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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 4/6/17

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Genre: Food porn Feature


Cast: Cristi Ann, Jenevieve Hexxx, Mercedes Carrera, Alison Rey, Mia Li, Leya Falcon, Dick Chibbles, Tony De Sergio, Marcus London, Damon Dice

Writer/Director: Kay Brandt

DVD Release Date: Jan. 13, 2017

Length: 4 hrs. 38 min.

Video/Audio: Beautiful anamorphic widescreen shot in HD in DTS 5.1 Surround

Condoms: None

Extras: Behind The Scenes Outtakes, Bonus Scene from The Squirters with Tommy Gunn and Cameron Dee, Trailers, Photo Gallery and Recipes from the show.


Overview: Ok, I'm going to start right off the bat and confess that I'm not a cooking show fan. I probably couldn't distinguish Rachel Ray from Bobby Flay in a lineup. But I do love projects that think outside the box. And when it comes to the porn genre you can't get any better than Kay Brandt's very ambitious and ingenious outing Forked! I can just imagine the pitch Kay gave to Adam & Eve, “I want to make a porn film where the stars cook and fuck each other. It would be like The Cooking Channel meets The Spice Channel.” Blank stares. Thank God they greenlit this one. This is the biggest feather in Kay Brandt's hat when it comes to execution, performance, cinematography via Mike Quasar, and blistering hot sex.


Disc One:


Scene One: Cristi Ann and Jenevieve Hexxx


The main gist of the film is this group of porn stars are invited to participate on Kay Brandt's Forked. One by one they receive these very fancy invitations and they act like they've just won the lottery when they get them. The first three are Dick Chibbles, Cristi Ann and Jenevieve Hexxx. Cristi and Jenevieve are the first to arrive. Once they introduce each other they start making out. There's a lot of foreplay before the action starts. Jenevieve eats Cristi's pussy while she's standing, Cristi licks Jenevieve's and Cristi sits on Jenevieve's face before Dick shows up. Great oral action here. Consider this the appetiser to the delicious sex that is forthcoming.


For the next hour or so it's cooking. This is a very well paced and well shot sequence, complete with overhead shots and closeups of the food just like in a real cooking show. The whole film is non scripted, so the recipes are absolutely real. That's right, these porn stars are actually up here cooking for you. We start with Dick Chibbles who makes a salmon dish. After he's done the hostess, the always remarkable Mercedes Carrera, shows up and scolds them for starting without her. Cristi and Jenevieve then make a burrito chicken bowl using two crock pots. Afterwards we see Tony De Sergio and Marcus London receiving their invites and then Cristi cooks some type of Cuban dish. While she's cooking sweet little Alison Rey and Leya Falcon get their invitations. Cut to later. The kitchen is filled with everyone working on dinner and desert, with Alison making gluten free cupcakes and Cristi making bread pudding. Leya Falcon shows up dressed like Harley Quinn and they all have adebate about the difference between muffins and cupcakes. Cut to the dinner where Jenevieve Hexxx is entertaining everyone with a belly dance. All the while Dick Chibbles is hitting in Alison Rey.


Scene Two: Alison Rey and Dick Chibbles


Dick and Alison decide to break away from the party and go upstairs. Once up there they start making out on the bed before taking their clothes off. Dick squeezes Alison's sweet young titties before laying her on the bed and rubbing her pussy over her underwear. Alison pulls Dick's pants down and sucks his cock, her pretty mouth engulfing his shaft. He puts her back on the bed and licks and fingers her nice tight pussy before sticking his cock in and fucking her missionary. He sucks her toes and she rubs her clit as he drives his cock into her.


He then flips over and she rides his cock. She bucks and grinds on him before she gets on all fours and her fucks her doggy. She backs her ass up to him for a little while before she lays on her side and her spoons her from behind until she cums. She sucks her juices off his cock giving us a terrific shot of her pretty young pussy. They go back into spooning making her cum one more time before they fuck missionary and Dick shoots off Alison's belly. I was a little wary of this pairing. It seemed like and odd combination at first. But once they got together they showed great chemistry. It's a very hot scene with the Xbiz award winning Dick Chibbles and the adorable Alison Rey.


Back in the kitchen it's Marcus London and Tony De Sergio cooking their chicken dish. This is the most professional sequence, looking like it's directly from The Cooking Channel. Marcus and Tony really love cooking and it shows.


Scene Three: Mercedes Carerra, Marcus London and Tony De Sergio


We go to a flashback scene from earlier in the evening when Marcus and Tony first meet Mercedes. Mercedes, arguably one of the best adult stars today, is completely take charge as the hostess of the show. She starts making out with the two of them before they pull her top down and sucking her tits. She pulls her dress off and the men unbuckle their pants for Mercedes to suck their cocks. She alternates between the two giving them equal time in her mouth before Marcus pulls her panties to one side and licks her beautiful spicy pussy. He licks and sucks her pussy while she devours Tony's cock. Marcus then starts fucking her and he simply masters her pussy, slamming it with his cock, driving Mercedes crazy as she jerks Tony's dick.


She then spins around and Tony smacks her pussy with his dick before driving it in. The fucking is furious as Tony slams his cock in her. He then pulls it out and Marcus fingers her to orgasm before Tony sticks it back in and fucks again. She then gets on all fours and Marcus fucks her doggy style from behind as she sucks on Tony's cock. Mercedes ass is perfection as she backs it up to Marcus. After Marcus makes her cum again she jumps Tony's cock and rides it reverse cowgirl, her beautiful pussy bouncing on his shaft as he bucks in and out of her. It doesn't take long before she's cumming again and she grinds on Tony's cock before she jumps on Marcus'. Marcus slams his cock in and out of her like a piston before Mercedes starts bucking up and down on it. She rides and grinds on him giving her multiple orgasms before she hops back on to Tony and rides him regular cowgirl. That beautiful ass of hers is simple gorgeous as it bounces on Tony's cock all the while sucking on Marcus. After she cums one more time she gives them both superlative head until they shoot off on her tits. An amazingly hot scene with three of the best performers today.


It's near the end of disc one and we conclude with Alison showing off her cupcakes, Cristi showing off her desert, and Marcus and Tony's chicken plate. There's a short confessional from everyone rounding out day one.


Disc Two


Disc two seems to be a bit more structured than disc one. While the first disc pretty much had everyone cooking at once, the cooking demonstrations interrupted by people receiving their invites, arriving at the house, etc., disc two has each individual cooking their own dishes, with just some assistance from the others of course. It's day two and the very cute Hawaiian born Mia Li and Damon Dice arrive at the house. This is a great cooking sequence mainly because of Damon's background as a professionally trained chef. Mercedes and Mia assist him in the kitchen as he cooks a delicious looking patty melt. There's a lot of great conversation going on in this scene, all three being so personable and working together as a team. So well in fact that that they start to get turned on by each other, becoming rather touchy feely with each other before going into the next room.


Scene Four: Mercedes Carrera, Mia Li and Damon Dice


This scorching hot scene starts playfully enough with the three of making out on the couch. They disrobe and Mia lays on the couch spread eagle for Mercedes to eat her beautiful pussy. It doesn't take long bore Mia is cumming as Mercedes buries her face into her pretty cunt, licking and sucking on her lips and clit. Mercedes then strips down revealing her flawless body. She moans with beautiful pleasure as Mia rubs her spread open pussy while Damon sucks her gorgeous tits. Damon and Mia both start finger and rubbing her pussy before Mia goes down on her.


Damon then goes around starts eating Mia's ass and rubbing her pussy from behind sending her over the moon. She flips over and Damon munches on her cute hairy little box. She sweetly grinds her pussy on his face as she cums in his mouth. Damon then fingers her wet pussy a little before stripping off his shorts for the ladies to suck his cock. They each take turns giving his head, showing off their amazing cock sucking skills. Mercedes is the first to take his cock as she climbs on top of his and rides him while simultaneously eating out Mia's pussy. She bounces on his shaft, her gorgeous ass slapping his balls, until she cums and then climbs off and sucks her juices off him with Mia. Mia then climbs onto him and lowers her sweet tight pussy onto his very lucky cock. He furiously bucks up inside her making her scream as Mercedes sucks on her hard nipples. Mia's O-face is amazing as she bounces on Damon's cock while Mercedes rubs her clit.


Mercedes then gives him some amazing head as she sucks Mia's juices off of him. Damon then starts fucking Mercedes doggy as she eats Mia's pussy. Mercedes is loving it as Damon plunges his cock like a piston in and out of her. Mercedes then sits on Mia's face as Mia jerks Damon's cock, occasionally allowing Damon to teabag her. Damon then fucks Mercedes missionary, licking and rubbing Mia's pussy as she orgasms again on Damon's cock. Mercedes shows why she's one of the best, giving some of the best orgasms in the business. She is just so beautiful as she cums time after time on Damon's cock.


She then switches places with Mia and he starts fucking her missionary. Mia's gorgeous Asian face is so beautiful as she cums on Damon's hard cock.  He fucks her while Mercedes rubs her clit until he can't take anymore and he shoots his load on both of their tits, both of them licking his cum off of each other. This is a blistering hot scene with some amazing chemistry between the three. Beautifully photographed with a lot of incredible energy. Fantastic!


Back in the kitchen we are presented with three fantastically shot cooking demonstrations, looking like they came directly from The Cooking Channel. First it's Mercedes by herself cooking an amazing looking frittata, Mia and a berry crisp cooked three ways with Mercedes assistance, and my favorite of the whole show, Leya Falcon's fried chicken and cornbread dish with Damon Dice. I absolutely adore the f-bomb dropping Leya in her cute little kitty cat dress. She has the very best “fuck it” attitude (“Fuck being healthy, as long as it's fucking delicious.”) She is just so funny in her raunchiness that she keeps Damon in stitches the whole time. They have such great chemistry together. So great you can't wait until they take it into the bedroom.


Scene Five: Leya Falcon and Damon Dice


Once in the bedroom they waste no time getting down to business, Damon throwing her onto the bed and rubbing her pussy through her panties. They take their clothes off, Leya showing off her terrific tits, and Damon pulling her panties to one side and playing with her pussy, tickling, fingering and eating her. After getting her nice and juicy he teabags her a little before laying down for her to give him head. She gags and licks on his cock and balls making him rock hard before climbing up and lowering her dripping pussy on him. It doesn't take long for her to cum as she slides his cock in and out of pussy.


After having multiple orgasms riding his cock while he rubs her giant clit she licks all of her cum off his cock. He then starts furiously fucking her from behind, slapping his cock against her ass before he pulls out and fingers her asshole as she jerks his cock. After giving her another orgasm by simultaneously rubbing her pussy he t-bones her making her cum again as she rubs her clit as he pounds her pussy. She then climbs on top of him and rides his cock again, bucking and twerking her ass and pussy on his cock. He reaches around and sticks his finger in her ass as he bucks his cock in and out of her pussy. She convulses as she she cums on his cock before climbing off to lay on her back so he can fuck her missionary.


With her legs in air he sticks his cock into her dripping pussy. He gives her several more orgasms before pulling out and shooting his jizz on her belly. She wipes it off and licks it off her hands before sucking every last drop out of his cock. This is an incredibly hot and very raunchy scene with two terrific porn stars having the time of their lives.


Well, it's near the end and each one of the stars have one last confessional, wrapping up what is without a doubt one of the most amazing adult films I've ever seen.


Final Thoughts: You know, it really all makes sense when you think about it. For a group of people who's art is displaying passion, you would think that they would be passionate with everyday activities, not just having sex. And it is shown in full force here. Like I said before I am not a cooking show fan, but to see this group of people have the times of their lives not just having sex but enjoying something else that they truly love is a breath of fresh air in what is at times a very stale environment. I hope she doesn't take this the wrong way, but Kay Brandt has some of the biggest balls in the industry. She took an idea that I'm many insiders would have scoffed at and created an amazing and ingenious work that I only hope will influence others will take as many chances as she has. It could possibly save what is becoming a rather stagnant industry. This title is squarely in my Top 10 all time favorite adult films, and it is with absolutely no reservations that I proudly give it the coveted XCritic Pick. Be proud of what you've accomplished here Kay.


If you would like to view the SFW versions of each cooking segment of this film, by all means check out the Forked YouTube Page as well as Kay Brandt's YouTube Page.



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