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Don't Tell Hubby

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 3/27/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Vignettes


Cast: Abella Danger, August Ames, AJ Applegate, Spencer Scott, Alexis Faux, Jaclyn Taylor

Director: Stills By Alan

Length: 2 hours 26 Minutes

Release Date: Feb. 14, 2017

Extras: Two trailers and a Behind The Scenes doc with interviews with all of the performers


Overview: Here's another fine collection of scenes from The Girlsway Network, all directed by the wonderfully talented eye of Stills By Alan. All of the scenes deal with infidelity, with the cheating wives, girlfriends and fiancées having sex with other women.


Scene One: “Don't Tell Hubby Pt. One” starring Abella Danger and August Ames


Abella Danger is a lesbian. Not only that but she's having sex with her step sister August Ames. Her father sees some of the love letters she's been sending on her computer while still unaware that they're directed to his step daughter. As a way to try to “fix” Abella and raise her as a nice Jewish girl, he arranges a marriage with her and one of his associates at work. Distraught, she contacts August and tells her what her father is planning. August tells her she will come to the wedding to comfort her. When August arrives her father tells her about what he found on her computer. August gives a great comedic performance here acting all shocked and dismayed that her sister might actually be a lesbian! (“I am BEYOND shocked!”)


She tells him she will try to talk some sense into her (wink, wink). When August leaves the room she and Abella run to Abella's room and immediately start making out on her bed. August pulls her top down and Abella starts nuzzling her tits before a knock at the door (these interruptions happen a lot on this disc). It's their father looking for August. Abella tells him she hasn't seen her and he goes to look for her. Once back on the bed Abella starts feeling August up while she takes Abella's top off. They fondle each other for a little bit before before Abella takes August's shorts off and eats her pussy. August Ames shows why she's one of the best in the business today as she bucks and convulses having the first of many extraordinary orgasms in Abella's mouth. After making her cum it's Abella's turn and August goes down on her hairy pussy.


1-2In contrast to August who raises the roof when she cums, Abella has a sweet gentle intensity with her orgasm, not nearly as raucous but still very sexy. August then sits on Abella's face and rides it until she cums again, looking like she's about to knock one of Abella's teeth out with her bucking hips. Abella then sits on August's face, and Alan has a wonderful shot of August's spread eagle open pussy as she munches on Abella's box until she cums again. They then start tribbing, bumping their pussies together and creating enough electricity to power a building. After they cum on each other, Abella cradles August in her arms and rubs her rubs her furiously rubs her pussy. The intensity of August's orgasm and her cries of how she's cumming is enough to send anyone through the roof. Incredible.


Abella then gets on all fours and August rubs her pussy while eating her ass. After making her cum August lays down and Abella fingerbangs her, driving August crazy with her orgasms. They then bump pussies again, making each other cum one more time before their father knocks on the door again. He's there with Abella's soon to be husband and August wipes Abella's pussy juice off her mouth as they are introduced to each other.


Scene Two: “In Plain Sight Pt. One” starring AJ Applegate and Spencer Scott


This scene has a lot of buildup before the action. But stick with it because it's worth it. AJ Applegate plays a bored L.A. housewife who's husband does nothing but develop video games all day, completely ignoring her. After getting a raincheck from her husband, AGAIN, she starts masturbating for a few seconds before calling her booty call Spencer Scott, the wife of her husband's best friend. Once they show up, the dudes immediately start talking shop leaving he wives on the couch staring at each other, waiting for them to leave the room. Once they do the girls AJ jumps on Spencer and they start making out. It doesn't last long before the guys come back to start talking video games again. AJ tells her husband she's taking Spencer to show her their new TV. Cut to later where we see AJ and Spencer coming back into the room pulling their pants up while the guys are still playing video games. AJ asks her husband if she could borrow his credit card so she and Spencer could go shopping. After refusing he and his bud leave the room again. Finally after a fifteen minute buildup the action begins with AJ sucking on Spencer's big boobs. After some playful making out AJ pulls down Spencer's shorts and starts playing with her pussy from behind. After AJ licks Spencer's asshole while rubbing her pussy until she cums, she gets fully undressed and starts eating Spencer out.

1-2 After making her cum AJ then sits on her face while Spencer gets herself off by rubbing her own pussy. As AJ cums on Spencer's tongue they here the guys coming back and they run and hide behind the couch until they leave. Once they're gone they are back at it, rubbing each others pussy getting each other off. When they do they bump pussies for a little while before they go into a 69. Spencer fingerbangs AJ until she cums. Then just as Spencer is about to cum on AJ's face the two bros come back in sending AJ and Spencer scrambling back behind the couch. Spencer is NOT going to lose this orgasm and fingers herself behind the couch with AJ's hand over her mouth, the two guys completely unaware of what's going on behind them. After the guys leave again AJ and Spencer decide to take it upstairs before they come back again. End of part one. To be continued.


Scene Three: “Three's Cumpany” starring Alexis Faux and Jaclyn Taylor


This is a nice short and sweet scene that is very well acted by the always terrific Alexis Faux and Jaclyn Taylor. Jaclyn and Alexis are best friends and roommates, one gay, one straight, respectively.  The thing is Alexis holds secret feelings for Jaclyn. So when Jaclyn tells Alexis about this cute girl she met at the gym, Alexis becomes jealous. She criticizes the girl telling Jaclyn about how young she is, much to Jaclyn's chagrin. When Jaclyn finally has the girl over and starts making out in front of Alexis, Alexis blows up and throws the girl out. In a fit of anger Jaclyn runs to her bedroom with Alexis behind her. They argue, fight and wrestle on the bed when Alexis finally confesses her feelings to her, that she's been secretly in love with Jaclyn right in front of her. Jaclyn said she never knew and Alexis confesses that she's the only girl she's ever been in love with. After saying this Alexis plants a kiss on Jaclyn and they start making out. Jaclyn pulls Alexis' shirt off showing her always spectacular tits and starts nuzzling them before removing her pants to eat her pussy. Alexis can't believe this is finally happening as Jaclyn munches and sucks on her pussy and clit sending Alexis to the moon and back.


After making Alexis cum it's Jaclyn's turn and she instructs Alexis the proper way to eat a pussy. Alexis catches on quick as she goes down on Jaclyn, burying her mouth in her cunt making Jaclyn cum with pleasure.


Alexis then sits on Jaclyn's face and bucks her hips as she cums on Jaclyn's eager tongue. They then switch, Jaclyn sitting on Alexis' ace this time, rubbing Alexis pussy simultaneously as she orgasms on Alexis' face. Jaclyn then shows Alexis another position, tribbing. She straddles Alexis' pussy and they both bump together until they both cum at the same time. I loved this scene. It's so sweet and romantic with stellar performances from both actresses. I couldn't expect anything less from Alexis Faux, who simply can not turn in a bad performance. And Jaclyn Taylor is terrific as well as the beautiful mature lesbian girlfriend. Just another terrific scene from the great folks at Girlsway.


Scene Four: “In Plain Sight Pt. Two” starring AJ Applegate and Spencer Scott


When we last left AJ and Spencer they were running upstairs to fuck as their husbands spend their quality time playing video games. Unlike the part one this scene wastes no time getting right into the action. As soon as the scene fades in they are on the bed and AJ is furiously rubbing Spencer's pussy. Spencer then climbs onto AJ's face and rides it to Chicago, bucking and grinding on AJ's mouth until she explodes on it.


They then start bumping pussies, and in a terrifically shot angle by Stills By Alan we can actually see AJ's pussy as it bumps and bangs onto Spencer's. They then flip over and AJ chokes Spencer as she tribs on her pussy, making them both cum together. They then go into a 69 with AJ on top. She grinds her pussy onto Spencer's face while simultaneously rubbing Spencer's pussy. Spencer then lays on her back so AJ and munch on her box. AJ fingerbangs Spencer while Spencer furiously rubs her clit until she explodes on AJ's hand. And that's it, end scene. This is simply an addendum to the first part, scene two. And if you put them both together you have one incredibly hot and energetic scene with amazing performances from AJ and Spencer.


Scene Five: “Don't Tell Hubby Pt. Two” starring Abella Danger and August Ames


It's the next morning and everyone is gathered downstairs for the wedding rehearsal. August is sitting directly behind Abella and can't keep her hand off of her ass as she's standing there, Abella swatting her hand away. There's some genuine humor here as Abella's dad (who by the way is played by Stills By Alan, though you never see his face) conducts the rehearsal between a Jew and a gentile. When gets to the “you may now kiss the bride part” August jumps up and tells them it's bad luck to kiss the bride, or even see the bride, before the wedding. So she grabs Abella and they run to her room. Abella's wedding dress is lying on the bed and August says she'd like to see her in it. She strips down and puts it on and August playfully tells her she looks sexy in it. They start making out and Abella starts undressing August. She starts with her shoes, licking and sucking August's feet, and then her skirt and top. Abella then starts licking August's pussy and fingerbangs her until she cums. Abella then hikes her wedding dress up and August goes down on her.


5-1She licks and sucks on Abella's little tuft of hair and pussy before completely burying her mouth in her cunt, driving Abella crazy. August then fingerbangs Abella until she cums on her hand and making Abella lick her juices off her fingers. She takes the dress off and gets on all fours for August to eat her ass out. Abella then lays down so August can ride her face, and just like the first scene, there's a great shot of Abella's spread open pussy as August cums on her face. August then gets into a pile driver position and Abella licks her asshole and rubs her pussy to the cries of August saying how she can't handle how good this feels. Abella then sits on August's mouth and smothers her with her pussy, sending wave after wave of pleasure as she cums in her mouth.


They then start bumping pussies, but before they can orgasm Abella's fiancée knocks on the door saying he's ready to go. August yells about how it's bad luck to see the bride and such, and Abella yells she'll see him tomorrow at the wedding. When he leaves it's back to fucking as they trib on each other, giving each other terrific orgasms. In another great shot August straddles Abella's pussy and grinds on it sending them both over the top. August then sits back in Abella's arms and Abella cradles her as she rubs August's pussy. August fingers herself at the same time but before she can have the ultimate orgasm there's another knock at the door. Yep, it's her fiancée crying about wanting to go home again. Abella screams that she'll see him tomorrow at the wedding. When he leaves again August says she's one one more orgasm left and man it's a doozy as both Abella and August rub it out. So what happens next? Do Abella marry the guy? No spoilers.


Final Thoughts: This is another great release I've come to expect from Girlsway. They are definitely leading the way when it comes to quality. This particular release is marked by stellar performances. Scene three with Alexis Faux and Jaclyn Taylor is the standout for me. That's is simply a terrific scene of newly discovered and unrequited love. And my gosh, August Ames is the true personification of a porn star, giving a great performance in both acting and sex. All around I thoroughly enjoyed this title and I highly Highly Recommend it. Yep, these guys are on a roll.


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