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Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/22/17

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 30 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Star Showcase; Anal; Double Penetration; Feature;

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

2 Disc Set

Director: Greg Lansky


Lana Rhoades as Lana

Penny Pax as Kate

Adriana Chechik as Wealthy Wife

Jean Val Jean as Pierre

Mick Blue as Mr. Kaiser

Manuel Ferrera as Mr. Roman

John Johnson as Donnel

Casey Calvert as Donnel’s Assistant

Trey Reel as Wealthy Husband


Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap;


Lana is s 2-disc star showcase featuring Lana Rhoades and this is a flick I’m rating an XCritic Pick. The Xcritic Pick is something I reserve for high-quality porn with a compelling story, hot sex, top shelf production, sound, lighting, backdrops, costumes, the works! Multi-award winning director Greg Lansky has woven all of these things together in this sensational story behind Lana’s secret sex life. The production style in this flick reads like a box office movie and Lansky sticks to a storyline that reveals Lana’s passion for a variety of sexual experiences. Lana’s secret world of transactional sex collides with her professional life and everything is at stake. It’s all or nothing and she doesn’t know which way things are going to turn. We experience all the twists and turns as Lana experiences them while enjoying watching her turn up the volume on her sexual escapades, inviting more and more cocks inside her pussy and ass hole to feed a growing desire for a stress-free life.

Scene 1:  Lana Rhoades and Jean Val Jean

Lana moved from Chicago to L.A. with one thing in mind: to graduate law school. She only has one year left before graduation. But with all the work preparing for her finals and her unpaid internship, her financial situation became  very challenging. She had no time for herself and it was hard to get by. Lana is no quitter. She is determined to succeed. Her internship at the law firm is the best way to get a job after graduation, but she has to work very hard to edge out the other interns. The whole place is so competitive. She gets a roommate, Penny, to help out with the bills but things are still tough. Lana knows that Penny’s parents don’t have a lot of money but Penny always seems to have lots of money and is also going on shopping sprees. One day, Lana tells Penny that she won’t be able to cover her half of the rent this month and she needs help. Penny offers to pay her half and tells Lana to pay her back whenever she can. This leads Lana to ask Penny just how she’s getting by. Where is all the money coming from? Penny lets Lana in on a deep, dark secret. Penny is involved in a number of transactional relationships. The guys pay her at least $3,000 for dates and the fun thing is the sex. Lana can’t believe the amount of money. Penny offers to introduce her to some of her regulars. Lana hesitates at first but says she’s open to it. She’s tired of stressing about money. It’s a deal.  Penny gets to work right away and she has a guy lined up to meet Lana. He’s young, rich, European and he pays a lot of money. He’s also super kinky with an anal fetish. Lana is open to experiencing something new and getting paid for it.

She meets Jean at his house. He pours her a glass of champagne and tells her there’s something in the bathroom for her. It’s an envelope full of money. There’s also sexy lingerie waiting for her. Lana is turned on by the whole thing and she’s ready to put her money woes behind her. She puts on the lingerie and walks back into the room where Jean is waiting for her. He hugs her and tells her, “you’re mine now.” Lana has begun her journey of sexual freedom. The 2 kiss while he strips her out of her clothes and fingers her pussy. She jerks his cock and is soon sucking it along with his balls. She eats his ass too, stuffing her tongue deep in his hole then she gets on her hands and knees for a throat banging. He feeds her mouth, making her drool then he tongues her ass hole, spreading it wide and making it gape. He tells her he wants her ass hole. But first, he fucks her pussy missionary style followed by the push-up. His nonstop drilling makes Lana cum. With that body slamming intro, Jean tells her he wants to fuck her ass hole now. Lana is open to doing whatever it takes. She stays on her back, opens her legs wide and spreads her ass cheeks open. Jean kneels at the edge of the bed and sticks his dick deep inside her ass hole. She wants him to go slow at first and he gives it to her that way, slowly massaging her rectum and spreading her ass hole with his cock. The thrusting gets faster and deeper and the feeling of it has Lana closing her eyes in ecstasy. She tells him to use her ass hole. She lies on her side for more anal drilling from Jean then sucks his dick in a sloppy ass to mouth. With her ass hole opened up, she decides to sit on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and watch it pump in and out of her tight sphincter. It all feels so good to her. More ass to mouth leads into deep penetrating doggy up the ass and her tight ass hole makes Jean cum. He pulls out, turns her over on her back and shoots off in her wide-open mouth. She sucks his cock then swallows his cum, showing him her empty mouth. Jean tells her she did a very good job and he can’t wait to fuck her ass again.

Scene 2:  Lana Rhoades, Penny Pax, and Manuel Ferrera

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Lana couldn’t believe how easy it was to make the kind of money she made with Jean. She made more money letting him fuck her up her ass than she has made working for months. She is hooked on it now and wants more of it. Back at the office, she feels so good about not being stressed about money. It’s making her feel more powerful and in control of her life. For the first time, Lana feels good about her job. It’s been a few weeks now and Lana wants to feel that rush again, the rush of the money, the control, and the sex. After a few more transactional dates, Penny suggests Lana set up a webpage so guys can contact her directly. This is going to get Lana more clients. The next day at work. Penny texts her saying that she has a big client at 5 o’clock today and he wants 2 girls. Lana is nervous about it because she has never been with another girl before, but she trusts Penny and decides to show up for the job.

Lana meets Penny at Manuel’s house and realizes that Penny and Manuel have already started the fun. Penny parades Lana over to Manuel and he is excited about seeing her. He kisses her and fingers her pussy while Penny watches. It feels so good to her, she tells him not to stop playing with her clit. Lana and Penny have never been together before and they’re both turned on by the idea of playing with each other. Penny bends over doggy style on the bed and Lana eats her fat pussy from behind while Manuel watches the girl on girl play. Penny’s pussy tastes so good to Lana and so does her ass hole. Lana uses her tongue to explore every crevice between Penny’s legs, making her toes curl. Manuel adds his cock to the fun, making for a threesome. Penny sucks his big dick first then Lana joins her. They both bend over doggy style near the edge of the bed and enjoy getting their throats fucked by Manuel’s huge prick. He takes his dick from one girl’s mouth to the next and thrusts it to the back of their throats. Once he lies on the bed, the girls share in sucking his cock, balls, and ass then Lana titty fucks his dick.

She is the first to host his cock in her pussy, riding it cowgirl style while Penny sits on Manuel’s face. With his cock fully covered in her pussy juices, she climbs off and both girls suck the juices off his cock. Lana wants more anal and she gets it in spoon position with Manuel stuffing his monster meat hard and deep in her tight ass hole. He strums her clit and continues fucking her rectum. She moves into reverse cowgirl and the penetration is just as deep. As soon as she climbs off his cock, Penny grabs it and sucks it in hot ass to mouth action, tasting Lana’s ass off it then she gets spoon fucked up her ass while Lana sticks her tongue deep in Manuel’s ass hole. Penny takes it up the ass in reverse cowgirl position and the girls share his pole in ass to mouth cock sucking. Lana is back on her hands and knees again with Manuel’s prick wedged deep in her ass hole, plugging it doggy style. Penny follows suit, getting her anal cavity searched by a big, hard pole. Manuel fucks her ass until he’s ready to pop and he pulls out and shoots off in Lana’s wide open mouth. He plasters her tongue with cum and she swallows it all then eats it off of Penny’s ass cheeks. She swaps the rest of his cum with Penny. With a hot threesome and a girl-on-girl behind her, she reminisces about how much fun she had. She wants more transactional relationships.

Scene 3: Lana Rhoades and Adriana Chechik  

After her threesome experience with Penny and Manuel, Lana is in too deep. She has been booking clients and enjoying the sex. Her next client is a married couple and they are waiting for her to get dressed in her sexy lingerie. While she’s doing that, the husband walks in and hands her an envelope full of money. Lana’s eyes light up as she tells him he’s very generous. The husband tells her that his wife has a fantasy of having anal sex with a beautiful woman and she’s waiting downstairs for her. Lana walks boldly into her new experience to find Adriana in her lingerie waiting to explore her body. Adriana’s husband sits and watches the 2 women get acquainted. This was all part of Adriana and her husband’s plan. Lana and Adriana continue to kiss passionately and run their hands all over each other’s bodies. The chemistry between these 2 heats up the screen.

In no time, Lana is lying on her back and Adriana is running her tongue all over Lana’s body. She sucks and licks her nipples, biting them in short bursts that send shivers down Lana’s body. Adriana kisses Lana’s stomach then swaps spit with her while she grinds her body on top of Lana’s. Adriana has finally reached her prize; it’s Lana’s soft, pink pussy. She spreads Lana’s legs open and runs circles around her pussy with her tongue. She sucks on Lana’s clit, sending her body into convulsions. Lana tells her to slather her tongue all over that pussy and Adriana is happy to do whatever it takes to make Lana happy. She stabs Lana’s cunt with her tongue, making Lana cum then tells her it’s time to play with her ass. Lana gets in doggy position and Adriana spends some time admiring Lana’s tight, pink ass hole. She tongues her hole, licking all around it then sticking her tongue in it. The hot fireplace behind these 2 starlets isn’t the only thing burning in this scene. Adriana stuffs Lana’s hole with her 2 fingers while Lana fingers her clit. The sensation makes her cum. Adriana calls it butt cum and she licks it off her fingers. Lana plays dominatrix next, ripping everything off of Adriana, spreading her legs open and licking her ass hole and pussy. Lana spits on Adriana’s ass hole then tongue fucks it and sticks her fingers in it. She opens her ass hole wider and wider and soon is fucking her with 3 fingers. Adriana has totally submitted to Lana’s advances. Adriana gets back in the driver’s seat, stuffing Lana’s ass hole with her fingers and fucking her. Lana cums again and it makes Adriana happy. She loves to see Lana’s pretty face when she’s cumming.

Scene 4:  Lana Rhoades and John Johnson

Lana is racking up a lot of sexual experiences and a lot of money too but with everything going on at work and in school, things are getting stressful for her again. She shares her frustration with Penny who tells her to relax and charge her clients more money and be more selective. She takes Penny’s advice. She figures out how to manage her work and school life with her secret life. Her next client is a big celebrity who she has been wanting to meet for a long time. John is a very popular guy and before he meets any girl, he has his secretary make her sign a non-disclosure agreement. Lana understands the drill and finally gets her time alone with him at his place. They start kissing on the couch and she rubs his cock in his pants, telling him it’s big. He leads her to the bedroom where another one of Lana’s transactional relationships begins. She asks him if he wants her to suck his big fat cock. That’s when she kneels, grabs hold of his balls and sucks his dick. He likes the way she’s hugging his cock with her lips. He tells her to do it nice and sloppy. Lana spits all over his prick and tells him to fuck her mouth. He beats her tongue with his cock first then guides it over her tongue and to the back of her throat, making Lana drool. He instructs her to suck it and stroke it. She’s a good girl at following orders, especially when there’s a big, hard cock in her mouth.

The throat fucking continues until he pulls her panties off and sees a diamond butt plug wedged deep in her ass hole. He spreads her cheeks open and licks her pussy, making her moan. She rides his cock cowgirl style with the butt plug in then she pulls the plug out and sucks it like a lollipop. John fucks her pussy then turns her over into missionary position to fuck her ass hole. The anal drilling picks up with Lana lying on her side and telling him she likes the way his dick feels in her ass hole. John goes balls deep in her ass then Lana tastes her ass off his cock, sucking him in ass to mouth action before she sits on it in reverse cowgirl position. Her ass hole is the primary target for John’s cock missile and he’s hitting a bullseye. He pulls out and cums on her tits and tongue.

Scene 5: Lana Rhoades, Mick Blue, and Jean Val Jean

It’s been a year since Lana has been doing her transactional relationships. So much has changed in her life. She finished law school and her internship is riding high with a successful settlement at the firm. One day at work, she gets a text from Jean, her first client who started the whole thing for her. He tells her he’s in town and wonders if she is open to having sex with 2 guys. She is so excited about the idea because she has never been with 2 guys before. She leaves work and meets Jean at his house. The 2 of them drink champagne and she wonders where the second guy is. Jean tells her he’s in the bathroom and will be right out. To Lana’s surprise, her boss, Mick, from the law firm walks out of the bathroom. He’s the second guy Jean has been talking about. Their eyes meet in disbelief. Jean asks them if they’ve met before. After a long pause, Mick says no. They’ve never met before. Lana has one more parting glance at Mick then she goes to the bathroom to get dressed in seductive lingerie. When she comes out of the bathroom in her black lingerie, she is a different person. She’s the dirty whore the guys want and she’s greedy for cock.

Lana drops to her knees and starts sucking both cocks. They guys' dicks flank her and she turns from one to the other, sucking them and drooling. She’s spitting up so much that the drool from Mick’s dick is hanging off Jean’s. She looks up at them and tells them she wants them to take turns fucking her little slut mouth. Mick is the first to take her up on her offer, thrusting his meat down her throat. Jean goes right in after him, barely giving Lana a chance to breathe. The guys work on her pussy next. Mick eats her missionary and doggy style then keeps her in that position and starts fucking her. Jean fucks her throat, keeping Lana’s holes busy. Mick’s cock is drilling deep inside Lana’s pussy and he’s keeping a steady pace as he slams her tight pussy. After a long round of doggy style fucking, Jean goes straight for Lana’s ass hole. His cock does an anal cavity search in doggy position that makes her moan in pleasure. The camera gets in close on Lana’s anal stretching activity. She sucks Mick’s dick while Jean stretches her ass hole. Mick fucks her ass hole missionary style then Lana turns up the heat on her 2-guy affair when she tells them she wants to feel them both inside her at the same time. Before Lana knows it, she’s in cowgirl position, sitting on Jean’s cock in her pussy and getting fucked in the ass by Mick’s long dick. Her DP is the height of pleasure for her as the guys drill her holes deep. Mick and Jean trade places, keeping the hot DP going. Lana’s DP really gets exhilarating when she gets into reverse cowgirl position and the guys slam her holes hard and fast. This leads to Mick blowing his load on her tongue and Jean doing the same. She looks up at both guys, jerking their cocks.

After the sex is over, Lana starts to have a breakdown. She can’t stop thinking about what just happened. She can’t believe that she just had sex with her boss and his best friends. She never wanted her worlds to come together like this. Everything was supposed to be anonymous. She decides to go home and just sleep the whole thing off and figure things out in the morning. When she wakes up, she finds out that someone delivered flowers for her. The note is a job offer from her boss. She’s being offered the position of junior associate at the law firm. Lana is elated. Her 2 worlds have collided and it’s led to the best possible outcome she could imagine.

Final Thoughts:

Kudos to Lana Rhoades and multi-award winning director Greg Lansky for a spectacular star showcase in the flick Lana. This 2-disc set is one to get your hands on. Sit back, relax and get turned on as you watch Lana’s burning desire for sex increase with each session she has. I’m giving this flick a rating of XCritic Pick for the compelling story, hot sex, top shelf production, sound, lighting, backdrops, costumes, the works! It all begins when hard working Lana, who is in law school and interning at a successful firm for no pay, can’t make her rent payment. Her roommate introduces her to the world of transactional sex, going out with guys for money. Her first experience is with Jean Val Jean who pays her well and fucks her virgin ass hole. Her next transaction lets her explore her lesbian side when she eats her roommate, Penny Pax’s, pussy and ass hole while taking Manuel Ferrera’s cock deep inside her. Things pick up and the money gets even better when she fucks Adriana Chechik while her husband watches in steamy girl-on-girl action. By the time she meets John Johnson, Lana has refined her process, limiting the number of clients and fucking only the guys that can pay top dollar. He’s a well-known celebrity and the money he pays her is more than before. In the final scene, her first transactional sex partner, Jean, invites her over to have sex with him and another guy. She can’t wait to experience it because she has never had sex with 2 guys before. When she gets to his house, much to her surprise, the second guy is her boss, Mick Blue, from the law firm. In that moment, Lana’s world comes crumbling down. She just knows her career is over. The two stare at each other, causing Jean to ask them if they’ve met before. Her boss looks then says no. He pretends he doesn’t know her then joins Jean in pounding her pussy and ass hole in a sizzling round of double penetration. Lana loved the sex but leaves the house a wreck and afraid that her worlds have collided to her demise. The next day, Mick sends her flowers and offers her a permanent job at the firm. That validation makes Lana feel like maintaining her secret life has been worth it all along.


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