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Fill My Throat

Studio: Pretty Dirty » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 5/21/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Blowbang,  Deep Throat, DP, Family Roleplay, Vignette Series

Director: Craven Moorehead Writer/Producer: Bree Mills
Cameras: Matt Holder, Craven Moorehead, Billy Visual, Alex Ladd


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Cast: Miss Goldie, Dahlia Sky, Gia Paige, Gina Valentina, Isiah Maxwell, John Strong, Mr. Pete, Xandeer Corvus, Cody (Codey) Steele, Cyrus King, Jake Taylor (Jace), Robby Echo, Ryan McLane, Small Hands

Length: 2 hours 42 minutes

Date of Release: April 10, 2017

Extras: 2 Menu Selectable Trailers, 23:26 minute BTS, Individual Scene Slideshows

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Great on both counts. Hi-Def capture with anamorphic widescreen presentation.

Overview: Four various scripted scenes play out over the course of almost 3 hours. Bree Mills wrote the stories, so you can be assured that the setups are good, and the performances by everyone are really great! Whether you prefer brunettes, or blondes, you'll be well served by the starlets on this disc! The Male performers are as top shelf as the ladies, so each scene works well. You should check this one out.

Scene 1: Miss Goldie, Isiah Maxwell

Miss Goldie shows up at her husband's office with a nagging suspicion that he's cheating on her. It turns out she's right, he's not at the office but is probably out somewhere banging the new secretary. She figures turnabout is fair play and cons his coworker, Isiah, into unleashing his monster cock so she can suck it and use him for some revenge sex. With her top dropped and pert titties sporting erect nipples, Isiah's dick gets long and stiff so she can bob on his boner. She's getting too hot and sheds her clothing, leaving on her pretty, white, strap-laced heels as she climbs aboard the SS Maxwell. Her two-toned tresses cascade down her back as she bounces her tiny booty on Isiah's black cock.

Goldie Rush

As per usual with this studio, camera coverage is done with a multi-cam shoot which provides the viewer with great visuals as Goldie guns up and down on Isiah's stiffie, bringing herself to a panting orgasm. Isiah's impressed with her sexual talents as she pauses to suck her juices off his jimmy. She climbs back on, this time in reverse while kicking off her heels to gain leverage on his legs. She rubs herself as her pussy clenches his pecker, her hair lying flatter now that she's working up a bit of sweat.

Goldie Rush

Isiah has given up on his initial reservations about this going down and bends her over for some deep dicking. He starts slowly and gains speed like a passenger train on its way across the country. His rhythm slows as each new position becomes a station platform of new pleasures. Goldie's eyes roll into her head as she realizes she's been missing out on so many sexual pleasures while being married to her lame ass lover. Isiah's dicking her in a circular motion, sweat beading on his brow as she begs for him to cum on her face. She giggles with delight as he unloads a healthy dose of goo all over her.

The setup to this scene is pretty good, with both performers acting pretty well. Miss Goldie might be a bit over-the-top, but that's often how someone reacts when presented with the situation, so kudos to her for going just a bit over the edge.

Scene 2: Gia Paige, Xander Corvus

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Gia's trying to show off her new lingerie to her man but he's too engrossed in his phone to even glance up. She storms off and he fires up his laptop to check out some swinger's porn. That's when she pops back in to grab her keys and is appalled that he would choose to look at that over her. He 'fesses up that he has been wanting to approach her with the idea of bringing in another guy. She somehow gets sucked into the idea and he sets up a camera so he can watch his friend, Xander, bang her remotely. Xander sits down and discusses the possible ins and outs, and ups and downs, of the situation but the only thing she wants at the moment is his dick in her throat.

Gia Paige

She addresses her man through the lens and commands Xander to fuck her face for him. She yells for him to choke her with his dick. Her man, Billy, had earlier jokingly expressed that Gia's pretty when she cries, so she impales her throat onto Xander's shaft to make her eyes water. She uses her tears to lube his cock up so she can jerk it for the camera. She wants Xander to treat her like a bitch and he warms to the idea, shoving his cock and balls way down into her throat. Gia is soon slobber-covered as the throating continues and she pauses sporadically to address Billy through the remote camera. Her eyes become like a wild animal's as she slaps her face with Xander's cock and then presents herself in doggie so Billy's friend can bone her as drool drips from her face. Xander just uses the 2017 AVN Best New Starlet nominee like his personal fuck doll, tossing her around as he thrusts into her. Her bushless beaver is nicely displayed as Xander yanks her leg into the air, twisting her sideways as he slams into her.

Gia Paige

Gia is like a rodeo queen as she rides in reverse, Xander slapping her tits and choking her with her bra. As the pair move into each new position, the pounding on both their parts just gets harder and faster. She's on the edge of joyful tears as Xander tears into her. The pretty Miss Paige gets her face plastered and crawls to the camera with her final address of the session to Billy.

It's a super hot scene featuring two top-notch performers.

Scene 3: Dahlia Sky, John Strong, Mr. Pete

Dahlia Sky

Dahlia responds to an ad for an acting gig and heads over to John's place which is adorned with a giant green screen setup. She's introduced to Mr. Pete who is going to read a scene with her. John sits across from them as the director while the two run through the scene. As the scene progresses, John has Mr. Pete peel off her dress while Dahlia mentions she's never been naked on camera before. She balks a bit when John has Mr. Pete pull out his pecker for some sucking, but John assures them that this movie is going to be huge and this is absolutely necessary for the art.

Dahlia Sky

Once Mr. Pete discovers she has some oral skills, he starts throat fucking his "co-star" and then the two are directed to move into a doggie drilling. Looking back at Mr. Pete, over her shoulder, her eyes are alight with passion as he pounds into her. John likes what he sees, but thinks they are only giving 80% and he needs 110% so he takes the front position in a spitroasting of his new starlet. Tossing the script aside, the trio moves into an all out fuck session. Dahlia really wants the part and allows the men to plow into her every orifice, with Mr. Pete taking the first crack at her ass. Dahlia goes full slut with Mr. Strong in her ass while Mr. Pete pounds into her front fuckhole. Flipping over, she lets them trade holes, her ass reddened from being spanked along the way. Dropping to her knees between them, she makes like a circus seal until Mr. Pete drizzles down her and John glazes her face. The guys agree to give her the part and show her the script, her jaw dropping as she reads the title of the movie.

It's a thin plot setup, but actually pretty effective.

Scene 4: Gina Valentina, Cody Steele, Cyrus King, Jake Taylor, Robby Echo, Ryan McLane, Small Hands

Gina Valentina

Gina plays a stunning looking bookworm as she crams for a calculus exam and has to take a caffeine break. After slamming down a cup o' java, she heads back to the books with a renewed vigor. The inevitable caffeine crash comes and her stepbrother, Robby and his friend Cody, wake her up to let her know he's having friends over so she has a chance to "get lost" if she needs a study break. She jumps in the shower for a quick freshening but it fails to really energize her and she turns to the internet for advice where she stumbles across an ad for a miracle protein powder. Within seconds she's on the phone ordering some! She tears into the box enthusiastically when her "Limitless Head" is delivered and quickly mixes some up. Seconds later, her eyes get big and bright as the powder works its magic and she runs off to the living room to sexually attack her stepbrother. Cody thinks she's gone crazy but can't help but get turned on and wants some oral action, too!

Gina Valentina

She's slurping and jerking like a maniac when Robby's friends show up and surround the little slut. They all think she's a great sister as she rotates around from rod to rod. Soon, the Brazilian spinner is naked and getting her throat nailed from every direction. She's getting covered in slobber and the guys have her rub it all over her face as they fuck her mouth relentlessly. She bobs and weaves her way around the cluster of wangs, sucking and wanking, slurping and yanking.Moving to the couch, she gets her pussy rubbed by some while others hang her head over the edge of the couch to jam their cocks into her throat. One by one, the guys start shooting loads of spunk everywhere. Her face and body shiny from their fluids, she begs for more. She's disappointed as the guys are spent, and walk away one by one.

In the BTS, Gina mentions that she isn't nervous because she's blown all these guys before but this is her first ever blowbang.

Cover vs. Content: The title suggests that this might be blowjob after blowjob. Nope. There is way more than that.

Final Thoughts: Pretty Dirty shows off their production and writing skills, as expected while showcasing four young starlets in various scenarios. From Miss Goldie's opening scene having revenge sex with Isiah Maxwell to Gina Valentina's disc ending blowbang it's a non-stop fun filled romp. Gia Paige looks great as she gets hammered by her boyfriend's best friend; Dahlia Sky gets DP'ed by her co-star and movie director during her audition. The movie is almost 3 hours, which provides a lot of bang for your buck. With each scene being self-contained, it never gets repetitive and there's no need to feel like you have to watch it all in one sitting.

I'm always impressed with Pretty Dirty productions, and this is no exception. The writing is on point, and they use top talent that can actually act, which is vital in their productions. Miss Goldie was the only starlet I haven't seen in a number of films; the other three I'm very familiar with and I really like them in just about everything. You get to look behind the scenes for over 26 minutes and get to know the performers a bit, which I think is always a plus to a film. If I had to pick a favorite scene, I'd probably lean towards Gia and Xander's but it would be a tough call. All around this should be a worthy addition to any porn stack, I say grab a copy! Highly Recommended.

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