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Initiation of a Maid, The

Studio: Viv Thomas » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 5/15/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Girl, Lesbian, Feature

Writer/Director: Alis Locanta Producer: Estelle Adams
Camera Operators: Heinz Cabro & Alis Locanta


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Cast: Lena Love, Zoe Doll, Michelle H

Length: 1 hour 40 minutes

Date of Release: April 10, 2017

Extras: Trailers

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Astoundingly crisp and clear. Shot on RED 4k cameras, with audio captured via a boom mic (which does distort at one tiny point). Camera moves are intentional and well-planned. Presented in anamorphic widescreen.

Overview: Zoe Doll has taken a job as Lena Love's maid. Lena has a lover, Michelle H, who is into Zoe as much as Lena is. They welcome her into their fold and make love to her and each other along the way. It's a beautifully shot visual tale that will immerse you in the lesbian lovemaking. Don't hesitate to watch this.

There are mini-scenes that merge into larger scenes, and there are some technical aspects of the filmmaking process that I talk about extensively; so this review is a bit longer than my average one.  

Scene 1-ish: Zoe Doll & Lena Love

Lena Love & Zoe Doll

Zoe touches herself as she watches the beautiful, blonde, Lena bathe and shower as soft music plays. Retiring to her maid's quarters she touches herself some more as she drifts off to sleep. Awakening the next morning, it is time for her formal maid duties to begin. Lena has supplied her with a uniform and watches intently as she puts it on. It is one of those traditional, old-school types, not the fancy French kind that all the girls wear on Halloween.

Lena hails from the Czech Republic, and is ultra svelte as she struts around to inspect her new employee, speaking in what I assume to be her native language. The IAFD has her pegged at being 34, but I think any bouncer worth his salt would card her just to get her to stand near him for a moment!

Lena Love & Zoe Doll

Once Lena's made sure the fabric of Zoe's dress is draping well, and that her apron bow is centered and even, she starts kissing her. I'm not sure what Zoe's employment contract states, but she doesn't hesitate to drop to her knees when Lena pushes down on her shoulders. Propping a leg on the bed, Lena gets licked. Every breath she takes is captured in exquisite audio detail thanks to the boom operator who gets credited at the end. Between the intense breath sounds and the amazing detail caught by the RED camera, it feels as if you are in the room as Lena strips her maid down and the maid does the same to her while the music fades back in.

This is a Master Class in intimate filming, folks. There are a few moments where Zoe's moans overload the mic, but the intimacy the two share is captured beautifully. Yes, for those techno geeks like me, it is obviously captured on a RED camera.

Lena Love & Zoe Doll

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Only during closeups of Zoe's oral servicing of Lena, did I find my eyes able to pull away from Lena's face. Some people are photogenic, this girl, on the other hand, I would call more like Photomagnetic. She has that Holly Madison look about her, which as anyone that had a cable subscription during The Girls Next Door can attest to: it's really hard not to watch! Zoe's face exudes the same qualities during her oral servicing from her employer.

As the bedroom scene fades, it merges into a bathroom scene where Lena is again bathing and Zoe, fully dressed in uniform, aids in her skin care regimen using a bath lotion and a handheld shower head. Lena's eyes are attentive and appreciative of the great care she is receiving.

Scene 2: Lena Love & Michelle H

Michelle H & Lena Love

Our second scene's intro exploits the distinctive capture of a RED camera in an outdoor scene that is shot on the bleeding edge of being totally overblown and too high key, but it never goes over that razor's edge. Instead, it showcases a moment of our beautiful blonde Czech going down on her redheaded Ukrainian friend, Michelle, as she leans against a tree with her panties in her mouth while they attend some kind of party.

Then, there's a time switch to Lena lying by the pool and tanning and Michelle stopping by to enjoy some quality time. Lena calls the maid over, and Zoe pops into the scene; Michelle's eyes are drawn to her immediately. As Zoe pops back into the house to freshen a drink, the remaining pair giggles knowingly and share some kisses. Cut to back inside the house where Zoe is doing maid stuff and the others are sharing stuff on a phone. Lena wants to show off her new maid and has her come showcase her assets as she and Michelle sit on the couch. After some skin is exposed, Lena and Michelle start making out and the maid exits.

Michelle H & Lena Love

Stripping down, the duo starts getting hot and steamy. The couch gets squeaky as the ladies get squirmy rubbing each other. Again, the action is intensely captured in 4k and high-def audio. You can almost feel Miss Love's wetness as her lover fingers her. The chemistry involved here could set the periodic table on fire as Lena takes her turn at licking...ever...so...slowly. Michelle's breasts heave upwards with every soft, slow, stroke of Lena's pointy tongue. Her rib cage tries to reach the heavens as Lena inserts two fingers into her shaven slit. Cuddling and soft kisses fade the scene out.

Scene 3: Zoe Doll

Zoe Doll

Zoe can't stop thinking about having to display herself to her employer and her friend. It's gonna make for a restless night, luckily she has her Hitachi close at hand. The soundtrack diminishes the motor's vibration as she removes her yellow panties to achieve a body writhing orgasm in her bed as the other two peek in on her.

Scene 4: Lena Love, Zoe Doll, Michelle H

Lena Love & Zoe Doll & Michelle H

Lena and Michelle are super impressed with how Zoe looks in a bathing suit when she joins them at the pool. Within a New York minute, they are pawing at her as the camera shoots in a very artistic manner, the girls almost silhouetted in the bright sunlight. Screw all that! Our redheaded starlet wants some of this brunette action and yanks her back inside where she immediately sucks her nipples hard. In a breath-heavy makeout session, Michelle buries a finger, and then another, inside of Zoe. Michelle's body shakes and quivers as Zoe's hands and mouth explore it.

Zoe Doll & Michelle H

Zoe's perfectly groomed eyebrows are prominently featured as she cuddles next to the redhead for some fingering. She's nearly hyperventilating when Michelle's hands move away from her box to explore her rock hard nipples. As Zoe returns the fingering, Michelle looks as if she would blast off in a rocket ship if she could. Instead, she leaves to bed down with Lena for the night.

Scene 5: Zoe Doll, Michelle H, Lena Love

Zoe Doll

Zoe has eschewed her uniform since Lena's out shopping and won't be back. She opts to do some contemporary-music-fueled housework in her undies instead. Well, for a while...until she strips those off too and settles back on the couch nude for a rest. The others find it absolutely great to find her naked on the couch when they return. (I'm guessing here by their tones of voice and wide smiles since they are speaking a foreign language). It all works out well since they bought her a fancy set of panties, some stockings, and a dress to wear. The trio takes great care in suiting up the brunette "to the nines" and then making out.

Lena Love & Zoe Doll & Michelle H

The makeout session fades to the trio in a bedroom, dresses off and high-end lingerie on. Michelle's exquisite ass is highlighted as she takes the first turn on the maid. Lena gets her lovely derriere into frame shortly thereafter while she kisses Zoe as she gets licked by Michelle. Zoe's wetness is readily apparent as her cohorts finger her hole. Lena takes the middle position on the taco tasting train with Zoe serving as the caboose. Michelle is ready to climb the walls again, as Lena licks her into ecstasy. Lena has to abandon the tasting as Zoe works her magic with her fingers, Lena's body writhing with appreciation.

Lena Love & Zoe Doll & Michelle H

As the trio move next to each other, the Spanish brunette gets her ass fingered by the blonde Czech, causing much panting and moaning. The threesome share intimate kisses and eye glances as the music fades in and the scene fades to a moonlit night shot of them snuggled into bed with one another.

Cover vs. Content: This is one of those covers that gives you absolutely no idea of the hotness contained within. Content, hands down.

Final Thoughts: I'm going to come right out and say it. This missed being an XCritic Pick by the slightest of margins! The extras section is sorely lacking. Can we get a decent BTS with a production of this quality, please!? Also, I'm not really a fan of the menu layouts Viv Thomas uses. Yeah, it's trivial, but whatevs.

Anyway...I don't always watch high end lesbian porn, but I watch a lot of it. This is by far some of the most well captured and presented stuff I've seen. The soundtrack layers in nicely with the visuals, and even though the dialog is mostly not English, it's easy to follow the straightforward storyline. This is soft, sensual lesbian stuff. It's absolutely fabulous if you are in the mood to see a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette get intimate. Like the last title I reviewed from this studio/director, "Celebration Oral Sex" - it is impeccably shot. The chemistry between characters is off the charts great. The sex is filmed in such an intimate and involved manner that you feel like you are a part of it. The length of the film matches what my English teacher taught me about essays: it should be like a woman's skirt, short enough to be interesting but long enough to cover the subject. I have ZERO qualms about Highly Recommending this film to anybody that wants to add some superior lesbian films to their collection.

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