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Foot Art 1

Studio: 21st Sextury Video » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/16/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, Foot Fetish, Footjob, Couples

Directors:  Uncredited


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Cast: Nesty, Anita Bellini, Kiara Lord, Alessandra Jane, Rico Simmons, Sabby, Thomas Stone, Totti

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Date of Release: March 27, 2017

Extras: Slideshows for Each Scene, 3 Menu-Selectable Trailers

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good to excellent capture and presentation in widescreen. There some very minor lighting fluctuations and once in awhile, you can hear footsteps off camera. Music introduces each scene, but quickly fades away and there is no dialog whatsoever. There's a small, unobtrusive watermark in the lower right corner.

Overview: Four couples each enjoy a lovemaking session that includes footjobs. There's no dialog, but the chemistry onscreen works because of all the eye contact being made. Each scene is quite convincing in its portrayal of an actual couple in love that just happens to enjoy some foot worship.

Scene 1: Kiara Lord, Rico Simmons

We find Kiara doing some toenail maintenance on a lazy afternoon in a living room that took me two viewings to notice that there are two TVs in the room, one of which is in the fireplace. It's notable that Kiara was nominated by XBIZ in 2015 for Female Performer of the Year because she had just entered the business about a year before. As she slowly explores her fabulous nude self, she pays particular attention to her feet, which seems to turn Rico on as he walks in and starts kissing her softly from head to toe. The sunshine behind her makes her golden locks glow as he unzips his jeans and she softly jerks him with her feet while playing with herself. Her smiling face is bright as she smiles while looking at him and working his rod with her toes.

Kiara Lord

Kiara Lord

Their chemistry is believable; their love session soft and passionate. The sunshine plays a melody along her toned body as she stretches on the carpet to make love to him with her mouth. It also sings a song in her hair as she stands, poised like a ballerina while he tongues her box. She keeps him stiff with her foot and then slowly squats onto his cock. There are two camera views presented as she rocks her body back and forth on him; leaning back and placing her toes into his mouth while they make love. She plays with herself as she sits atop him sidesaddle moaning softly. She seems to like the sidesaddle position, as you can see juice flowing out around his cock. The passion is palpable as he pumps into her lying on the floor before she works his load out between her feet.

Scene 2: Anita Bellini, Sabby

Anita Bellini

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Anita is caressing her legs and feet on a couch prior to putting on some white cotton socks while 2017 AVN Nominee for Male Foreign Performer of the Year prepares himself a hot beverage in the kitchen. She saunters in and sits on a counter nearby, rubbing the granite top with her feet playfully. Her smiling eyes beckon him over and he abandons his beverage to carry her back to the couch. Her eyes gleam in the sunlight as he pulls off her sock to lick her foot. She coyly pulls a black nylon stocking from behind a couch cushion and wraps it around his cock while going down on him. Pulling off her remaining sock, she pulls on the stocking and works his shaft between her feet, shirt lifted up to reveal her perky little breasts. Removing her shirt and panties, she reverse rodeo rides him, feet on his legs and then on his cock.

Anita Bellini

She seems quite sure of herself as she works his rod around inside of her and then deftly reverses her position, her face staying in the camera's eye the whole time. Their sex juice gleams in the sun as she slides up and down in a sexy rocking and flexing motion. Sabby moves himself to the floor for some more foot action and then slides back into Miss Bellini. Eyes trained on his, her erect nipples are prominently displayed and bathed in light. There is some seemingly fancy focus pulling going on here as the depth of field switches between her feet and her face as he works himself frantically in and out her. Ready to blast, he pulls out and spurts multiple streams across her stockinged foot which are captured via multiple angles and edited together nicely as they embrace for a final kiss.

Scene 3: Alessandra Jane, Thomas Stone

Alessandra Jane

We find Alessandra putting on her socks while sitting on a bar stool, the bar top seemingly at a disproportionate height to the stool. Before she can get them both on, Thomas comes in and starts kissing on them and her. Unzipping his jeans, she softly mouths his member and her eyes flick back and forth to her feet as she formulates a plan in her head. You can almost hear the wheels turning. One camera shot is from near her feet and that shot utilizes the same focus pulling the last scene did. It's quite effective. Mr. Stone carries his lover over to the couch and sits on the floor for a footie. Pulling her jean shorts down a bit he manages to lick her ass while her feet continue their cock massage. A bit more rotation allows him to enter her in doggie, both of them moaning softly. There's a pause in that action as he goes back for some more foot action and then fucks her again.

Alessandra Jane

After removing her shirt, she rolls into a new position, the leather couch protesting her every twist. His stroking into her is peppered with stops for a bit more foot worship. She seems to really enjoy jerking him with her feet, evidenced by her eyes. Her moans become near wheezes as his thrusting gets deeper in missionary and then she swaps to a cowgirl ride. Sitting cross-legged between his thighs to showcase her feet to the camera she attempts to jerk him off into her mouth but his goo decides to ooze out slowly and ends up running down her hand as she lathers up his cock with it.

Scene 4: Nesty, Totti


Industry veteran, Nesty, is sitting on the loo and managing to tear off a single square of paper from a roll on the floor using her toes. She's pretty impressed with herself for accomplishing that feat and washes her hands, drying them on one of her feet. She heads over to her bed and marvels at her wondrous feet for a bit before a toweled Totti joins her in her foot worship. As he sucks on one foot, she sucks on her other. Removing his towel, she slides his shaft between her toes. He enjoys her toes and her slit with his tongue before sliding into her. Gazes locked, he explores her gash with his manhood as she sucks her own foot.


They pause for a makeout and handjob session before she goes down on him; her feet and ass pointed to the camera. She's an active rider in a laid-back cowgirl, her erect nipples visible through her top. Continuing to showcase her flexibility, she sits between his legs and holds his cock between her feet while blowing him. Her landing strip is neatly trimmed and displayed well as they swap between spooning and footjobs. Finally completely nude, her boobs bounce as he bangs her while she lies on her side and puts her foot in his mouth. After he's worked himself up by thrusting into her, he pulls out so she can jerk him off all over her legs and feet. His goo shines in the sunlight as they embrace for a final kiss.

Cover vs. Content: That shallow Depth of Field shot on the cover is actually utilized quite effectively in a few scenes as they pull feet and faces into and out of focus.

Final Thoughts: I had no idea of what to expect from this disc. I feared it would be 2 hours of constant footjobs. Luckily, that isn't the case at all. it turned out to be a highly polished, European lovemaking flick which is seemingly aimed at couples as well as foot fetishists. Shot in sun-bathed rooms, four couples enjoy some quality time together. This isn't hardcore banging. It's not completely foot oriented, although that is definitely showcased throughout the flick. Each scene basically features the same positions in order to achieve that showcasing of the ladies' tootsies, so it does border on the repetitive edge. However, each girl is different enough that you can forgive it for that. All four girls are pretty, the male talent is good, and it is shot well. There are a few minor lighting fluctuations, but since the rooms are drenched in sunlight it's not very noticeable. Overall it's pretty good couples porn that may make your lady friend curious enough to try out a footjob if she never has. If you are a foot fetishist, this probably wouldn't be a bad disc to add to your collection. I'd recommend it to that crowd if they want to add some Euro-styled stuff to their stash. I think for most couples, considering the extras are almost non-existent, it will probably be a single viewing session so I'm going with a Watch On Demand rating for the average viewer. After you spend a couple of bucks on a streaming rental you can make up your own mind if you'd like to add it to the permanent collection.

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