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Young and Curious 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/9/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 17 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

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Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Kylie Page, Sabrina Rey, Bailey Brooke and Alex Harper, Karlo Karrera, James Deen, Chad White

Bonus Scenes: 2 Bonus Scenes

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers; Behind the Scenes; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, pop shot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


Young and Curious 2 explores the cumming-of-age moments of 4 young starlets who are desperate to experience the kind of hot, hard sex that makes them cum. 20-year-old Kylie Page is the featured starlet in this Paul Woodcrest flick that also stars Sabrina Rey, Bailey Brooke, and Alex Harper. What these 4 cum-starved babes have in common is a need for cock and they get their wish from James Deen, Chad White, and Karlo Karrera. Kylie’s boyfriend can’t make her cum and it’s driving a wedge between the 2 of them. Her boyfriend breaks up with her and she tells her roommate James about the whole thing. James comforts her and is soon fucking her tight, little pussy, bringing her to the climax she has never experienced. Bailey is so horny, she masturbates while watching her dad’s associate, Chad, do yard work. When Chad walks inside the house, Bailey drops her top and asks him if he wants to fuck her. The cock-starved Bailey gets a drilling from Chad’s cock and is covered in cum when he explodes all over her face and tits. Alex and Karlo turn what was supposed to be a great weekend with friends into a weekend for 2 full of sex explorations and James makes Sabrina’s wish for rough sex come true when he chokes her, pins her against the door and fucks her in a leg up. Young and Curious 2 is a hot flick and I highly recommend it. Each scene has a short, interesting set up that leads to well-shot sex full of great chemistry. There are a lot of close-ups and the girls are all having fun.  

Scene 1:  Bailey Brookes and Chad White

Bailey watches her dad’s associate Chad through the window. He is doing work in the yard and it’s turning Bailey on. She masturbates while watching him and gets his attention. Chad knocks on the door and asks her what just happened. Bailey drops her top, shows him her tits and asks him if he wants to come in and fuck her. Chad takes her invitation and these 2 slam their bodies together, kissing passionately up against the wall. He lifts her up into a standing cowgirl and squeezes her tits and stuffs her mouth with his tongue. Bailey is kinky. She wants to fuck Chad in her dad’s bed and he goes for it. She lies on the bed and enjoys Chad’s tongue as it does flips around her clit. He fingers her pussy then licks her clit, making her feel fucking good. She takes control now and starts sucking his cock and balls in 69 position. Chad eats her pussy until she looks back at him and says come fuck me.

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She sits on his cock cowgirl style and tells him to fuck her little pussy. Chad pumps her hole, making it wet. Her pussy is creaming all over his cock as she bounces up and down on it. He turns her over onto all fours and stretches her pussy out doggy style. She closes her eyes and fingers her clit while slamming her body back on his and telling him his dick feels so good inside her pussy. It feels so good, she is ready to cum all over his dick. She takes more of his cock in spoon position next, fingering and slapping her clit while telling him not to stop fucking her hole. His cock is making her cum again and she begs him not to stop fucking her. After rounds of reverse cowgirl and missionary style fucking, Bailey sucks his cock and balls some more and enjoys getting her ass spanked. She rides him cowgirl style then sucks more of his cock and licks his ass until Chad blows a huge load all over her tits and face and in her mouth.

Scene 2:  Sabrina Rey and James Deen

Sabrina comes over to see James and asks him if he had a chance to think about what they talked about. He has, but he is still hesitant about the whole thing. He tells her that he doesn’t feel comfortable with this. Sabrina begs him for rough sex and being choked but James says this just isn’t his thing. He just can’t do it. Sabrina tells him she really wants to do it. James is convinced he can’t do it. Sabrina sits on the kitchen countertop, pulls off her panties and shows him her naked pussy and tells him if he ever changes his mind, he knows where to find her. She leaves her panties on the floor and walks out and is headed out the front door. James rushes after her, pins her up against the front door and chokes her, asking her if this is what she wants. This is exactly what she wants. He slaps her and tosses her around then rips her clothes off and licks her pussy. He spanks her thighs and tells her to spread her legs wide. Sabrina looks into his eyes and tells him to treat her like a fuck doll.

James drops his pants and orders her to feed herself with his cock. He wants to see how much she loves his dick. Sabrina gets on her hands and knees and sucks and strokes his dick then tells him to fuck her face. He holds her hands back, tells her to open her mouth wide and stay in place. James stuffs her mouth with his dick, thrusting it to the back of her throat. The face fucking against the front door is hot. Sabrina takes his cock and beats her tongue with it then gets into a leg up position and smiles while James’ cock fucks her pussy. He holds one of her legs up and she stands on the other while he slams her pussy. He tells her to spread her ass so he can fuck her deeper. She sucks his cock some more then lies on the couch and moans as James fucks her missionary style. She tells him his dick feels so fucking good. James pulls out and eats her pussy then sits her on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. She leans back and surrenders to his dick. The spoon fucking gets rough with James choking her and pounding her pussy at the same time. She gets on all fours and he spanks her ass then fucks her pussy. The doggy style fucking continues for a long time with Sabrina telling him she loves his cock and it feels so good. She sucks his dick and beats her face with it and tells him to cum all over her. He pops on her face, splashing it with spunk and asks her if that’s the way she likes to be fucked. Sabrina says yes.

Scene 3:   Alex Harper and Karlo Karrera

Alex and Karlo are all packed up and ready to go. They have a great trip planned with their friends John and Sarah. It’s a double couple getaway. Karlo asks Alex if she is ready to go and that’s when she tells him that John and Sarah canceled. He can’t believe it. This whole thing has been planned for months. Sarah is disappointed but Karlo tells her not to worry about it. The 2 of them will go to the beach and have a great weekend trip together. This still doesn’t make Alex smile. She says she is jealous of Sarah and John because they get to stay at home and play all day. They are so sexual. Karlo says Alex is the youngest girl he has ever dated and he didn’t want to push her limits. Sarah tells him she wants to try new things. She wants to push the limits. Karlo knows just how to treat her and instead of taking her out of town for the weekend, he takes her back into the bedroom, spreads her legs open wide and starts licking her pussy and ass hole. Alex has wanted this sensation for a long time. She watches his tongue wag back and forth on her clit and she squeezes her pointy nipples while he licks and fingers her clit. Soon, he is fingering her wet pussy, keeping Alex excited that they’re staying in for the weekend.

She pulls down his pants and starts sucking his dick while he keeps her pussy vibrating from his finger fucking. She helps herself to more of his big cock, working it in and out of her wet mouth. Karlo encourages her, calling her a good girl while his dick is wedged in her throat. He wants her to put his cock as deep as it can go in her mouth and she sets out to do it. The cock sucking gets wet and slippery once she spits on his dick and tries deep throating it.

She sits on his cock cowgirl style and asks him how bad he wants it. Alex is teasing him and having fun while she rides his dick. He spanks her ass cheeks and tells her to fuck that dick. After bouncing up and down on his dick she spits on it then sits on it in reverse cowgirl position. Karlo fucks her pussy and tells her to play with it while his dick slams deeper and deeper inside her. Alex reaches her peak, groaning and moaning while she rides his cock. After sucking his dick right out of her pussy, she gets on top of it again in reverse cowgirl position then lies on her side for a round of spoon fucking. Alex’ eyes roll to the back of her head while Karlo drills her snatch. He slaps her tits and tells her to fuck him back. She looks at him and tells him to fuck that pussy. He fucks then spanks her pussy and penetrates her again but this time in missionary position, making his shaft drill deep inside her box. They fuck doggy style and while Karlo slams her pussy, he holds her head down against the bed, keeping her pinned. Missionary is next and the pace of the fucking picks up until Karlo pulls out and shoots his load on her neck and face.

Scene 4:  Kylie Page and James Deen

Kylie has been texting James and telling him she has an emergency. James rushes back to the house to find out what’s going on. That’s when she tells him she is having problems with her boyfriend. James tells her he is just her roommate not her therapist and he can’t help her with this. James goes on to work but when he comes home from work later that day, he finds that Kylie is still hurting. She tells him she has never been able to cum with her boyfriend. All of this is freaking James out. He tells Kylie they agreed there would be boundaries and they wouldn’t talk about stuff like this. Later that day, he finds Kylie crying. Her boyfriend broke up with her and told her it’s her fault that she can’t cum. James starts to comfort Kylie and one thing leads to another and soon the 2 of them are kissing passionately. He spanks her ass cheeks and tells her to take off her panties. With her panties off, he fingers her clit and tells her he wants to taste her cum on his fingers. Kylie is desperate to cum because it’s something she has never experience. He spreads her legs open and works his tongue back and forth across her pussy. It feels so good to Kylie, she grips his hand and squeezes it tight while he tongue fucks her pussy. He penetrates her pussy missionary style, drilling her hole then he spoon fucks her and fingers her clit and that’s when she experiences what it feels like to cum.

She sucks his cock then enjoys getting her pussy slammed doggy style. Kylie sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and tells him she loves it when his balls spank her pussy. James pumps her pussy hard, fast and deep, keeping Kylie in pleasure. She fingers her clit, heightening her sensation. She titty fucks him then rides his cock cowgirl style before taking more cock in downward doggy. When he pulls out, she wraps her tits around his cock letting him titty fuck her until he pops. James shoots his load in her mouth and on her tits. Kylie swallows his spunk then tells him it tastes so yummy.

Final Thoughts:

DVD cover girl Kylie Page leads a group of young, horny starlets in Paul Woodcrest’s Young and Curious 2 and I highly recommend it. This movie features Kylie and horny co-stars Sabrina Rey, Bailey Brooke and Alex Harper. These 4 starlets are searching for more satisfying sex and they find the cock partners they need in James Deen, Chad White, and Karlo Karrera. Kylie has never cum before and her boyfriend can’t do the job. She fucks her roommate James who has her screaming in ecstasy, cumming and begging for more cock. Bailey watches her dad’s associate, Chad, do yard work and it’s so hot to her, she masturbates. When Chad walks in, she wastes no time in stripping and asking him if he wants to fuck her. Her curiosity is satisfied as Chad’s dick drills deep inside her throbbing pussy. Alex wants more out of her sex life with Karlo and when their weekend plans change, Karlo uses that time to fuck her the way she wants. Sabrina has a fantasy about rough sex and James makes that fantasy come true by choking her, pinning her against the door and fucking her pussy in a leg up.


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