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Women Seeking Women 137

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 4/7/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

I think that once you have indulged in one particular series you can anticipate what is coming next. Right? Well, I truly had that thought coming into screening Women Seeking Women 137. This would be my first venture getting to see the work of Reagan Foxx and Holly Hendrix. Two women who are taking the industry by storm with more than just their bare assets. These women are a new breed of performer. Reagan has been said to have such a grasp of what it is that a woman must do to drive her fans wild on camera, while Holly is simply the mix of the new age style tattooed beauty that is becoming a thing to recon with in the adult industry for many roles. This film has also been hyped to feature a very deep story, with lots of acting and a type of seduction that brings fans to their knees, begging for more. Needless to say, this film I had been looking forward to for months.

 Lena Paul and Eliza Jane

Release Date: January 6th, 2017

Approximate Run Time:  2 Hours, 54 Minutes

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Storyline, Girl Next Door, MILF, Teen

 Reagan Foxx and Lily JordanScene 1: Reagan Foxx and Lily Jordan

Run Time: 52 Minutes

The Set-Up:

The acting in this film and the intoxicating story are what hook you in the first five minutes. Reagan is a high school principal, Holly Hendrix is the sultry, trouble making daughter and Lily Jordan is the book worm school girl who will soon become more than just the teacher’s pet. Holly and Reagan are wonderful to set the story in motion. Lily, she simply wowed me with her portrayal of her character. She is shy, she is sweet, she is everything that you remember about the high school nerd back in the day that was simply sexy as can be but never knew it. Reagan is a tad furious to get back at her daughter after she decides to take a trip to Washington for a little fornication. Reagan then brings in her favorite student, in an effort to seduce her in the most slow, delicious and cunning way. These two make your thoughts of fantasy swirl, as they play the parts of older, experienced woman showing her younger crush how to get things nasty and playful in minutes. Reagan is so good at making the audience drool with just the way she slips Lily out of her school clothes and into a cute cheer leading outfit. As a fan of either lady, your focus will never leave the directors story. The women do such a terrific job of making things interesting and seductive. Reagan Foxx simply shows me that she can tackle any character with how good she is in this one scene. I will tell you this fans, once you have finished this scene, if you were not a Reagan Foxx fan, you will be one after.

 Reagan Foxx and Lily Jordan

The Sex:

The clothes come off slowly and the kisses are short, then deep but the sex is not simple or soft by any means. These two have a spark that ignites every position into fireworks beyond belief. When you see Reagan chowing down with authority on Lily’s pussy at the end of the scene, it has just as much heat as when the action is in the middle of the scene. This is one of the sexiest lesbian scenes I have ever seen Girlfriends Films create. The action moves from slow to fast, to deep and passionate, back to cozy and romantic. Reagan guides Lily just as you would picture a school girl fantasy to truly be acted out. The shots of Reagan getting Lily naked and then teaching her how to lick pussy are what this industry is all about when it is done this well. Reagan knows how to make the camera and boom mic her ally. The dirty talk is wonderful and Lily adding in a touch of not knowing what she is doing, only to become a quick learner when she is making Reagan cum, blew me out of my chair upon viewing. The lighting is excellent in the scene. You are not missing one segment of the action. The camera angles shift to give you some views that Girlfriends has not done in a while. I really liked that. It takes you to a place you are not use to in a good way, especially if you are a fan of this series and have seen many chapters of its excellence. I can smell an awards nomination with this wonderful piece of cinema. I truly can. When you combine the older woman and the seduced young filly, you get a combination that will have the viewer anticipating watching repeatedly, having the lady’s voices and actions become a part of your day dream fantasies after viewing. That is how good this scene is. This is how you open up a film ladies and gentleman and if these two hard bodies are not enough, chapter two is sure to get your juices flowing.

 Reagan Foxx and Lily Jordan

Scene 2: Holly Hendrix and Kristina Rose

Run Time: 40 Minutes

The Set-Up:

Holly Hendrix and Kristina Rose

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Dan and company take us into the back seat of a limo as Holly and her partner in crime decide to get down to the nitty gritty and paint the town red in Washington. Holly is a vision. Everything from her make-up to her nails are something right out of heaven in the best of ways. She has this look that you simply cannot deviate from. Kristina Rose plays the best friend part well. You truly get a sense that these two are friends and that they love the sultry side of things with their dialogue. The scenario of this scene is cute and well-acted. As both girls return home to find out that Holly’s Mom has been engaging in a little fornication with her students, they hatch a plan for revenge. Both gals really play the friend role well, it leads the scene into the sex portion of things in the best of ways. As the girls are able to subdue their enemies, Holly feels a little lost after having Reagan play her in order to get it on with Lily Jordan. Kristina is the shoulder to cry on and as the ladies continue a marvelous scene of acting, with the attire that Kristina has on, you feel this underlying buzz that something is going to sting you like cupid’s arrow and you are downright going to fall for these girls once things start to get all wet and slippery. The choice of outfits for both ladies is simply spot on. The kissing begins by having Holly lying back on the couch and Kristina having her back arched, showing of one of the most gorgeous booties in the business. This scene just reeks with sexuality and passion. These girls know how to bring the audience slowly into a scene. They know how to capture the viewers mind and give it that mental stimulation before the sex even begins.

 Holly Hendrix and Kristina Rose

The Sex:

Holly Hendrix stepped onto the scene in this business having a look that was a combination of all things great in the adult industry. This woman’s passion for sex and her love for her fans shows so much. You see this woman look into Kristina’s eyes and you simply know this scene is going to rock your world. Kristina Rose is no slouch either by any means.

Holly Hendrix and Kristina Rose

These two glide into each other’s arms and each sexual position. The editing is spot on aside from a small blip where the director is heard doing his thing and giving direction but the women simply get hotter and hotter for each other that afterword, you will forget it even occurred. Holly’s tattooed body is something that is petite and gorgeous in all the right ways. She has that delicious looking kitty, the one that all guys and gals fantasize to see when they dream of a one night stand with the models that are on the posters on their wall as a kid. The dirty talk is wonderful and I do mean wonderful, it puts your mind even higher up in the cloud as the fantasy plays along on screen in front of you. The director really puts these women into positions that will blow your mind. One of the most entrancing shots is watching Holly start to lick Kristina’s pussy, with her perfect derriere in full view of the camera, showing off one of the most gorgeous assholes I have ever seen in this business. I see exactly why they put the angle in multiple times throughout the scene. Kristina is the perfect counterpart for Holly. She simply matches her sex drive and then slows things down to guide Holly to pleasure her when the girls switch things up. The positions that they put Kristina into are gorgeous, eye candy for the mind. When it is Holly’s turn to “taste” her, she unwinds in this very sultry manor. When she lies on her back and Holly starts licking with authority the sex in the air will simply pass through the screen and be picked up by the viewer almost instantly. This is one of the hottest scenes of 2017 and one of my early picks as girl/girl scene of the year. This scene has it all, great chemistry, the lighting and multiple angles bring you into the fantasy like a fly on the wall. If you have never seen a Holly Hendrix film this one will show you exactly why this gal could become one of the biggest stars ever, especially in an industry that for the first time, has doors and opportunities open that have never been.

 Holly Hendrix and Kristina Rose

Scene 3: Eliza Jane and Lena Paul

Run Time: 49 Minutes

The Set-Up:

 Lena Paul and Eliza JaneAs if those first two scenes were not enough to shoot you into outer space, the final two will simply be an icing on the cake very rarely tasted these days in the adult industry. The final four girls of the film enter the picture after the fallout of Reagan and Lily at school. We find out that the girls are getting ready to whip something up for a bake sale that will get them a ticket to see the commander and chief. I love how Dan and company spun politics into this film. These four sultry vixens, Eliza Jean, Lena Paul, Chloe Couture and Haley Reed simply bring a new flavor to the movie. Lena stood out the most to me in her short shorts and dazzling smile. The girls are perfectly cast as a cheerleading group that are simply having fun and gossiping together in the kitchen after school. The acting is great and I loved the fact that these women sell the introduction to the fantasy so well. Each gal speaks great lines of dialogue without error, while looking as sexy as can be. As the plot thickens, we find that Chloe thinks a little addition to recipe will take their cookies to the next level of sales. A little “mary jane” can go a long way and as the girls let their little “green” cookies bake, the fans are treated to some wonderful visuals as Lena gets into her cheerleading outfit. The buildup is great and keeps you entertained as well. When we find the girls back together, we see that they have sampled their cookie concoctions and are zoning out and having fun while being stoned. The graphics, the sound effects, they are great. It leads to all the girls getting a bit too wasted and as all four are crashed out on the bed, Lena gets horny and gets the other two girls to leave the room as she prepares to seduce Eliza. The buildup is just delicious and it will have you at full attention in seconds as the girls stroke each other’s arms and kiss each other’s lips. I really loved how the director got these girls to slowly progress into a wonderful sex scene. Once you see the tops come off, you are in for a treat dear reader.


The Sex:

Lena Paul and Eliza Jane

Lena’s body s out of the world. Her breasts are phenomenal and from second one of this scene, you are hankering to see that top come off. When you see Eliza lick her nipples and then watch her slide her short shorts off revealing this amazing pair of black panties, you will be panting like a hound dog in the summer heat. The camera angles are superb as you see such great POV shots like Lena licking Eliza’s pussy with her gorgeous ass in the air on full display. The face sitting is wonderful and each girl takes a turn doing show, an angle not used that often in girl/girl cinema and something beyond sexy in this film. Lena Paul is something special.

Lena Paul and Eliza Jane

This the first time I have seen her work and I must say, this woman is a goddess of seduction already. She flows with the director’s vision and when you see a side shot of her, you see these amazing breasts and these wonderful curvatures that simply make a person go gaga. She has that perfect smile and uses her sexuality to the point where even if there was no dirty talk in this scene, it would still be appealing as hell. I like that the director kept the angles going from a distance. When you have two girls that are into each other this much, you simply don’t need the up-close pussy shots. So, if distance is your cup of tea, this scene is yours to bask in. The use of both cameras is amazing in this scene. The transition to both is flawless and it makes for the viewer to stay in dreamland that much longer. As with any adult film, the true test of it’s worth is the sex and these women deliver the goods. Eliza will drive you mad with lust as you see her watch Lena lick her pussy. Her moans of passion are just something that tops off this scene with a massive cherry. This scene just simply does what it should, it keeps the viewer in race car mode and I commend the director for placing these two right after Holly and Kristina. There is no drop off to the fun, no drop off the acting and no drop off to the sex and kink. When the scene ends abruptly, you will simply just be sitting there saying, “holy shit!” That I guarantee.


Scene 4: Chloe Couture and Haley Reed

Run Time: 33 Minutes

The Set-Up:

 Haley Reed and Chloe CoutureThe set-up for this grand final is done all in the beginning of chapter three. We catch up with the girls who left the room to give Eliza and Lena some private time. The moment that they get into the next room, they are looking to tear each other’s clothes off. Haley has some amazing acting skills. She shows off such an amazing range of character. I truly was caught up in her portrayal of the trouble making teen simply bringing her friends into the scheme of things when it comes to being naughty. Chloe has such a great look that she gives the audience that radiant type of beauty that simply has the fans eyes fixated on her. As you get past the quick intro, you see the girls begin to kiss passionately and the question is, can they end this film in the grand fashion that is deserves?


The Sex:

These two start out the scene with some vibrancy and heat. After about the fifteen minute point the lady’s slow things down and things get a bit mechanical. It seems like they were looking to slow things down a bit with the closing chapter and they may have slowed things down a bit too much.

For instance, Chloe does not start to lick Haley’s gorgeous kitty until about half way through the scene. Not that I am an inpatient reviewer but I think with the pace that the three scenes had before, this one just seems a bit of a shift to a gear that does not keep things flowing. The women are gorgeous.

It is a pairing of two blonds and what red blooded human being does not like that. The bodies on these babes will have you drooling, especially when things are building up and the women are kissing, necking and getting each other’s tops off. The tit sucking is good and I liked the angles at the end when Chloe and Haley get into 69 position followed by a little face sitting. These two young stars show some potential with their quick start to the sex scene.

Haley Reed and Chloe Couture

The sensuality was lacking a bit and there is almost no dirty talk or very aggressive moaning. I think that when you add up the way that the girls sell the scene with their acting and dialogue, paired up with the fact that these two gals are simply specimens of incredible natural beauty, it does not fade out what the entirety of this film is. The kissing is wonderful and being that is what most girl/girl fans love to see, yours truly included, I think that when both women stick their tongues out to lash the others with wet aggression, that there is enough in this scene to warrant a passing grade.

On another high note, these two blond bombshells have two of the most beautiful kitties you will ever see on a porn star. Once again, the director showcases the girl’s goods and when the smoke has cleared. You will find that this scene simply ends one of the best lesbian films to start the new year.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This film was the closest I have come to giving out my first XCritic Pick for a film. The start of the film, the acting, the sex, the talent, it is a glimpse into pure ecstasy. The ladies of this movie showcase what is in store for hopefully years to come in the adult industry. Reagan Foxx makes her presence known and I do see this woman getting more than nominations for MILF of the Year as she continues to master her craft in the adult industry. Holly Hendrix, what can you say about this little bundle of sex and sensuality. She simply does what the fans dream of. Her Psychic sexual hunger that channels her fans passions in her scenes is delicious. I was in awe watching her. It was like watching the legendary Tammi Ann mixed with a little Francesca Le. This woman has the capability to instantly transform you into one of her fans with one scene. That is what she did for me in this film and I damn well guarantee it will do the same thing for you. You just do not see women like Holly Hendrix appear very often in this business. I think as a fan, the way she brings the heat in a girl/girl scene is exactly what turns every person into a lesbian film fan when they see presentation this good. The women in this film have a potential that is on full display for fans. The technical side of things is amazing. You get a chance to see angles the company does not bring all the time. The sound editing and film editing is immaculate in this one. This is a very proud moment for the cast and the company. The big seller on this film and why it is highly recommended, is even when you are done watching, you will have that itch to watch again. Not just Holly’s or Reagan’s scenes either. You get that image burned into your head of something big and small from each scene and every girl. The little things make this movie. Things like Lily Jordan’s amazing character portrayal and seduction, or Lena Paul’s amazing body and it’s curves of desire. This is something that is just makes this movie a must own and even though it fell short of the award of XCritic Pick, it is truly one of the most highly recommended films I will back up fully when I say that this a must own piece of erotica.



"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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