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Art of Older Women, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 4/20/17

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The fantasy of the older woman is something Girlsway has shown to the masses as something that can be everything and anything. They have developed a reputation for doing things that cater to their fans, which in return makes their vignettes the most deep, rich source of story and passionate sex. Almost as if they are truly films all by themselves. The accounts turn into something so grand that the audience simply must take a breathe after each episode comes to a close. The firepower of passion in this film looks beyond sensational from first glance of this box cover. Vicki Chase, Sandy, Alexis Fawx,....the sight of just these women in provocative snip its of there encounters is enough to warrant any fans attention. These are the pairings that on paper, look as if you are buying a chunk of gold instead of an adult film when you contemplate putting your hard earned dollars down in the name of fantasy and entertainment. The question I had most on the tip of my tongue, was what would the minds of Bree and Alan come up with in order not to let down such a deep following of passionate art lovers. That is what I wanted to know. Could art and sex become something that continues to keep their fans loyal and newcomers be rewarded for such an investment with just a gorgeous box cover?

Film Duration: 2 Hours, 5 Minutes

Director: Stills By Alan

Cameras: Billy Visual, Stills By Alan

Produced and Written by Bree Mills

Don Juan's Phyla: Girl/Girl, Older Younger, MILF, Teen, Vignettes, Story

 Vicki Chase and Alice March

Scene 1: Abella Danger and Sandy

Scene Length: 31 Minutes

The Set-Up:

 Abella Danger and SandyAbella Danger. Since she first stepped onto the scene in this business, she has had some wonderful match ups with other sex pots of the business who show a deep passion for what they do. The one and only Sandy is her counterpart in this offering of flesh to senses in film form. Both women showcase amazing acting talent and sexy charisma as the story unfolds of Abella as the hungry fashion reporter meeting her idol in the modeling world. Alan brings in such bravado as he showcases every curvature of these perfect female specimens. There is a tight shot of Abella's beautiful booty moving into the cameras view in a way that is just a sweet as candy to viewers imagination. Then, Alan moves to a far shot of the long legged Sandy showing of those gams that made her a woman of pursuit for every fan from here to China over the last many years. These women build up something grand with their acting. Abella is sensational as the innocent, oblivious fan girl who is about to have a sexual encounter of pure bliss with her idol and perhaps secret fantasy. Abella's facial expressions are classic. They really sell this tease to the fans that she has no idea what she is in store for but with Sandy, we know it is going to be wet and nasty, especially when the scene moves to the bathtub. A bathtub scene is a very hard sell but as Abella's character discovers, she must do anything she can, to see that your wet dreams are answered as Sandy goes in to seduce Abella. These two gals love women. You can see it in their look into each others eyes and Alan taps into your frequency as he shows Sandy lift her dress up over head to showcase one of the most gorgeous podies in the history of porn. This scene is introduction at it's most epic and when you find yourself feeling hot and heavy as the action begins, do not worry, with a combination like this of production and performance, you are in for a treat that does not come along very often, especially when it is a girl/girl scene in the bathtub.

 Abella Danger and Sandy

The Sex:

Abella Danger and Sandy

Sandy. She is the stuff legends are made of. As she takes Abella pants off and runs her tongue over her delicious derriere, the scene flows like hot fudge all over some ice cream. The heat is intense as you watch these girls kiss with passion. This is some of the steamiest lip locking you will see in a film today. As I said, if you like true lesbians getting hornier with each stroke of the tongue, than boy oh boy is this scene for you. With Abella's first long wet kiss, the nastiness begins instantly. Alan takes you to such wonderful showcases, such as Abella sucking and lapping all over Sandy's pussy from both behind and spread eagle. The shots are gorgeous and seeing the lengths these performers go to in order to drive you wild, is nothing short of extraordinary. I simply must say, this is one of the greatest pairings I have ever seen Girlsway bring together. Sandy gets into some amazing stances. It simply boggles the mind how fucking sexy she is. Abella has this constant sense of overwhelming pleasure throughout. She captures the fantasy perfect of a fan girl having her mind blown in the best of ways by a fantasy come to true. Alan really puts you in the middle of the action with the sexy performers. You see the women take control of the scene and simply indulge in each others lust. The kissing, my oh my the kissing. There is a take, where Abella is getting fingered by Sandy from behind as she holds her close to her chest and Abella's want for Sandy's wet kiss has her leaning to her back side and kissing her deep and wet. Their tongues simply sliding all over the others lips and mouth. It is orgasmic to say the least. These women live to eat pussy and when Abella goes in for the kill, you see Sandy break character as Sandy can't even make a noise as she cums hard all over Abella's face. Oh my goodness. The sex in this scene is true pornography. It is a fantasy come to life. The women keep you in their world. Sandy is the women of experience and Abella is her sexual servant and that theme never disappears from the scene and it is just marvelous to watch and hear. These two just bring the house down in act one and I must honestly say, I have not seen a bathtub scene that I have liked, let alone loved in a great many years. This is true wonder. The editing is sensational, as is the camera work. I simply just have to say this in closing, when it comes to this delicious introduction to older women of seduction, Sandy simply shows why she is the queen she is and Abella shows why she is just something that is a juggernaut of passion that this industry always needs and fans are so grateful to have, case closed.

 Abella Danger and Sandy

Scene 2: Alexis Fawx and Kylie Page

Scene Length: 43 Minutes

 Alexis Fawx and Kylie PageThe Set-Up:

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Now, I never thought I would say this but I think they put a tad too much into the startup of this scene. Be forewarned, the dialogue is lengthy and it is not that it lacks remarkable story or acting. Klyie does a decent job in the intro as the woman who has just been cheated on and is trying to get the most bad ass lawyer in town to help her cut that cheating bastard off at the knees. Alexis Fawx is the gorgeous power attorney who is hungry for more than just money. It is the fact that the dialogue could have been shortened to get the same draw that had me taken back just a tad. I love long length in set-up, I just fear some viewers may be turned off by the fact the girls could get down to brass tax five minutes earlier in the scene. Kylie is a beautiful blond with this remarkable body. She looks like a true woman of fantasy, the gorgeous blond that you meet in a bar and you simply must say hello to. Alexis is simply the lighting and the thunder combined, her skin-tight office attire will leave you panting just while she is typing on her keyboard. Both of these ladies stay in character throughout, once again scoring some big points for the production team. The fact that the ladies are as beautiful as they are and that small hidden thought in the back of your mind that Alexis is soon going to devour every square inch of Kylie, is just the steam you will need to power your locomotive. Kylie has the perfect voice to go along with her character. She fits something that is so spot on. She is the rock stars’ wife, blond, big boobs, amazing curves and a sweet low voice that just simply catches more than a person’s ear upon reception. Alexis does great in some improv parts of the set-up; this woman eat, sleeps and breathes this industry and it shows so much here.

 Alexis Fawx and Kylie Page

The Sex:

 Alexis Fawx and Kylie PageThis scene will catch you in a spot that you have not seen in a while and I would know because I love Girl/Girl cinema. The breast worship is to die for. When you see Alexis start with these small pecks on Kylie’s lips, the temperature in the room instantly goes up. As things get hotter and hotter we get to see Alexis show why she is one of the best in the business. The back-side angles that show Alexis licking and sucking on Kylie’s hard nipples are just more delicious than whip cream. Alexis worships her tits for a good five minutes and as each tongue stroke goes back and forth you may not be able to stay seated in for very long. The action is a little slower compared to the last scene and a bit short as well, at least when it comes to the sex part. I wanted to see a bit more Alexis, not as a fan but in a sense, I feel Alexis did not get enough of her charisma and character going sexually. The build-up is that of a gorgeous older woman seducing and younger client and we do not get to see enough of the older woman in my opinion, which is where my imagination saw the fantasy going. The sex that is in place is very alluring and sensual. Kylie has the look of an angel and when the camera pans in for those shots of her moaning in pleasure, it is pure gold. Alexis, my goodness, Alexis Fawx. She never seems to stop amazing me. Let’s just say this folks, when you see her strip down and show off that amazing naked body of hers, she will wow you to the point where you may lose all self control. The end culminates to a close right before you see her sit on Kylie’s face and when this happens, well, let’s just say, you will indeed be exhausted as hell afterwards. It is an amazing climax to the scene and gives gratification to fans of the company and of both ladies. Truly, must see face sitting.

Alexis Fawx and Kylie Page

Scene 3: Vicki Chase and Alice March

 Scene Length: 28 Minutes

The Set-Up:

Vicki Chase and Alice March

On paper, on sheer marketing, this is the scene that jumps out at you as a fan. Vicki Chase, one of the honest to goodness, living, breathing, definitions of a performer, matched up with Alice March, a woman who is becoming the go to person when it comes to a marvelous match for performers who eat, sleep and breathe the industry. They make a scene shine with a performer like Vicki. It is simply mouthwatering fantasy that fans gobble up. From the box cover, you simply know something grand is in store with this combination. The intro is short and sweet but not so little an amount that the build-up has no zeal. Alice is the college student looking to ace her studies, while Vicki is tutorial linguist who is going to show her how to do a lot more with her tongue than just spout Shakespeare. The scene is lovely. The women look stunning. Vicki is the hot older babe with the matching lingerie to match her character’s seduction skills and desire. Alice is the innocent, yearning student who gels perfect even in dialogue with Vicki. This set up is sexy. The women go at the audience with all guns blazing. The yum factor is there, the seduction is spot on and the way the camera picks everything up in each woman’s facial expression as the fun begins is enough to get the most diehard porn fan off in a split second with just how yummy these two go at each other’s wit in order to get the other naked. Vicki Chase and her lines of dirty talk and persuasion are simply the most amazing thing to watch unfold in this fantasy. This scene will bring you into the land of dreams from the start and when you see these flashes of Alice having these delicious day dreams of Vicki seducing her and then snapping back into reality only to see Vicki’s smile grow more and more with each look into Alice’s dirty little mind you just sense that the ride you are about to partake in will be something divine.

 Vicki Chase and Alice MarchThe Sex:

The huge driver in this scene is watching Vicki get nasty as can be with Alice. The first true sexual position you see as a viewer, is Vicki telling Alice to lay back so she can sit on her face. The camera work is marvelous as up close shots of Vicki’s amazing asshole and pussy are on full display for all to see and my goodness is it one hell of a site. Vicki gets into these amazing positions and she does each and every movement with the most gracious flow and huge shit eating grin on her face. It is what fantasy should be when portrayed on screen. Vicki is enjoying every moment and as Alice proves to be the perfect cast mate, she does all the little things that make a porn scene perfect, like simply putting her tongue out so Vicki can ride her face and building up the lesbian kissing from something soft and sensual to something kinky and passionate. It is simply this one on one encounter where Alice will lick Vicki’s pussy until she creams only to see Vicki come back with this ferocity in her eye right before she grabs Alice, takes control and sucks on her pussy hard to make her cum even quicker. The sex is mind blowing. This was such an easy pick for best scene of the film and considering how mouthwatering the previous two scenes were, that indeed says a mouthful when it comes to pussy eating erotica. The dirty talk is a key element in this fantasy and both women truly take advantage in that department. The dirty talk spins your mind to be even more tightly woven dream of erotica, with all that the director is trying to portray to the audience in the most stellar way. The up-close shots are great. When the girls get into the end 69 extravaganza, you see a switch from Vicki sucking and stretching Alice’s gorgeous pussy lips, to seeing Alice stick her tongue in Vicki’s asshole and pussy as both women see who is going to cum first. This scene is a slice of porn heaven and it shows just how much of a potential Alice March has to be a super star in this business and it shows why Vicki Chase is one of the true queens of desire in this business. It does not get much better than this dear readers. I think when the dust settles and you have watched this scene in its entirety, you will see exactly why Girlsway is quickly becoming the go to spot to girl/girl porn and all that it can truly be when it is done right. Prepare to have your rewind button fall off your remote control is all I can say.

 Vicki Chase and Alice March

Scene 4: Cherie DeVille and Abby Cross

Scene Length: 24 Minutes

The Set-Up:

 Cherie DeVille and Abby Cross

This scene features some remarkable acting from the women. Abby is simply flawless in her portrayal of the hotter than hell intern looking to score some points with her boss. Alexis Fawx reprises her character in this scene as the hot shot lawyer looking to put away a crime boss with the help of his sexy wife Cherie DeVille. Alexis is amazing in this scene with just her set-up, Cherie is spot on as always but the real XXX factor in this one, is the beautiful Abby Cross. The way she mimics the hot office chick to a tee is simply bliss to true porn fans. Her sexy office attire and casual ignorance to lesbian sex is eye candy in its sweetest form. Abby will simply keep you in the land of wet dreams and when you have Cherie DeVille who has had one of the most amazing years in the history of the industry licking pussy stroke for stroke alongside Abby, you get a recipe for lust that is a wonderful close to one amazing film. Cherie has this fast-paced way of conning Abby into some bedside pleasures. She convinces Abby that they must have sex in order for her husband not to suspect she is blowing the whistle on him. Cherie knows how to take charge in a scene when it is called for. The way she leads just the set-up is just beyond sexy and charismatic. When you see Cherie throw Abby onto the bet and all the hesitance that comes from Abby, you are just waiting for that wet kiss that you know is coming gradually. The art of seduction is something these women masterfully portray on screen and when the sexual encounter gains full steam, I think you will find that this film is just something beyond mind-blowing.

 Cherie DeVille and Abby CrossThe Sex:

Abby Cross does the most candid job of locking lips with hesitance, then simply melting into a puddle of butter when the fun starts to get sexual. The small things in this scene are simply amazing. The ways that Cherie gets aggressive with everything from pussy licking to soft kissing is downright heart stopping. I think that this pairing is one of the best in each lady’s careers. They showcase something that has remarkable story and feel in terms of fantasy but there is also that lovely interaction that comes with sex on screen and two women who love it, that you simply cannot duplicate anywhere else. The way that they touch each other and fuck will be something that has you wanting to explode in seconds upon the sex beginning. The camera work is great, one of the most gorgeous shots is seeing Cherie get her asshole licked as she is on all fours. The bedroom setting was a nice touch. It gives such a sexy look to when the lust begins and Cherie slides off Abby’s panties while she lies on her back. The allure of watching Abby say, “I don’t think we should be doing this” transforming instantly with Cherie’s delicious tongue strokes, to a woman who purrs with pleasure as her character gets more and more into the sex. That is something you just cannot teach in this business. Cherie Deville continues to grow her worth in this business. Watching her scenes, is always spectacular and I have found that in this instance, she plays the crazy, sex hungry mob wife with amazing brilliance, especially when it comes to the debauchery. This chapter is a solid end to one amazing film. The end scene is the shortest to the film but my oh my, does it pack one hell of a punch.

 Cherie DeVille and Abby Cross

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This film is one of the best that I have seen in 2017. The cast simply puts you in a wonderful place with your imagination from the first look at the box cover. The crew manages to keep you in “dream land” with their amazing shots, the up-close angles and a setting that truly makes every story stick in your head. I have to commend Alana and Bree for bringing together such talent on screen. Abella Danger is continuing to grow every film as a beyond kinky and ultra-sultry performer. Her acting was wonderful and the way she gels with Sandy is amazing on screen. When you throw into the mix such mega stars as Vicki Chase and Cherie DeVille, you have recipe for a porno flick that will simply knock the socks off any viewer. When you see Alexis Fawx display such wonderful skills in front of the camera, one cannot think about how much lies ahead for that beauty. This film delivers on all points and hits on all cylinders. One of the best aspects of adult cinema is the older woman and they ways that Girlsway brings out the things we love of that storyline is simply what the fans wanted to see. It damn sure was everything I expected it to be. The big angle I truly loved was seeing Viki Chase and Alice March. Vicki has had such a wonderful 2016 and as we start this new year, she shows us that she is not done by a long shot. That she can showcase rave performances that most only think can be done in a boy/girl setting or with multiple partners. Her kink factor is on full display and Vicki does something that only the true porn super star can, she manages to get your thoughts racing before her clothes even come off. She shows the fans that with each smile, she can manage t make you begin to dream the dreams that fantasies are made of. That woman truly took this film to the next range. All the women in this did a bang-up job and it is why this is my first XCritic Pick. I think a film needs to showcase everything well in order to earn that title and boy oh boy did this film do that.


 Don Juan DeMarko



"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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