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Supersquirt 7 Scene 1

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/30/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Scene, Fetish, Squirting, Sex Toy, Anal, All Girl

Director: Dreadneck

Cast: Adriana Chechik & Zoey Monroe

Length: 33:23 minutes

Date of DVD Release: April 24, 2017, Scene Release: March 24

Extras: N/A

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Good video capture and presentation. I noticed some compression artifacts on my end but I was watching it via streaming on elegantangel.com using a subpar wireless connection on my laptop (so that was probably my problem, not theirs). The way Elegant Angel's website works, from what I can tell, is it starts a stream with the lowest quality stream rate and adjusts upwards automatically if it finds that your connection will support it. I couldn't find a way to manually select a quality, but I didn't look very hard either. I just let it do its thing. The audio is good, just be aware the girls get as loud as they get wet!

Background: I chose to write this today due to the fact that Adriana Chechik was named XRCO Female Performer of The Year 2017 last night. So, I thought I would find some of her latest work and check it out. Logging on to ElegantAngel.com was the ticket! There, I found a scene with her paired up with Zoey Monroe that came out on DVD just days ago. Perfect. If you are a member of the website, you had access to the scene over a month ago! So, what's the scene about? Well, the title should clue you in on that front.

This scene is from Supersquirt 7, a popular series from Elegant Angel which has been directed by a number of top directors over the course of its life and Dreadneck has the helm for this one. Supersquirt 7 as a DVD is really more of a feature showcase for Miss Monroe; I just happened to be looking for Adriana scenes today. Being named Female Performer of the Year is quite a challenge, as it doesn't indicate that she is the best of anything. It indicates that she is really good at a lot of things in the industry. To be FPOTY you have to shine on camera and off. Nowadays social media plays a big factor in that equation, in my mind at least. I'm sure many reviewers and plenty of fans would agree.

The scene goes down in a sunbathed white room, the wind whipping the foliage outside the windows, as a soothing soundtrack fills the air. The camera has its exposure set perfectly for the ladies which gives the room and the exterior a kind of whitish ethereal quality. It's a nice touch. Now, let's look at the scene itself in detail.

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Scene 1: We find the lovely ladies both in black lingerie, accented with pink, as they tease to the soundtrack. Zoey is close to the camera, with Adriana a couple of yards behind her. Dreadneck does some fancy focus pulls to highlight one lady and then another as they move to the center of the room. Adriana seats herself on the sofa as the camera shoots between Zoey's legs. It's a very nice shot, compositionally speaking. The subject matter is well...it's Adriana and Zoey, so you know that's on point! The camera is focused on Adriana who is staring intently at Zoey's face as she pulls her pink panties aside to play with herself a bit. Within 30 seconds, she is gushing all over the floor. Not to be outdone, Zoey rubs herself as the camera pulls focus to bring her legs and ass into a sharp focus as she unleashes her own torrential downpour of clear fluid. As her rains subside, she walks to an eager Adriana and kneels in front of her. Legs in the air and panties off, Adriana gets two fingers from her costar that results in a showering of Zoey's face and chest. She shares that wetness with Miss Chechik through some sloppy but passionate kissing.

Adriana Chechik & Zoey Monroe

Zoey grabs a seat on the back of the sofa and Adriana lies beneath her, begging for her to squirt all over her face. Oops. A firehose stream is released drenching the brunette's full body before drizzling onto her face! We're not even seven minutes into the scene and Adriana looks like she just got out of the pool. This is obviously going to be a serious test of the miracles of modern makeup!

Adriana Chechik & Zoey Monroe

The girls whip out a big rubber double dildo and Adriana sees how far she can shove it down her blonde buddy's throat before ramming it inside of her fuckhole only to replace it with two of her fingers to release the juices which she slurps up with abandon. Adriana's in full "Go!" mode and straddles Zoey's face while panting and issuing instructions to give it to her. She gets rubbed, and jammed with the dildo furiously until she unleashes her own firehose squirt to bathe the blonde beauty with. Zoey manages to catch a few tablespoons in her mouth which she quickly drizzles into Adriana's open mouth. Zoey's caught the "Go!" mode bug herself and presents her ass to Adriana who quickly starts fingering it, licking it, and ramming it with a soaked dildo. As it slides in and out of her butt hole, Adriana licks it excitedly while coming up with some kind of way to take this to the next level.

Adriana Chechik & Zoey Monroe

The next level comes when she has Miss Monroe stretch her ass open wide with her fingers as she straddles her to unleash a stream of her squirt into the open hole. Adriana holds it open so she can stick her tongue deep into it! The camera pans back and forth between their smiling faces before an edit brings us to our two soaked lovelies working a ball-ribbed glass dildo in and out of Adriana's ass. Zoey licks her front hole while ramming her back hole and Adriana's losing her mind. Zoey backs off to watch the dildo go in and out and Adriana brings her talon-sharp fingers into action on herself. A screaming orgasm brings forth a tidal wave that hits Zoey squarely in the face. Miss Chechik's eyes grow as wide as they are stunning as she unleashes the next wave onto her gal pal.

Adriana Chechik & Zoey Monroe

Leaning back, Zoey brings the rubber toy back into play by inserting it into her pussy and placing the other end firmly in Adriana's ass which causes them both to unload massive geysers. Adriana starts furiously licking Zoey's crotch in a cleanup effort as Zoey makes sure to rub fluid onto every inch of her body. Since she's down there already, Adriana grabs the dildo and bends it into a U-shape so she can ram both of Zoey's holes while licking her. There's screaming from both beauties as another geyser burst forth from Zoey and Adriana goes crotch to crotch to match her output. She's not stopping there. She squats over Zoey's face and the showering continues!

Adriana Chechik & Zoey Monroe

A giant glass dildo comes into play as Zoey tongues Adriana's ass in preparation before sliding it in. Ass in the air, Adriana pulls the monster dildo out of her ass as Zoey climbs on top of her to drain herself into the gaping hole. Adriana's begging and screaming as Zoey goes 3 fingers wide into the abyss before trying out the giant ramrod for herself as Adriana stands in front of her showering her slutty friend. The pair's smiles light the room as one squirts downwards while the other shoots upwards. Some final passionate kisses close out the scene.

Final Thoughts: For those that love squirting, you won't want to miss this scene! It features hot blonde, Zoey Monroe, who teams up with XRCO Female Performer of the Year, Adriana Chechik. Together, they unleash quarts of fluid onto themselves and each other. It's a non-stop flood! The girls are as lovely as they are soaking wet! The camera work is on point except for one small bobble during a flooding position change during a closeup, and that's totally understandable. It's a fun-filled geyserfest. For fans of Zoey Monroe, that love squirting, you may want to grab the disc as she gets joined by Luna Star, Melissa Moore, Markus Dupree, and Moe " The Monster" Johnson in her other scenes. I didn't watch the other scenes, yet, but for this one, I can say without a doubt it is Highly Recommended for squirting fans.

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