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Double Teaming My Stepsister

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/28/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Alt Girls, 18+ Teens, DP, Family Roleplay, Threesomes, Tattoo

Director: Joanna Angel


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Cast The Step-Sisters: Charlotte Sartre, Dylan Phoenix, Eden Sinclair (credited Eden Sin), Luna Lovely
Male Cast : Owen Grey, Small Hands, Tommy Pistol, Will Havoc, Xander Corvus, Ramon Nomar, Mr. Pete

Length: 2 hours 4 minutes

Date of Release: April 24, 2017

Extras: 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Gallery, Internet Info

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Quality on both fronts. There's dialog involved, so don't mute it, you'll miss part of the fun.

Overview: Burning Angel brings back a couple of the girls that you may be familiar with by now, and a couple of girls you probably haven't seen before. They toss in some quality cockstars, there you have it. BINGO. Quality porn. It's as simple as that. The girls get banged by their "step-brothers" in the now familiar genre of "fauxcest". That idea is backed up by some good performances from everyone onscreen.

Scene 1: Charlotte Sartre, Owen Grey, Will Havoc

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte's pissed off that her step-brother took the last beer that was for Owen and heads off to smother him with a pillow. When Will screams for help, Owen rushes in and explains to her that step-brothers are for loving, not killing. She immediately starts kissing her brother and the guys start pawing at her and stripping her down to reveal her milky white flesh. Owen takes ass licking patrol while Will gets his Willie slobbered on. She swaps cocks in and out of her mouth before Owen positions her for a nice spit roasting and starts pumping away and slapping her ass. Flipping her over allows him to fuck her as Will steps aside to get undressed so he can plow his sister properly. She sits on Will's cock as he explores her anus with his fingertips while she sucks her boyfriend's schlong. Will never knew she was such a whore but he's glad she is! Hammering her from below, he makes her scream and she begs for a cock in her mouth which tones down her volume a bit.

Charlotte Sartre

She swaps ponies as they move to the floor for some methodical pumping from Owen as she gurgles on her brother's boner. Charlotte spins around to let her step-brother into her back door and then spins around again for some ass-to-mouth action. That's Owen's cue to plow her back 40 on the floor and then again as she sits atop him on the couch, showing off her perky, pierced nipples. It's a no-holds-barred kind of day for Miss Sartre and the guys take advantage of all the easy access, doubly penetrating her in a number of positions which she thoroughly enjoys. While Will takes a breather, Owen folds her in half for a good, hard nailing. Will steps back in for a bit more blowing before the guys kneel her down to splash across her face and hair. After receiving Owen's juice, she turns to her step-brother but has to pause as she chokes on the first cum load.

Scene 2: Dylan Phoenix, Xander Corvus, Small Hands

Dylan Phoenix

Xander and Small Hands play twins, who are kicking it on a bed, and they start arguing about who has the bigger and better dick. As usual with this pair, crazy banter ensues before they call in their step-sister to settle their dispute. Dylan leaves her webcam show to see what the argument is all about and has to clarify if they are talking about soft or hard dicks. They peel their pants off as their step-sister sits between them in her blue lingerie. Kneeling between the guys, the big boobed blonde checks out their length and girth in her mouth. Still unsure, she thinks they should try her pussy and see if that gives anyone a definitive answer. Small Hands squeezes her ripe, round ass and takes first crack at her crack. On all fours, nearly motionless, Dylan lets the guys ram in and out of her from both ends. Being competitive types, the guys keep thinking of new and innovative ways to compare cocks as they fuck their slutty step-sister.

Dylan Phoenix

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Dylan allows her step-brothers to use her how they see fit, proclaiming this as "the best competition ever" while Xander plugs away at her pussy. When she climbs on to Mr. Corvus, he jiggles her juicy ass cheeks with his hands while hammering her from below as his brother cuts off her air supply momentarily. Her eye makeup starts to stream down her face as they use her like their own shared fuck doll, often trading places as she lies in place. Pulling her to the bed's edge, they do the "old in and out", railing into her in succession. They switch to "the quick one", each taking a couple of strokes and letting the other back in as they try to keep her from sliding off the bed. After another position swap, Xander tries to instruct her what to do with her hand and she yells for him to just keep fucking her and shut up as she cums. The guys finish up with a final spit roast, each taking a turn to spray all over her ass.

So, now you may be wondering... "What was her answer?". You'll have to check it out to see. It's a fun scene to watch from start to finish and it's notable that unlike many porn scenes that go down in a bedroom, this bed actually looks used when they are finished!

Scene 3: Eden Sinclair, Ramon Nomar, Mr. Pete

Eden Sinclair

Ramon shows up to take Eden out and her protective stepbrother protests but wants to meet the guy that's fucking his sister. Eden has her hair up in "Minnie Mouse ear" fashion and is wearing an interesting ensemble sans panties. She explains to her step-brother that Ramon is just a friend with benefits and he should loosen up as she strokes Mr. Pete's crotch before demonstrating what "friends with benefits" is all about. She spreads her legs wide, and the guys need no convincing that she's willing and ready. Her step-brother drops his drawers so she can slob his knob while Ramon removes his own pants and starts plowing. Mr. Pete tells Ramon he's not a bad guy and assures his sister she was right; this is fun! After removing her clothes, she kneels and bobs the knobs; the slobber on her face as shiny as the stripper dust she has on. Climbing onto Ramon's rod reveals her tiny, round ass to the camera as she jerks and sucks her step-brother.

Eden Sinclair

While she rides him, Ramon explores her ass hole with two fingers before trading holes with his new buddy. She smiles at her step-brother and invites him into her ass telling him "not to be a pussy". He rear ends her for a while and then lets Ramon pump her ass as he gets up to push the sectional couch back together. After fixing the sofa, he slides in and out of his step-sisters slit while Ramon brings up the rear. She makes good eye contact with Mr. Pete when they aren't rolling back into her head. The guys seesaw between her holes and then she puts both of their dicks into her mouth simultaneously. She flips back around, riding Ramon like the wind as Mr. Pete pummels her ass. She screams loudly as the men enjoy Eden's gardens immensely. Mr. Pete backs off so that Ramon can bring her to a body-convulsing orgasm and then Ramon has her go back and forth between boners. She cums again while Ramon bangs into her back door and she begs for her stepbrother's dick in her throat. After a wild ride, she kneels on the floor, bouncing energetically as the guys unload on her face.

Eden may be an industry newcomer, but she takes a dual pounding like a seasoned veteran! Keep your eyes on this young fuck bunny, folks!

Scene 4: Luna Lovely, Tommy Pistol, Owen Grey


Tommy is visiting his step-sister, in her new gigantic house, and is absolutely thrilled to find out she lives with the greatest record producer currently working. He runs around sniffing plants and doing "the worm" on their huge bed while freaking out because he is shopping for the right record deal. The lovely Luna makes him swear not to pitch anything to Owen, just be cool. After introducing the two guys, Luna steps away to get drinks and you can probably guess what happens next. Yep, Tommy loses his cool and starts rapping some lame ass shit as Owen crumples up money that doesn't meet his standards. Owen fakes a phone call to ignore what's going down and Tommy magically transforms into Amaak to give Owen "the real show". He starts spitting a rhyme about banging his step-sister, who is currently walking back in and finds it amusing. Owen's feeling it too, but he has to make sure that Amaak is the real deal, not some "studio gangsta". Throwing down the gauntlet, Owen needs Amaak to prove he'd really bang his step-sister. Luckily for Tommy, she doesn't have a problem with it and they get busy on the couch.

Luna Lovely

Owen strips off Luna's shorts as Tommy lifts her top. Luna stands to blow her step-brother while getting her ass eaten by her boyfriend. Luna bends for her blowing duties while Owen lunges and plunges into her from behind. The guys fist bump and high five each other as they spit roast the hot, young, Luna. They spin the stunning spinner around to trade holes, Tommy slapping her tiny ass before having her bounce on his dick. Tommy runs off screen in a "Jay Meewes" fashion while Owen tosses her onto her back and starts banging away at her bald box. Running back into scene, Tommy feeds his cock to his little step-sister as Owen's rhythm continues. Owen's ready for some head and picks Luna up and literally tosses her onto Tommy's cock.

Luna Lovely

Luna pumps Owen's thick rod in and out of her mouth while her step-brother bangs her, and then trades guys. Standing above her, cock in her mouth, Tommy pulls off her top as the trio get ready to kick things up a notch. Tommy tries to spit another line or two of the rhyme he's making up as he is invited to fuck his step-sister's ass. He seems to find it a bit too tight at the moment, so saves it for later. Owen takes a turn fucking her and sticking a finger in her ass and she screams she's going to cum and gets her head pushed back onto Tommy's cock to keep her quiet. She swaps dicks again and Tommy runs off screen again, running back to slap her titties and fuck the back of her leg. Yes, you read that right. Tommy tosses her legs higher so he can "try something" and stuffs his dick in with Owen's. The guys flip her over to double stuff her in cowgirl and then Tommy moves to her ass, finally making it in as she stares off set. She's moaning, groaning, swearing, and praying as the guys pummel into her. Tommy gives her a taste of her own ass and then Owen performs a rear entry while she rides Tommy. It's hard to tell if she's still in this galaxy and enjoying this, as her gaze gets all fuzzy but she's comfortable enough to flip over and the men trade holes again. She's bright eyed, if unable to focus properly, as the guys position her for their pops and Tommy ends his rhyme.

Final Thoughts: This is an easy one. Any one of these scenes alone would rise above many scenes on the market right now, putting four of them together is freaking awesome! Yeah, yeah... I know not everyone is into inked porn stars. Those people aren't reading reviews of Burning Angel titles. This is my 3rd review of a BA title in two days, and this is by far the standout of the three. I liked the other two, gave them differing ratings and this title continues that trend. It's going to get a higher rating! I like to watch Dylan and Charlotte, no doubt about it. They are good at what they do, there's really no debating that. However, Eden and Luna are newbies - but Holy Smokes! Yeah, that might be the same thing I wrote about Charlotte when I was first introduced to her...I don't recall. I don't know where Joanna Angel finds these chicks that like to get their freak on but I'd sure like to!

There's nothing groundbreaking here, people. This boils down to the performers in front of the lens getting down and dirty while people like Mike Quasar, Joanna Angel, and Small Hands control the look and feel of the shoot and the final cut. As usual, Xander and Small Hands work well together from both comedic and sexual aspects. They do that while turning Dylan Phoenix into a living fuck doll. Will and Owen always find a hole to fill in Charlotte. Mr. Pete and Ramon find themselves taking on the newcomer, Eden Sinclair, who turns out to be an unstoppable sexual dynamo. Owen's called into action again with Tommy Pistol and Luna Lovely which works out great for all three of them. Tommy Pistol shines in his comedic, rapping role and Owen plays a good "straight man" while Miss Lovely enters another dimension as they just fuck her silly. Titles like this are why people should #PayForYourPorn. It's not super-highly-polished stuff. It's good film footage. Should you buy this? Absolutely. As I said at the start of my "final thoughts", any one of these scenes is good on its own - together they are great. #HighlyRecommended.

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