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Young Fantasies

Studio: Vixen » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 50 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Cream Pie, Cumshots, Family Roleplay

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Naomi Woods with Jillian Janson, Kirsten Lee, Kimberly Moss, Seth Gamble, Christian Clay, Flash Brown and Xander Corvus

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap


Vixen.com and award-winning director Greg Lansky have launched a new series called Young Fantasies. This flick is the first in the series which is all about young, natural beauties experiencing sensational sex. This first installment stars Naomi Woods in the opening scene with Seth Gamble, her stepbrother. Naomi has always been an all A student with a high GPA, but when she loses a bet with Seth about who will get the highest GPA this year, she finds herself having incredible sex with her stepbrother who cums inside her, leaving her with a creampie. Naomi’s co-stars are Jillian Janson, Kirsten Lee, and Kimberly Moss. These young starlets have fun in their scenes, enjoying getting their pussies stretched to the max. Jillian Janson’s scene with her driver, Christian Clay, is the hottest scene in the flick. With her parents away on vacation, Jillian plans to skip school and relax at the pool all day. Christian shows up to drive her to school but he ends up driving his big Italian cock deep into her pussy causing her to cum and squirt in rapid fire. Her scene is a turn on to watch and Jillian can’t get enough of Christian’s prick. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. It’s a solid start for a new series and with Greg Lansky’s multiple awards for his directing skills, this series is sure to land high up on the list of great porn as does most of his work.

Scene 1:  Naomi Woods and Seth Gamble

Florida-born Naomi Woods is a 20-year-old, young Vixen who fucks her stepbrother in this first scene. She is the featured starlet and DVD cover girl in this movie. Naomi started the business in 2015 and has worked across the industry filming several web scenes and other feature flicks.

When the scene begins, we learn that Naomi’s parents divorced when she was a kid and she grew up with her stepbrother, Seth, for many years. She considers him a spoiled, rich kid brat, but she loved that he was constantly fantasizing about her. One day when they had just gotten their GPA for the semester, Seth makes a bet with Naomi. If his GPA is higher than hers, he’s going to fuck her. Naomi has always been smarter than him so she has no problem making the harmless bet. When she looks at his transcript, she is shocked to learn that he landed a 4.0 GPA. Seth tells her he worked very hard to get good grades and he rubs her thighs and tells her he is going to enjoy every minute of fucking her pussy. He has wanted her for so long. A bet’s a bet and she keeps her word. They strip out of their clothes, step into the pool and Naomi drops instantly to her knees and sucks his cock. She jerks it with both hands and sucks his balls just like he wants her to. Naomi looks up at him and keeps his cock in her mouth, pleasing him and rewarding him for his good grades. After more ball licking and passionate kissing, Naomi and Seth take their new found passion to the bedroom where they explore each other bodies even more.

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Naomi is back on her knees again sucking and jerking his cock. Seth stands over her and thrusts his meat in and out of her mouth, telling her it feels so fucking good. She likes being face fucked by him and she smiles when he says her cocksucking makes him want to keep doing good in school. Naomi finally experiences the sensation of getting her pussy stretched by her stepbrother’s cock when Seth starts fucking her in reverse cowgirl position. Her head falls back in sexual abandon as he pumps her young, tight pussy harder and faster. She loves the feeling of his cock inside her and it’s written all over her face. She tells him he is so deep inside her right now as she bites her lips and closes her eyes. Seth’s nonstop drilling of her pussy soon makes her cum. She climbs off his cock and sucks it, tasting her own cum. The action continues with more reverse cowgirl fucking and cock sucking followed by a slow grinding cowgirl ride on Seth’s cock. He grips her ass cheeks and slams her hole, pumping her pussy deep and keeping her in pleasure. Naomi cums again then bends over doggystyle for more dick drilling. Seth stuffs her pussy over and over then pulls out and feeds her face. She looks up at him and tells him to fuck her more and he satisfies her with more doggystyle sex. Naomi lies on her back and begs to be fucked hard and deep. Every time he thrusts into her wet pussy, she screams deeper, deeper! Seth drills deep then blows his load inside her pussy, pumping her full of cum and leaving her with a gooey creampie sliding from her pussy. She runs her fingers through it and asks him if he can see it.

Scene 2:  Jillian Janson and Christian Clay

Jillian Janson, who has done many scenes for Lansky, takes advantage of the time alone when her parents leave for vacation. She can do whatever she wants all weekend. She thought she had everything covered but she forgot her dad arranged to have her driver, Christian, take her to school. When he shows up to get her, Jillian is determined she is not going and fucks him in a sensational, squirting scene that leaves him all wet.

It all starts with Jillian on the phone telling her parents everything is going great and she is off to school. With her parents off the phone, Jillian gets into her sexiest bikini and suns at the pool. She is doing her nails at the pool when Christian walks up and tells her it’s time to take her to school and if she doesn’t get ready now, she’s going to be late. Jillian responds by saying, blow! Christian doesn’t understand what she means. That’s when Jillian raises her toes up to his face and asks him to blow on her the wet polish on her toes. He blows then says it’s time to go. Jillian stands up, rips Christian out of his clothes and puts his cock in her mouth saying that she has been waiting so long for this. As she sucks his cock, she tells him she had no clue his dick was this big. She jerks it, making it harder and harder in her mouth then she spits on it to lube it up. Christian guides her head back and forth on his pole, watching her intently. Jillian is already making a sloppy mess of her cocksucking with drool draining from her lips down her tits. Christian fucks her throat, forcing his cock against her tonsils, telling her to look at him with his dick in her mouth. Jillian gags and spits up gallons of drool then she sucks his cock some more. It’s Jillian’s day off from school and she plans to make the most of it. She stands up and strips out of her slinky bikini so Christian can eat her pussy. She tells him his mouth feels so good on her pussy as he licks and laps her pussy with his tongue, making it wet.

Once inside in the bedroom, Jillian is as horny as ever. Christian makes her promise her dad will never find out about this as he sucks her lips and tongue. Jillian sucks his big, hard cock and starts gagging again, telling him he has no idea how much she has wanted his dick. She wants to make it nice and wet for her pussy. She sits on his pole in cowgirl position while still kissing him passionately and feeding him her tits. She bounces up and down on his cock slowly at first with her mouth gaping open then she tells him to fuck her. Christian slams her tight hole, filling it with every inch of his dick and spanking her ass cheeks at the same time. The chemistry between these 2 is hot to watch and Jillian is having fun bouncing up and down on Christian’s cock and telling him to fuck her just like that. She climbs off his dick then lies on top of him in 69 position, sucking his cock while Christian eats her pussy then she rides his dick in reverse cowgirl position. Christian goes into overdrive, pounding her pussy and it makes Jillian cum again and again. She squirts all over herself and Christian. She says she can feel his big cock all the way in her stomach each time he drills her. I lost count of the number of times Jillian squirts. She turns into an ever-flowing blast that Christian begins to lick up when she lies on her back. He fucks her missionary style, keeping her cumming and moaning and begging him not to stop.

The hottest part of the scene is Jillian’s doggystyle fuck. She is on all four telling Christian don’t stop. She screams out for him to drive her pussy to cum again and that’s what happens when he slams and stretches her snatch. She says she wants it just like that. Her pussy gaps when he pulls out and she yells fucking this wet, gaping pussy! Christian’s cock is like a hard driving piston when he climbs over top of her and keeps drilling her doggy style. Jillian is beyond nirvana in her pleasure and sensation in this scene and she is still cumming. Christian fucks her pussy hard then pulls out and pops in her mouth. Jillian swallows his load then immediately sucks his cock, telling him his cum tastes so good. She plans to definitely ask her father to give Christian a raise. He deserves it.

Scene 3:   Kirsten Lee and Flash Brown

Kirsten Lee got into the business in 2016 and has racked up a few scenes. The 5’7”, 121-pound Vixen has the hots for her real estate client Flash. With the pressure of making the sale behind her, she is so much more relaxed and so is he. They make a move on each other and she finds herself sucking his big cock poolside then hosting it deep inside her young, tight pussy.

When the scene begins, we watch Kirsten get dressed in her sexy work outfit. She meets Flash to sign the papers on the house. Flash is finally satisfied and he has been very particular about this whole thing. It’s taken everything Kirsten has to stay professional with him. She finds him so attractive. Once the sale is final, Kirsten doesn’t feel so much pressure to keep everything professional. She loosens up over a glass of champagne with him and realizes that he has the same attraction for her. They kiss each other, discovering each other’s sexual likes and Kirsten wastes no time unzipping his pants, dropping to her knees and sucking his cock. She tells him it’s so big. She jerks it in her mouth and licks and sucks all over it while looking up at him with her seductive eyes. She has more than sealed the deal with him now and there’s no turning back. She has never seen a cock this big before in her life and she plans to use it as her pleasure tool.

Back in the bedroom, Kirsten eats more of Flash’s meat, sucking it and savoring the taste in her mouth. She has worked hard to land this deal and she works even harder sucking his cock. Kirsten gets in doggy position and slides her body back and forth into his, hugging his big pole with her pussy. His dick drills deep inside her, causing her to say fuck me hard. He stretches her pussy out and spanks her thighs while she moans in pleasure. She rides him cowgirl style and creams all over his meat, then she sucks it, swallowing and tasting her own pussy. He fucks her missionary style and she can’t stop telling him how much she loves his dick. The fast-paced round of reverse cowgirl fucking leads Flash to blow his load. He stands up and cums in her mouth. Kirsten jerks his cock and says this is the way to close a deal.

Scene 4:  Kimberly Moss and Xander Corvus

Kimberly’s boyfriend dares her to fuck his best friend Xander. She sneaks into Xander’s bed, pulls the cover back and sucks his cock. With her boyfriend’s blessing, she fucks him until she cums and it’s an experience she will never forget.

It all starts with Kimberly talking about her super boyfriend, Pete. Kimberly has always been a reserved girl sexually, but Pete brings out her wild side in bed. One morning, he dares her to go into Xander’s bed and jerk him off to wake him up. She climbs into bed with Xander while her boyfriend watches and starts sucking his dick. Xander wakes up surprised by the whole thing then sees his friend Pete who tells him to have fun. Xander doesn’t resist the moment and tells Kimberly to suck his balls too. She licks his cock all over and puts his balls in her mouth, making his cock hard. She keeps her pretty eyes pinned on his while she jerks his dick and lubes it with her wet mouth. She giggles and tells him his cock is so big, then she puts it back in her mouth and tries to deep throat it. Xander stands up and Kimberly sits on the floor to get her throat fucked. He holds her head in place and tells her to open her mouth and sit up straight while he thrusts his cock deep inside her mouth. He beats her tongue with his dick then positons her on top of it cowgirl style. Kimberly is eager to experience Xander’s cock and she rides it in pleasure. He spanks her ass cheeks and stuffs and stretches her pussy with his dick.

Kimberly is pleased by the experience and tells him she didn’t think he was going to be this good. Xander is better than her boyfriend. After a slippery round of cowgirl fucking, Kimberly sucks his cock then rides it again but this time in reverse cowgirl. Xander fingers her clit while he fucks her, driving her bonkers. Kimberly is cumming again. Her reverse cowgirl turns to doggy position and she grips the sheets as Xander drills her pussy deep. In the middle of the fucking, Xander bends her over his knee and spanks her ass until her cheeks turn red. He punishes her for being a bad girl then he fucks her missionary style. Kimberly tells him his cock is so big, then she closes her eyes in ecstasy while he fucks her. She tells him she wants him to cum all over her face. Xander pulls out and pops on her face and in her mouth. She loves the taste of it.

Final Thoughts:

Award-winning director Greg Lansky has teamed up with the folks at Vixen.com to launch a brand new series. It’s called Young Fantasies and this first volume stars young, natural babe Naomi Woods. She is joined by Jillian Janson, Kirsten Lee and Kimberly Moss. This series is off to a solid start and has the powerhouse directing skills of Lansky behind it. I highly recommend this movie and look forward to more installments in the series. The young starlets in this flick get their pussies manhandled by Seth Gamble, Christian Clay, Flash Brown and Xander Corvus who know how to stretch a tiny, tight pussy. The hottest scene of the flick is Jillian’s scorcher of a scene with Christian. I lost count of the number of times she came and squirted. She has great chemistry in her scene and lets herself go in total sexual pleasure. It’s a turn on to watch Jillian reach her peak again and again. All of the scenes are steamy and the production is of high caliber, making this another great Lansky flick.


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