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Kendra's Obsession

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 5/20/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 40 minutes

Date of Production:  Release May 10, 2017. Production Year: 2017

Genre: Star Showcase; All Sex; Feature; Interracial; Big Cocks

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Kendra Sunderland with Jillian Janson, Ana Foxxx, Isiah Maxwell, Ricky Johnson, Jason Brown

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Feature Trailer; Cumshot Recap; Website Info


When the Blacked.com studios announced recently that Kendra Sunderland would be filming her first scene for the studio in a four-part series, expectations were high. That flick has now been released under the title Kendra’s Obsession and it more than lives up to what fans would imagine. Since the announcement of Kendra filming scenes for Blacked.com, she has gone on to be crowned Vixen Angel of the Year, another huge feat for the starlet. In this star showcase,  Kendra feeds her growing sexual appetite, experiencing every fantasy from a hot, interracial threesome to a girl-on-girl pussy fest. Kendra pushes herself, conquering every new deviant desire until she cums in pure pleasure. I highly recommend this movie directed by multi award-winning director Greg Lansky. The premise of the flick is based on Kendra’s great relationship with her photographer boyfriend, Eli. Their sex life is just fine, but the pair’s desires fan the flames of sexual fantasy that turns Kendra into an exhibitionist for Eli. He gives her permission to fuck anyone she wants as long as he’s there to watch. Everything is perfect until she decides to fuck two guys when her boyfriend isn’t around. Will this be the undoing of their perfect relationship? Kendra won’t know until he comes back to town and she’s afraid she just might lose everything. Kendra does a great job carrying this flick and keeping the sexual heat and chemistry high in every scene.

Scene 1:  Kendra Sunderland and Jason Brown

Kendra puts on a great show at the start of the flick, rolling around in bed, teasing us with her pretty smile and long, flowing hair. The action happens in slow motion and Kendra looks perfect from every angle. From there, the story begins and we learn that after going to school in Seattle, Kendra moved to L.A. to focus on her modeling career.  After a few months in L.A., she met her boyfriend, Eli, who is a successful photographer. The two have been together for over a year and things couldn’t be better. These two are inseparable. When he asked Kendra to move in with him, she couldn’t say no. Their sex life is amazing and Kendra is hooked. She learns that the one thing that really turns him on is to watch her have sex with another guy. She fantasizes about it and loves turning him on by telling him about it, but she never really thought it would go further than that. During a photoshoot one day, Kendra is doing a shot with Jason and her boyfriend, Eli is taking the pics. Eli thinks the shoot was perfect and he just knows that these two are going to get the gig. Eli has to rush off to take care of some business and that’s when Kendra begins to turn her fantasy into a reality. She spends some time with Jason on the couch, but she doesn’t realize that Eli never left. Eli sneaks back around the back of the house and watches Kendra and Jason through the window. He takes pictures of them on the couch and sends a text to Kendra. When she gets the pic, she looks up and sees Eli peeking at them through the bushes, taking pictures and that’s when she realizes that he’s OK with her living out their sexual fantasy with Jason.

She kisses Jason, telling him she has wanted him all day.  When she finally gets his hard cock in her hand, she can’t believe how big it is. She jerks his dick and enjoys his kisses then she gets on her knees and sucks his big pole. She holds it with both hands and jerks it in and out of her mouth, gasping for air from time to time. He tells her to show him how much she loves this big cock. Kendra shows him she’s in love with it, gagging on it as she forces it far back down her throat. She beats her tongue with his prick and tells him she has wanted his big dick since the beginning of the photo shoot.

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After covering his cock in spit, she squeezes it between her big boobs for a round of titty fucking until Jason lies her on her back, eats her pussy then invades it with his dick. He can barely stretch her pussy open because it’s so tight. He works his way deeper and deeper in her hole, feeding Kendra’s cunt. He pulls out and fucks her throat, having her taste her pussy off his dick, then she climbs on top of his pole in cowgirl position. Jason squeezes and spanks her ass cheeks and drills her tight, pink pussy, keeping Kendra moaning in pleasure. Her big, round tits bounce back and forth as she bobs up and down on his monster meat. Eli has been watching and taking pictures of Kendra and Jason the whole time. She gets into standing doggy position for a hard round of fucking of Jason that makes Kendra cum. This is the hardest she has ever cum and she sees Eli outside snapping pictures and rubbing his dick. It was in that moment that she decides not to feel guilty about her new sexual fantasy and she discovers that she loves being watched. Kendra realizes she is an exhibitionist and there’s no turn back for her now. Jason slams her pussy doggy style and in a downward doggy then pulls out and pops on her nose and mouth. His cum slides down her face right into her mouth. She swallows then sucks his cock some more. Jason tells her that he knew this is what she really wanted.

Scene 2: Kendra Sunderland, Jillian Janson, and Isiah Maxwell 

Two hours after fucking Jason, Kendra is still excited about the whole thing. She can’t stop thinking about it. She takes a shower and Eli joins her. They fuck like they’ve never fucked before. Kendra’s sex live with Eli has taken off. It’s incredible. They start having sex everywhere, in the kitchen, outside on the balcony and in the bathroom. Kendra is in a brand new world. One day, Kendra and Eli are hanging out at the pool with Jillian and her boyfriend Isiah. The two couples met each other at a party recently and after a few drinks, Kendra has figured out that Jillian and Isiah are swingers. The drinking is making Kendra hornier and when Isiah tells her that Jillian likes her, Kendra wastes no time acting on that moment. She walks over to Isiah and Jillian, leaving her boyfriend Eli behind, and she starts kissing Jillian. Eli watches as Kendra, Jillian and Isiah make out together. Eli nods, giving Kendra the signal that he is OK with her new sexual adventure. With that, Kendra drops her top, letting her big boobs fall out. Jillian can’t help herself. She sucks both of them, kissing on Kendra’s nipples. When Kendra bends over doggy style to kiss Isiah, Jillian starts eating Kendra’s pussy from behind. Kendra can see the outline of Isiah’s huge cock in his pants. She unzips his pants and pulls his cock out, jerking it then spitting on it. This spontaneous threesome is well underway outdoors and every time Kendra looks over at Eli watching her suck Isiah’s cock, it almost makes her cum. Just knowing that her boyfriend is watching her do bad things is turning her on.

Kendra, Jillian, and Isiah take their attraction indoors to the bedroom and Eli sits on the couch and watches. The girls sandwich Isiah, kissing each other and taking turns jerking his cock. In no time, Kendra is on her knees sucking Isiah’s big, black cock and Eli is taking pictures of the action with his cell phone. Jillian is giving orders, telling Kendra to suck her boyfriend’s big, black cock. The girls get in doggy position on the bed and they both tackle his dick. Kendra sucks it and Jillian swallows his balls. After a long round of dick sucking, Kendra is ready to experience his huge black dick. She sits on it in reverse cowgirl position, but it’s so big, she has to climb off and guide it back into her pussy slowly. Once back in there, she rides it, telling Isiah it’s so big. Jillian squeezes Kendra’s tits while she bounces on his dick. Jillian is having her own fun, sitting on Isiah’s face and enjoying his tongue in her pussy. By now, Isiah’s cock has stretched Kendra’s pussy out and she is riding all the way up and down his long shaft. As soon as Kendra climbs off Isiah’s cock, Jillian sucks it, swallowing Kendra’s pussy juices. Then Jillian sits on Isiah’s pole, cowgirl style.

She rides him and kisses Kendra. The girls get fucked in side-by-side doggy as Isiah moves from one wet hole to the next. When Kendra is getting her doggy style pussy slam, Jillian tongues Kendra’s ass hole. The combination of Isiah’s cock in her pussy and Jillian’s tongue licking her ass hole makes Kendra cum. Kendra is in for more rounds of fucking as the doggy style and missionary pussy slam continues. When Jillian gets fucked next in missionary position, she squirts all over herself and Isiah, cumming in an explosion of ecstasy. Isiah pulls out and blows his load on Kendra’s tongue. She transfers his spunk to Jillian in by kissing her then turning to suck Isiah’s cock so more. She gets all of the cum out of his dick and turns to kiss Jillian again and again.

Scene 3:   Kendra Sunderland and Ana Foxxx

As time goes on, Kenda and Eli have been indulging in more and more of their sex fantasies. All of this has made their relationship stronger. Eli really likes watching Kendra have sex with other people and Kendra likes putting on a show for him. He tells her there aren’t any rules as long as he can be there to watch. When Kendra does a photo shoot for lingerie with Ana, she finds that it’s getting so hard to keep her hands off of Ana. The more the two girls play together for the shoot, the more Kendra gets turned on by Ana. Eli has all the photo shots he needs so Kendra and Ana go into the other room to change clothes. As Eli is looking at the photos, he hears the girls giggling in the other room. He walks toward the room to investigate and finds the girls kissing each other. Eli stands at the door and watches and when Ana sees him, she pulls away from Kendra quickly and apologizes to Eli, but Kendra tells her not to worry about it because Eli is OK with the whole thing. Ana thinks that’s so incredibly hot. The girls go back to kissing and making out as Eli gets comfortable and watches. Ana and Kendra kiss passionately for a long time, sucking each other’s tongues. Ana takes control, lying on top of Kendra and kissing her beautiful boobs. Ana sucks Kendra’s pierced nipples then kisses her way down Ana’s body to her pussy. She pulls Kendra’s lingerie off and starts eating her pussy, smacking on it as Kendra says, “yes, right there.” Ana smiles and continues to eat Kendra’s snatch. Kendra’s body shakes as Ana eats and fingers her pussy.

It’s Ana’s turn to experience cunnilingus and when she lies back, Kendra sends her tongue diving into Ana’s pussy. She stabs Ana’s cunt with her tongue, making Ana’s head fall back on the pillow and her eyes roll back into her head. Kendra sits on Ana’s face and grinds her pussy around and around in Ana’s mouth. Kendra turns up the heat even further by tonguing Ana’s ass hole as Ana kneels in doggy position on the bed. Ana returns the favor, tonguing Kendra’s ass and making her cum. The girls roll around the bed, taking turns on top of each other, kissing and licking all over each other. Kendra eats Ana’s pussy again and the girls finish their girl-on-girl experience making out.

Scene 4:  Kendra Sunderland, Ricky Johnson, and Jason Brown

Kendra has become really comfortable exploring her sexually adventurous side and it spills over into a hot threesome with two models she’s doing a photoshoot with. It all starts after the photo shoot. Kendra is having a good time hanging out with the models, Ricky and Jason, outside at the pool. They each enjoy a glass of wine as they get to know each other. Her desire is overwhelming and all she can think about is fucking them. She has to do something about this. She calls her boyfriend, Eli, and tells him she knows they made a commitment that she can only fuck guys whenever he’s in the room, but she’s ready to break the rules. Eli absolutely forbids her from fucking when he’s not around, but Kendra is too far gone. She tells him she’s going to fuck Jason and Ricky whether he likes it or not and he can sit on the other end of the phone and listen to her getting fucked. She puts the phone down and fulfills her desire. She kisses Jason and Ricky and tells them she has been wanting to fuck them all day. The guys show her how much they’ve wanted to fuck her as well. They flank her and kiss her while she grabs hold of their cocks and jerks them. She comments about how big their dicks are and she wants to feel them inside of her, switching out in her tight little pussy and she wants to suck both of them. The guys’ cocks are hard and the kissing gets more passionate. Her boyfriend is left listening on the other end of the phone as Kendra leads the guys upstairs to have fun.

Once there, she gets on her knees between both guys and fills her mouth with their cocks, sucking one while jerking the other and commenting that she never had cocks this big before. The guys tell her to get nasty on their dicks. With her throat stretched, she gets into bed on all fours and continues to jerk and suck Ricky’s cock while Jason tongues her ass hole. He uses his tongue to whip circular motions around her tight ass hole and fingers her pussy at the same time. Jason spanks her ass cheeks, getting Kendra even more excited and spits on her ass hole while she sucks Ricky’s balls. She has never had two cocks before and she’s beside herself. The guys switch places as Kendra stays in doggy position. Ricky is licking her ass hole now while she eats Jason’s big, hard meat. Ricky takes advantage of Kendra’s position and sticks his dick deep in her pussy, fucking her from behind. He starts off slowly, working his cock further and further into her pussy. Kendra moans that it’s in there so deep. He grips her ass cheeks while stretching her pussy with his dick. Jason’s hard cock is stretching her mouth and Ricky’s dick is stretching her pussy. Ricky fucks her harder and faster now, slamming her tight hole doggystyle and it has Kendra moaning louder and louder with her mouth gaping open. She begs Ricky to taste her pussy off his cock, so the guys trade places again. Jason bangs her while she sucks the taste of her pussy off Ricky’s prick. Jason fucks her in a hard downward doggy that we get great close-ups of.

Kendra moves into reverse cowgirl and fingers her clit while bouncing up and down on Ricky’s dick. She’s cumming this time as his cock spreads her snatch. She screams, “I’m cumming!” as Jason’s cock bangs her cheeks. She rides Jason cowgirl style and ends up cumming again. Kendra wants more pleasure and she gets it in missionary position as Ricky stuffs her pussy with his cock and Jason stuffs her mouth with his. Jason drives his dick deep inside her hole missionary style while she sucks Ricky’s cock until he cums on her tongue, just like she wanted. She tells Jason to fuck her and fill her pussy with cum. He bangs her and leaves her with a big creampie, bubbling up out of her pink pussy.

Final Thoughts:

Kendra Sunderland is obsessed with sex at all cost and we experience her escapades in the star showcase film Kendra’s Obsession directed by multi-award winner Greg Lansky for the Blacked.com studios. This feature is signature Lansky as he presents Kendra in a sexy and stylized light as she fucks her way to discovering her true self and I highly recommend this movie. Kendra has a great relationship with her photographer boyfriend Eli, but their relationship gets even hotter when Kendra discovers that he likes to watch her have sex with other people. He’s OK with her fucking other people as long as he’s there to watch. It all starts with Kendra fucking Jason after a photo shoot. As Eli watches the whole thing, Kendra gets turned on, even more, cumming harder than she ever had before. She advances to new sexual peaks with a hot interracial threesome with Isiah Thomas and Jillian Janson as Eli watches, and then Kendra lands in bed with Ana Foxxx for an incredible girl-on-girl experience. Kendra’s sexual energy is overtaking her and she takes on two big, black cocks even though her boyfriend Eli isn’t around to watch. Eli forbids her to do it, but she fucks Ricky and Jason anyway, discovering her true sexual freedom. Afterward, Kendra is sure Eli is going to break up with her and she is so sorry she was being so selfish. Her own sexual desires could be the undoing of the one relationship she so desperately needs.

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