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Outland 2: Looking For Freedom

Studio: Harmony » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/20/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Feature, Western

Directors: Bobby Peru & Archibald Witwicky Jr.
Executive Producer: Mipito Producers: Jose Rios & Alfred Hugecock
Screenwriter: Archibald Witwicky Jr. DP: Ruben Alaves (on cover) Jou Malou (end credits) Costumes: Francisco De Cabo VFX Bertoni & Bobby Peru


Chapters Menu

Cast: Chanel Preston as Lea
Jasmine Jae as Tea
Anissa Kate as Meredith (Saloon Madame)
Dahlia Sky as Rachel
Franceska Jaimes as Lumi Saloon Girl
Nacho Vidal as Sandor Kalimdor
Evan Stone as Rendfield (Renfeld)
Ryan Ryder as Joe
Max Cortes as Sheriff Driscoll
Rob Diesel as Lazam (cameo)

Length: 2 hours 38 minutes

Date of Release: February 28, 2017

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both fronts. Shot in 4k Ultra HD. Presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 Ratio. Subtitles in Multiple Languages.

Overview: Harmony Films brings us the second film of an "erotic steampunk adventure" trilogy in which a town is being controlled by the evil, Bane-mask wearing, Sandor Kalimdor. The town sheriff has given up and become a drunk. The only hope the town has left is Rendfield! He's on his way and his buddy Joe knows where they can get some pretty nice weapons. You'll notice that I put quote marks around the steampunk reference. The first film mentioned that on the cover, however, there's really nothing steampunk about it other than some neo-Victorian weaponry and a couple of people having some goggles. Think of it more like a western with a couple of gadgets thrown in.

Scene 1: Chanel Preston, Jasmine Jae, Evan Stone, Ryan Ryder

Chanel and Jasmine are looking hot in their Victorian garb as they toil over a new weapon they are making. Our hero and his buddy show up for that weapon.


After a brief but highly cinematic flashback sequence the garb comes off and the women go down. The guys slap their cocks around as the girls gurgle and gag. Jasmine gets leaned backward by Evan who reverse throat fucks her. The wide aspect ratio works well in the shot, showcasing all the details of the workshop, as the men work the women over. It's a hardcore fuck flurry with the guys just banging these beauties into oblivion.

Chanel Preston & Jasmine Jae

Chanel Preston & Jasmine Jae

Chanel gets spitroasted standing up while Jasmine slides around on the floor staying busy licking the guys' balls before the foursome moves to a nearby bed where the drilling continues. Jasmine does some dirty talking while getting licked by Evan as they lie next to the other couple who are fucking like rabbits. About halfway through the scene, there's a cock trade which ends up with Chanel getting slammed on top of her friend while getting pounded incredibly hard. Evan's one of those performers that has so many credits to his name that it takes seemingly forever to load his profile on IAFD. Performances like these are why the guy has been around for 20 years now! Trying to do a play by play of this frenetic pounding would be impossible. I'm sure there's a German word that sums up four incredible performers just fucking each other silly, but I don't speak German. Finally, the guys stand bedside as the women hang their heads off the mattress while the guys splash almost simultaneously onto them and then the girls swap what they managed to catch in their mouths back and forth.

Scene 2: Franceska Jaimes, Anissa Kate, Nacho Vidal

Franceska Jaimes & Anissa Kate

-- sponsored by --

After teaching the townspeople a lesson they won't forget, Nacho heads into the saloon and puts Anissa and Franceska under his spell and makes them have sex with each other while he undresses. Like the last scene, the girls look gorgeous in their wardrobe, but sadly it does come off during the scene. However, in a testament to the miracles of modern makeup; that stays firmly in place as the girls get wet and wild during the romp. Franceska looks great as Nacho hammers her hole while Anissa licks it.

Franceska Jaimes & Anissa Kate

Franceska takes a wild cock ride while Anissa is content getting licked and fingered by their evil overlord. Due to their matching hair and makeup, it's almost impossible to keep track of who's who while they both blow him. However, if you're a stickler for details: Anissa has the feather headband. She's also the one that gets her ass taken in a reverse cowgirl, Franceska gets her ass drilled in doggie. In Franceska's standing fuck, Anissa does double duty licking dick and pussy while kneeling in front of them. That puts her in position to catch Nacho's load when he pulls out, but she's glad to share it with her friend as they nod off for a nap on the couch.

Scene 3: Chanel Preston, Evan Stone

Special FX

After a shootout with some baddies that features a pretty cool special effect, Evan and Chanel go for round two without the other couple. it starts with some nipple pinching and dick stroking which quickly progresses to Chanel trying to choke herself on Stone's cock. When you're as highly regarded as performers as this pair is, people write scripts where you screw each other twice in a film. This scene gives Evan the time to slam the little slut into him while his cock is between her pressed-together knockers. I'm not sure what Evan does out of frame while he sits on a chair, but it makes Chanel actually break character and laugh out loud. It's pretty cool that they left that in during editing. Their eye contact during a third blow job is off the charts good. That happens right before she gets bent over, still in costume and gets boned from behind.

Chanel Preston

There are some very minor camera adjustments made to feature her facial expressions that highlight how much she's enjoying Evan's tongue on her twat before he pounds into her ass. Gaze unwavering, and mouth spewing naughty words, Chanel takes some cock ass-to-throat while rubbing her clit. After some more sweat-inducing tongue licking from Evan she gets an intense ass jamming from her cockstar in multiple positions. A final throat fucking, with Chanel's goggle strap flapping, brings Stone to spewing all over Miss Preston's face, his body twitching involuntarily as she inhales him afterward: balls deep.


Scene 4: Anissa Kate, Max Cortes

Anissa Kate

After preventing a drunk from doing something stupid, Anissa kicks everyone out of the saloon so she can get down to business with Max. He starts with a little ass kissing and then takes off his hat to lick her supple breasts. She squats topless to put his rod between her big red lips and then he removes his pants, being sure to put his boots back on afterward. Nobody wants to be barefoot in a saloon, am I right? The jewels on her forehead dance as he bangs her from behind, her big boobs bouncing to the beat. She looks good bent across the bar, her saloon dress lifted for his entries. As he lies on the floor, she loses the dress and gives the camera a nice view of her full frontal nudity as she rides his cock.

Anissa Kate

After a bit of front hole riding, she slides her rear hole down his shaft and he starts pumping furiously. Moaning, she works her ass hole up and down and round and round on his rod. The pair roll through a few positions on the floor as Max continues to ream her ass. She decides to climb back on for some cowgirl, and then a bit more blowing before bending herself over a bar stool for a good pump session. He pumps into both of her holes, finally cumming inside of her ass. As his dick drips while coming out of her, she drops to clean him off with her mouth.

Scene 5: Dahlia Sky, Nacho Vidal

Nacho puts Dahlia under his spell, but not before she can send out a psychic call for help to Rendfield. Nacho's hot for the lassie, but has a bit of trouble unbuttoning her blouse so he can get to her boobs. Propped on an outdoor table, she gets her pussy rubbed and spanked. Down in the dirt Dahlia sucks our villain's veiny dick as a fly buzzes around the screen. Nacho leans his hands on the table for support as she sucks away and then he fumbles with all of the fussy things involved in getting a Victorian dress off so he can bury his face in her crack. Staring back at him, she begs for his cock inside of her and he starts plunging away.

Dahlia Sky

Her eye contact is constant as he rolls her over to pummel her hairy pussy in missionary. He even climbs onto the table with her so he can drive into her harder and deeper while squatting above her. He rolls his hypnotized fuck doll over so he can take her ass hole. As he pumps, her whole body moves with each stroke. She does some active ass riding in reverse cowgirl which she modifies a bit halfway through, one leg on the ground and one on the table. His evil stare burns into her head as he jackhammers her in spoon and then throat fucks her head as it hangs off the table. It's an interesting position that allows her to bob on his knob while he licks between her legs. The camera is trained on her face as she gets drilled in doggie before switching to wide and mid shots as he climbs back on the table for more leverage. He pushes her flat to the table as he dismounts and walks to her mouth to finish inside of it and then he puts her to sleep.

Dahlia Sky

Production Notes: From the moment this disc started playing, I knew this film would rival last year's Outland, which I really liked. I didn't review that one, so I didn't pay much attention to the end credits. I cheated here. I jumped right to the end credits to see if credit was given where it was sure to be due. Yep. This is a true feature, folks. Pretty much everybody is listed, right down to the catering. There are a ton of people involved in making this film look, sound and feel the way it does. Some of those people are listed above, and many of them wear multiple technical hats which are acknowledged in the end credits. This is the first porn movie I've ever seen that actually credits a DIT. I'm sure some adult films have one, but I can't recall ever seeing one in the credits. (Look it up if you're curious as to what a DIT does) There are some discrepancies between credits on the back cover and the credits on the film itself, so I'm not sure which of those are correct. Suffice it to say, if you are one of those people like me that stay all the way through the credits at the theater, you will find these credits to be much more than your average porno end roll. If you are one of those spell checking people, you'll notice some discrepancies if you pay attention.

Final Thoughts: Just like the first one, this film is shot with an amazingly stylistic look. The locations, costuming, and makeup jobs are all superb. Just like the last one, this one leaves you with more questions than answers, as nothing really gets resolved. Sometimes, that's how trilogies are. You just don't get things all wrapped up in two hours and thirty-eight minutes. The acting by everyone here is good, and the sexual performances are just what you'd expect from performers of this caliber. If you haven't seen the first one, you should probably watch that first and then check this one out. Last year, the first episode garnered nine award nominations from multiple organizations and I'm betting this one does too. This is a film you'll definitely want to see if you like story-based porn with really high production values. With that noted, I think for most people it will have limited replay value, so it's probably best to Watch On Demand.

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