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Dream Fucks

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 4/14/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 5 minutes

Cast: August Ames, Rachel Starr, Amia Miley, Nikki Benz, Jules Jordan, Manuel Ferrara, and James Deen

Directed by: Jules Jordan

Genres: All Sex, Big Cock

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in 4K video resolution

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Behind the scenes footage, cumshot recap, and photo gallery

Overview: Jules Jordan's dominance in mainstream pornography continues with the appropriately titled and beautifully directed Dream Fucks, a lively and lovely compilation of four drop-dead gorgeous women that balances style and sexual substance.

Scene 1: August Ames and Jules Jordan

August Ames flaunts her long legs and immaculate body, her tan tone contrasting the black leather cushions of the couch she sits on and her fuchsia lingerie in a radiant way. August briefly exists the lavish mansion to blow bubbles threw a narrow rod outside by the poolside, giving off nothing short of a dreamlike quality to her grace.

She's so special and picturesque that Jules Jordan himself is the man of the hour during this scene, and he wastes no time eating her out and softly licking her nipples. He takes his dick out, allowing her to softly stroke him before moving to suck, her technique nothing shy of A+ as she swallows him whole and audibly slurps for great effect. August is loose and moist when Jules begins to penetrate her with her legs back, but nothing quite compares to her riding Jules missionary, galloping her ass on and against his penis.

She turns around to bounce her clit on his shaft for us to see in full view this time around, cumming eventually as her eyes roll back into her head while practically swallowing her tongue piercing. Doggystyle then ensues and August's plump ass is gripped by Jules as she dissolves into the crevasse of the couch. To conclude things, Jules lubes up August's breasts for a sensual tit-fuck before busting thick ropes of semen all over her face for a spectacular finale.

This is a poster-child example of a scene that clicks without a narrative concept. We get engaging and decadent shots of August and Jules that are as portrait-worthy as any porno released this year thus far, and the sex itself takes familiar positions but makes them deviate from the predictable thanks to their speed and fluidity. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: Rachel Starr and Manuel Ferrara

It's brutally hot outside, and while that absolutely compliments the insatiable and gorgeous Rachel Starr, it's a good cue for her to get in the overflowing in-ground pool outside. Rachel rhythmically dunks her ass in the water, submerging her lower half amidst a cool and refreshing pool all her own. The water glides off her perfect skin, sometimes forming small bubbles on her sun-kissed legs only to be shaken off with some light twerking. She throws her butt back creating thunderous waves that may just be better than the sex we eventually get to see. It's a terrific solo session.

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Rachel hikes her hefty apple bottom to the canopy to meet Manuel Ferrara, saying hello by having his face buried in her vagina and then her ass. She lies on her stomach as Manuel helps himself, smothering his face with her ass while sliding his cock between her petite feet. The two perform a hot "lazy doggystyle," consisting of Rachel remaining on her stomach with her bulging ass elevated just slightly above the pillows and shift into a spooning position.

At long last we see Rachel's blowjob technique. She slaps Manuel's hands away so she can give an uninterrupted blowjob that starts by her licking the base of his balls all the way up to the tip of his shaft then going for the kill by taking most of his dick in her mouth. The two bear a lot of talent when switching positions whilst still in one position, opting for a more spread out, separate session of spatially aware sex upon being happily engaged in a raucous missionary.  

Rachel taunts Manuel during doggystyle, daring to smugly ask him if medium-paced thrusts are all he's got. He responds by increasing his pace, growing more rigorous in his style until it's time to shoot his load like a squirt-gun into her mouth. It is at that moment that we see the lovely sight of watching Manuel's fresh cumshot grace her chest and bust, a Kodak moment of a finish for a scene that, yet again, rejects narrative but burns a lot of memorable, arousing images into our retinas. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Amia Miley and James Deen

Amia Miley is lounging in eye-grabbing silver stockings, owning her untainted confidence while making out with herself in the mirror. Her right wrist shows elaborate and artfully illustrated patterns that add even more style to a flawless body that serves as more than a sexual canvas. Odd sidebar - the music during her solo moments is oddly catching, like an easy-listening ballad that occasionally seems to borrow its melody from the childhood-favorite "Wheels on the Bus."

Amia uses two hands to help wolf down James' dick, but is at her best when she forgoes hand-work and allows her throat to glide down his dick. James delicately slides inside of her like a Redbox DVD while she lies on her back, and glaring wet spots on the bedsheets exclaim as well as most visuals how excited Amia really is about her treat. The transition to missionary sex here is lightning fast and Amia keeps the sexual flow great, a huge plus to her own prowess. She spreads her legs over James' lap, remaining mostly still to let him fuck her at his speed of choice.

James also gets a glimpse of her open asshole in doggy, lightly toying with it while she simply enjoys the ride and the deeper penetration, uninterested in playing with herself or aiding in the pleasure that's taking place from one particular act. The book comes full-circle when Amia returns to her joint hand-work to finish James off, stroking slowly as he spits out less and less cum, making for a finale as sweet and serene as she herself is. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Nikki Benz and Jules Jordan

It would initially seem as if a one-piece blouse would be too constrictive for the alluring and wickedly buxom Nikki Benz, but she rocks it anyway. Its tightness helps to accentuate knockout curves and explosive assets, including her famous backside yet it's not incapable of boasting her eyes that can often do all the talking in her scenes by themselves.

"Make me your little pet," she demands of Jules Jordan, responding to her request by hooking a leash on her choker-collar while she crawls on all fours. It's time to suck, but only for a brief time, as Nikki becomes in command when straddling Jules face, drowning him with her juices and wailing in delight.

Nikki shreds her one-piece to allow Jules entry into her clit, the camera positioned on the ground looking upwards at her stomach so we can see her facial reactions to the right of the screen and the active penetration on the left. Jules clearly appreciates Nikki's proclaimed "Canadian holes," taking time to lick and savor each one as he goes along. He puts his penis in her pussy once more as she lies on her back, her eyes glazed but fixated on her stuffed vagina. While holding her enormous tits.

Nikki's bright red ass happily hops on Jules' lap afterwards, and he slides into her ass during reverse cowgirl making for Dream Fucks first and only moment of anal. Jules doesn't mind sticking to the mood while piledriving her ass, where things get really heated. Nikki lies upside down with her ass perched in the air so Jules has easy access to dip his dick inside - they both have a ton of fun here. She pauses to dirtily finger herself and inform Jules, and us, that she's "such an ass-whore." Let's just say, she appropriately follows that up with an ass-to-mouth blowjob.

Screaming anal doggy makes her red in the face, especially when Jules softly chokes her, and keeping with his traditional conclusion steps, he lubes up Nikki's breasts during the final moments and sprays her face with his cum. Nikki smiles, her blonde hair now covering some of her face and pearly white semen shining off of her. She's been treated to a sexual experience as heavenly as herself. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

While Dream Fucks could probably be the title of just about every pornographic film released in 2017 or any given year for that matter, Jules Jordan outdoes themselves with a title that will most likely prompt indifferent reactions to those who spot it. Rather than sticking to flaccid, uninspired cinematography with straight-forward sex boasting casual chemistry, director Jules Jordan makes this release glisten like water on Rachel Starr's bottom with its beautiful visuals. Jordan's active camera sometimes suggests it has a mind of its own, and his willingness to take time to shoot these starlets flaunting and honing their lovely bodies is a testament to the kind of empowerment I've noticed in some contemporary pornography.

The sex is great, yes, but that's mostly because the stars are so experienced, so full of life in their scenes, knowing what works and what doesn't, and how to a move a scene without having quick-cuts and editing tricks move it for them. Dream Fucks is a film about commanding a screen and how ambiance and visuals aid in making a lovely, arousing disc for even the most casual porn fan.

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