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Lay Her Down

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/26/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Feature, Horror/Thriller, Affairs & Love Triangles

Director: Boomskadoom Producers: Icey Mike & Ficus Hedge
Writers: Ginny Rex & Roxy Lixxx
Other Technical People: All listed with pseudonyms in the end credits


Chapters Menu

Bailey Brooke as Emma
Gia Paige as Morgan
Mila Marx as Steph
Carolina Sweets (Steph's Girlfriend)
Aubrey Rose as Vanessa
Mariah as Arya
Johnny Castle as Roy
Marco Ducati as Thomas (Vanessa's Dad)
Brannon Rhodes as Coach Derek

Length: 3 hours 4 minutes

Date of Release: April 10, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Web Info

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: It's good on both counts. There are some cool lighting and camera tricks in play and the audio is well captured (apparently with a boom mic that is visible at one point). Anamorphic widescreen presentation, shot in HD with a 2 Channel Dolby Digital soundtrack. There is some musical accompaniment to build suspense which works well, but if you are a horror fan be advised: I'm pretty sure John Carpenter isn't behind it.

Overview: Someone calling themselves Boomskadoom directs this quasi-horror feature for Digital Playground in which Vanessa (Aubrey Rose) gets whacked by her gal pals because she's written down all their slutty secrets and is threatening to expose them. After the killing, the girls continue on with their promiscuous ways by fucking neighbors, friend's fathers, coaches...whatevs! If you've watched any horror movie in your life, you know what that means!

Vanessa Stark

The first couple of scenes might be your first time seeing newbies like Mariah, Carolina Sweets, or Mila Marx but I suspect you'll see more of them as time goes on. Later scenes feature hotties like Gia Paige and Bailey Brooke, both of whom are definitely up and comers. They may be new, but they seem to be getting booked more and more frequently. The last scene features Aubrey Rose, also a newcomer that I suspect we will see more of. The girls get paired up with one another, or with some decent male talent. It's a good mix of girl on girl, girl on guy, some taboo, a bit of sacrilege, and an orgy. There is a fairly thin plot line that you may want to follow during your first time through, but I suspect most viewers will key in on certain scenes and jump directly to those in repeat viewings. Check it out, it's worth a peeksie!


Scene 1: Mariah, Brannon Rhodes


Industry newcomer, Mariah, is a Latina slut who's banging her coach. In fact, she's so hot for him that after the match she starts blowing him in the locker room as her teammates change into their street clothes. It's a pretty hot setup even if a bit implausible that nobody notices. Once her teammates leave, she puts even more effort into the blowie and then the coach slaps her jiggly ass a bit before giving her the two-finger dip and lick. Switching to a two handed pussy rub, he licks her nipples erect. She likes being Coach's little bitch and he wants her to go for a ride on his rod, at which point the camera tilts up revealing a boom mic to those who might not have their eyes glued to Mariah's ass. Her pink pussy lips glisten as she glides up and down on his cock while he smacks her ass. Like her blowjob, she puts a good amount of effort into riding.


Brannon puts her in doggie and starts banging away, using her hair as a handhold. She starts to moan and he stifles that with his hand clasping around her mouth. He fucks her nice and good as she lies on a bench in missionary, his hand clenching her throat as he plows her hairy hole. He slams into the little slut as he sits behind her. She grips her globes to keep them from flopping around too much as he rams his rod into her before running around to pop on her pretty face. That was a close call because a noise startles them and Coach runs off leaving his playtoy to clean herself up. That cleanup is a bit odd in the fact that she puts her bra and panties on before getting in the shower. And then after testing the water, she unclasps her bra. Umm...okay?

It's a pretty good romp and as bizarre as the setup seems to be, it actually works pretty well due to the characters seeming to have a good chemistry which makes it feel like they definitely have been having a taboo affair.

Scene 2: Carolina Sweets, Mila Marx

Carolina Sweets & Mila Marx

-- sponsored by --

Carolina shows up at Mila's house a bit freaked out because she was home alone. Mila starts to rub her shoulders to relax her and just as the moment turns intimate with some accompanying music, Mila's mom busts in with some cookies. Once Mom's gone the girls decide to relax with a nice bubble bath. As they kiss and feel each other up, the music swells. Mila struggles with the buttons on her lady friend's blouse but finally manages to expose her pert little tits. The girls have great eye contact and chemistry as they slowly strip each other down, licking along the way. Miss Sweets brings a flair of sexiness to the screen with her facial expressions. Once they have their clothes off, they climb into the tub and start rubbing the other's crotch with their feet which is pretty hot even though the action itself is hidden beneath the bubbles. The enjoyment they experience is expressed well by their faces.

Carolina Sweets & Mila Marx

The action moves above the bubble line as Mila moves to the tub edge for some expert tongue licking from her lover. Her chest heaves and her body wriggles as Carolina's cunnilingus continues. The oral favor is returned with a seemingly risky move as Mila bends Carolina over backward and lies her on the floor folded in half. Hanging over the tub edge, she licks Carolina's clit and then they get into a 69, still propped on the tub stair. Both girls make sure neither one's hair covers their face, which is a nice touch from girls just starting out. The girls go for a hardcore groin grinding session with Mila on top, the brunette babe on her back on the floor. The ladies reach a screaming climax simultaneously and Mila heads off to go steal some wine from her Mom's stash.

Scene 3: Gia Paige, Johnny Castle

Gia Paige

Gia's babysitting and after her employers get home, the wife heads upstairs and Gia takes the opportunity to start slurping on Johnny's cock. That session gets briefly interrupted when the wife comes back down for a cup of tea but Gia's back to bobbing as soon as she leaves, her eyes big and bright as she stares up at Johnny. Spit drips down his dick as he stands to fuck her throat ever deeper. Tossing her brunette locks away from the camera, she gets bent over a bar stool so Johnny can give her a rim job and some nice thorough tonguing before plunging into her tight love triangle.

Gia Paige

She squeaks loudly as the bar stool bangs on the floor; begging the question how does his wife not hear this? Her eyes are trained on his as he thrusts in and out of her. After she lubes him up with her mouth again, they move to the floor where she goes for a shrieking reverse cowgirl, her lithe body moving very nicely. He tries in vain to stifle her squeaking as he slams her in spoon, his balls slapping loudly. Gia's a delight to watch as she rides a rod, her peach of an ass slapping furiously as they fuck on the floor. That ass gets pressed against the glass patio door as they move across the room so she can fuck him with her mouth again; the tint on the glass making for an interesting visual as the action is shot from outside. Spinning her around so she faces the glass, he slides into her from the rear; again a nice visual as their reflections can be seen in the glass when shot from the interior. Johnny finally has to blow his wad and he does it all over her chest.

Gia looks great fucking on film but the scene could have been shortened somewhat. It seems overly long and the long timeframe introduces a plot hole which could have been avoided altogether or actually used as an insertion point for a plot twist.

Scene 4: Bailey Brooke, Marco Ducati

Bailey Brookes

Bailey struts into a cemetery wearing only a coat, stockings and panties. There, she finds Marco standing over a massive tabletop-sized headstone. He wants to end their trysts but she wants to show him what's under her coat and peels it off to reveal her silver dollar-nippled breasts. Quickly unbuttoning his pants, she drops to work his rod with her mouth as he peels his own shirt off to reveal his muscular physique. Neither of them seem to notice the bright light and fog emanating from behind the headstone. That light works really well as she gets laid out on the massive headstone for some backlit licking and dicking. On the camera side of the performers, they are awash in moonlight blue lighting that borders on actinic while being strongly backlit by a straw yellow light. It makes for a very artistic and powerful scene as the two screw in the cemetery, her leg tossed over his shoulder gracefully as gives her the business.

Bailey Brookes

As the camera moves around, there's enough whitish light that a deep red can be seen in the rose petals scattered on top of the headstone. Flipping over into a doggie position, her pretty, round ass is featured well with petals adhering to her backside as Mr. Ducati dicks her from behind. He takes his time lying down on the headstone so she can bounce enthusiastically on his boner. Her beautiful assets are displayed well as she rides in reverse bathed in the blue light. As the pair move to banging her bent over a bench the lighting is more white, which really shows her body off well in profile as they bang out a few more positions on the bench. Moving back to the stone, she gets drilled with his manhood methodically, in one position after another, as the camera view switches POVs to reveal that they are being watched. He stands atop the headstone for some finale fellatio which ends with him splashing in her eye.

This is the thinnest of setups on the entire disc, and Marco's lines are delivered in a very wooden fashion. However, the two look good together in the weird lighting as he lays his pipe into her.

Scene 5: Aubrey Rose, Bailey Brooke, Mariah, Johnny Castle

Bailey finds herself in a red dungeon on a red, satin covered altar. Some of her friends are strapped naked to St. Andrew's crosses while another assists Aubrey Rose, who sits in the middle of the room on a golden throne. Other than the crosses, the platforms they are attached to, the throne, and some handy BDSM gear, everything is red. It makes a very definite visual statement.

Bailey Brookes

Splayed out with spreader bars as she lies on the altar, the minions oil her up and then unbind her so she can crawl to her Mistress who blindfolds her and has her open her mouth so she can suck a dick. Her blindfold is removed so she can watch one of her friends assist in the fellatio of the minion. Collared and leashed, she's forced to succumb to her Mistress' wishes as the assistant continues her oral on the minion and the others look on, bound and gagged.


Pink taloned Aubrey is in control of this foursome and she makes the other three do what she wants, which covers almost all of the usual bases. There is a tongue train on the altar, with a cock slammer as the caboose to really heat up the action; with Johnny and Bailey getting so into their banging that they abandon that at some point. It becomes a free-for-all fuck session with Aubrey and Bailey sharing a cock sucking session before helping Mariah bounce on Johnny's dick. Aubrey's silver nipple piercings glisten on her globes when they are in frame while Mariah rides the rod and then she saunters off to enjoy Bailey's kisses. When Bailey takes her turn bouncing the big bone, Johnny licks Mariah who is busily attending to Aubrey's love muffin. Mariah's mouth is the final straw that causes Johnny to jizz as the girls kneel at his feet.

Final Thoughts: It's a good production, with a fairly predictable storyline. If you've seen more than 2 horror flicks in your life, you can pretty much fill in the blanks that I didn't address above. Heck, all you have to do is look at who's in which scenes and you'll figure it out! The setups to each scene are fairly short and the sex probably could have been edited down so the disc isn't three hours long. With that in mind, it is a feature so couples can toss it in and go about their own business as their urges ebb and flow. That shouldn't be a problem because the scenes cover a lot of territory. You have your taboo aspect, your girl on girl, your girl with guy, some kink, an orgy, banging the babysitter...what have you. One or more of those things will probably "work" for most viewers I would think. Right? The cinematography isn't spectacular, but it's effective. Obviously, the guys manning the cams are familiar with horror-style shots as well as being proficient at filming sex on screen. Yeah, there's that one camera snafu early on, but shit happens.

Personally, I like Gia Paige but Bailey Brooke is the one who stood out to me in this film. She just looks great getting it on here. Aubrey and Marco seemed fairly stiff when it came to delivering lines but at least Marco gave Bailey a stiff boner in really cool lighting.

trunk shotGlitter Blood

Yeah, it's a horror flick, kind of. There's no onscreen slashing, but they use cool tricks like the "Tarantino Trunk Shot" a few times and the blood is unique in the fact that it contains glitter. Trust me on this one - I've seen a lot of stage blood, but that was a first. Does it have some plot holes? Yep. Forgive the plot holes, every horror flick has one or thirty. Should you watch it? Yeah, for sure. Will you watch it (or a certain scene) again? Probably. For that reason I'm going to Recommend you watch this one. The disc is a bit pricey if you ask me, but at the moment I write this the only way you can stream it is to be a member of digitalplayground.com

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