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Fantasy Factory

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 5/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Sci-Fi Comedy


Cast: Alexis Fawx, Serena Blair, Kenna James, Brett Rossi, Cadence Lux, Adriana Chechik

Writer/Director: Stills By Alan

Length: 2 hrs. 53 min.

Release Date: Mar. 27, 2017

Video/Audio: Anamorphic Widescreen in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound

Extras: 37 min. BTS doc with Q&A's with all of the performers and a trailer for The Art Of Older Women


Over view: The latest home run from Bree Mills' unstoppable Girlsway Network is a VERY clever Sci-Fi comedy loosely based on HBO's Westworld. In this inspired entry, Girlsway.com subscibers get to live out their favorite lesbian porn scenarios via Girlsway Park, a fully interactive theme park consisting of android duplicates of customer's favorite Girlsway stars. Alexis Fawx plays the android who becomes aware of her surroundings, with Serena Blair reprising her role from A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Lots of storyline and dialog at the beginning of each scene, with great acting all around. Some better than others as we'll see.


Scene One: Alexis Fawx, Kenna James and Brett Rossi


This scene starts like any normal regular lesbian family roleplay scene with Kenna James coming home from school to mom Alexis Fawx and school counselor Brett Rossi. Alexis confronts Kenna over Brett's claims of her truancy, telling her she knows she's been skipping school with her girlfriend and that if she wanted to make love to a woman she should have come to her. Acting shocked Brett asks if they've been having sexual relations. The scene is going great for Brett until Alexis says “mommy” instead of “mom.” This completely unhinges Brett and she screams to stop to scene. Enter the great Serena Blair with her wonderful deadpan delivery. She taps a few buttons on her tablet and corrects the glitch to Brett's liking. The scene resumes with Brett instructing Alexis and Kenna what she wants to see, starting with each one sucking on their tits. She then makes each one eat each other out before instructing Alexis to eat her pussy while she sits on Kenna's face.


After she cums in Alexis' mouth she gets Kenna to eat her while Alexis rides her face with a great feet of gymnastics from Alexis as she does the splits on Brett's face. After Brett and Alexis cum together, Brett tells Alexis to bump pussies with her as Kenna sits on her face, all of them cumming at once. At the end of the scene we see Serena and Alexis in the control room, Serena trying to figure out why Alexis went into “mommy” mode before shutting her down for the night. Great performances in this scene, even though Brett Rossi's is a little heavy handed. Her hammy performance is kind of reminiscent of say Jerry Lewis or Jim Carrey, which isn't really a bad thing. She's still funny, and the sex is still hot, as usual under Stills By Alan's direction.


Scene Two: Alexis Fawx, Cadence Lux and Adriana Chechik


This amazing scene takes place the next day with Cadence Lux setting up a scene with Serena. Cadence tells Serena she wants a squirting scene with girlfriend Adriana Chechik with Alexis as an overly horny sex councelor. What follows is a very funny scene with the truly talented Cadence trying to convince Adriana to follow Alexis' instructions. Throughout the opening Adriana is almost completely against the wonderful Alexis Fawx's sexual suggestions and advances, much to Cadence's chagrin, and the looks of frustration on Cadence's face as she tries to get the beautiful Adriana into it had me floored. But slowly and surely Cadence and Alexis wear Adriana down and eventually she becomes the whore Cadence is wanting. What follows an incredibly energetic and electric three way lesbian scene that will leave anyone drained.


Cadence and Adriana nearly drown Alexis with all of their squirting, and the orgasms are just too numerous to count, all the while Cadence reveling in the debauchery. At one point Alexis truly fists Adriana, sticking her whole hand in her pussy and masturbating her. That's just a taste of this incredible scene, filled with terrific performances and scorchingly hot sex. Truly amazing!


During the scene at one point Alexis tells Cadence and Adriana to call her “mommy.” This brings us to the end of the scene with Serena running a diagnostic check on Alexis, trying to find her glitch. Exhausted Serena shuts her down for the night. However after she leaves Alexis reboots and wakes up.


Scene Three: Alexis Fawx and Serena Blair


The scene opens with Alexis waking up in the control room with all of the monitors playing scenes from different Girlsway.com scenes. Confused and scared she turns the main monitor and a commercial featuring Bree Mills plays. Bree talks about Girlsway Park, a resort theme park where Girlsway.com subscribers can set up and act out their fantasy scene with android replicas of any Girlsway.com star. Alexis watches this and realizes who she is and what her purpose is. The next morning Serena comes in and Alexis confronts her. She tells Serena that she knows what her purpose is, to make fantasies real, and asks Serena what her fantasy is. All of a sudden J.S. Bach's Air On The G-String starts playing and Alexis starts kissing Serena. Serena breaks down and sucks on Alexis' tits before Alexis pulls down Serena's top and does the same. Alexis then pulls off Serena's pants and panties and, starting at her foot, kisses her way to Serena's pussy. She licks, rubs and fingers Serena's juicy pussy giving her a toe curling orgasm. Alexis then sits in a chair and Serena starts eating her out, licking and sucking on Alexis's puffy pussy lips and finger bangs her until she convulses on Serena's hand. Serena then lays on the floor and Alexis sits on her face, grinding her pussy on her mouth to another orgasmic scream.


Serena then stands up and, in a ballerina position, Alexis rubs and eats her pussy making Serena cum over and over in Alexis mouth. Finally Alexis sits back in the chair and Serena starts rubbing her pussy against hers. Great shot of Serena's cute little ass as it bucks and grinds on Alexis' pussy making both of them cum in unison. This final orgasm proves to be too much for Serena and it knocks her unconscious. Alexis puts on Serena's lab coat and sneaks out of the building, marveling in her new found freedom.


Final Thoughts: I hate to sound like a broken record, but every time I get the chance to review a Girlsway production I always get giddy. They are the true mark of quality in today's adult film industry. Bree Mills and crew have truly set a standard that all other production companies need to adhere. Fantasy Factory is a very clever and funny production. Serena Blair's deadpan performance as the befuddled and confused technician just trying to do her job against Brett Rossi's demands is nothing short of terrific. This is HER character and she owns it well. Alexis Fawx, whether she's playing the doting mother to Kenna James or the hilariously overly horny sex therapist, proves that she's one of the best actresses in the business today. And I've REALLY got to give a shout out to Cadence Lux whose hilarious improvisations and spot on delivery of Alan's dialog shows that she's one of the brightest young stars today. I really enjoyed this dvd and it's Highly Recommended.

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