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Hotwife Tales: Stags & Vixens

Studio: New Sensations » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 5/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 15 minutes

Date of Production:  Released February 20, 2017. Production Year: 2017

Genre: Affairs and Love Triangles; All Sex’ Big Boobs; Hotwife

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Featuring Angela White with Lena Anderson, Makenna Blue, Jessica Rex, Steve Holmes, Damon Dice, Ramon Nomar, Logan Long,

Bonus Scenes: Alison Tyler and Michael Vegas; Holly Mack and Bruce Venture

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for A Hotwife is a Happy Wife, My Asian Hotwife, My Best Friend’s Wife; Behind the Scenes with over 27 minutes of extra footage with interviews; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, popshot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


Director Eddie Powell creates a steamy and moody porn flick that’s all about hotwives who have permission from their husbands to fuck the men of their dreams. For some, it’s the big cock neighbor and for others, it’s a passionate Spaniard. No matter what, these starlets get the pleasure they need when their husbands are away, extinguishing their fiery desires. This all happens in Stags and Vixens: Hotwife Tales, starring Australian big-boobed babe Angela White. She’s joined by Lena Anderson, Makenna Blue, and Jessica in two hours and 15 minutes of hot sex, sultry submission and passionate games that send these horny housewives to their sexual peaks. Ramon Nomar, Damon Dice, Steve Holmes and Logan Long are the lucky dick suitors who fulfill each starlet’s fantasy. I highly recommend this movie. Powell creates moods throughout this flick with his lighting, camera angles, and close-ups, paying attention to everything from the roaring fireplace in the background to the album spinning music. Angela White has a steamy opening performance with Steve, dabbling in the world of submission and dominance that’s a pleasure to watch.

Scene 1:  Angela White and Steve Holmes

Australian-born starlet Angela White stars in this porn flick and she opens in this first scene with Steve Holmes, who was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2017 with close to 1600 porn flicks under his belt. Angela is a hot turn-on in every scene she’s in with her sultry accent and big blue eyes. She’s 32 years old and got started in the business at 18. When the scene opens, we’re transported into the sexy world of the hotwife. Steve puts an album of classical music on a record player, fixes a cup of hot tea and sits on the couch. That’s when we see Angela lying on the floor holding a Hitachi against her clit. She tells us she’s a hotwife and has an open marriage. Whenever her husband is away, she gets to experience her sexual fantasies with Steve. He orders her to cum on command then rips the Hitachi out of her hand.  She crawls onto his lap, positioning herself doggy style on his knees. Steve spanks her big, round ass then fingers her pussy from behind. She straddles him in reverse cowgirl position still dressed in her black lingerie. Steve squeezes her boobs and spanks her pussy. She moans, “thank you, sir” every time he spanks her cunt. He turns the Hitachi back on and rubs it on her pussy, keeping her moaning while she kisses him. This is a scene of submission and domination as Steve chokes her forcing her to beg him to let her prove herself. She takes off her shoes then takes off his and sucks his toes. She licks and kisses his feet then enjoys more of the Hitachi on her clit. Director Powell uses lots of close-ups, camera angles and lighting in this scene to help create the mood throughout this scene.

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Submissive Angela waits on her hands and knees in doggy position as Steve strips out of his clothes. He penetrates her pussy from behind, drilling her pussy. Angela looks back at him, telling him “thank you, sir,” “thank you, sir.” Steve stuffs her pussy with his cock, pumping her hole deep from behind. With her pussy stretched out, Steve plugs her ass hole with his fingers as she begs him if she can cum. She sucks his cock, tasting her pussy off it, then she wraps her big jugs around it so he can fuck her tits. Angela deep throats his long cock next, working her mouth all the way down his shaft, swallowing his dick. She gags and coughs then gasps for air as Steve fucks her mouth. Angela eats his ass then enjoys more Hitachi action on her cunt. He fucks her missionary style then Angela rides his pole in reverse cowgirl position, using the Hitachi to heighten her ecstasy. He blindfolds her then fucks her face again, holding her head in place while thrusting his cock down her throat. Steve spits on her face before she rides his cock cowgirl style. After begging for his cum, Steve stands and jerks off in her face while she sucks his balls. His spunk splashes on her tongue and tits. She crawls to the kitchen to make him another cup of tea.

Scene 2:  Makenna Blue and Logan Long

Makenna is pretty new to the porn biz, getting started in 2016. She has about 12 movies in her portfolio and fucks Logan Long in this scene. When Logan finishes helping Makenna out around the house, he asks her if she needs him to do anything else. She doesn’t, so Logan leaves. Logan is Makenna’s neighbor and she asks him for help from time to time because her husband isn’t always around. She has always wondered what it would be like to fuck Logan. She tried a few times to get a rise out of him, but it’s just not working. This time around, Makenna plots to get his attention by doing something drastic. She gets naked, puts on a robe and waits for him to finish working around the house. When he’s done, he asks her if there’s anything else she needs him to do. She says no, drops her robe and tells him to fuck her. Logan can’t believe what’s happening, but Makenna assures him it’s OK, telling him her husband approves of him fucking her. To prove it, she calls her husband and puts him on speaker phone. Sure enough, her husband says it’s OK for Logan to fuck his wife. Makenna drops to her knees and sucks his big cock. She loves the size of his dick and jerks it in and out of her mouth, beating her tongue with it. Makenna is slow and deliberate with her cock sucking. Logan stuffs his meat further and further down her throat, making her spit up. She kisses him and gets comfortable on the couch, sucking him off.

Makenna is bent over doggystyle, sucking his price as he spanks her ass and calls her sexy. Logan turns the tables, tonguing her pussy and making her moan in pleasure. He fingers her wet hole, sending her into ecstasy. When he stands up, she sucks him off again, taking on his hard pole in her mouth one more time before sitting on it cowgirl style. She grinds her pussy onto his cock, commenting about how big it is squeezing into her tight pussy. She starts riding his meat as Logan squeezes her fluffy ass cheeks. The camera zooms in close on Makenna’s pussy as Logan’s cock drills in and out of it. She moans in pleasure, finally experiencing her fantasy of fucking the neighbor. She climbs off and sucks his cock right out of her pussy then straddles him again, riding his cock in reverse cowgirl position. Logan pounds her wet pussy and we watch it cream all over his cock. Makenna fingers her clit while bouncing up and down on his pole, taking every inch of it deep inside her cunt. They transition to spoon position and Makenna tells him it feels so good as he slams her hole. Missionary-style fucking is next followed by a hard pumping doggystyle fuck that keeps Makenna moaning. Logan pounds her until he’s ready to pop, pulling out quickly and blasting her face with cum. He tells her he’s glad she chose him.

Scene 3:   Jessica Rex and Damon Dice

It’s been 15 days since Jessica’s husband has been on tour and she has had to take care of her sexual desires herself. We watch her masturbate in bed, fingering her pussy until she cums. Even so, she is still not satisfied. She decides to pay a visit to her favorite masseur, Damon. Once in his studio, she lies on her stomach and enjoys the feeling of oil on her back and his hands rubbing it into her skin. She has been coming to Damon for years and now that she’s so horny, she wonders how far she can take this experience. When she turns over she asks him if he likes to fuck hard or soft. Damon is shocked at the question but Jessica says she really wants to know. He reluctantly admits that he likes to fuck hard. Jessica says good because she wants him to fuck her. Damon reminds her that she’s married, but Jessica tells him it’s OK because her husband is OK with her fucking other guys as long as she knows them. She pulls the towel away from her body and lies back. Damon kisses her passionately and starts fingering her pussy. Jessica wastes no time reaching for his cock. Before she can get at his dick, he refocuses her attention to her pussy by licking and fingering it, turning Jessica on. Her pussy is wet and oozing as he stuffs it with his fingers and kisses her.

Jessica gets on her hands and knees on the massage bed and sucks his hard cock, stuffing it as far back in her throat as she can. She gags on it then takes it out of her mouth to jerk it. She tells him she loves sucking his cock and starts eating his meat again, gagging and gurgling as she runs her lips back and forth on his shaft. Damon keeps her in doggy position and fucks her from behind. He wastes no time filling and stretching her pussy by pounding it with his cock. He grips her arms behind her back and pumps her wet pussy, spanking her ass cheeks while Jessica moans in pleasure. After a hard and fast round of doggystyle fucking, Jessica turns around to suck his cock which is covered in her pussy cream. After tasting her own cunt off his dick, she lies on her back for missionary style fucking that makes her body shake. He pounds her pussy while she fingers her clit. Jessica sits on Damon’s cock cowgirl style, riding it while holding her ass cheeks. She tells him to stuff that fucking fat cock inside her and Damon gives her what she wants. The cowgirl fucking turns to reverse cowgirl with Jessica yelling, “right there!” “right there!” They spoon fuck until Damon pulls out and blows his load all over her forehead and in her mouth.

Scene 4:  Lena Anderson and Ramon Nomar

Lena and her husband have a great relationship. They got married young. She was only 18. They just clicked and fell in love instantly. She can’t imagine a day without him, except there are often days when she has to go without him because her husband is often not at home. But that’s OK. Her husband is Ok with Lena fucking other men. This time, he approves of her fucking a Spaniard, one of her fantasies. Her husband sends Ramon to do the job and Lena is excited about it. Ramon sits her on him reverse cowgirl style and starts spanking her pussy. She is still fully dressed but he fingers her pussy and clit, getting his fingers wet with her pussy cream. He tells her to taste her pussy as he stuffs his fingers in her mouth. Lena likes the passion of fucking Ramon and gets wetter and wetter as he fingers her. He kisses her then unzips her dress and watches her undress in front of him. The passion and romance come through in this scene as Lena eventually gets out of her bra and sits on Ramon, wearing a G-string. He asks her to sit on his face so he can eat her pussy. When she does, Ramon pulls her panties off and tongues her wet cunt. She tells him she wants to taste his cock. She licks his dick but before she can suck it, Ramon blindfolds her with his tie then teases her with his cock, telling her to look for it with her mouth.

She finds it and kisses and sucks it while fingering her clit. While still blindfolded, Lena gets in doggy position on the couch and holds on as Ramon spreads her pussy open with his cock. As he pumps her, Lena is ready to cum, but Ramon pulls out and tells her to wait. He fingers her again then fucks her pussy from behind doggystyle. Lena is still blindfolded, taking a hard pounding from Ramon’s cock. He takes the blindfold off her and tells her to cum now as he pumps her pussy. She sucks his dick then goes on a reverse cowgirl and cowgirl cock ride that keeps her creamy. The missionary fucking on the back of the couch gets intense and makes Ramon pop. He pulls out and cums on her jugs then feeds his spunk to her. They kiss passionately as the scene ends.

Final Thoughts:

Some wives can’t get enough cock and for the hotwives in director Eddie Powell’s Stags and Vixens: Hotwife Tales, they’ve got their husbands’ permission to fuck the man of their fantasies. Australian bombshell Angela White is the featured starlet in this flick and she has a steamy opening scene with AVN Hall of Famer Steve Holmes. The two engage in a round of sex and submission that has Angela sucking Steve’s toes and licking his ass hole as she asks for permission to cum. This scene and others in the flick create sensual moods that make the film a pleasure to watch. Angela is joined by Lena Anderson, Makenna Blue, and Jessica in four scenes that send these horny housewives to their sexual peaks. Some of them fantasize about fucking the masseur while others dream of a fireside fuck with a hot Spaniard. They each fulfill their dreams. I highly recommend this movie. Powell uses sexy and horny starlets, great lighting, camera angles and close-ups to present a fantasy-filled flick that’s enjoyable to watch.

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