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Fuck The French

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/9/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 10 minutes

Date of Production:  2016


Genre: All sex; Anal; Foreign; French

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Manuel Ferrera

Cast: Lucy Heart, Cara St. Germain, Sophia Laure, Rose Valerie, Manuel Ferrera

Bonus Scenes: No

 Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers Anal Savages, Mandingo Massacre 10, Manuel DPs Them All, Ripe 2, Rack Focus; Cumshot Recap


 Shot entirely on location in France, Manuel Ferrera’s flick Fuck the French is a Gonzo style movie that follows his quest to fuck the best French starlets around. He finds 4 of them in the streets of Paris and after getting acquainted and admiring the sights like the Eiffel Tower, the pairs go back to the house and fuck each other silly until Manuel pops in their mouths and on their faces. These French girls love sex and the more they get fucked, the harder they want it. For fans of Manuel’s flicks, his Gonzo style of organic sex is not lost in this movie. Neither is the anal lost with each scene featuring long bouts of rectal exams that stretch each girl’s ass hole to its limit. Doggy style fucking up the ass and cowgirl up the ass sends Manuel’s dick deep inside each girl’s sphincter much to their pleasure. The 4 gorgeous and horny French babes are Lucy Heart, Cara St Germain, Sophia Laure and Rose Valerie. Each girl has her own style and sex appeal and fucks Manuel in horny fashion. I recommend this movie. Fuck the French is what Manuel does in over 3 hours of hardcore anal bliss.

Scene 1:  Lucy Heart and Manuel Ferrera

 When the scene opens, Manuel is walking around Paris waiting to meet Lucy. She is a Russian starlet who moved to France and she loves it there. Manuel tells her she looks like a French girl now. He films and talks to her in the streets of Paris, standing in front of the French landmarks. He asks her if she speaks French. She does and knows how to say things like fuck me. They walk down the street through crowds. Manuel kisses her and marvels at being in Paris with a beautiful girl. She doesn’t like it when guys flirt with her because she wants to be the one to choose. They get to know each other over lunch and in the car ride to Lucy’s house. She promises to welcome him to Paris in a way he is going to enjoy. She has a way to make the feeling of sexual attraction grow even stronger and Manuel can’t wait. Once they get back to Lucy’s apartment, she puts on a show for him, walking up to him, teasing him. Then she undresses down to her bra and panties and spreads her ass cheeks for him. He wants to see more from her and she shows him more, pulling down her bra and showing him her tits. Before she strips all the way, she takes his hard cock out of his pants and sucks it, driving Manuel crazy. She keeps his cock in her mouth and keeps her eyes glued to his.


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 Lucy gets on her knees to deep throat his big cock. He fucks her mouth, making her gag and she looks surprised that his cock is being forced so far down her throat. She lies on the couch on her side and Manuel strums her clit like a guitar then starts drilling her pussy and kissing her at the same time, making her moan in pleasure. The spoon fucking is intense and Lucy holds on to him tight while her pussy gets stretched by his big cock. She starts strumming her clit too and closes her eyes in euphoria as Manuel’s drilling gets harder and deeper inside her.  She turns to sit on his hard pole cowgirl style and Manuel makes her pussy the target of his pumping piston. She climbs off and sucks his dick again, jerking it back and forth in her mouth. When he opens his legs wider, she sucks his balls then works her tongue down to his ass hole. It’s time for round 2 of spoon fucking but this time Manuel’s cock spreads Lucy’s ass hole open. He fucks her ass hole even harder than he fucked her pussy and it has the blood rushing to Lucy’s face. Lucy greedily sucks his cock in ass to mouth action then bends over doggystyle for more cock up her ass doggystyle. She fingers her clit while his dick disappears far up her ass hole, stretching it to its limit. He spanks her ass cheeks and bites her ear lobes while his cock hangs in her ass. She mumbles that it all feels so good. More ass to mouth leads to more ball sucking and ass licking by Lucy before she takes more cock up the ass cowgirl style and then while lying on her back. Her closed eyes and gaping mouth explain her intense feeling of pleasure while Manuel’s dick fills her ass hole. He pulls out and Lucy drops to her knees, opening her mouth and watches as his spunk shoots down her throat and on her tits. Without hesitation, she grabs hold of his cock and sucks it, swallowing more cum.

Scene 2:  Rose Valerie and Manuel Ferrera


Manuel is excited because he is in the opera part of town in Paris and it’s the day he is going to meet the stunning Rose Valerie. They meet each other and talk about going to see the Louvre. Rose explains that she lives in the South of France and she has been in the porn industry for 1 year. She likes it because she likes sex and she likes everything about sex. She is 31 years old and Manuel can’t believe how young she looks. She learned how to speak English in school but she admits that she doesn’t practice every day. Once the pair gets into the car, Rose doesn’t hold back. She is not shy and she gets on her hands and knees in the back seat of the car, showing Manuel her pretty, round ass cheeks. She sits down, spreads her legs open and fingers her pussy in front of him. He tells her he’s going to make him cum so quick. She likes it when he grips her around her neck and puts his finger in her mouth. They get to know each other even better outside the Louvre. Manuel says he doesn’t know why they are spending so much time talking in front of the Louvre when all he wants to do is take her to a hotel room and fuck her. She smiles at him and says, let’s go.

Back at the hotel, Rose gives Manuel a full view of her pussy as she spreads open on the couch. He helps her undress and Rose tells him welcome to my ass. He spanks her cheeks, making her giggle and rubs his hands over her breasts. She lies back and spreads her pink pussy open wide then throws herself at him, hugging and kissing him while lying across his lap. The focus in on her ass and Manuel stuffs 2 fingers in her ass hole, fucking it and spanking her. He turns her on her back and eats her pussy, licking, sucking and fingering it, making her scream yeah, yeah, yeah! With Manuel naked now, Rose grabs hold of his cock and sucks it, running her tongue up and down his shaft then licking his balls. She licks his cock head and smiles while looking at him then she makes her way to his balls and ass hole, sucking and licking them both. Rose sits on his dick cowgirl style and fucks it, riding up and down on his meat then she lies on her side to be spoon fucked while Manuel tells her to fuck his dick. He fingers her clit and slaps her face while drilling and stretching her pussy. Rose mumbles in French to him, enjoying his cock deep in her pussy. Manuel pulls out and fucks her ass hole, making her scream. His cock slams in and out of her sphincter and Rose can’t get enough of it. She rides his pole in reverse cowgirl position up her ass then bends over doggy style, screaming for him to fuck her ass hole. Rose does ass to mouth then sucks and licks his balls and ass hole before taking more cock cowgirl style up her ass. She is on her side again, getting her ass hole stretched in spoon position until Manuel pulls out and pops in her mouth. Rose swallows his load then licks and sucks his cock some more, looking up at him with cum all over her cheeks and tits. Manuel tells her she is so good as she rubs his jizz all over her tits. He tells her they didn’t see the Eifel tower today. She points at his cock and calls it the Eiffel tower.

Scene 3:   Cara Saint Germain and Manuel Ferrera

Manuel is at the canal in the middle of Paris and he can’t wait to meet Cara. She is standing on the bridge over the canal, waiting for him. They kiss and he calls her pretty and sexy. Cara speaks a little English and she understands what Manuel is saying to her. He asks her how long she has been in porn. She started in the industry 2 years ago and she likes it. She began doing webcam and was discovered by Dorcel production and was offered a job in porn. It’s been a very good career for her and she doesn’t regret it. Cara prefers sex scenes with one guy and 2 girls. She loves the hardness of a guy and the softness of a girl. Manuel asks her if she likes anal sex. She laughs and says no. She is an anal virgin but says maybe one day she will try it. They make a deal that she is going to try it today, just for him. Cara gets frisky in the car and shows him her pussy, pulling her panties back and revealing a tattoo. Everybody likes looking at her pussy, Cara says. These 2 have lots of fun in the car, laughing and talking.

Once they get to the house, Cara models in sexy lingerie for Manuel. She spanks her ass cheeks for him and says she is a very bad girl. Cara pulls off her bra and squeezes her tits together then she bends over doggy style on the couch, spreading her ass for Manuel. Cara keeps up the heat, pulling her panties off and playing with her pussy. Then she rubs her feet across his hard cock in his pants. These 2 get more acquainted as Manuel kisses her tits and licks her body, making his way down to her pussy. Once there, he eats her pussy, making her moan in pleasure. She sucks his cock then experiences it inside her pussy in spoon position. It’s not long before Cara has succumbed to the pleasure of his cock. She climbs on top of it in cowgirl position and sits while Manuel pumps her pussy. Her mouth gapes open and she breathes heavily with each drill of Manuel’s piston. He squeezes and sucks her big tits then focuses on her pussy more. She gets another taste of his cock in her mouth and a taste of his ass then sits on top of it again in reverse cowgirl position. The pleasure is intense and continuous for Cara. Hard slapping doggy position climaxes in a big cum blast in Cara’s mouth.   She sits on the floor and smiles and thanks him for the great sex.

Scene 4:  Sophia Laure and Manuel Ferrera

This time, Manuel is waiting for Sophia in front of the Eiffel Tower. We get a great shot of the Paris landmark and of Sophia standing in front of it. She models for Manuel, turning around in front of the camera. She speaks a little English and strikes up a conversation. She has been in the porn industry for 2 years and she is from Bordeaux. She spent some time growing up in Paris when she was a little girl. There are a lot of art and sculptures everywhere and they talk about all the great art in Paris. Manuel call’s Sophia’s tits great art. It’s something he loves looking at. Sophia is very easy going. She loves meeting people and before getting into the porn business, she worked in a restaurant. He tells her she is very sexy and he wants to take her somewhere and fuck her. Sophia says she has been waiting for this all day and she can’t wait. They climb into a bicycle carriage and enjoy the streets of Paris. Manuel films everything around them and he starts rubbing her thighs as they bike through the streets. Although it’s cold outside, Sophia is heating up from Manuel’s touch and his fingers get closer and closer to her pussy. Let’s of cars and people are going by the carriage but Sophia and Manuel don’t care. They’re having fun.

Once they get back to the house, Sophia is finally able to show Manuel everything he has wanted to see. She strips down to her underwear and bends over in standing doggy position in front of the camera. Then she lies on the couch on her back and opens her legs wide and high in the air, fingering her pussy and licking her fingers. Sophia is a big tease and her solo masturbation is hot to watch.

Once Manuel gets a hold of her pussy, he fingers it vigorously and stuffs three fingers inside, sending her into a high-pitched scream. They kiss passionately and Sophia puts his big cock in her mouth, jerking it back and forth and licking it up and down the shaft before getting her pussy pummeled some more cowgirl style. A hard session of spoon fucking up her ass sends Sophia to nirvana, screaming fuck, fuck, fuck while Manuel drills her rectum. She rides reverse cowgirl style up her ass, sucks him off then sits on his pole in cowgirl position, getting her ass hole stretched further. The sex gets rough with Manuel slapping her face then turning her over doggy style for more of his anal assault. Sophia gets louder and louder, screaming in pleasure and beating her hand on the couch as Manuel’s cock stuffs her tight ass hole balls deep. He pulls out and cums in her mouth. She swallows then rubs the cum that splashed on her tits all over her chest.

Final Thoughts:

Fuck the French is what Manuel Ferrera does and it’s the name of his flick that features 4 gorgeous French starlets getting fucked Manuel style in a 3-hour Gonzo flick. The whole movie is shot in France with Manuel showing the sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and great sculptures. The real French sights are Lucy Heart, Cara St Germain, Sophia Laure and Rose Valerie who are beautiful statuesque starlets who are eager to meet Manuel’s big cock. After looking at the Eiffel Tower, the girls suck Manuel’s towering prick then introduce it to their pussies and ass holes in hard-pounding, sweaty sex. These pairs fuck each other silly until Manuel pops in their mouths and on their faces. Each girl swallows and rubs any remaining cum all over their bodies. The setup of each scene is simple with the girls standing in front of common French landmarks, meeting Manuel, talking about their background and their experience in the porn industry. After learning more about each girl, Manuel takes them back to his pad for hot anal sex. Manuel fans will like his signature Gonzo style and piston pumping anal sex that sends these girls beyond the point of ecstasy. I recommend this movie. Fuck the French is what Manuel does in scene after scene of hardcore anal bliss.


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