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Candidate, The

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/14/17

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Genres: Lesbian, Made for Women, Feature

Writer/Director: Dana Vespoli



Cast: Brandi Love ®, Julia Ann, Bree Daniels, Penny Pax, Casey Calvert, Kira Noir, Uma Jolie, Lyra Louvel (Credited as Lyra Law), Karlie Montana (NS), Dana Vespoli (NS), Alec Knight (NS), Brock Doom (NS) - (NS=Non-Sex)  

Length: 2 hours 17 minutes

Date of Release: January 24, 2017

Extras: Slideshow, Trailers

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Both pretty good. Most of the audio is crystal clear, with the exception coming during a conversation between Penny and Brandi. That scene is recorded a bit lower than the rest. I found myself quite distracted by lighting issues off and on, and I detail them below. The camera work is very good, including some nice outdoor scenes.

Overview: Brandi Love plays the democratic nominee for the US Presidency who is running against Alec Knight. Alec's daughter is played by Penny Pax who is head over heels for Casey Calvert. Brandi's life partner is Julia Ann and most of the of the remaining female cast are all seemingly hired help that cater to the voyeuristic tendencies of Alec, with the exception of Dana Vespoli who makes an appearance as a reporter.

In my usual manner of reviewing features, I'm not going to get into specifics of the plot; I'll just give you an overview of the sex scenes.

Scene 1: Casey Calvert, Penny Pax

Penny Pax & Casey Calvert

Casey and Penny are kicking it on Penny's bed and discussing their relationship. Their hair and makeup is done very nicely, making each of them look really pretty as the conversation turns to love making. Casey spends copious amounts of time licking Penny's ass hole as they banter back and forth. The banter turns to whimpers as Casey buries her fingers deep in her lover.

Penny Pax & Casey Calvert

When Penny gets her turn between her girlfriend's thighs Casey's face lights up. The camera work is tight here, showcasing Penny's oral talents as well as capturing her partner's facial expressions. Penny ups the ante and the pair start a 69, but Casey's tongue is so distracting that Penny gives up and just pumps her pussy on Casey's face for a bit. She makes up for that distraction later on as she gives Casey some dedicated tongue time aided by her fingers. Both babes have bright, shiny eyes and wonderful smiles. The wide shot showcases Penny's pretty, round ass while also highlighting Casey's heaving bosom.

It's a pretty good scene sex wise, and I mentioned I liked the hair and makeup, what I didn't really like was the lighting. It just wasn't soft and full enough. Sometimes it would cause a performer's face to be in shadow. That will become a complaint I have off and on throughout the movie.

Scene 2: Brandi Love, Julia Ann

As Brandi gets home from the campaigning of the day, Julia rolls into their room in her wheelchair. Again, the lighting is bright on the performers which highlights their massive breasts as they undress each other. What isn't highlighted, is the wheelchair. In fact, it seems to be deliberately shadowed to the lower right corner of the screen. It seems Miss Vespoli is making a very deliberate, if almost subliminal, statement here. It's a very effective cinematic technique. Techniques like that will make appearances again later on, and I'll point them out as they do...but back to our ladies...

Brandi Love & Julia Ann

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Julia Ann is notable here, as throughout the lovemaking she is absolutely believable as not having the use of her legs. I didn't catch them quivering or inadvertently moving at all as the pair compete for brightest smile awards. Again, the lighting just drives me crazy. You've got two of the hottest MILFs on the planet making love and it's just not "round" enough. Brandi has one of the tonest bodies in the industry and every ripple of her muscles causes some harsh light interactions. To be fair, it probably won't even be noticed by most viewers, but I was constantly aware of it.

Brandi Love & Julia Ann

As the couple grind groins, again I have to give kudos to Julia for not using her legs.  She does however use her fingers to drive Brandi wild. She looks great between Brandi's legs as she performs some orgasm-inducing cunnilingus. Brandi's abs gleam with sweat as her body quivers. Brandi rewards Julia's efforts in a 69 in which she works two of her fingers deeply within her partner. She seems to have a great time as she sits atop Julia's face. The pair are totally believable as long time lovers, the chemistry seems genuine.

Scene 3: Brandi Love, Bree Daniels, Uma Jolie


Along the road to the White House an explicate [sic] lesbian sex tape turns up in the hands of the media. Yes, Miss Vespoli, I see what you did there. Nice touch. I'll leave it to the curious readers and viewers to delve into just how deep that touch is.


This is a hot threesome. It pretty much covers all the bases a viewer could want in a lesbian three way. Whether your taste runs to big busted blondes, pixie faced redheads or pretty brunettes with nose rings, you'll find it here. Between the close shots and the wide, there's always some beautiful babe or three filling your peepers. Surprisingly, it was Uma's face that I couldn't take my eyes off. Her expressions are priceless as Brandi licks her snatch. Her titties shake as she lies upside down on a couch as Brandi and Bree work her into oblivion with multiple hands in and around her pussy. Brandi's tan-lined ass is lit perfectly as she sits across Uma's face hile the milky-skinned Bree rubs Uma's box as well as her own. Where has this lighting guy been up until now? It's super hot as Bree gets fingered by Brandi while geting licked by Uma. Every lady in the scene gets worked well by the others in tandem. It's hard to say who enjoyed it the most, but everyone had a great time, I can tell you that!


I'll give Dana Vespoli another nod here regarding Brandi's media speech response and the term "slut shaming". Again, I'll let the viewers ponder the deepness of that social commentary if they like.

Scene 4: Karlie Montana

Karlie Montana

We find Karlie touching herself for the enjoyment of Alec as he lies in bed sipping whiskey. Her red satin and black lace outfit pair with her red heels play well with her hair. It's a nice wardrobe choice for Miss Montana. She looks great writhing around and slowly stripping. Alec plays a great voyeur here, attentively watching Karlie as she touches herself once her lingerie is off. I'd be remiss to not mention Karlie's perfectly applied makeup. I'm not sure how many viewers will notice that because the camera is squarely focused on three of her fingers completely being inserted into her hot little hole. The depth of focus falls off right about her shoulders during her intense self fingering session and expands just enough to define her expression as she brings herself to orgasm. Nice camera work!

Karlie Montana

Those with a shoe fetish will enjoy her tease after her orgasm, as they are featured prominently next to the camera's lens as the scene draws to a close. This is a pretty hot solo/tease sequence and I won't be surprised if Karlie gets some award noms for it.

Scene 5: Kira Noir, Lyra Louvel

Three months after a plot twist takes place, we find Alec again sipping whiskey and exploring his voyeuristic tendencies as Kira and Lyra play with each other. Once again, I find myself distracted by a dubious lighting choice. There's a giant studio light placed outside some glass doors behind the lovely ladies, and more lights can be seen reflecting in those doors. Am I the only one who notices these things?

Kira Noir & Lyra Law

Once the ladies lose their clothing and start their tango on the daybed the camera closes in on the action and Alec asks himself what the fuck is wrong with him and walks out of the room. The pair don't even notice, as Lyra's tongue is currently lapping at Kira's box. Lyra seems to enjoy sliding her finger into her playmate as much as Kira likes having it in there. Kira bucks and grinds as her blonde cohort licks furiously. Once they trade duties and Kira is on her knees between Lyra's legs, her face is covered in juices.

Kira Noir & Lyra Law

There's an enormous amount of spit and pussy fluids running down the crack of Lyra's ass as she gets fingered hard and fast. Luckily, one of them thought ahead and brought along a plug-in wand vibrator for them to use on each other. They have a good time as Lyra teases her playmate to the brink of orgasm before finishing her off and they realize their client left at some point. They share great eye contact and chemistry throughout the scene.

Final Thoughts: I went into this movie with great expectations after being caught off guard last year by the amazing screenplay that Lefty turned out to be. I was fully expecting to use phrases like "tour de force" or "blew me away" and words like "brilliant" or "amazing". It turns out, I won't be using any of those. I honestly don't think the screenwriting was nearly as good as what Dana turned in last year with Lefty. I liked some of the small details that Dana managed to work into the script, although I'm not quite sure how many viewers will notice or even care about them. The social and political commentary present are very timely. There's some nice cinematic techniques at play and I also enjoyed those, again I'm not sure how many viewers will notice them.

Performance wise, everyone plays their roles well enough, but nobody excelled at them. Penny Pax probably could have really shined had she been given more screen time than she got. Alec did pretty well with the screen time he was given, even if quite a bit of it was just him watching women. It was nice to see Brandi Love spread her wings a bit and play a leading role rather than a mom teaching sex, although her conversation with Penny did have a "mom tone" to it. That isn't a bad thing, as the conversation I'm referencing was supposed to be encouraging. Julia Ann, as I mentioned a few times in her scene breakdown, was exemplary in her role as a paraplegic. The lighting of that scene just irked me to no end. When you've got two bona fide superstars on set, details make the difference. I did really like the camera work throughout, and some of the plot scene setups were shot really well. Overall, I think most viewers will probably prefer to watch individual scenes on demand rather than watching it as a feature. The threesome between Bree, Brandi and Uma is definitely the standout sex scene of them all, and I will mention once again I really liked the media misspelling that happens in the setup to that.

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