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Dirty Little Interracial Schoolgirl Stories

Studio: New Sensations » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 5/8/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 17 minutes

Date of Production:  Released March 20, 2017. Production Year: 2017

Genre: Interracial; All Sex; 18+ Teens; Cosplay; Big Cocks

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Featuring Kylie Page with Eden Sin, Kristen Scott, Gina Valentina, Ricky Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, Nat Turner and Jon Jon

Bonus Scenes: Bonus Scene 1: Riley Reid and Sean Michaels in My Hotwife’s First Interracial; Bonus Scene 2: Jenna Ivory and Isiah Maxwell in Babysitter Likes ‘Em Black

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for Tales from the Edge, My Hot Wife’s First Interracial, Babysitter Likes ‘Em Black, Baby Needs a Black Cock; Behind the Scenes; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, popshot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


There are some bad schoolgirls and then there are those dirty schoolgirls who are constantly craving cock. Director Paul Woodcrest pulls four of those girls together in his flick Dirty Little Interracial Schoolgirl Stories, showcasing four young starlets horny for big, black cock. Kylie Page is the dirtiest schoolgirl of all as the featured starlet of the flick, fucking AVN’s Best Male Newcomer Ricky Johnson in the opening scene. She enjoys his long, black pole in her mouth and pussy and these two have great chemistry, opening this flick on an intense note. They play a game of submission in the beginning as Kylie, who dresses in her schoolgirl uniform just for Ricky, fucks him on the couch. The rest of the dirty schoolgirls include Eden Sin, Kristen Scott and Gina Valentina. The next hottest scene is between Eden and Isiah Maxwell who is tutoring her in history but soon learns she’s not interested in learning about the past, she wants to fuck her tutor. They engage in passionate lovemaking against the wall before moving their pent-up desires for each other to the bedroom where Isiah stretches her tight, little pussy. Overall, I recommend this flick. Nat Turner and Jon Jon round out the black dick delivery men, stuffing Kristen and Valentina just like they dreamed it would be. The production quality of the flick is good and the starlets are convincing in their short scenes leading up to the action. Eden and Kristen are heavy cummers and reach their peaks several times in their scenes.

Scene 1:  Kylie Page and Ricky Johnson

Twenty-year-old Kylie Page has been in the biz since 2016 doing movies for a number of studios. She is the featured starlet in this flick, gracing the cover in her school uniform skirt flipped up over her ass. AVNs 2017 Best Male Newcomer stuffs her pussy with big, black cock in this opening scene. When the action begins, Ricky is kissing her neck and rubbing her pussy and ass. They continue to kiss passionately when Ricky tells her he has a surprise for her. It’s her school uniform. He helps her put on her bra and panties then her school uniform. It’s a short skirt and white shirt. He even puts socks on her feet. Ricky sits at the table and Kylie climbs on top of the table, crawls toward him and asks him what are they going to do next. Ricky tells her they’ll do whatever he wants. Kylie wants to be submissive to him and she kisses him again, then turns around, putting her ass in his face while she bends over on all fours, doggystyle. Ricky spanks her ass cheeks, turning them red then asks her if she wants him to be rough with her today. Kylie does want it rough. She wraps her legs around his waist and he takes her over to the couch, strips her out of her bra and sucks her nipples while fingering her pussy. Soon, he has pulled her panties off and is eating her pussy. Kylie starts moaning louder and louder as Ricky tongues and licks her snatch.

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Kylie pulls down his pants and kisses his cock still lodged in his underwear. When she pulls his underwear down, she’s greeted by a big, black cock and she wastes no time in sucking it. She jerks it back and forth and works on deep throating his meat, making him moan. Ricky starts fucking her throat and makes her gag. She spits up all over his shaft. Ricky sits on the couch and Kylie continues to work on his meat slobbering while Ricky pulls her hair back. Kylie titty fucks his dick, wrapping her boobs around his cock and squeezing it. Kylie sits on his long pole in reverse cowgirl position and swallows it deep in her pussy. Ricky drills her wet, schoolgirl pussy as Kylie screams out. She climbs off and sucks his cock again, swallowing her pussy juices off it, then she rides it cowgirl style. Ricky spanks her ass cheeks while she rides him then he positions her doggystyle and penetrates her pussy from behind. Kylie still has on her school uniform skirt flipped up over her ass while Ricky’s cock stretches her pussy. She goes back to riding him in reverse cowgirl position, wrapping her tight pussy around his hard prick. After sucking his dick again, she goes on another cowgirl ride then gets fucked missionary style. She screams out “oh, fuck that pussy!” as Ricky pumps her hole doggystyle. The sensation is making Kylie cum. Ricky pulls out and cums all over Kylie’s tongue.

Scene 2:  Eden Sin and Isiah Maxwell

Eden should be paying attention to the tutoring she’s getting in history from Isiah. He can tell she’s really not into the lesson so he decides to wrap things up. As he’s ending the lesson, he asks her if her parents are home. She says no, they’re out of town. Isiah is curious about his payment. He hasn’t gotten paid for his tutoring services over the past couple of weeks and he asks her to call her parents. Eden says she can’t call them. Her cell phone doesn’t even work, and she shouldn’t have boys over when her parents aren’t home. With that, Isiah gets up to leave, but Eden stops him and tells him they can still hang out. Next, we see very passionate making out between these two as they enjoy discovering each other’s bodies up against the wall. Isiah kisses his way down Eden’s body until he gets to her pussy. He starts tonguing her as she stands over him. The feeling is driving Eden crazy, especially when Isiah lifts her legs over his shoulder. He devours her wet, schoolgirl pussy, keeping Eden more than satisfied. With her pussy wet and creamy, Isiah stands, drops his pants and feeds her his hard, black cock. Eden doesn’t hesitate to suck his dick. She works her lips further and further down his shaft as he starts to fuck her throat. Isiah skull fucks her hard, stuffing her throat and making her gag. She starts drooling all over his cock and herself. Eden loves it. Isiah encourages her to swallow his meat even more. The two kiss with dick drool hanging from Eden’s cheeks then she gets in doggy position on the bed, holds her ass cheek open and watches as Isiah penetrates her pussy from behind.

He fucks her hard and deep, filling her pussy up and making her scream “fuck!” Eden didn’t care much about her history tutoring lesson but she is fully into getting fucked by her tutor. Isiah asks her if her parents know just how much of a bad girl she really is. He pulls her arms behind her back and continues his pussy slam. She yells that she loves his big, black cock and it feels so fucking good. The doggy turns to standing doggy with one of Eden’s legs held high up over Isiah’s shoulder. She tells him “don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” She gets on top of his cock again in reverse cowgirl position and this time when he pulls out and spanks her clit with his dick, she cums. She sucks his dick in 69 position then turns around to ride it cowgirl style. Isiah fucks her hard again, keeping Eden screaming in ecstasy. They spoon fuck then turns to missionary style slamming until getting into another hot round of standing doggy fucking. Isiah spreads her pussy in one final round of missionary style fucking until pulling out and cumming all over her face and in her mouth. Eden is even more greedy for cock now than she was at the beginning of the scene. She grabs his dick and deep throats it then swallows his load.

Scene 3:   Kristen Scott and Nat Turner

When Kristen’s scene opens, she’s already horny. She’s fingering her pussy up against the wall and getting herself off. She’s dressed in her short school uniform skirt and white shirt, fingering her pussy hard and fast. She bites her lip in ecstasy just as the doorbell rings. She stops fingering herself, opens the door and sees that it’s Nat. She lets him in and starts kissing him. He asks if anybody’s at home with her. She says no, “of course not.” She wouldn’t invite him over if her parents were home. Kristen has something to talk to him about. She wants to talk about their relationship. Things are going so well between the two of them that she wants to tell everybody about what they’ve got. Nat doesn’t think this is a good idea, but Kristen doesn’t think it’s right to keep their relationship a secret. She wants to celebrate what they have and her family and friends are just going to have to get used to it. Nat cares about her but tells her he doesn’t think this is a good idea. Kristen starts to straddle him on the couch and she tells him she was touching herself before he got over there and she’s still wet. They kiss some more and decide to go upstairs to the bedroom. He lies her on her back and spreads her legs open and starts tonguing her pussy. Kristen is back in pleasure mode again as Nat stabs her pussy and ass hole with his tongue, making her moan. He licks her thighs then works on her clit some more, kissing and licking it.

Kristen gets on her knees and works on eating Nat’s meat. She jerks and sucks then licks his balls while looking up at him. Nat holds her head still with both hands then fucks her throat. Kristen starts drooling on his cock and she unbuttons her shirt. Nat tells her she’s such a good girl. She sucks his dick some more then takes it out of her mouth and beats her tongue with his cock. Nat aims for her throat again and rams it with his big, black pole. With Nat’s dick covered in spit, he sticks it in her pussy doggystyle. Fucking this horny schoolgirl. We get great closeups of Kristen’s pussy slam. The pair takes the action to spoon position and Nat pumps her hole, filling it with every inch of his cock. The big dick stuffing makes Kristen cum. Her body shivers as she reaches orgasm. Nat never lets up, continuing to stuff her pussy. She climbs on top of his cock cowgirl style and rides it. Her pussy creams all over his meat as it disappears deep inside her pussy. Nat spanks her ass while she rides him. She mumbles, “I love your dick! I love your dick!” as Nat fucks her missionary style. The feeling is making her cum again and she tells him to keep it right there as he stretches her tight schoolgirl hole. The feeling makes her cum again and she shivers and shakes in ecstasy. Once he starts fucking her missionary style, Kristen cums another time. She sucks his cock then lies on her stomach for a downward doggy fuck. Nat pumps her pussy until he pulls out and pops in her face. She sucks his cock clean of cum and smiles with his dick in her mouth.

Scene 4:  Gina Valentina and Jon Jon

Gina thanks Jon Jon for giving her a ride. He is more than happy to oblige, especially for a pretty girl like her. She presses her body into his and says she’s happy he came over. She makes it clear that she wants him and she wants him now. Jon Jon isn’t so sure they should be doing this outside, especially with all the neighbors around. Gina leads him inside to the kitchen, sits on the counter and asks him if this is a better location. The two flirt and start rubbing each other’s bodies. He asks her how old she is and she tells him she’s 19. He calls her a bad little girl. They start kissing as he tells her there’s another area they should go so he can take her clothes off of her. Gina tells him he’s really bad and she likes that. As they kiss, Jon Jon starts fingering her pussy and leads her to another room. They stand in front of the mirror, watching themselves where Jon Jon rubs Gina’s breasts and continues to rub her pussy. She lies on the bed on her back with her legs open wide and Jon Jon spanks her pussy then eats it. Gina starts to scream louder and louder, closing her eyes and fingering her clit while he eats her.

She bends over doggystyle and sucks his cock, getting it hard in her mouth. She deep throats and gags on it as Jon Jon tells her to suck it. She spits on his dick and jerks it before putting it back in her mouth and swallowing it. He orders her to stick out her tongue and he beats it with his dick before stuffing her throat with it again. Gina makes a sloppy mess of Jon Jon’s stomach and balls, covering it in spit before he quickly positions her cowgirl style on top of his lubed-up cock. Gina can’t believe how big his cock is as he guides her up and down on it. He spanks her ass while she rides him. Gina fingers her ass hole as Jon Jon’s cock spreads her pussy. He slams her hole doggystyle before turning her on her side for spoon fucking. “yes, baby,” is what she screams out to him as he chokes her and fucks her, stuffing her panties in her mouth. After pounding her pussy, he pulls out and puts his dick in her mouth, then he goes back to fucking her missionary style. He pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth and on her tits, keeping her pleased. She sucks his cock and tells him this is what she loves.

Final Thoughts:

Some schoolgirls are studious while others are only interested in sexual studies. In Paul Woodcrest’s Dirty Little Interracial Schoolgirl Stories, we find four starlets who are heavy into sexual studies with big, black cocks and it’s a pleasure to watch their stories unfold. Kylie Page is the DVD cover girl and featured starlet of this flick and she opens the movie in a convincing scene with AVN’s 2017 Best Male Newcomer Ricky Johnson. These two engage in a scenario of submission and cosplay as she puts on her short, revealing schoolgirl uniform just for him. With her dressed, he flips up her skirt and fucks her silly, making her beg for his cock. Kylie’s naughty classmates are Eden Sin, Kristen Scott, and Gina Valentina and they’re also convinced that only black cock will do. Eden’s scene with Isiah is one of the hottest of the flick as these two engage in passionate lovemaking followed by hardcore fucking that sends Eden to her sexual peak several times. Kristen fucks Nat and cums multiple times while Gina corners Jon Jon’s cock while her parents are away. Overall, I recommend this movie. The production quality is good and the girls all enjoy getting their pussies stuffed and stretched by black meat.


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