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Bound For Domination

Studio: Metro » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/8/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Bondage, Domination, Rough Sex

Director: A. Slayer



Cast: Annie Cruz, Chanel Preston, Luna Star, Lyra Louvel, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Small Hands

Length: 2 hours 14 minutes

Date of Release: February 22, 2016

Extras: Photo Gallery, Website, 4 Menu-Selectable Trailers

Trailers Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot really well, lit really well. It's presented well in anamorphic widescreen and the audio is crystal clear.

Overview: Since I have already reviewed the 2017 AVN Best BDSM Movie, I thought it only fair to write up 2017's XBIZ winner for the same category. Now, don't start making comparisons just yet, because there really aren't any to make. They are entirely different concepts. This is 4 independent scenes of pure dungeon porn, not storyline based. We take a look at 3 masterful starlets and one hot newcomer as they get punished and pussy pounded by three dominant males.

Let's take a look at some of the gear employed, the outfits worn and torn, and just how artsy dungeon lighting can be.

Scene 1. Luna Star, Toni Ribas

Our flick opens with Luna cuffed to a St. Andrews Cross. She's clad in thigh-high boots and a bodysuit that has mesh and cutouts strategically placed. She also sports a red rope harness.

Luna Star

The camera starts out far away and comes in close to survey her body slowly as she struggles in vain. Red and blue lights reflect off corrugated metal behind her and the ceiling above. As the camera moves back to its starting point, Mr. Ribas enters. He gets to business rapidly, shoving his hand in her mouth and spitting on her. Pussy slaps follow, and she spits on his hand to wet it for better slap action. His fingers move from her pussy to her mouth and back as she works up enough slobber to drizzle on his now exposed cock.

Luna Star

She gets spun around on the cross, exposing her beautiful ass to the camera, and her pussy to his cock. After some spankings, she's unshackled so she can get roughly throat fucked, which she takes without a problem. She rides his cock feverishly, looking great in her boots and suit. Moments later, that mesh gets ripped for more skin exposure, which plays well to the camera as Toni fucks her hard. Lying on the floor, she gets nailed and railed before getting bound to a bondage horse for more ramming. The camera gets pretty good shots here, I just wish we could have had some overhead shots of the rope ties on the horse as Toni spews a huge load along her ass crack.

Scene 2. Lyra Louvel, Toni Ribas

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One of last year's nominees for Best New Starlet is rope bound and collared, her hands strung up on a spreader bar. Toni comes in and starts reddening her ass with his hand and finger fucking her roughly while issuing commands. She's lit artfully in white light, with shuttered yellow light splashing across the back wall. Toni manhandles her ass cheeks, sliding a finger into her butthole and a few into her front hole simultaneously for good effect.

Lyra Louvel

As she writhes in ecstasy while getting fingered, her stilettoed boots flail about as her legs jerk in response. Toni's cock is out of his pants now and getting rammed into her momentarily before he whips out the Hitachi. He drenches her face in spit as he teases her twat with the wand. She grinds her hips on it, shackled above it. He's just teasing her with it. If she comes close to orgasm, her pussy gets spanked until it's red. She begs and squirms as the teasing continues. He laughs as her legs shake and her whole body convulses in orgasm.

Lyra Louvel

After making sure she trusts him she gets choked, fingered, spit on and slapped. For taking that like a champ, she gets unshackled to suck some cock. Her ass glows red as she gets her hair used like reins while he fucks her from behind on the floor and then over a horse. Their bodies glisten with sweat as she gets throat fucked, head pressed to the horse. Toni grabs the Hitachi, sticks his thumb in her ass and drives her crazy with the vibrator. By the time he's done fucking her in doggie, she's looking pretty rough around the edges but still looks like she's ready for another few rounds. That's good because she gets those rounds and ends up with her face covered in goo.

Scene 3. Chanel Preston, Ramon Nomar

Chanel Preston

This scene looks bad ass from the start, red light bathes the walls as the camera pans through blue smoke to land on the gorgeous Miss Preston who is partially lit in amber. Yep, she's roped up and winched up. A whirring sound matches a shadow on the wall and the camera pulls back to reveal Ramon in gas mask spinning a flog. The spinning clears the smoke so we can get a good look at one of the super starlets of the planet. The flog is replaced and then joined by, a riding crop. The whipping comes at her from multiple angles before Ramon takes some time to lick between her legs.

Chanel Preston

Ramon makes her hold the crop between her teeth so he can jam his cock into her. The lighting on her body and face is excellent as the camera explores her from top to bottom and back. The Hitachi makes an appearance and it is employed in a game of cum on demand as he counts down from ten. Whether she really cums at zero or not, I don't know, but her actions and words make me believe it. He uses her fuck hole for his cock's enjoyment and then teases her by making her suck his cock by reaching for it. A few cranks of the winch handle finally allow that to happen and she demonstrates her world-renowned oral abilities.

Chanel Preston

Now that she has some rope slack, she gets railed over a railing. He uses her throat some more, as slobber streams towards the lens, precariously shooting from the danger zone. An edit brings her to being tied up on a bench, lit in blue, nipples clamped tight, and being whipped. She really seems to be into the action. She begs to be fucked like the whore she is. The blue light is now augmented with some white to illuminate her body while she gets fucked. Since she wants to cum on his cock, the Hitachi comes out. He gets some final flogging in, jerks himself with her boots, and shoots into her mouth.

Scene 4. Annie Cruz, Small Hands

In this scene, we find Annie strung up with intricate ropes, even her hair tied to the ceiling. Small Hands comes in and starts asking what she did and softly smacking her face. Her body is lit in white, the walls bathed in moonlight blue. As Small Hands explores her body, he finds her labia piercing and tugs it a bit before moving on to a leather paddle. He yanks the dangling damsel around by her collar while smacking her.

Annie Cruz

He fingers her, but since it feels good, he goes back to the paddle before ripping her mesh bodysuit open so he can stuff his thumbs into her holes. Apparently, he thinks the paddle a bit toyish, so he rips off his belt to whip her ass with. A bit more bodysuit ripping completes her whorish look and he lets her be one. He fucks her mouth a bit and then makes her spit until she can hit her own pussy with it. She pretty much fails that task, so he makes her face fuck him. Once he moves his cock to her pussy, we get a good shot of her buckled boots until he makes her move them out of the way so he can slam into her.

Annie Cruz

An edit brings us to her bent over a bench, now unbound and sporting rope marks on her arms as he hammers into her hole. She moans, grunts and pants as he powers himself into her. You can watch the waves of her ass as she gets pounded, the camera catching it nicely. She gets some deep dicking in missionary leading her to an orgasm as the camera captures her face from overhead with a deft move from the side. Now that she's cum, Small Hands finishes himself in her mouth.

Final Thoughts: Deviant Entertainment put together a great cast and crew here. All of the girls take their punishments like world champions, and the guys dish it out well. If you are looking for hot starlets that are strung up and helpless then you are in the right place. Lyra Louvel may be the new kid on the block, but she had no problems here. Luna Star and Annie Cruz have already proven themselves to be consummate pros and there's nothing here that would say otherwise. Chanel Preston, well, she's Chanel Preston. She's gotten more critical acclaim and awards than you can shake a stick it. There's a reason for that and it's readily apparent here. She really is an amazing performer. As for the guys, Ramon and Toni are obvious choices for their roles here, and Small Hands kind of surprised me. It seems most things I see him in are somewhat comedic, so it was a nice surprise to see him here.

Not everyone is going to be into this kind of stuff, but that's what reviews are for. I tried to be pretty thorough so you'd know just what to expect going in. Hopefully, you found it helpful. If you are one of those that have been wondering if this BDSM flick really is that good; let me assure you it is. If you like rough sex and hot women tied up, this is Highly Recommended. The only real flaw I found with it came in the end credits where Chanel gets her name spelled wrong.

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