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Backseat Banging Vol. 2

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 3/19/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 9 minutes

Cast: Gia Paige, Lilly Sapphire, Kyra Hot, Uma Jolie, Chloe Couture, Unk, and J Mac

Directed by: N/A

Genres: All Sex, Gonzo, Public Sex, Teens (18+)

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery and cumshot recap

Overview: The continuing advent of in-car intercourse, in addition to the thrills of exhibitionism, is explored in Backseat Banging Vol. 2, MOFOs' second DVD compilation of their ongoing "Stranded Teens" series. This volume features some of the prettiest, youngest porn stars currently on the rise, as well as two of the most charismatic contract stars in both Unk and J Mac.

Scene 1: Gia Paige and Unk

Gia Paige might be my new porn crush of the moment. She has a lovely, movie-star quality to her that comes out not only in her demeanor in this particular scene, but the way she wears her hair - with emphasis on her bangs and a lovely, wavy texture. For fifteen solid minutes, she carries her own, playing a poor girl who was abandoned in the rain by her asshole boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) who broke her phone and drove off in the car she paid for. Thankfully, Unk was making the rounds in his taxi and gives her a life home, where the two expound about past relationships and personal feelings in what results in a tender, believable heart-to-heart thanks to two charming leads.

Gia finally gets to bask in the thrill of being single and free from consequences of cheating, so she decides to flash Unk, showing off the shortness of her pink dress in the process - her leggy lower-half peeking out as a result. She makes the first move to put her hand down his pants to massage his penis, gently sucking and rubbing it when the right time comes as they cruise down a lonely road. When they pull over to fuck outside, the scene takes an impromptu, college-style angle, with Gia's dress hanging limply against her hip as Unk hits her from the back. She stares into the camera erotically for most of the scene.

Back in the car, Gia rides Unk missionary in the passenger seat, but the best position comes when her plump booty fills the screen as she rides Unk reverse cowgirl in the backseat. The sex is fairly well-shot given the obvious constraints, but Gia's skills shine through no matter the angle, especially in doggystyle where her eye-contact and movement are all part of her sexual expertise.

Unk winds up finishes all over her face with a sloppy facial to conclude a foreplay-heavy scene, but that's no criticism. Both him and Gia carry themselves so well over the course of the scene, to the point where you don't believe they ever leave character even as they are having sex. There's a lovely amateur quality present too, coupled with the slightly grainy film aesthetic that accentuates the mood that much better. A lovely, romantic scene all around. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: Lilly Sapphire and Unk

Unk and his buddy are film students and they notice a beauty in a red dress freaking out on the phone, upset and frantic over a situation they can't clearly make out. The girl is Lilly Sapphire and shes' upset her friends ditched her and left her with no ride. Unk and his buddy, who is filming from the passenger seat, decide to forgo their plans to try a new restaurant to give Lilly a ride home. Lilly, a pre-veterinarian student, is excited to hear more about Unk's friend's fascination with film and Jean-Luc Godard - probably the only time the French New Wave legend was ever mentioned in a pornographic film.

Lilly wants to help her new friend make something different, so she offers to blow in a park. This would be heavenly for our shy director until Unk parks the car and quickly slides in the backseat by Lilly, completely stealing his thunder. He's regulated to camera-boy as Lilly sucks Unk off and plays with herself. "So you want some more progressive, edgy footage?," she asks him.

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Unk eventually goes on to bend her over outside of the car, going deep right away and eventually doggying her on the grass. This is where most of the sex takes place, as the two glide through a series of missionary positions, but not before Unk flexing his strength, holding her in mid-air as he fucks her and having sex with her against their car. Lilly's curly blonde hair flows almost majestically in the wind as Unk bobs her up in down in a motion of deep and consistent thrusts.

Unk finally concludes things by cumming on her tongue, a great way to cap off Lilly's insatiable energy and her commanding aura as a good girl gone bad on any average night. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Kyra Hot and unnamed male performer (in French with English subtitles)

Kyra Hot is talking on the phone at a roadside intersection when our unnamed male stud approaches her in his car. She informs him that she needs to go to pick up her vacuum cleaner in downtown Budapest, for it is being repaired and they're waiting for her. Immediately, our man is struck by what Kyra is wearing: a tight, sky-blue top that has her breasts practically bulging out, tight pants, and fuchsia lipstick that makes her large lips the focal-point of her entire, bleach-blonde appearance. Kyra is a housewife with a "negligent" husband, which makes her very lonely and cock-hungry in the midst of feeling unappreciated.

Once she's smitten with her driver, she decides to tell her husband she missed the bus to Budapest so she can get to work on sucking her new friend's dick from the passenger seat, the camera practically pressing against his dick and her nose. He manages to drive to a remote field enclosed by trees so the two can get naughty and have fun without being bothered. She finally flashes her large, eye-popping breasts before sucking again, entering the back of the car so he can slide in with her on her back.

"You have too much energy," he tells Kyra upon having her ride his dick in missionary in the car. Kyra can't help it. She's been lonely and neglected for far too long and this is her time to let loose and have a lot of spontaneous fun. We get more of her repressed housewife energy once she turns around to reverse cowgirl him and face us, until she shifts to her side so the two can spoon.

This scene packs in a lot more tight, claustrophobic angles, making a good visual sometimes a struggle to obtain for our camera man, who is also trying to adequately perform to his fairness. This scene also suffers from a lack of compelling leads, with less interesting foreplay than the previous two scenes, yet this is somewhat remedied by the performers' commendable sexual prowess. Things end by him politely asking her if he could cum on her face, like the gentleman I assume he is. She obliges, of course not having a facial in eons, and he splashes her lips and tits with his load. 3/5 stars.

Scene 4: Uma Jolie and J Mac

Uma Jolie dons the baddest bad girl outfit you can imagine. She owns her knee-high socks, very short jean shorts, and crop-top sweater - with the words "DON'T WASTE MY TIME" aptly emblazoned on there - as she smiles and laughs off being interrogated by a security guard for shoplifting in a convenient store. In a creative twist, Uma Kicks the guy in the crotch before running and stowing away in a car with two people, one of them being the modern myth J Mac, the other being his camera guy.

J Mac and Uma flirt as they drive far away from the scene, all while she tries to catch her breath in the back seat. She trades places with the camera man, climbing up to the front and showing off her butt in the process. "You want some road-dome?," she asks J Mac, with her "valley girl" accent coming through, when they two come up ideas of how she can adequately repay him, a line and a term that prompt some fun, under-the-breath humor for the scene. She repays him with head that shows off a good technique comprised of fluent handwork and nice oral motion, even as J Mac becomes more forceful.

He winds up having to pull over in a parking lot to really get ahold of Uma, who climbs atop his lap and rests her feet on the car-door handle and the arm-rest in order to balance herself like a frog on J Mac's cock. She's clean-shaven as she massages herself, perfectly keeping her rhythm when J Mac bridges the gap between the driver's and passenger seat by stretching her across and sliding into her like that. She rides him with her facing the backseat in another refreshing angle, though this is momentarily interrupted by a quick duck-and-cover to make sure passersby don't catch a glimpse.

Uma is unfazed, however. She's an absolute minx here, oozing sexual energy and unbridled, bad girl charm as J Mac rams her in reverse cowgirl hard enough that her head lightly hits the ceiling of the car. He tries all sorts of positions on the twenty-year-old Cali native, including one in the backseat that looks like he's floating, as he balances himself while essentially planking, plowing Uma into the seat.

He wraps up by squirting his load all over her as she hides in the back, finishing up a strong showcase for both J Mac and Uma Jolie as another charismatic porn duo, even considering the cramped circumstances. 4/5 stars.

Scene 5: Chloe Couture and Unk

Chloe Couture left a bit of an impression on me with her scene in DarkX's Interracial Teens Vol. 2, which showed off two memorable things about the slim twenty-year-old. She has unbelievable eye-contact during her scenes and her soft whimpering serves as a melodic soundtrack of sorts. Both of this elements are present in a slowburn but mostly successful showcase as Chloe needs gas for her car but has no money upon breaking up with her boyfriend. She's on her way to her parents' house and the guy she meets, Unk, can only offer her a ride there.

She winds up ditching the car and riding with him, expounding upon her relationship woes as she remains sad and broken up about leaving her boyfriend despite him frequently neglecting her. She wants to have sex with anyone now that she's single, and it's Unk's lucky day, as she flashes him and the two pull off into an empty parking lot to have sex. She takes off her cute yoga shorts for a steamy solo in the back of his car until Unk joins in and makes it a duo effort. She eventually caters to him by deepthroating his sizable shaft with no problem, audibly gagging in her throat and maintaining those glorious wide-eyes.

Chloe then lies on her stomach so she can take all Unk has to offer, exhaling as she whimpers in this position for about five minutes until she turns around to ride him reverse cowgirl. Chloe grinds her ass as we, and Unk, for that matter, get a face-full of her booty delicately riding his penis. She frequently looks back, her mouth agape and her eyes piercing ours with her dreamy, somewhat ethereal gaze. This eventually moves into Unk fucking her as her head slowly falls to the ground, giving a more congested and cramped definition to the "face down, ass up" style of sex, but she's quickly lifted up and rewarded with a few more positions that make good use of the large backseat.

A patient viewer of this over thirty minute-long scene sees an excellent cumshot all over Chloe's face as she smiles, rubbing her tiny breasts, relaxing with a few whimpers that slowly fade into blissful silence. 3.5/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

I always think of in-car sex scenes and exhibitionist pornography as "rainy day" porn for myself; a fix for those days where nothing else seems satisfying to watch and my experimentation levels are high, but not that high. Backseat Banging Vol. 2, despite the known professionalism and reputable qualities of MOFOs, still falls victim to the cinematographic shortcomings and guerilla-style videography of the genre, but it excels overwhelmingly in two ways - in starlet charisma and in foreplay.

Yes, Gia Paige, Uma Jolie, and Chloe Couture are stunning young women and hopefully have a long, prosperous, and most importantly safe career as porn stars, but what makes them come to life is the free-range they are given by the respective writer and director of their scenes. This goes for all the starlets here, but Gia, Uma, and Chloe in particular, given the length of their backstory and how tangential the writers are willing to allow their respective characters' stories to be. The result is a very respectful, almost humanistic quality that you don't see in porn every day.

The sex is effectively arousing and every scene has a special, favorable moment, making Backseat Banging Vol. 2 a worthy, if imperfect, reiteration of a concept that requires dedication and patience to make work.

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