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Angela Loves Women 3

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 5/21/17

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The good old USA has had many things come its way that have forever changed an industry or brought back a glory of what once was, to a faded industry, business or outlook. Angela White is a woman that hales from the land down under. I will be honest, since her move from that gorgeous continent to the sunny beaches of southern California I have not been able to indulge and review some of her latest work. Angela has been hailed by critics alike, as something new and fresh in the industry with a bold twist like a new age sweet martini that still pays homage to it's legendary dry predecessor. Angela has won the coveted Foreign Female Performer of the Year from XBIZ and this past year, received one of the most coveted prizes in the business with this very series I am about to review, Best All-Girl Movie. I wanted to find out for the purchasers of porn, if this film holds water when it is spoken of so highly with its glorious accolades and reviews. When I saw this cast, I saw women who all like women and I mean really like women. The cover art was sheik and stylish too. Now, the real task was to find out if the motor and muscle matches the beautiful paint job and exterior.

Angela White


Film Length: 2 Hours, 14 Minutes

Release Date: April 21st, 2017

Director: Angela White

Cameras: Alex Ladd and Sal Genoa

Don Juan's Phyla: Girl/Girl, Vignette, Lesbian, Gonzo, All-Sex


Scene 1: Angela White and Karlee Grey

The Sex and the Skinny:

Angela White and Karlee Grey

Of course, no set-up is needed in the world of gonzo film, or is there? The hardest part of an adult film to do is to grab your attention without dialogue. To capture you with the essence of what adult cinema is. You must have sexiness, nastiness and want. This scene features everything. Hardcore pussy licking, soft little pecks that when it comes to kissing, turns into lust filled lapping where each woman’s tongue is slithering in the sexiest way over the other’s lips. This opening intro has fingering both slow and sensual and then deep and rough. The thing that I found the best was that each woman had matching heels that the other takes off in a fit of passionate rage as they can’t wait to eat the others pussy. The thing that will bring you to your knees as a fan is that the takes, or camera changes for position are minimal. What does that mean you ask? That means that each woman was so drunk with orgasms that they did not have to stop shooting. The director simply let the cameras roll as both babes invested in tasting each other’s carnal passion. There is this wonderful aura to this scene that will have every fan who watches it going bananas. The way that you see Karlee cum multiple times is beyond intense but something I found even more provocative was how Karlee was simply overcome with sexual desire. You see her break character a few times and just smile the biggest shit eating grin because Angela is just pressing every single one of her buttons. There is a moment where Karlee even tells Angela to look into her eyes while she eats her pussy and when Angela glances back into them and Karlee just shrieks with passion while her body trembles as she cums from literally having all of her sense touched by this big breasted beauty from “down under.” Like I said, this scene has it all and you will see moments, where if you look close, you will see little aspects that tell you how fun this scene was for both girls. There is this heated moment where Angela is scissoring Karlee and you see her back covered with sweat from the heat these two share with each other. There is a few moments where if you look close again, the second time you see Karlee get her pussy sucked spread eagle, the camera comes in and captures her pussy clenching down on Angela’s tongue. It is moments like this that will have you watching this scene repeatedly. The dirty talk is perfect for the scene. The editing is flawless. As I said, this scene looks like it was just a few long takes pieced together. If it was not, that is simply Hollywood magic at its best because this scene goes from angle to angle perfectly. You never see a second of down time. This is my second pick for girl/girl scene of the year when it comes to awards season. This is not just the hottest scene of the film but it is also possibly the hottest lesbian scene of 2017. This scene had investment. Angela told me that a lot went into this film. Then when she told me that she did not mean acting wise or dialogue, I was very skeptic about how well she could create a style of superb elegance in a gonzo film. Never have I been so happy to be proven so wrong. This scene has that old-school brilliance. It is like watching and encounter with Erika Boyer and Nina Hartley. It is the stuff that legends are made of and maybe I mean mythologies, because this is something that does not come around every day. This is just something powerful. After seeing this opening act, I felt like I had just gotten the main coarse instead of the appetizer and it primes you with excitement as a fan as you head into round number two. I will say this. When you see the amazing breast play within the first five minutes of the scene, I dare you to look away, because there is no way in hell you can look away from something this mesmerizing from start to finish.

 Angela White and Valentina Nappi

Scene 2: Valentina Nappi and Angela White

The Sex and the Skinny:


Now, the music that ushers in this scene is heart stopping. It as if it sets the women into motion. Once again, you see these two bombshells wearing almost matching attire. The passion starts out with Angela running her fingers all over Valentina’s body. The music follows her finger tips as she glides them everywhere and anywhere. As she flips Valentina around to kiss her neck, you once again see this delicious appetite for sex in both women. Once again, watch closely because you will see Valentina rubbing Angela’s pussy as she is licking her neck and ears from behind then flip her around to suck on her tongue. Holy shit, just writing about this part gets my heart beating.

Angela Whte and Valentina Nappi

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You see some very yummy up close shots of both women just French kissing the hell out of each other. Both women have these gorgeous faces and amazing bodies. The red lingerie is the perfect touch and once you see the first nipple pop out, you know you are in for a nasty good time. The aspect of this intro that will have you fastening your drool cup on as tight as can be, is when each girl kisses the other and then looks deeply into the other’s eyes. There is such a deep passion there. I had never seen Valentina Nappi before in a film. The European super star has a body that will knock your socks off and an accent that is as beautiful as Venice. The camera captures every contour and every curve in the best way possible for the fans. The thing I really liked is yes, we want to see Angela, she is a dream boat of a woman but I think she realizes that four scenes is a very large amount of one person’s passion for the fans to enjoy in one sitting. With that in mind, we see her not doing the same thing, or putting herself as the object of our affection. Valentina is the showcase and my goodness, we see Angela cater to her every need and her every want. The close-ups are simply delicious. Especially when we see Angela begin to play. She pinches Valentina’s pussy, then squeezes it tight to give a hard tongue stroke over her clit. This is just sexual discovery at its finest in lesbian cinema. There is another moment where Valentina breaks character and tells Angela how horny she is making her and attempts to get up and take Angela in to her arms, Angela holds her down and tells her she has not seen anything yet, all while miss Nappi is licking her chops, literally trying to show Angela how desperately she wants to stick her tongue in her wet pink pussy. The shit is fucking hot people, I cannot express this enough and boy oh boy is round two even longer than the first, it is almost like three quarters of the scene is done in one take. That is how sexual these two made this scene. They simply fucked and the camera man sat back and just followed the action with an open jaw. It makes the sex just beyond a true to life, passionate experience for the porn fans in the world today. The positions in this scene are not as elaborate as the first but boy oh boy will you be whistling Dixie when you see these girls go from hot and heated scissoring to 69 action, than a passionate pussy slamming, that has these gals so hot for each other, I thought they might break the couch with how fast and hard they were slamming their kitties into each other. Round two is devine and it features a passion that is almost unmatched in today’s porn world. All you Angela fans, don’t you worry, you get a big heaping dose of this big breasted babe, as you see Valentina give some of the most scrumptious head, that when you see Angela’s eyes roll into the back of her head, I guarantee yours will be doing the same with pleasure. 😊

 Angela White and Valentina Nappi

Scene 3: Angela White and Jenna Sativa

The Sex and The Skinny:

Angela White and Jenna Sativa

You would expect the Girl/Girl Performer of Year to go straight to action, right? Well, that is exactly what happens. The scene begins with Jenna moving her sexy tongue all through Angela’s mouth. Jenna’s lip locking skills are almost unmatched in this business. You will see her kiss Angela from the side as she fondles her and sticks her long tongue right into Angela’s mouth as they get each other hot and horny. This setting in amazing. Being a critic who does not enjoy shower scenes, the first instinct I had, was “thank God they are not going to turn on the shower head.” All my hang-ups aside, I thought I would see how things built up in the scene. The women have on a very light amount of make-up, which plays nicely as both women have a very natural beauty. Jenna Sativa is a gal that if she came on set in rollers and her PJ’s that scene would still be hotter than a forest fire in California in July. The amount of fingering, fondling and touching is glorious in this chapter of the film. I think the best way you can utilize a woman like the Girl/Girl Performer of the year is to just cut her loose and let her do what she does best. Which is basically devour her co-star from head to toe. Angela’s sexual encounters usually have a little bit of dominance coinciding with them, this pairing has Angela basically letting Jenna take the reins and she just sits back to enjoy the ride. Jenna Sativa eats pussy better than almost any performer out there. If this is your first go around with the Latin sensation, you will be treated to these longs session where her mouth is locked on Angela’s box just sucking and sucking until Angela’s leg is trembling with pleasure, which happens as the scene climaxes. Jenna has this way of letting things rip, like no other girl/girl performer can. Jenna Sativa to me, is Tiffany Mynx re-born. She has the fire to make a scene sizzle. She understands that getting into these amazing positions is just what the fans desire and cannot believe is happening when they see it going on right before their eyes. Jenna manages to do almost the full splits, while the shower head is going and she places her leg on the shower handle. Then she knocks over the shower head massager, all while Angela licks and fucks her kitty with fury. Soon you see the shots begin to get artistic, yet the action stays as nasty and kinky as can be. Visuals of seeing the shower head turn on and Angela and Jenna kissing passionately is what gives an accelerant stile burst to this already flaming hot scene. If you count how many times Jenna Sativa rolls her eyes back into her head as she cums, you may lose count after three quarters of the scene is done. The point of no return, when it comes to your viewership of this scene, is when both women start to wash each other. This is a cherry on top that few directors dare to even take the audience to. You must have sensuality mixed with the correct angles and lighting to make that action look desirable to the fans and my oh my, when you see the camera pan up from suds dripping down Jenna’s leg, to the loofah in Angela’s hand as she strokes Jenna’s back and booty with soapy sexiness, you just can’t help but feel the same way you did when you saw your Dad’s Playboy for the first time as a kid. That is how beautiful this scene is from start to finish. As we head for the final bell, I myself, just could not believe how much was already packed into this film with another pairing to go and the cover models to boot. Can we say, anticipation?


Scene 4: Abella Danger and Angela White:

 Angela White and Abella DangerThe Sex and the Skinny:

This film has already brought you so much, what could possibly be left? Girl/Girl lust and aggression in the sultriest manor, that is what! Abella Danger is the gal who is the cover beauty and grand finale feature performer. Right from the start these women are yearning for the others flesh. The moment you see Abella firmly grab Angela and put her in her arms and squeeze her gorgeous ass with the firmest grip you know you are in for a hell of a time. Abella has showcased that she has the desire to really make a scene like this sell. It has become a bit of her calling card to have such aggression and passion fill her girl/girl scenes. I think Angela really stepped up her A-game in this one. She allows Abella to indulge in her flesh, she allows Abella to get a bit hardcore with her. There are some stunning moments where Abella is sticking her fingers down Angela’s throat until she is gasping for air. The fingering is intense and boy do I mean intense. I have become truly exuberant of Abella Danger’s talents lately. She really has a ferocious appetite for pussy. I think one of Abella’s best qualities in these roles, is that she can truly do what the fans have come to love her for. She is a woman who when a fan or critic alike sees her work, they say damn, this woman puts on one amazing show. Angela White has been known to be the woman who can endure anything in order to make her scenes be something that sparkles like a diamond, even when there are tons of difficult sex positions, chocking, hair pulling and ass slapping. This scene has a yummy taste at a minimum in most of these. The outfits that these women have on get better and better as the film goes along and I have to honestly say, that the camera crew, the director, they added such wonderful little tid bits for the fans, it truly drove me wild watching.

Angela White and Abella Danger

One of those little Easter eggs is seeing Abella lick Angela’s pink hole with her lips fastened hard on her pussy, all while Abella still has her black, lace panties hanging off her left leg. There is a moment, where both performers get into things so much, that they both devour each other’s toes. You even see Abella lay back and watch her sexy heels come off with a zip and Angela is licking the heels of her feet and then gliding her tongue all over her leg. Watching Abella develop this yummy volcano of passion within her is amazing. She looks like she is so horny, she is ready to explode after Angela puts her on all fours and licks her kitty till she purrs. Then she flips her over and Abella’s smile mixed with her eye movements that keep Angela firmly in her field of vision as the viewer wonders what is going on in her mind is simply amazing. This scene was a close, close second for hottest in the film. I guarantee you that this scene and the opener are easily qualified to be girl/girl scene of the year nominees with many different companies. Now, you cannot forget about the star of the show. Angela just has her body on display in the most scrumptious ways. You see that patented heat that she displays and my goodness, seeing that sweaty back is the sexiest thing I have seen in years. The aggression is not all strictly on Abella. The kissing is delicious and there are moments of grandeur where Angela takes her fingers and has Abella lick them dry as she fingers her pussy. This was simply the perfect way to end a film and one fell of an amusement park ride.

 Angela White and Abella Danger


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is one hell of a film, plain and simple. This is lesbian porn done right at every angle possible. Production is simply amazing. You see at the end credits that Angela spent some dough to get some musical talent to score the intros and fades in the scenes. It is something that has the upmost dynamic that brings a viewer into the land of fantasy. The way that each model has matching colors, matching heels, this is something alive within the scene that demands that you look and once you do, you find it impossible to walk away. This film features the whose/who of girl/girl super stars in this business. From round one, you see pageantry, you see amazing sex, you see wonderful production and editing. Angela was a way that grabs hold of you. Being as I screen many films, I usually get a big box of porn that has a little of everything. This box cover and design simply grabbed me from the get go, like I assume it would online or in your favorite adult book store fro the casual porn fan. The box cover lights up your imagination and Angela takes it and simply rubs and caresses it all over her body and her on her cast mates as well. I think that Angela made something that will live on forever in this business due to its excellence. This a film that showcases everything and anything in the lesbian world aside from toys. The scenes are never the same, the way that she brings everything from soft to hardcore and aggressive is film making at its best. This is what makes a true adult film. You bring in talent that people want to see, that work their asses off and love women to the fullest extent. As a fan, you will watch this film and simply see woman passionately getting it on with and eager look on their face and a hunger in their eyes. It is true fantasy come to life. The scenes are long takes, aside from the last, which means that the crew may have just said, “let’s fuck” and it turned into this masterpiece of gonzo cinema. This is a film that is another pick for girl/girl film of the year. This one is a heavy favorite, due to the fact that every scene does not take your foot off the gas at any moment. Things just keep going faster and faster until your head is spinning and you are seeing doubles by the amazingness that is on the screen. Buy this film right now, click the damn link and be prepared for a ride that will satisfy everyone from the most hardcore fan, to girl/girl critics who say pussy eating is for the birds. This film will make you a true believer in all things pussy afterwords.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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