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Fashion Model

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 5/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

I had been chomping at the bit to review this film for a while. Fashion Model was billed as being Angela White’s first big feature romp with Girlsway in more than just a scene capacity. This film was to feature heavy dialogue and wonderful sets and make-up that would put the viewer into a fantasy that has not been attempted at this degree in a long while. With the amount of time that this film takes up to view in it;s entirety, I was anticipating something that was going to have as much sex as it does story. Alan has set up a dazzling box cover for fans to drool over. I myself was anticipating such great actors as Angela and Charlotte Stokely creating an illusion that will be perceived as reality in the best of ways. Also, a ton of hype has surrounded Lily Rader and her ability to transform into the ultimate “innocent” turned bad. Critics across the industry have given her praise and I was very much anxious to see how these three would turn a great story, into one amazing amusement park ride for the mind.

 Lily Radar, Angela White, Charlotte Stokley, Aiden Ashley


Film Duration: 2 Hours, 51 Minutes

Written and Directed by: Stills by Alan

Cameras: Stills By Alan, Matt Holder, Craven Moorehead

Hair and Make-Up: Lisa Sloane and Cammy Ells

Don Juan's Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Feature Film, No Toys, Story


Act 1: "Small Town Girl in the Big City"

Starring: Angela White and Lily Rader

The Story:

Angela White and Lily Radar

My goodness, talk about being thrust into a mainstream drama in the best of ways. When you press play on this amazing story, you are greeted with Lily barefoot off the turn-up truck hitting Hollywood, California. She is amazing as this young dynamo with a cute look and I fucking mean cute as a button, that will leave you with your jaw on the ground. Lily makes you believe that you are seeing this young, naïve teenager discover all that is Los Angeles, looking to become a super model. I loved the theme. The action shots around the city and on set are so well produced. It gives you a feel that you are in for something great, not just with the sex. Her narrative guides you into the production very firmly. Her voice is soft and sweet and the fans out there that simply cannot get enough of the “teen” aspect of production and performers, this scene is for you. As we start to get into the story, we find Angela White and Charlotte Stokely discussing the next ad campaign that is in dire need of a beautiful face. These two are wonderful and everything from Charlotte’s dainty accent, to Angela’s amazing character will have you beaming with anticipation and excitement. The set is gorgeous, as is each ladies attire. You have everything from heavy make-up and lashes, to all natural and all those things in between. As the ladies cannot decide which model to pick for this daring new add campaign, we find that Angela’s assistant has sent over fresh faced Lily due to her drop dead gorgeous beauty. When the two women meet, a wonderful chemistry translates from screen to viewer’s imagination. These two have the look and they match each other line for line with seduction, cockiness and drive. The type you never see in lesbian cinema. Lily steals the show, as she tells Angela that “no one has ever resisted her.” Angela agrees to let her stay at the model house until she can figure out where to put her. When the ladies venture upstairs to show Lily her room, the seduction hits over drive in the most alluring fashion. Lily seduces Angela and the way that Angela looks her up and down from head to toe is every human being’s fantasy come to life. The women really move at a pace that is slow but sexy, firm, provocative and very fresh. Lily is looking to prove why she should be Angela’s top model and when Lily discovers Angela only dates women, she unveils her near perfect body and Angela moves in for the kill in one of the sexiest lesbian scenes I have ever seen. When you hear this line, "So you don't want to taste my young tight pussy." Buckle up because you are in for a ride that beats the hell out of an amusement park attraction out there.

 Angela White and Lily Radar

The Sex:

The action that sets things up is just the tip of the iceberg. You see the lust in Angela's eyes when we see her begin to get hot and horny as she has Lily in her arms to do with as she pleases. These camera angles are done in a way that the viewer is following every tilt, every sway of Lily's hair and body as Angela fondles her with aggression and sensitivity at the same time. One of the best things about this opening escapade is that Angela showcases a might, a hunger, a carnal lust that translates into silky, sweaty passion on camera. Look closely dear reader and you will always see cum drenched all over Angela's mouth and chin. It is sexy as hell and shows the passion Angela truy has for the taste of women.

Angela White and Lily Radar

One thing I have come to notice of this Australian beauty, is that she routinely gets women out of character with how hot and horny she makes them. Lily breaks character for a split second and tells Angela that "she loves feeling her cum on her pussy" as the girls grind on each others kitties in some of the most savory scissor action you will see in a lesbian film. Lily Rader, my oh my, this gal knows the ropes of showcasing her look, her character and that characters ability to get dominated. Lily has this smile on her face throughout that is the definition of an innocent teen being transformed into something kinky, nasty and dirty. It is something few studios know how to capture with elegance and class in a production. This scene has tasteful domination and Alan lets the women do what they do best. When you see Angela flip Lily over for the third time and begin to finger fuck her to the melody of her wet pussy dripping and sloshing on her finger, it is a sexual symphony that few can orchestrate in this day and age in adult cinema. This scene sets the stage for the rest of the film. It is nice, long and lengthy and the amount of dedication given by the film crew is wonderful. You see up close shots, you see Lily's tongue lap back and forth as Angela sits on her face and works her pussy back and forth. The dirty talk is sexy as can be and it fits this type of scene so well. This scene features some of the best acting I have ever seen from a young performer. Lily really shows range in this scene as she goes from this innocent naive, plain small town girl, to this sexy, stunning vixen when she sheds her clothes. Angela is sure to show the camera that every contour of Lily's body is taken care of. This is a very unique scene. You can not classify it as soft but you can not say it is ultra aggressive either. It falls into that unique category of sex filled passion that few opening scenes every become once shot and edited. This scene is the best of the film and I have to honestly tell you, never had I had such a dilemma when picking out what scene is the best of the film. Now if that isn't the best of things in the land of porn purchasing, I do not know what is.

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 Angela White and Lily Radar

Act 2: "Doing Whatever it Takes"

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Abigail Mac, Lily Rader and Aiden Ashley

The Story:

Charlotte Stokely and Aiden Ashely

The glitz and glam continues in chapter two. Alan really brings us into the world of modeling in a very stylish, provocative way. The camera takes us to a shoot were models Aiden and Lily are being air brushed their swimsuits for a sizzling ad campaign. It is one of the most unique tours I have ever seen on film. The audience is privileged to see both girls at their best and seeing every asset they possess in the most tantalizing way possible. Abigail is the super star photographer and Charlotte is the businesswoman extraordinaire back and financing the whole thing. Charlotte is simply jaw dropping again in her performance. This is solid character acting and the way she speaks in her accent and stays in character will charm the hell out of any viewer. Aiden is the jealous super model who is livid when Lily comes onto the scene to steal her thunder in the photo shoot. The women look beyond gorgeous, especially Aiden and Lily. Miss Rader has the most immaculate make-up. If there were a category for best make-up in a film, this would be an early favorite to win.

Lily Radar and Abigail Mac

As Aiden decides she needs some one on one time with Charlotte to discuss her frustrations, the two women play a game of quid pro quo that will fucking light up your lust meter like a pin-ball machine. Charlotte takes charge and tells Aiden that a "model must do what she has to do in order to get ahead. My goodness, just remembering this scene takes me to a place of fantasy seldom films ever do.

These women know the score and they put on a show that is sure to get you beyond hot and bothered. In the meantime, Lily and Abigail are shooting away and Alan takes you into a realm with his two camera switch that simply shows you every detail of every curve. Abigail is one of the best actors in this business and to see her behind the camera is very cool and will appeal big time to all types of fans especially her hardcore ones.

As the girls go over the shots, they see Charlotte and Aiden playing in the next room and Abigail informs Lily that this is the way business goes in the fashion world. The allure of this second part to the film is brilliant.

It is fantasy that only great minds can make come to life and when you see Lily and her charming facial expressions match her inner monologue debating whether or not to fuck her way up the latter, the film just becomes something so rare. I guarantee you will not be able to sit still during just set-up in this film.



The Sex:

Lily Radar, Angela White, Charlotte Stokley, Aiden Ashley

The sex is almost a two part scene in this body of the film. Charlotte and Aiden go at it, then Abigail and Lily, then all four girls join each in the shoot room for a slice of pure bliss that will satisfy any girl/girl fans pallet. Charlotte begins things by dropping her dress to floor and talking the most luscious dirty talk as Aiden moves her tongue and mouth from her erect nipples to dripping wet pussy. Aiden takes one lick and you see a drop of pussy juice just beading around her gorgeous kitty. This action is just something mind blowing. Charlotte is in character the whole time and Alan takes us on a tour of Aiden's body as she devours Charlotte's pussy with aggression. I myself loved how he switches from up close pussy eating shots to tight focused shots of Aiden's pussy and asshole as she enjoys pleasing the boss. Lily and Abigail are also up to no good in the next room and the kissing begins a seductive encounter that has some of the best titty sucking you can get in a lesbian piece of cinematic gold.

Charlotte Stokely, Aiden Ashely & Abigail Mac

Lily is great blow for blow with Abigail and watching her get Abigail naked is a day dream come to life in front of every viewers eyes. This scene has long, length bursts of lesbian sex. The girls swap partners multiple time and Abigail is the leader of the pack directing traffic. Abigail knows how to really make that role fly. She does not get too aggressive, which is a key to true epic productions when it comes to a girl/girl film and scene. She stays within the means of taste and sexiness. Alan knows exactly how to utilize that in Abigail better than almost any director in the industry. Lily Rader, my goodness, this woman will have your heart pounding with her perfect body, her charming voice and her youthful look. These two fit better together than a set of legos, their one on one encounter has Abigail cumming in Lily's mouth mixed with some luscious dirty talk and leg shaking orgasms, literally. When the girls start getting aggressive, Charlotte and Aiden join the party. This four of these women together is something grand and magnificent. They switch partners three times and every single woman is shot with a beauty that only Girlsway can bring to the table. This scene gets loooong in the best of ways because each woman brings something different to the table. Aiden has that nasty kink that makes the scene lust at it's best, there is a moment where she is eating Lily's pussy and cum is dripping down her mouth. Charlotte is the elegant, dainty seductress who has her body showcase in the most provocative shots. She gets destroyed by the other girls with everything from pussy sucking to hard fingering while she moans in that sexy accent. Abigail, she just knows how to keep the audience interested in everything, then you have Lily. Lily does it all. Her lead character sucks pussy, fucks pussy with long tongue, and when you see Abigail force her and Aiden to kiss, that movie magic just sends sparks across the planet. It is forbidden kink at it's best and I guarantee damn tee you that this scene will have you lying in a puddle of sweat after you are done viewing.

 Lily Radar, Angela White, Charlotte Stokley, Aiden Ashley

Act 3: "What Have You Done For Me Lately?"

Starring: Angela White, Lily Rader and Charlotte Stokely

The Story:

 Angela White, Lily Radar and Charlotte StokelyI think that after that amazing girl/girl orgy, one might feel a little spent. The thing that truly makes a feature, is if it can keep you there, entertained and looking to see what is going to happen next, especially when there is tons of yummy sex occurring within it's recordings. It is the hardest thing to do in an adult film, Burt Reynolds, he wasn’t fucking lying. Lily Radar, Charlotte Stokely and Angela White, the amazing way that they keep the story going is cool as a summer breeze. The closing act has Angela and Charlotte getting ready to move Lily into the driver’s seat of Charlotte’s ad campaign. Once again, the make-up team makes things sizzle as viewer just watches these women exchange dialogue. Lily, she is once again transformed into another woman. She is the innocent, naïve teen in the opening act, the sultry model in the second and the sexy, stylish vixen in the third. Lily looks phenomenal and when you add in her lines of “I will do anything it takes to be a model” in that innocent, charming voice of hers, you will do more than melt like a stick of butter. Charlotte and Angela are the perfect counter parts for this scene. They feed off of one another and they keep each other in character. Angela is the leader of the debaucherously delicious trio. She leads Lily around the sexual carousel with the yummiest of commands and direction. As Charlotte informs Lily that she is going to become the next big thing in the fashion world, the director and camera crew take us on a journey of lavish filming angles and wonderfully shot insights into what makes these women the porn stars they are. Angela’s dress and feet are shown with such elegance. The part where Lily removes her shoes, it is simply to die for visually. When you see the three kiss and Charlotte's dress fall to the floor with her erect nipples being caressed and then licked by young, be prepared to venture into one of the most complete sex scenes of 2017.

 Angela White, Lily Radar and Charlotte StokelyThe Sex:

The magnificence that is the casting of this film comes to a climactic end. Angela has so much for young Lily Rader to do and indulge in. The sex and direction is as steamy as it gets in lesbian erotica. I really commend Alan for bringing in three women who bring something so different to the table. Lily is the young inexperienced model who loves to discover her kinkiness. The pussy sucking display she put on is heaven sent and Lily still has enough direction to stay in character as that innocent teen who is getting ravaged by two of the hottest veteran performers there are in this business. Her body is magnificent and her willingness matches that exquisite beauty to a tee on scene. Angela White,she is that aggressive agent who is going to please her colleague and herself while the getting is good. Angela knows how to really keep things fast, yet sensual and erotic at the same time. Angela does not go overboard with the aggression that some actors would do in the same role. The moments of watching her grab Lily by the hair and hold her head in place, then moving it back and forth as she lathers up Charlotte’s pussy with Lily’s tongue is just too good for words. The ability for this woman to create sexual chemistry that is so awe inspiring that it takes the words right out of your mouth is what Angela White is coming to be known for in the is business. Charlotte Stokely. My goodness. This is perhaps her greatest role acting wise.  Charlotte brings such a wonderful third vibe to this scene as the really dainty, posh, perfect ten that you see on the street getting out of a Lamborghini and you know just is out of your league by her long legs and gorgeous body. Charlotte makes that character come to life. It is not just the accent; it is not just her look. The sex aspect of things has her doing some of the nasty things fans want to see in a threesome that includes two other performers with different styles. The one truly delicious part of Charlotte’s work in this scene is watching Lily and Angela get on all fours with their yummy asses up straight in air, taking turns licking Charlotte’s pussy as she cums all over each one’s lips. This scene translates into something that has everything. We get to see Angela sit of Lily’s face, than Lily upon hers. We some great up close shots of Angela burying her tongue deep in Lily’s ass as Charlotte spreads that gorgeous derriere wide. Alan simply brings you in for some great up close shots of the action. When you see Lily licking Charlotte’s pussy and then sucking on her yummy pussy lips it is magic that simply cannot be duplicated elsewhere. I can honestly say that he brings out everything, including the kitchen sink in this scene and it is not too long, it does not slow down and it does not have that fake feel that so many scenes have that go on for forty eight plus minutes. This scene brings out the best pussy licking action that you could fit into an hour and it does not get boring. It brings forth something that I think every girl/girl fan will love and that each girl’s fans will simply be smiling from ear to ear after seeing because these three women simply have your jaw on the floor the entire time. This scene is something special and I think will go down as one of Alan’s best.

 Angela White, Lily Radar and Charlotte Stokely

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This film has something that I just cannot put my finger on in a good way. It brings so much to the table. Lily Rader does something I did not think she could, she goes into three scenes and has all of them fly with not blazing colors but a streak of splendor in the air that you simply cannot deny is very sexy and passionate. Her narrative is cute and fits the theme of the film beautifully. You get this vibe that things are really being seen from her perspective. This is something for the fan who loves to see innocent teens discovering sex. It is so well planned and so well acted, you indeed feel like you are watching a main stream television show. I mean that. Alan takes us to a world of pure fantasy and when the cast includes such great support for Lily’s character, things just turn into a must own film for the common porn fan and those who indulge in Girlsway. Angela White, she is simply going to be called Queen Midas, because everything she touches becomes something far more sought after than gold. Her acting is brilliant, her sex drive is almost unmatched and she brings it all to the table. Her behind the scenes interview is amazing for all you Angela White super fans. This woman puts an effort into things that truly set the stage for a remarkable story, then there is Charlotte. This is truly one her best, if not the best supporting role she has ever played. Charlotte is a master of character portrayal, especially during sex. Charlotte makes this film what it is and that says a lot with the star power that is featured. Her character has sass, cunning moves, cunning talk and she gives off the true essence of that gal who is out of everyone’s league but everyone day dreams about after they have just seen a glance of her on the street or walking into a restaurant. That is fantasy at its most brilliant. The best aspect of her performance is that she is always in character and you simply cannot take your eyes off her. The one on one encounter with Aiden has something in it that I think will grab her some hardware come the start of 2018 if you catch my drift. Then when you look at things from afar and you, Abigail and Aiden are plugged into the mix, this just screams to the fans that this film packs a punch, delivers on all ends as well. I do not see any huge flaws with this film. There are a few things I would have done different but they are things no fan truly cares about when it comes to them drifting off into fantasy land for three hours to spend time with the girls of their dreams. This film is worth every dollar and every membership due. Alan and company are churning out hit after hit and I hope you as a fan are there to get them while they are hot because cinema this good does not stay on the shelf forever.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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