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Girl Kush 2

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Girl, Lesbian, Smoking, Sex Toys, Ass Play, Threesomes

Directors: Uncredited



Cast: Dani Daniels, Valentina Nappi, Casey Calvert, Kristina Rose, Zoey Monroe, Mia Li, Veruca James, Aaliyah Love, Layla Price, Daisy Ducati, Bella Rossi, Mona Wales, Dolly Leigh

Length: 2 hours 14 minutes

Date of Release: March 20, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery (Interviews are sprinkled throughout the disc)

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Pretty damn good. The camera work is solid for the most part, it features some artistic shots and a good mix of closeups and wide shots. It's well presented in widescreen, and the audio is pretty good other than some anomalies due to the locations and props. You probably won't notice those.

Overview: Full Disclosure: This disc has some of my current faves for girls on it. That being said, this disc is packed with hotties gettin' high and havin' fun with each other. There's serious glass involved in both the sexual and sinsemilla departments. This is a showcase of a bunch of babes that know their bud, and want to bang their hot girlfriends. I can't really call your attention to anyone in particular because everyone has their favorite porn star. Suffice it to say, that the groups gathered here should satisfy pretty much everyone in one way or another. If you like "the weed" and your girls getting playfully wicked, you are going to want to check this out.

Scene 1: Dani Daniels, Zoey Monroe, Veruca James

We are treated to a slow-mo montage of our three starlets as they smoke blunts, vape, and do bong hits while looking fabulous as Zoey talks about her medical marijuana tin. Right away this scene just works as our trio of beauties run the gamut from blonde hair to black. Miss Daniels is sporting some kind of lingerie that seems to be nothing more than a series of straps running the length of her torso and circling her waist. As the tease fades we find the lovely ladies rolling around in piles of cash while undressing each other. There seem to be a few cameras in play here, as there are plenty of edits swapping our viewpoint as the girls move on and around each other. Sometimes we get a wide shot of the threesome, other times it's up close and personal as a tongue licks, or a facial expression is featured. It's actually pretty darn effective.

Dani Daniels Veruca James Zoey Monroe

I was pretty excited to find out that not only are Veruca James and Dani Daniels on this disc, but they are in the same scene and joined by Miss Monroe. Having all three of those faces in frame as Zoey gets her holes licked and fingered by her peers is quite the photo opp! The girls giggle as Dani whips out a long glass dildo and has Zoey lube it with her mouth before she sticks it right into her ass. The girls up the ante by inserting another one into her fuckhole. Between the closeups of the shiny glass sticking out from her holes, the closeups of her ecstatic face and the overhead shot of the trio smiling there's not a moment that doesn't command your attention.

Dani Daniels Veruca James Zoey Monroe

Veruca's ready to play and sticks her ass in the air so Dani can slide a large-headed glass rod into her ass as Zoey scrutinizes the action while rubbing Veruca's crotch. Zoey tries her hand at the stick in Veruca's ass and pulls it out to taste it. Dani looks on in amazement as Zoey gets four fingers deep in Veruca's holes and then it's her turn for some glass penetration as she straddles the raven-haired beauty. It seems she still has a no anal rule, as the ladies stick to ramming it in and out of her love canal. After all that fun, Veruca pulls them all in close for a three way kiss.

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Scene 2 and 2A: Mona Wales, Daisy Ducati, Bella Rossi, Dolly Leigh

We find our foursome meeting up at what seems to be a grow-op in a scripted scene which has Daisy as a lieutenant in Mona's gang and part of her job is to teach the new girls how to please her like she does. Mona gets busy rubbing her boss' little nugget, bringing her to a scream quickly before the gangleader turns the tables and finger fucks her underling roughly. As she lies on her back atop Daisy, and gets fingered, she squirts all over the picnic table they are on.

Moa Wales Daisy Ducati

She tells her lieutenant to play with herself and walks off screen to put on a long strapon. This is obviously not her first go-round wearing one, as she demonstrates her proficiency at ramming in and out of her friend's fuckhole. As a reward, Daisy gets three fingers and then the strapon in her ass. After a good ass fucking, she gets her tits slapped and they head off to find "those other bitches".

The "other bitches" are getting ready to work on Bella's motorbike and two huge bags of pot are conveniently placed by the tools and Bella rolls up a doobie and introduces her new friend to the wonders of weed by starting her off with a shotgun kiss. As the pot takes effect, Bella introduces her to something else that's new; lesbian loving. Miss Rossi props her new plaything up on her bike and finger bangs her while squatting to lick her. Luckily, in addition to the weed, there's a glass dildo handy and Bella puts it in her mouth to fuck her new friend with it. Soon, Dolly's shrieking in ecstasy as her buxom buddy bangs her.

Bella Rossi Dolly Leigh

Bella takes her turn on the bike as Dolly gently tongues her. As her student gains some confidence she starts fingering her faster and faster. She tries her hand at some dildo play and Bella wants her to try another new thing and has her stick it in her ass. Dolly seems to enjoy ass reaming the redhead and making her cum. They finish it off with a kiss and spark another spliff.

Scene 3: Casey Calvert, Kristina Rose, Valentina Nappi

We find industry darling, Kristina Rose, sporting lemon yellow locks and talking about weed as she rips on a large glass bong in the back of an old Chevy panel van that is fully equipped with yellow fur blankets and an amber glass hanging globe light. Details like that matter when you are interspersing the interview with artsy closeups of buds and grinders as your starlet is getting stoned. She fades away and we find Casey and Valentina doing their own little teases in the van, utilizing a vintage guitar as a prop as they do a bit of a smokeout themselves. All three girls stare directly into lens center as they play for the viewer and then we find the trio outside of the van on a fringe-covered couch.

Casey Calvert Kristina Rose Valentina Nappi

Casey is the first lucky girl to get worked over by her costars; eyes wide and bright when she's in a shadow and squinting as she peers directly into the fading sun. Like the first scene, this one just oozes with onscreen talent. AS Casey drives Valentina wild with her fingers, Kristina plays with herself and tastes her own juices for good measure. One by one, they take center position on the sofa (Which I'm pretty sure is actually the rear seat of the van) and play with themselves and each other; legs wide for the camera. This was a well-timed scene, the fading sun working nicely as they shoot at the golden hour while playtime continues.

Casey Calvert Kristina Rose Valentina Nappi

Playtime involves that glass ass reamer from scene 1, and Kristina takes it first. Valentina takes a chrome vibrator up her rear while Casey opts for a differently shaped glass rod in hers. That shape allows her to move it in and out her own ass totally hands free! After a nice round of reaming themselves and each other Valentina thinks they should have more weed. Kristina declares she's all ready on top of that and grabs two blunts and flicks open her Zippo. As the trio relax and puff away they thoughtfully inspect their joints in between hits.

Scene 4: Aaliyah Love, Mia Li, Layla Price

Aaliyah Love Mia Li Layla Price

Each of our starlets is telling us about their first weed experience and what strains they are currently into. Their tales are interspersed with some tease footage where they blow smoke at the camera and bat long, false eyelashes. It's a slow and groovy tease sequence that ends with all of them sitting together on a bench in their panties, each with their own gold-papered joint to puff on as they kiss.

Aaliyah Love Mia Li Layla Price

Mia's the first to present herself for some buttplugging and the trio form a train to play with each other. Buttplug installed, Mia gets 69'ed by Layla while being finger banged by Aaliyah. As Aaliyah moves on to licking Layla,her earrings jingle to the beat of her head bobbing. Balanced across the bench, Layla gets butt banged with a glass dildo and then Aaliyah's ass gets drilled by a long, yellow rod. While she's getting reamed, she makes the girls swear they won't tell her husband she loves anal. The girls finish off by fucking Mia with a curved glass dildo and kissing after they lick her juices off of it. As Aaliyah and Layla make out, Mia grabs a monster blunt to pass around. This scene works well in part because of the cliffside location and in part because each of the starlets sports an entirely different look and style.

Final Thoughts: This studio, Emerald Triangle Girls, is entirely new to me but I'm here to tell you they are poised at the edge of a porn frontier. This is a niche others are going to try to pry their way into, we'll see how that works out. Weed is technically legal now in California; the politicians are just dragging their heels on the administrative front to start issuing licenses so you can walk in and buy it. This studio found a great niche at just the right time! Not only do they have a niche, they have gathered together some really hot talent to showcase it. Like fetish wear and lingerie, smoking accessories are designed to look cool; when you put those things onscreen with girls that look this good, you have a winning formula. Whoever is in charge of production here has their finger on the pulse of what's about to become a huge industry and obviously knows a thing or three about the culture behind cannabis as well as cunnilingus. This isn't Cheech and Chong being funny while high, this is hot girls showcasing themselves and their knowledge of what can be an extremely complex subject. They get down and dirty with each other in hot girl-on-girl action and discuss their favorite accessories and strains.

Outside of the scripted scene, which seemed to be scripted for no real reason, pretty much everything here is top shelf. I didn't really get into scene two, it felt pretty flat to me because of the "storyline" which ultimately goes nowhere. Other than that, it's good stuff, man. You've got a ton of smokin' hot babes smokin' some serious shit while they bang each other with fingers, tongues, and some pretty cool glassware (oh, and the strapon). This genre may not play to the masses, but for those with smoking fetishes, or into weed and porn, it's a no-brainer. These girls are highly regarded in the industry, and here they get high and fuck each other. Highly Recommended for those that wanna spark a joint while watching hot girls get it on with each other.  I'm sticking with a solid Recommended for most viewers.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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