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My Sex Therapist

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 4/24/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Vignettes


Cast: Ryan Ryans, Abby Cross, Elle Alexandra, Celeste Star, Sara Luvv, India Summer, Jessa Rhodes

Director: Stills By Alan

Release Date: Jan. 31, 2017

Length: 3 hrs. 16 min.

Video/Audio: Anamorphic widescreen in 5.1 surround

Extras: Behind the Scenes feature, a slideshow and trailers for A Girlsway Story and Lesbian Coming Out Stories


Overview: Yet another terrific collection of scenes from Girlsway.com. It consists of two 2-part stories and one fetish scene. It's marked by Girlsway's trade mark excellence in production, Stills by Alan's expert direction and terrific performances.


Scene One: “Secretary Day” starring Ryan Ryans and Abby Cross


Abby Cross plays Ryan Ryan's secretary at her PR firm. Ryan's client Jessa Rhodes reminds her that tomorrow is Secretary's Day and that she should get Abby something. So she goes online and orders Abby a jacket and some sexy underwear for herself. She tells Abby that she hadn't forgotten about her for Secretary's Day at that she got a special surprise for her tomorrow. The next day when Abby arrives at the office there's a package outside the door. She opens it and finds not only the jacket but the underwear also. Taking this as a hint she puts it on and surprises Ryan when she comes to the office. She tries to explain to her the underwear was for her but Abby, who's always had the hots for Ryan, puts the moves on her. She chases her across the office and starts making out with her, unbuttoning her blouse and stripping her down. She pulls Ryan's gorgeous tits out of her bra and sucks on her big nipples. After getting her panties off she sits her in a chair and starts eating her pussy. In a fantastic performance Ryan has an amazing vocal orgasm before she lays on the floor and Abby sits on her face in a 69 position.


Abby rubs Ryan's pussy as she cums in mouth and then eats her out again. Ryan fingers Abby at the same time making them both cum simultaneously. They end up tribbing each other, bumping their pussies together until the both explode on each other. This is a great scene with terrific performances from Abby and Ryan. They're both beautiful, and Ryan always announcing when she's cumming is always a turn on.


Scene Two: “My Sex Therapist Part One” starring Elle Alexandra and Celeste Star


In a terrific scene with two wonderful performances, Elle Alexandra is a bi sexual woman who wants to live the straight life with her husband. However after receiving a text from an old lesbian lover, she feels torn, worried that her attraction to women will prevent her from being faithful to her husband. Confused, she goes to see a therapist, played by Celeste Star. The interplay between the two is great as Celeste probes Alexandra and concludes she shouldn't suppress her lesbian desires and act upon them with her. This marks the beginning of an incredibly hot and sensuous scene that starts with Celeste removing her shirt and Elle kissing her chest. After a quick makeout session Celeste gets naked and sits on the desk and spreads her legs for Elle to eat her pussy.Elle slowly and tenderly licks and sucks Celeste's pussy giving her wave upon wave of pleasure. She makes these deep gutteral moans as her pussy is being pleasured that are incredibly hot. After cumming in Elle's mouth, Elle backs up to Celeste who showers the back of her neck with kisses as she plays with Elle's tits, rubbing her front up and down until she reaches her pussy and fingers her under her panties until she cums on her hand.


Elle then sits in the chair and Celeste devours her pussy, fingering her and licking her clit making her cum. Celeste then sits back and Elle teases her pussy with her teeth and tongue. This drives Celeste crazy and convulses on Elle's face as she cums, putting her in a head lock with her thighs. She then sits back up on the desk and Elle eats her pussy and ass. Elle then climbs up and sits on Celeste's face while Celeste tongues her pussy. After Elle bucks and grinds her pussy on Celeste's face to orgasm, Celeste sits back in Elle's arms while Elle rubs her clit. After making her cum Elle lays back on the desk and rubs her own pussy while Celeste jams her thumb in it.


Then after a couple of minutes of making out Celeste climbs up and they bump pussies. Celeste grinds her pussy on Elle's until she cums, and then they switch places and Elle grinds hers into Celeste's until she orgasms. This incredible scene ends with Celeste eating out Elle. The performances in this scene are nothing short of breathtaking. There's so much cumming and pussy play it's enough to leave anyone exhausted. And this is only part one. To be continued...thankfully!


Scene Three: “Executive Pussy” starring Sara Luvv and India Summer


This comedic foot fetish scene for all of you lesbian foot worshipers out there. Sara Luvv plays an aspiring model who's being interviewed by her idol, fashion designer India Summer. India is absolutely wonderful as the icy executive who is completely business and is amused by Sara's star struck nervousness. She tells her they are starting a new line of shoes and asks to see Sara's feet. She sets them on India's desk and India feels and caresses them, telling Sara how much she's impressed by them. Later that day Sara texts her friend telling her the interview went well and how hot India is “in a MILF kind of way.” While she's texting she gets a call back from India to come in ASAP. All giddy Sara shows up and shows India her list of all the vendors and everything on her phone. India tells Sara to go and greet them, however Sara is so excited she leaves her phone behind for India to read her text to her friend, and about how hot she thinks India is. So India decides to have some fun. When Sara comes back India tells her to put her foot on the table.


India takes her shoe off and starts sucking her toes. This freaks Sara out and she runs out of the room, making India smile wickedly. Later that weekend India shows up at Sara's place, barging in and heading straight to the bed. She takes the befuddled Sara's bare feet and starts caressing them again, licking them and sucking her toes. Sara is completely confused by India's intentions, but consents to her boss. After some cute interplay with some witty dialog between the two, and a lot of licking Sara's feet, India eventually has Sara's shirt off and plays with her tits and feet. Sara eventually gives in and starts making out with India. India starts rubbing Sara's crotch through her shorts until she has one of those intense orgasms as only Sara Luvv can do. By now India has her top off and starts rubbing Sara's crotch with her foot. Sara humps and grinds on it until she cums.


Sara then takes her shorts off and rubs her pussy under her panties as India sucks on her foot again. India goes down and starts eating Sara's pussy, over her panties at first and then removing them. She sucks and munches on Sara's pussy bringing her to another intense orgasm. India then stands up on her knees and starts rubbing her pussy with Sara's foot outside of her panties. In contrast to Sara Luvv's orgasms which are so bombastic, India's are much more controlled with a sweet intensity. She licks her juices off of Sara's foot and then lays down for Sara to eat her out. Sara eats her pussy until she has another very subdued but still beautifully intense orgasm. Sara then gets on all fours and India furiously rubs her pussy with her thumb while sucking on her toes before eating her out from behind. She then flips over and India starts tribbing her, rubbing her pussy against Sara's while sucking her toes some more. She rides and grinds until they both cum on each other.


For me this is a rather wild scene. Sara and India are fantastic in their roles, playing them to a T. And if you're a foot fetishist, trust me, you will not be let down.


Scene Four: “My Sex Therapist Part Two” starring Elle Alexandra and Celeste Star


Part two takes right up where part one left off. Elle and Celeste are still laying together on the desk. Elle tells Celeste she has to go. Elle begs her for five more minutes. Elle gives in and lays down on the desk for Celeste to sit on her face. Celeste dances her pussy on Elle's tongue and Elle rubs her pussy while licking her asshole. They then go into a 69 and they both take turns making each other cum. Elle then lays back in Celeste's arms and rubs her clit while Celeste fingers her pussy. This gives Elle an incredibly intense orgasm and then they both take turns masturbating in front of each other before putting their pussies together and tribbing each other.


Celeste furious bumps Elle's pussy until she cums, nearly knocking the phone off of the desk. She then starts rubbing her pussy against Elle's missionary style and before they scissor each other, Celeste furiously grinding Elle's pussy until they both have one more intense orgasm together. I can see why they split this scene into two parts. There is so much action with so much intense fucking, the viewer definitely needs a breather. And if you're a fan of the terrific Girlsway classic A.I., watch for a little surprise at the end!


Scene Five: “Tied Up Naked” starring Ryan Ryans and Jessa Rhodes


This is part two of the first scene of the disc. It's a few months later and Ryan and Abby are now in a relationship. They are living together now and Abby wants to show Ryan how much she appreciates her by doing something special for her. They start making out and undressing, and then to Ryan's surprise Abby pulls out some pink shackles and a blindfold. After putting them on Ryan she sneaks in Jessa. With Jessa making out with Ryan, Abby leaves the room. Ryan knows this isn't Abby, but Jessa makes her keep the blindfold on. Jessa covers Ryan's body with kisses, drooling on her big nipples and sucking them off. With some intense and beautiful foreplay, with a lot of making out between the two, Jessa starts kissing her way down to Ryan's dark hairy pussy.


She teases all around it before eventually fingering and licking her clit. Ryan writhes on Jessa's face before Jessa starts rubbing her pussy from behind. She keeps rubbing until she almost cums, and then stops. Ryan begs her to keep going. And that's the theme of this scene, Jessa giving Ryan a massive case of blue balls until the end. She makes Ryan rub her pussy before sitting on Ryan's face. Jessa rides Ryan's face while at the same time rubbing Ryan's pussy until they go into a 69. They lick each other's pussies and then finger each other, Ryan begging to Jessa to make her cum, but Jessa again denies her, climbing off of her to kiss her and tell her not yet.


Jessa goes down and teases Ryan's pussy with her tongue again before climbing on top of her and bump their pussies together. They rub and grind on each other making Jessa cum, but jumps off right before Ryan does. She then goes down and eats her pussy before climbing back on and riding her again, letting her cum this time, and man does she. All of that pent up energy comes out in one amazing blast. Truly a sight to behold. After making her cum Jessa leaves the room and Abby comes back in, swearing it was her all the time. Cute.


Overview: With just a few minor flaws it's another great title from Girlsway. The performances are all fantastic with the highlight being the title scenes. Elle Alexandra and Celeste Star have amazing chemistry together with scorchingly hot performances between the two. And while I'm not really a foot fetishist, the extremely talented Sara Luvv and India Summer turn in two fantastic and humorous performances for their scene together. I found the final scene to be a little silly, but the beautiful Ryan Ryans' performance was top notch. I did enjoy this title, but overall I don't think it ranks up there with the more superior Girlsway compilation dvd's like Going Bonkers or the recent Don't Tell Hubby. Still, based on the terrific performances and the usual fantastic direction of Stills By Alan, I Highly Recommend it.


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