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Family Members

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 5/12/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 39 minutes

Date of Production:  Released March 28, 2017. Production Year: 2017

Studio: Zero Tolerance Entertainment

Discs: 1

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Family Roleplay

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Lena Paul, Piper Perri, Ella Nova, Kimber Woods, Steve Holmes, Isiah Maxwell, Markus Dupree, Bill Bailey

Bonus Scenes: 1 Bonus Scene

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Bonus Scene; Popshots


“The Love is Huge” is the subtitle of director Mike Quasar’s flick Family Members, and the four starlets featured in this flick find out just how huge their family members’ cocks are. Lena Paul, who is the DVD cover girl, Piper Perri, Ella Nova and Kimber Woods are the featured starlets in this flick and they keep the love in the family, fucking their stepbrothers and stepdad in four scenes of taboo sex. Some of the best scenes are with the petite Piper Perri fucking her stepbrother Markus Dupree and with Ella Nova slamming her stepbrother Isiah Maxwell. Piper is 4 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 81 pounds, but she has a giant of a sexual appetite and absolutely devours Markus’ hard cock in her scene. From standing cowgirls, standing reverse cowgirls and a standing 69 oral face off, Piper holds nothing back in discovering how well her stepbrother can fuck. Ella’s scene with Isiah is hot, too, as she dares him to fuck her the way he fucked her best friend. He stretches her throat in a hard and deep skull fuck that leads to endless rounds of riding cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style. Ella squirts all over her stepbrother’s dick and the couch, cumming in ecstasy from her brotherly love. Overall, I recommend this movie. The scenes are shot well and the scenarios that build up in each scene all keep your attention. There are some great closeups and our starlets all have fun fucking the family.

Scene 1:  Kimber Woods and Bill Bailey

Kimber admits that her stepbrother, Bill, is a real perve. Ever since she moved back in, he has been following her around like a puppy. Kimber admits that she looks different now since she graduated college, but Bill doesn’t even try to hide his attraction for her anymore. Kimber has to admit that she’s starting to see him a little differently now, too. One day when she’s getting undressed in the bathroom, Bill walks in on her. She’s topless and asks him how long are they going to play this little game. Bill admits that he can just keep looking. Kimber tells him she hasn’t tried to stop him so far. Bill walks closer to her and asks where does this leave the two of them. She admits that it puts them in a weird place, but she likes it. With that, Bill starts kissing her and sucking on her nipples, turning her on. She squeezes his cock in her pants and rubs the back of his head while he kisses her neck. Kimber pulls his shirt off and the two up the ante on their forbidden lust, making out passionately. Bill continues to wag his tongue across her nipples, making Kimber moan in pleasure. He turns her around into the mirror and spanks her ass cheeks. She leans up against the mirror in standing doggy position and smiles as Bill admires her ass. He eats her pussy from behind while she spreads her ass cheeks open. Kimber giggles and tells Bill she bets he never thought this would happen.

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Kimber gets on her knees and sucks his cock, keeping her pretty eyes on his as she deep throats his dick. She is making a drooling mess as she jerks and eats his meat, saying she never imagined his dick would be so big. It’s so big, she can’t fit it all the way down her throat. Kimber can’t wait to feel his big cock inside of her. She continues her oral antics on his hard dick, spitting on it to keep it wet. Bill starts fucking her throat and making her gag. They move to the bedroom where he lies her on her back, spreads her legs open wide and starts spanking her pussy. She still has on her pink G-string and he pulls it aside to tongue her pussy. “Oh, fuck!” is what Kimber yells out, telling him his tongue feels so fucking good against her pussy. His tongue lashing makes her wet and the feeling intensifies, making her cum in his mouth as she screams, “don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” Bill moves from her pussy to her ass hole, licking it with his tongue and keeping her satisfied. She climbs on top of him in 69 position and sucks his dick some more while he eats her wet pussy, then she climbs on top of him in reverse cowgirl position and rides his cock. She grinds her body up and down and around and around on his hard pole and screams, “fuck me!” Kimber is on her way to cumming again as Bill’s cock pops out of her pussy. She puts it back in and transitions into spoon position. Bill pumps her pussy hard and fast while Kimber fingers her clit. She tells him not to stop fucking her because it’s going to make her cum all over him. She loves the way his cock feels inside her. She gets in doggy position, but before Bill fucks her pussy, he eats her ass hole, tonguing her rectum. He slams her pussy with his cock and spanks her ass cheeks while he fucks her. She orders him to stretch her out with his big dick. He pulls out and she sucks his cock, tasting her pussy off his shaft before sitting on it cowgirl style. He turns her over into missionary position and plugs her pussy with his cock, asking her if she wants it. She does want it, begging him to give it to her. Bill pulls out and pops in her mouth. Kimber blows bubbles with his cum then swallows it, telling him he tastes so fucking good.

Scene 2:  Piper Perri and Markus Dupree

Last night, Piper’s stepbrother, Markus, had his girlfriend over. Piper was angry because she had to listen to them have sex for hours, but she realized that she was getting turned on by the whole thing. She started fantasizing about what it would be like if Markus fucked her. That next morning, she watches him as he lies asleep on the couch. She fingers her pussy, thinking about her fantasy of Markus fucking her. Piper’s feelings get the best of her and she joins him on the couch and starts rubbing his thigh. Eventually, she climbs on top of him and starts to kiss him while he’s still asleep. Pretty soon, Markus wakes up to find his stepsister straddling him and kissing him. He kisses her back and eventually starts undressing her, pulling her shorts and panties down.  He kisses her ass then bends her over in standing doggy position and licks her pussy and ass hole from stem to stern. Piper loves the feeling and she shakes her ass in his face as he eats her.

Markus quickly drops his pants and stuffs her pussy with his hard dick, fucking her doggy style. Piper looks back and watches his cock slide in and out of her pussy. She tells him to fuck her just like that. Markus starts pumping her pussy faster and faster, making her moan. She tells him to spank her ass and he does it, making her ass cheeks turn red, then he grips and pulls her hair tight and chokes her around her neck while drilling her snatch. Piper closes her eyes and tells him it feels so fucking good. Markus goes into overtime, slamming her pussy hard and fast while spanking her ass. She screams, “give me that fucking cock! Fuck me!” Markus gives her what she wants, then he pulls out and stuffs her throat with his dick. Piper spits on it and sucks it, licking his shaft then gagging on it. Markus turns her back around and goes back to his doggystyle pussy assault then he sits back so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl position. He holds one of her legs open while filling her pussy with his dick. They move into a standing reverse cowgirl as Piper mumbles, “give me your fucking cock.” He twists her around into a standing 69 and she chokes on his dick, deep throating and sucking it until Markus lies her on the armrest of the couch, opens her legs and tongues her cunt. She tells him she has been fantasizing about her step brother eating her pussy and now she’s experiencing it. He fucks her over the arm rest missionary style, keeping her in ecstasy then he fingers her pussy, keeping it wet. We get a close-up shot of Piper’s pretty pussy as Markus’ prick stretches it out. The two get into more acrobatics as Markus fucks her in a standing cowgirl then lifts her over his head, sitting her pussy on his mouth and eating her. He slides her back down into cowgirl position, pummeling her pussy then lifting her over his head again to eat it. Reverse cowgirl fucking turns to cock and ball sucking with Piper wedging herself between his legs and eating his meat. She rides her stepbrother some more, then gets a quick fuck in standing doggy that turns into a standing reverse cowgirl that keeps her screaming. She holds on to his arms as he spreads her box open. When Markus pulls out, Piper drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide, watching him jerk his cock until he paints her tongue with cum.

Scene 3:   Ella Nova and Isiah Maxwell

Ella wants to know if it’s true. So, she asks Isiah but he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She wants to know if he fucked her best friend Jennifer on New Year’s Eve. It turns out that it is true and that bothers Ella. Now, she has to listen to all her friends talk about it. Isiah doesn’t know why Ella cares anyway. He tells her he thinks she’s jealous because she wants him to fuck her too. Ella denies it at first, but she soon dares him to do it. He gladly accepts the challenge and corners her on the couch, kissing her. He puts his hand down her shorts and finds that her pussy is already wet, then he pulls her top off and starts kissing and sucking her nipples. Ella is starting to like the way her stepbrother is making her feel. She pulls off his shirt too as they continue to kiss and enjoy each other’s bodies. Isiah pulls her shorts off and focuses on her pussy. Once he gets her G-string off, he spreads her legs open and tongues his stepsister’s pussy, making her moan in pleasure. She tells him he’s so fucking good with his mouth and he tells her she tastes so good.

Ella can barely contain herself. She puts her hand on his head while he smacks on her clit. Soon, Ella is tasting his cock. He stands over her while she puts his hard dick in her mouth. He fucks her face, stuffing her throat with his cock, balls deep. Ella gets nasty with her cock sucking, slobbering, gurgling and drooling all over his shaft while he chokes her and grips her hair. She lies on her back with her head hanging over the armrest of the couch. Isiah stands over her face, puts his cock in her mouth and fucks it, making her gurgle even more. His balls smack up against her nose while his dick disappears further and further down her throat. Isiah tells her he wants to get his cock all the way down her throat and he thrusts even harder and faster to get it there.

They quickly move into a missionary fuck over the arm rest. Isiah drills her tight pussy, showing Ella how he fucked her best friend. He keeps one of her legs positioned over his shoulder while he slams her snatch. Ella gets into standing doggy position over the arm rest and tells him to fuck her. He pumps her pussy and slaps her ass, making Ella moan in pleasure. She spreads her ass cheeks open and watches Isiah fuck her. The doggystyle fucking continues as they move further into the couch then Isiah sits so Ella can straddle him in reverse cowgirl position. She sits on his dick slowly, wrapping her pussy around his shaft then she slams her body up and down on his cock, yelling “it’s so fucking deep!” All that pussy slamming sends Ella to her peak, making her squirt all over the couch and his cock and balls. She squirts repeatedly; each time Isiah puts his dick back inside her pussy it makes her squirt. The sex turns to cowgirl style with Ella saying, “fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!” She squirts some more, then rides his cock. Standing cowgirl fucking becomes a squat thruster fuck with Ella practically lying upside down on the couch and Isiah standing over her plugging her pussy. A final round of doggystyle fucking leads Isiah to pop. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her tits while choking her around her neck. Isiah sucks the cum dripping from his dick and swallows it. She licks her fingers clean.

Scene 4:  Lena Paul and Steve Holmes

Lena’s mom and her new stepdad decided to get married after a short time dating. One day, Lena heard her mom telling her aunt that her stepdad, Steve, has a huge cock. Lena is curious and she wants to know for herself. She sees Steve sitting on the couch and she sits next to him and tells him she wants to know if it’s true. She tells him she heard about his big dick and at first, she thought it was a lie. Steve doesn’t think they should be talking like this, but Lena tells him she’ll show him hers if he shows her his. They start kissing and Steve remarks that this must be in the fucking family because her aunt was the same way. He pulls down her top and bites her nipples. Then he unbuttons his pants and invites her to put her hand on his dick. Lena can’t believe how big it is but she knows it will fit perfectly inside her. Steve bends her over doggy style on the couch and eats her pussy from behind. Lena says now she understands why her mom married him so fast. Steve lies her on her back, missionary style and continues to eat her snatch, fingering her at the same time and making her scream. She can’t take it any longer, so she tells him to take off his pants so she can enjoy his cock. He unzips for her and puts his big dick in her face. Lena sucks it and jerks it then looks up at him and smiles. She’s enjoying the taste of his cock.

He fucks her face, stuffing her throat with his dick then she sits on his face, enjoying the feeling of his tongue whipping across her clit. She begs to sit on his cock and does so in reverse cowgirl position. As she rides his hard, long pole, her eyes roll back into her head from the sensation. He squeezes her tits while she rides him and tells her that her pussy is so warm wrapped around his cock. They spoon fuck then titty fuck as Lena tells him she’s going to be a good girl. After sucking him off, they fuck doggystyle and we watch Lena’s big jugs swing back and forth. After a cowgirl ride on his prick, Lena lies back for missionary fucking then drops to her knees and sucks his balls while he jerks off on her boobs. She sucks his dick while he’s still cumming, catching some of it in her mouth.  He asks her if this is what she wanted and she tells him his dick is exactly what she wanted.

Final Thoughts:

Fucking the family can be fun, and four young starlets explore this taboo when they fuck their stepbrothers and stepdad in director Mike Quasar’s flick Family Members. The four starlets are Lena Paul, Piper Perri, Ella Nova and Kimber Woods and their curiosity about the size of their stepbrothers’ and stepdad’s cocks leads them on a pleasing, pussy-stretching adventure. “The Love is Huge” is the subtitle of the flick and so are the cocks in this movie as our four starlets soon discover. Petite powerhouse Piper Perri is a 4-foot, 9-inch fucking sensation who hosts Markus Dupree’s dick deep inside her pussy in rounds of wild sex in numerous positions.  Ella Nova fucks her stepbrother Isiah Maxwell and can’t contain her pleasure any longer as she squirts all over him again and again and again. Overall, I recommend this movie. The action is good, the scenes are shot well and you’ll find some great closeups on each girl’s pussy getting stuffed.

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