine Rain

Jasmine saunters over to a guy and sits on his lap, awakening him from his chair nap. He starts kissing her supple breasts and then carries her to a bed where his oral work continues between her legs. She moans softly as the camera shoots from above. An abrupt edit brings us to her oral work, the dude splayed out on the bed as she tongues and mouths his member. Her blowie is really more of a jerky with his tip in between her lips.

Jasmine Rain

They move on to her sitting atop him as he thrusts in and out of her while. When she moves to a reverse cowgirl, she never moves her hair out of her face while she uses his fuck stick. The reverse cowgirl becomes her lying on his chest as he fucks her. They tumble through a few more positions before he creampies her in missionary. The whole scene is totally uninspired and seems like the pair just needed to kill twenty minutes. There is minimal eye contact, no talking at all, and a kiss here and there, that's the only connection these two remotely have.

Scene 2. Roxanne Rae, "Richie"

Roxanne Rae

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Roxanne is reading while her boyfriend naps. Tossing the book aside she starts sucking his cock to see if he's awake. As he stirs from his slumber, his dick gets harder and the camera shows his POV. Her pretty eyes are enlarged by her reading glasses as she stares into the camera lens while her oral enthusiasm continues. Another abrupt edit brings us to her riding rodeo feverishly. She tells him to "get deep, I can handle it" and they laugh a bit about how random it sounded. In POV, her navel and bikini line piercings are prominently displayed.

Roxanne Rae

She's a cutie for sure, and giggles as he rubs her clit. She just seems to need to bounce on a dick and uses his manhood to fill her hole as fast as she can while moaning and panting. She prays a lot as he bangs her in doggie, the camera opting again for an overhead view to showcase her ass. When the pair switch to missionary, the camera goes in tight for serious closeup action of him pummeling into her before going back to the overhead view and then a profile shot that crossfades into her taking a load to her face. This scene was more fun to watch than the last but again it seems like roommates just killing time by fucking.

Scene 3. Jay Taylor, Guy

Jay Taylor

Jay stands in a doorway, feeling herself up as her boyfriend naps. Are you starting to see a common thread here? She then struts her long, lean body over to the bed and crawls on top of her man. She makes good eye contact as she kisses her way down to his crotch, and almost seems surprised when she takes out his cock. Maybe she's never seen it before? The pair both make concerted efforts to keep her hair away from her face as she showcases her cock sucking ability. Her dude is not super tan, but her alabaster complexion makes him look like it.

Jay Taylor

Like the previous scenes, this comes across as a young starlet just using a hard dick to fill her hole and kill some time. Her hairstyle frames her pretty face nicely as she balances on her boytoy and he thrusts into her. There's a few times she stares into lens center and then seems to realize she's doing it and looks away. His cock glistens with her juices as he jams in and out of her in a all the usual positions. She seems content to just be used as a wet dick hole and he methodically bangs into her box. They make good eye contact in missionary as she announces she's cumming, that statement compelling him to bang harder as the bed springs squeak. She manages to have a few more orgasms before she begs for his load which gets splashed across her cat-eyed face.

Scene 4. Mia Malkova, Guy

Cover model, Mia, is making out with a guy against a bedroom wall as he jiggles her ass. She slides down to his schlong and sucks him with a no hands necessary technique for a bit and then gets serious with her cock sucking. That abrupt edit technique is employed again and her BJ continues on the bed, both performers now naked. As her blowie becomes a cowgirl  face ride I stop and ask myself if my sound is on, since this year's XBIZ Best Actress hasn't said word one. Yep, the sound is on, I just heard her breathe. Go figure. Her breath sounds turn to moans as he mumbles into her mound and she reaches back to grab his cock. That's when things get interesting.

Mia Malkova

She backbends while sitting on his face to let him throat fuck her, until another abrupt edit brings us to her getting banged in cowgirl. Really? Her ass jiggles as she gets jammed; viewpoint swapping between mid shot and closeup of the penetration. Bam. Screen wipe to reverse cowgirl. Who's sitting at the edit desk? She pants heavily as she rubs her clit while getting her hot little hole filled. Her boobs bounce as she rides, headboard banging softly to her rhythm. She's getting a good dicking, having to grab the sheets and hold tight as she gets dicked in doggie. Her stare is intense as she switches to a sidesaddle missionary. More screen wipes take us through a few more positions including her in a pretzel shaped pummeling that leads up to him unloading in her mouth.

Mia Malkova

This scene could have been so much better with more fluid editing.

Scene 5. Macy Cartel

Macy Cartel

Macy's been in the industry for almost 4 years now, and only has 30 credits listed at IAFD. I'm not sure why that is, because she's a stunner! She shows off her stunning body and angelic face as she plays with herself on the couch. The camera gets in nice and close so you can see how deep her fingers go. As she's really getting into it, her boy toy comes into the house and dives right in, tonguing her deeply and enthusiastically. Her eyes are like torches lighting the night as she returns the oral favor. She's got some skills in that department, not blinking an eye as he fucks her mouth. Her smile is radiant as she gets rammed in missionary, her B-cups bouncing as her man hammers into her shaven slit.

Macy Cartel

She's an active fuck bunny and meets his every thrust with her own. She grunts and giggles seductively as the camera gets in close to showcase her hot little bangbox. Her dude seems to enjoy that box, pausing to lick it now and again before sliding back in. Her ass looks inviting as she takes his thrusts in doggie and then she lets him bang her as she straddles him, their bodies slapping loudly. She swaps herself around and hammers her ass cheeks up and down swiftly, his cock penetrating deeply into her pussy. Her guy gives her some more thrusts in spoon before our editor brings us to her taking a load into her mouth; her eyes shining like diamonds and then BAM. Disc ends. Umm...okay.

Final Thoughts: Five hot young starlets want some dick and get it. There's zero setup and no reason to really have your sound on, as there is no dialog nor background music. Mia Malkova adorns the cover, and while the sex is good in her scene, the editing style is annoying. Miss Cartel is new to me, but wow, she's a hottie! Her oral skills are just as impressive as Mia's, too. Overall, it's not a bad disc but I don't think most people will get that much value out of owning it. You are better off picking a scene that sounds interesting and streaming that online. The first three scenes just felt like two people killing time by fucking. The males were uncredited and since the scenes weren't barn burners I really didn't spend that much time trying to figure out who they were. It's really just standard porn. Nothing about it stands out.

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