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Studio: Falcon » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/21/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 39 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Gay; Anal; Group Sex; Hairy

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Steve Cruz

Cast: Jaxton Wheeler, Teddy Torres, Tex Davidson, Ace Era, Bruno Bernal, Ian Greene, Bulrog

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap;


Director Steve Cruz takes us back to ancient Rome at the time of fiery hot and husky gladiators who fight each other then fuck each other in the flick Erectus. Done as part of Falcon Studios Group’s Raging Stallion brand, this flick captures your attention from the first scene and holds it to the last pop shot. The seven hairy and hard-bodied gladiators are like no other and watching them rip the tight loincloth off their amazing asses is worth the cost of admission. The bodies of irresistible demigods Jaxton Wheeler, Teddy Torres, Ace Era, Tex Davison, Ian Green, Bulrog and Bruno Bernal are like chiseled Roman statues as they slide and slam into each other during erotic combat. The four scenes are reminiscent of a time of wealth, lavishness, and lust and they center around the ancient Roman baths and fountains. The guys use the edge of the fountain to fuck and a stone bench as a bed for cock riding and sucking. I highly recommend this flick. Steve Cruz has thought of every detail in his recreation of a time of mystical, powerful men who’s hard, hairy bodies are celebrated in the baths, leading to wet, steamy sex that you won’t ever forget.  

Scene 1:  Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres

Steve Cruz’s Erectus begins in grand gladiator fashion with 2 gorgeous gods, Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres engaging in half-naked combat. These two hard, hairy-bodied gladiators have nothing on but a tightly wrapped loincloth that hugs their hips and wraps around their thick thighs and hairy asses. When the scene opens, the two are sizing each other up and very quickly engage in erotic, combat. Jaxton is determined to get his man and he puts Teddy in a headlock. Watching these 2 chiseled-bodied men wrestle is a turn on, especially when the loin cloth reveals more and more of Jaxton’s amazing ass and Teddy’s hairy thighs. Jaxton has Teddy bent over in standing doggy position and he pulls the loin cloth tightly up the crack of his ass and spanks his ass cheeks. Jaxton rips the cloth of Teddy, pins him against the edge of the water fountain in standing doggy and buries his face between Teddy’s hairy ass cheeks. He spreads those cheeks, revealing Teddy’s hot hole, then he spits on it and tongues it, rimming Teddy only like a rough gladiator can. Jaxton pulls on Teddy’s balls while he licks his hole, keeping his prize moaning in pleasure.

Teddy smiles as Jaxton spanks his ass hole with 2 fingers then spanks his ass cheeks, making them turn red. Teddy encourages Jaxton to continue eating his thick ass hole. Jaxton spreads Teddy’s ass hole wider and wider, showing his pink hole. Teddy submits to his gladiator component by dropping to his knees and sucking Jaxton’s cock on the steps. With embers burning in the background and Roman statues around them, these 2 enjoy the musky, masculine sex developing between them. Jaxton pulls on his own balls while Teddy deep throats his pole. He tells Teddy to choke on his fucking dick. Jaxton’s thick thighs are like brick walls as he thrusts his hard cock deeper and deeper into Teddy’s throat, making his gag. Jaxton puts Teddy in doggy position on the steps and enters his man hole, stuffing it from behind with deep, powerful strokes. Teddy’s eyes roll back into his head as he envelops Jaxton’s meat inside him. Just then, Ace Era peeps in on the man-on-man fucking action from around the corner near a Greek statue. The sight of these 2 hot bods turns Ace on. He rubs his cock while he watches the action heat up between Jaxton and Teddy. Jaxton is fucking him hard and we get a close up of the dick drilling action from underneath, watching Jaxton’s cock pump Teddy’s ass hole, disappearing deep inside Teddy’s hairy ass. Ace takes his cock out and jerks off to the sizzling sex the 2 guys have whipped up. Jaxton continues to spank Teddy’s ass cheeks while he splits them open with his prick.

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From doggy style, Teddy lies on his back at the edge of the fountain and watches Jaxton’s cock penetrate his rectum some more. Jaxton holds one of Teddy’s legs up over his shoulder and annihilates Teddy’s hole, fucking him deep and hard. Ace watches the action, continuing to jerk his meat as he crawls across the floor for a better view of the sweaty sex. The hot action sends Ace to his breaking point. He shoots his load while watching Jaxton and Teddy and shortly after, Teddy spews a huge wad of cum all over his own stomach as Jaxton’s cock continues to spread his ass hole open. Jaxton pulls out and jerks off all over Teddy’s hairy balls, covering them in strings of cum. He whips every drop of cum out of his cock on Teddy’s balls them kisses him. Ace crawls quietly away as the scene ends.

Scene 2:  Tex Davidson, Ace Era, Teddy Torres

The steamy Roman baths are the set up for this next scene in Erectus. This time, Ace Era and Teddy Torres are back and are joined in a threesome with Tex Davidson and his big cock. The guys waste no time getting to know the intimate side of each other, enjoys their oily, steamy bodies wrapped in tight, loin cloth. The bearded Tex kisses Ace passionately while Teddy kisses Ace’s stomach and chest. Teddy kisses his way down to his knees in front of both Ace and Tex. Teddy focuses his affection Tex, stripping him out of his loin cloth while kissing his navel. Once Tex’s cloth drops to the floor, we see his thick, hard dick waiting for Teddy’s mouth. Teddy wraps his lips around Tex’s cock, sucking and deep throating it. Tex thrusts his cock down Teddy’s throat then pulls it out and spanks Teddy’s tongue with it. Teddy is a greedy cock worshiper and he enjoys Tex’s hard pole down his throat.

Tex encourages Teddy to suck his cock, holding his head and guiding his meat to the back of Teddy’s throat. The fire burns in the background and the sound of the bath can be heard as the guys turn this Roman bath into a hot sex room. Ace kisses all over Tex’s neck while Teddy continues to suck Tex’s cock. Teddy jerks his dick while he sucks. Ace wants a taste of Tex’s dick and he drops to his knees to suck the hard-bodied Roman.  Teddy and Tex kiss passionately while Ace feeds his face with cock. Ace ups the ante, grabbing hold of both Tex and Teddy’s cocks and sucking them. He chokes and gorges on the hard meat in front of him as the guys tell him to suck that fucking cock. The threesome takes their lust over to the stairs where Ace bends over doggy style as both Tex and Teddy eat his ass hole. Ace tells the guys to spit on that hole. Tex follows his orders, spitting on Ace’s tight ass hole then burying his hairy face between Ace’s ass cheeks. Teddy follows suit, dining on Ace’s tight ass. Ace’s ass cheeks have the words Fuck Me tattooed on them and he’s ready for a cock stuffing after the hard rimming. Ace’s ass hole has been begging for cock and he gets it in doggy position on a bench in the bath. He kneels over the bench with one knee and Tex walks up behind him and stuffs his man hole. Tex thrusts deep inside his ass, pounding Ace’s Roman rectum. Ace yells out, “give me that cock,” as Tex’s dick thrusts deeper and deeper inside him.

The doggy style turns to a deep penetrating missionary-style fucking with Ace lying on his back on the bench with one of his legs lodged over Tex’s shoulder. Tex continues his anal assault of Ace’s ass hole, making Ace bit his lips in pleasure. He tells Tex to use that hole and that sets Tex into overdrive until he pulls out and blows his load all over Ace’s cock and balls. Ace pops at eh same time, shooting his wad in groaning in ecstasy. The 2 kiss passionately, ending their scene in the Roman bath.

Scene 3: Jaxton Wheeler, Bruno Bernal, Ian Greene  

This next hot threesome is in the Roman bath and it features warriors Bruno Bernal and Ian Greene, kissing each other on a bench. As they get to know each other’s bodies better, hunk Jaxton Wheeler stands in the doorway, watching and lusting after the 2 gladiators. He pulls his loincloth aside and jerks his already-hard cock as he watches like a voyeur. This is perhaps the hottest scene in Erectus as it develops quickly into a hot round of steamy, sweaty sex in no time. Next, we see Jaxton lying on his back on the bench with Bruno riding his dick and Ian fucking his mouth. The hunk Jaxton has become a pleasure pole for Bruno’s ass hole as he bounces up and down on it. Ian continues to choke Jaxton with his dick while Jaxton spanks Bruno’s ass cheeks.  Jaxton fucks his ass harder and faster, keeping Bruno moaning in pleasure.

The fucking turns to standing doggy style over the bench and this time Jaxton grips Bruno by the hair as he slams his cock deep inside Bruno’s tight ass hole. We get a hot aerial shot of Jaxton pounding Bruno’s ass hole as Bruno screams out in pleasure. The sound of body slamming gets louder between these hard-bodied gladiators and getting his hair pulled sends Bruno to new heights of pleasure. Ian is next to experience Jaxton’s man meat. He hosts his cock in his ass hole while lying on his back on the bench. Jaxton grips Ian’s thigh, keeping one of his legs over his should, and he pumps his ass hole. Ian yells out, “fuck me!” After a long, hard round of fucking, the three guys get back together again with Ian riding Jaxton’s cock as Jaxton lies on his back on the bench with Bruno rubbing Jaxton’s chest. Bruno sits his big, round ass on Jaxton’s face, burying him in his cheeks. Jaxton licks Bruno’s ass hole as the fire burns near them. This hot threesome is a sizzling sight as three Roman gladiators work their bodies up into a sexual frenzy. They take their passion and lust to the doorway where Ian drops to his knees to suck Jaxton’s cock. Jaxton cums all over Ian’s face while Bruno watches and jerks off. Bruno pops next, cumming on the floor of the bath as Jaxton grips him around the waist. Ian, who still has Jaxton’s cum all over his face, blows his load on the floor as well then stands and kisses Jaxton, who licks up some of his own cum. The three guys kiss each other as the scene ends.

Scene 4:  Ian Greene, Bulrog

Much like the Greek hunter Nemesis, Ian Greene is a beautiful man who is enchanted by his own appearance. He is so fixated on his good looks that he is trapped under a spell at a reflection pool. He sees his own reflection and finds it so beautiful, that he falls in love with himself. He is under a trance and doesn’t see Bulrog watching him. Bulrog has a hard, hairy body and he rubs himself as watches Ian bend over at the pool. Ian’s tight ass sits perched at the edge of the pool as he bends over doggy style to watch his own reflection. Bulrog moves closer and closer toward Ian, rubbing his tight abs and hairy chest, turned on by Ian’s beauty and body. Bulrog notices that Ian is trapped under a spell and he walks up to him, hugs him from behind and moves him away from the pool, breaking the enchanted trap. Once he has Ian in his arms, his kisses him passionately and squeezes his ass cheeks while Ian grips his cock.

Bulrog’s dick is hard and pierced, and Ian jerks it while he kisses him. Bulrog loosens the loin cloth from around Ian’s ass, grabs his ass cheeks and spreads them open, revealing Ian’s tight ass. He fingers Ian’s ass hole while gripping his body close to his. Bulrog puts Ian back in doggy position at the edge of the pool, spreads his ass cheeks open and buries his bearded face between them. He rims Ian’s ass with his wet tongue, making the beautiful boy moan in pleasure. We get a great close-up of Bulrog’s tongue lashes Ian’s manhole. Bulrog stuffs his thumb in Ian’s ass then replaces it with his tongue. The horny and hardy Bulrog tongue whacks Ian’s ass hole, spitting on it and watching the spit drain down his balls. Bulrog continues to shoot spitballs in Ian’s ass and licks it up with his tongue. The ass eating is hot to watch. Ian climbs down, gets on his knees and hugs Bulrog’s big, pierced cock with his lips. He sucks his dick, deep-throating it and keeping Bulrog satisfied. Ian grips one of Bulrog’s thighs as he sucks his dick, making a mess of himself as the drool drains from his mouth.  Bulrog thrusts his cock down Ian’s throat until he pops, releasing a load of cum in Ian’s mouth. The 2 kiss passionately, exchanging Bulrog’s cum from mouth to mouth.

Final Thoughts:

It’s the time of gladiators, hard, hairy bodies and incredible man-on-man sex in Director Steve Cruz’s Erectus. Set in ancient Rome, Erectus transports us back to an erotic and mystical time centered around the chiseled bodies of beautiful men slamming into each other in battle followed by lust-filled, unbridled hardcore sex in the Roman baths. The flick features ripped demigods Jaxton Wheeler, Teddy Torres, Ace Era, Tex Davison, Ian Green, Bulrog and Bruno Bernal in four scenes of incredible action. Dressed in tight, loincloth wrapped snugly around their bulging thighs and amazing asses, the stars of this flick are drawn to the Roman baths where they work out the sexual tension they’ve built up on the gladiator battlefield. Water and fire play an instrumental role in adding to the mystique of this flick with Ian and Bulrog having oral sex at a mysterious fountain. The other scenes feature sensational threesomes on stone benches and steps with fire pits and Roman statues nearby, culminating in wads of cum. Cruz has paid attention to every detail in transporting viewers to a sex-filled era that celebrates a man’s body. I highly recommend this movie. The sex is hot, the guys are gladiators in their own right and the scenery, lighting and overall production are successful in presenting a side of ancient Roman we can only fantasize about.

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