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Mommy Wants Some

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 5/10/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genres: Erotica, Couples, Foreign, UK, Creampie

Directors: Unknown


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Cast: Bibi Fox, Morgan Rodriguez, Eileen Sue, Kirschley Swoon, Lola, Meggie, Don, Arny (Donan?), Monty, Marcus

As is common with some Euro Porn, there are lots of performers with only one name in the credits. I listed my best guesses above as to what there whole monikers might be - but don't hold me to that.

Length: 1 Hour 54 Minutes

Date of Release: April 10, 2017

Extras: Individual Slideshows, New Releases, 3 Menu-Selectable Trailers

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good. No dialog to follow and the intro soundtrack is repetitive.

Overview: Five couples, including one girl/girl scene, make love to each other in daylit rooms. That's it. The title is totally misleading. There's nothing here to suggest anyone here is a mom or that any fauxcest is going down.

Scene 1: Bibi Fox & Arny

Bibi Fox

Bibi's eyes are alight, shadowed with a smokey blue as she goes down on her man, tongue flicking like a snake. They pierce your soul as she stares into the camera lens in an extreme closeup. Fully dressed, she pulls her skirt up and panties aside so she can slide his shaft into herself. With one leg up and one down, she bounces before going back to her blow job,  again staring into the lens. The stare is maintained as she peels off her blouse and rides again. Her red hair shines as she tosses her bra aside mid-bounce.

Bibi Fox

Arny sits up to remove his shirt, revealing his chiseled body as Bibi jerks and bobs on him. He removes his pants for some ass slapping penetration from behind her. Her B-cups bounce about as he bangs away. She moans as the banging continues, his right hand clutching her breast. "DAVE" is tattooed across his fingers. He slides her panties off as they move to missionary, the camera opting for closeups and pans to showcase her face and the action below. They kiss tenderly and then he speeds up the pace, her tits flailing up and down until she pauses the action for a bit of cock sucking while positioning her pussy for the camera. She's an active doggie, meeting his thrusts with her pretty, round ass bouncing into him. Her groans and moans get louder and more frequent as the fucking continues until he fills her with his cream, his goo dripping out as he pulls out.

Scene 2: Eileen & Morgan


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Eileen and Morgan are making out on a bed, both wearing short summer dresses. Strings and piano fill the air. Their kisses are loud and prominent as the music fades. Eileen's ass is hugged by her tight dress as she peels off Morgan's dress for some boob play. Kissing and licking them, she rubs Morgan's crotch. Removing her own dress and bra, she slides her face down to Morgan's love canyon to tongue it. It looks as if Morgan really enjoys that, she's all smiles. The camera covers the action from a few vantage points to showcase Eileen's pretty face and Morgan's smooth body.

Eileen & Morgan

Their bodies rub against each other as they kiss passionately. Morgan takes a turn at some muff diving as the camera again starts panning along the length of them. Morgan explores Eileen's hole with her thumb, slowly. Eileen flips over so that Morgan can work two of her fingers into her for a while. Soft kisses lead to Eileen's tongue and fingers back in her lover's box. The wetness is clearly audible as she sloshes her fingers around. Cuddling and kissing close out the scene.

Scene 3: Kirschley & Monty


Our couple removes their tops as they fondle each other. Kirschley gives her man some intimate mouthing, her skirt pulled up to reveal seafoam green panties that match her bra. He caresses her head as she works her mouth deeper onto his dick. Unclasping her bra, she rubs his semi-flaccid phallus. After some more mouthing, she assumes a doggie position and he licks her crack; his cock finally stiff enough to pump into her. There must have been an edit because he's sweating profusely about twelve seconds into the action. He has to rest and lies back for some more oral action.


Climbing into cowgirl, she pumps herself on his pole enthusiastically, their thighs smacking together. Kirschley's starting to work up a bit of skin sheen herself as she switches to riding in reverse. The action in spoon is done via closeup panning that has become so familiar by now, his balls as clean shaven as her snatch. The sweat pours off of them as the humping continues, her side ponytail bobbing about to the banging. His gaze flits between her ass and her face while he thrusts into her with varying rhythms. She's panting as he pounds into her in doggie, finally unleashing his load inside of her which squirts out loudly as he exits her.

Scene 4: Lola & Marcus


Lola's rubbing Marcus' crotch with her foot and they kiss. The kissing turns into a blowjob as she strips off her dress. She kneels on the bed and blows him while he's in a chair. He moves to the bed to join her and taste her slit. The room is bathed in light as she lies on her back and he works her over orally. Her body undulates as he works his magic with fingers and tongue before sliding into her crack. She rubs herself as he pumps into her bald beaver.


They kiss passionately as he enjoys her in spoon before going back to eating her. Hammering back into her in spoon again, he breaks a sweat; her tiny tits jigglig to the beat. Methodically he gives her his man stick as she lies on her side before she tastes herself off of it. She seems to obligingly place herself in a doggie position so he can pump into her from behind. He grips her waist for leverage as he rams his love log into her, finally pulling out in an effort to coat her back but it shoots sideways and misses her altogether.

Scene 5: Meggie & Don


Our duo is snuggling and kissing as they explore their bodies with their hands. Don pulls up Meggie's bright red dress and fingers her hairy hole with his hand tucked into her panties. Her skin is creamy white as he pulls off her dress and bra to caress her breasts. He licks her pink nipples erect as he rubs her crotch, and gets some oral action in return.


She climbs onto him for a slow ride, the camera switching POVs from profile to shooting from in front of the action. She rubs his torso as she returns to sucking and licking his shaft before riding in reverse. She starts softly and slowly but then gets a bit more energetic, slapping her ass down onto him. His shaft is shining with body fluids as she rides. They switch it up for some spooning, his eyes losing some focus as he fucks her. Her eyes are starting to get glazy too as he repositions himself. Some deep pumping in missionary has her writhing and moaning until he pulls out to pop on her bush.

Final Thoughts: I don't know why this is called Mommy Wants Some. There is really nothing in it that suggests any of these ladies are a mom. There's no fauxcest setup, just 5 couples having sex. As far as I can tell, it's basically just that. There is no theme. It's just five couples: lather, rinse, repeat. There is nothing hardcore about it, and it isn't really romantic. In fact, the whole thing feels like you are sitting in a bedroom watching your neighbors on a Saturday afternoon, but it doesn't have a "shadowy voyeuristic" feel to it. I'm supposing it is aimed at couples, but I'm sure most couples that enjoy porn together have seen this exact same thing time and time again and probably have a few titles lying around just like it. There's absolutely no setup, or dialog, so you can mute this. However, I don't think you'll have to mute it as most people can safely Skip this one. I get the feeling that half of these people have left the business already and this is just a collection of clips that were still lying around. There's nothing wrong with it, there's just nothing special about it at all. If you are a Bibi Fox fan, perhaps you'll check that scene out online since that was the only one that had anything unique about it at all.

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