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Lily Lane

Studio: Other » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 4/26/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The “Pro Villain.” That is a title that has long been a name on the lips of performers that is synonymous with kink, great sex and something that showcases passion in the darkest of forms. I began to research Tim when I began a writing project that let me into the world of “kink” as I like to call it. Now, I am a veteran when it comes to your more traditional adult films. I have seen it all since the mid 1990’s and I was honestly looking to see this form of entertainment done in the form of a man who runs a site, creates content that is geared to people of the industry who love their sexuality served with a bit of pain and deep, raw emotion. Tim was gracious enough to give the XCritic family access to his library of wonder and the ability to peruse through his website. What I found was something just entirely dazzling to the mind.

 Lily Lane and Tim Woodman


Website: www.ProVillian.com

Scene Run Time: 12 Minutes 40 Seconds

Cameras: John White of JohnWhiteCreatives.com

Editing and Production: Tim Woodman

Condoms: No

Releae Date: February 26, 2017

Don Juan’s Phyla: Kink, Bondage, POV, Pussy Licking, Big Boobs, Tattooes


The Spotlight:

“Sweet Dreams” starring Lily Lane and Tim Woodman


The Set-Up:

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 Lily Lane and Tim WoodmanThe camera work is sharp as a tight pan from head to toe shows a beautiful Lily Lane in this beautiful one piece number. Her tattoos are shown with the most stunning camera work and lenses. I have never seen her body art in such beautiful detail. Tim Woodman is a man who has been in the business and while He knows the tricks of the trade and the fact that he adds this sinister musical intro to his scenes was literally music to my ears. As the music begins to build steam, we see Lily go from a sweet dream lying on this cute queen size bed, to having her feet and hands bound to the bed post. The smile stays steady on her face and from those first few moments, the stage is setting itself up for something delicious. The facial expressions of the bound participant are a big part of getting eyes fixated on the screen. We are brought into this amazing dream sequence of lust and fantasy and Lily Lane adds a lot with how she shows that this dream is something very arousing to herself as much as her fans. As the “Villian” himself enters, we see Tim hop right into the action. The breast play is stunning and the camera crew has Lily Lane’s body in the main spotlight looking as gorgeous as can be. I was blown away by how beautiful the camera work is. The back drop has a feel of something “right at home.” I will not say homemade, because that is something I think that says amateur and this scene is anything but. You have a feel like you are watching your neighbors get kinky in the grandest of ways. You get a sense that you are watching the forbidden and ladies and gentlemen, that is what defines adult cinema, does it not.

 Lily Lane and Tim Woodman

The Sex:

Lily Lane and Tim Woodman

The breast play and masturbation that greets you is simply tantalizing. Lily Lane, my goodness. This woman knows what she is doing in front of a camera. As the breast worship moves to pussy licking, the viewer is greeted with some fantastic angles for a one camera operation. The POV side shot of watching The Villain go down south is very arousing to say the least.  I honestly loved the old-school inclusion of music in the scene. It is an old-school throwback for this writer but I also think it creates a cinematic element that takes the sex into another realm of fantasy that just can’t be done with moans of passion alone. The up-close shots are grand. When you see Tim do his thing and the circular motion of Lily’s kitty getting pleased from every which angle, the wow factor is just mind blowing. It had been a while since I had seen camera action that focused on something as sizzling as some good old fashioned pussy licking. Trust me when I say this, Lily has one of the most gorgeous kitties in the business and this showcases it in a way that I have rarely seen, even by big studios, in very expensive productions. The camera does get a little choppy at the end of the scene, if I would to say that there is a flaw to this great piece of entertainment. The Villain fixes things in grand fashion as we are brought into this amazing hovering shot of Lily getting her pussy tongue lashed to the point that the look on her face will make you explode. This is simply something tasty.

 Lily Lane and Tim Woodman

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:


This scene is an adventure into all things Lily. I honestly believe that the true “sweet dream” is what we fans are treated to and not what Lily’s character is day dreaming of. Tim does the essentials in this scene right. He shows Lily and her amazing assets to the fullest degree. Lily has a set of the most amazing boobs in the business. Few women have ever sported a pair that look this good. The other earlier mention aspects of her kitty forthcoming, I think that Lily simply puts on a show that will dazzle the senses. The scene was very short in my opinion and it plays into the old-school them that I was stuck reminiscing in as I watched and critiqued this scene. The tease factor is a huge deal in this scene. When you are on his website, the amazing comic book like design will lead you into something more dark and sinister and I absolutely loved that. Lily gets you primed and after you have watched the twelve-minute piece of erotica, you will be set to graduate to one of her forced orgasm scenes. That is exactly what my first thought was after seeing this scene. The tease is just yummy and as you the fan are visiting this site, it gets your mouth watering for more, which is truly one of the most essential parts of fantasy.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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