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Driver, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 5/21/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Genre: Couples Feature


Cast: Harley Jade, Cassidy Klein, Charlotte Cross, Jenna Sativa, Lauren Phillips, Michael Vegas, Lucas Frost, Jay Smooth

Director: Jonathan Morgan

Writer: Stormy Daniels

Release Date: Jan. 17, 2017

Length: 1 hour, 55 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Three Bonus Scenes, a photo gallery, some trailers and a Wicked Pictures promo reel


Overview: In this entry from the talented Jonathan Morgan, Margo (played by Harley Jade) breaks off a toxic relationship from her boyfriend Michael Vegas, and sets up for a night on the town with her bestie Cassidy Klein. When Cassidy flakes on her she spends the night with her ride sharing driver Lucas Frost. A rather bland conventional feature written by Stormy Daniels that's only saved by some good performances by the cast.


Scene One: Harley Jade and Michael Vegas


The film starts with Harley picking up some files for work at her house. When she gets there she discovers a shirtless Michael picking up the last of his things before moving out. Before he leaves for good he suggests they have one last goodbye fuck for old times sake. Seeing the half naked Michael is enough to convince her to do it. After a nice make out session Michael goes down on her, eating and devouring her pussy making her nice and wet. The very giddy and giggly Harley sucks and titty fucks his cock before they go into a 69 position on the couch. Harley climbs on his cock and rides him, bouncing and twerking her nice ass up and down him. They then go into a missionary and Harley rubs her clit until she cums on Michael's cock. He spoons her from behind for a little bit before she climbs back on and rides him reverse cowgirl. He pounds her pussy making her cum again before they go into a doggy. After giving her one more orgasm by fucking her from behind he pulls his cock out and shoots a load on her tits. This just the first of five good but still very conventional scenes. It's nice enough, but just rather bland.


Scene Two: Cassidy Klein and Jay Smooth


Back at the office Harley confesses to her best friend Cassidy about the tryst she just had with Michael. Cassidy tells her she should dump him like she did her boyfriend and suggests a girls night out. That evening Harley hires a driver for the night, the wanna be boyscout Lucas Frost, a great guy who only wants to do the right things in life, including giving sage advice, such as ignoring her ex's phone call. While on the way to the club she gets another call from Cassidy who says she's come down with a cold and can't make it. We find out this is a lie. Cassidy instead wants to stay home to fuck her ex Jay Smooth. As usual Cassidy is great in her scene, even though much like the last it's still very conventional. It starts with Jay going down on her. He eats and finger bangs her pussy before she gives him one of her patented superlative blowjobs. After going to town on his cock with her mouth she climbs up and rides him cowgirl style. She bounces on his cock before turning around and fucking him reverse cowgirl. He pounds her pussy with his cock until she cums and then they spoon. There's a nice shot by Morgan of Jay fucking Cassidy as she rubs her clit to orgasm. They then go into a missionary and he makes her cum again before fucking her doggy. He pounds her pussy from behind until she cums one last time before going into a missionary once more for about five strokes before shooting off on her pussy.


Scene Three: Jenna Sativa and Lauren Phillips


Before taking her home for the night Harley tells Lucas to stop off and get some soup for her sick friend. Once she arrives at Cassidy's house she's greeted at the door by the underwear wearing Jay. Pissed off she storms back to the car. Lucas offers to take her out for a drink. They go to the bar and starts some friendly conversation. Harley asks what's the craziest thing he's ever seen as a driver and in a flashback sequence Lucas relates the story of picking up two horny college girls, Jenna and Lauren. He drives them out to middle of nowhere so they can fuck each other and they tell him he can stay and watch if he wants. But Lucas is such a goody two shoes he declines and leaves them alone. They start making out in back seat and pull out a double dong dildo. They get naked in the car before getting out and eating each other on the car's hood. The whole scene has them going down on each other, making each other cum with their tongues, fingers and dildo. The girls are hot enough, Lauren with her gorgeous red hair and natural tits and Jenna with nice tight young body. There just isn't that much to the scene other than them licking each other's pussies and in the end it just leaves you hungry for more.


Scene Four: Charlotte Cross and Michael Vegas


Back at the bar Harley and Lucas are sharing drinks and pleasantries when Michael shows up with his coworker Charlotte. Harley sees them and wigs out. Lucas calms her down and asks her if she wants to follow them out back. She says after a couple of more drinks. Meanwhile Michael and Charlotte make their way to a secluded part of the restaurant outside, and since they're alone decide to make the most of it. Michael starts by fingering Charlotte's pussy before pulling her panties to the side and eating her out. After making her cum with his tongue and fingers she sucks him getting him hard enough to ride him. She climbs on top of him and slides down his cock, grinding her pussy on his rod. He bucks his cock inside of her and she turns around to ride him in reverse. After making her cum she bends over one of the tables and Michael fucks her from behind. He pounds his cock in and out of her pussy from behind before going into a missionary. He fucks her until she cums on his cock and then he pulls out and cums on her belly and pussy. One of the better scenes due to the decent camera angles. Just try not to get too bored half way through.


Scene Five: Harley Jade and Lucas Frost


After confronting and berating Michael and Charlotte the slightly tipsy Harley splits with Lucas. Lucas drives her home, however Harley confesses she doesn't want to sleep there tonight since some of Michael's stuff is still there. So Lucas offers to let her crash at his place for the night. Once there she changes into his t-shirt and thanks him for being the perfect gentleman this evening. He confesses that he's fallen for her and starts kissing her. She stops it however and tells him they won't be sleeping together tonight. Being the nice guy he is he accepts it and fixes a place to sleep on the couch. Back in his bedroom Harley watches the clock and once it ticks past midnight she wakes him up to have sex. They strip off their clothes while making out and Harley starts sucking his cock. After getting it hard he goes down on her and makes her cum in his mouth. She climbs on top and rides him cowgirl, grinding and sliding up and down on his cock before she gets on all fours and he fucks her doggy style. After pounding her pussy from behind they go into a missionary and Harley rubs her clit for one more orgasm before Lucas shoots his load on her tits.


Bonus Scene One: Jenna Sativa, Tanner Mays and Uma Jolie from “Bad Girls Boot Camp”



Bonus Scene Two: Cassidy Klein and Brad Armstrong from “New Beginnings”



Bonus Scene Three: Harley Jade and Seth Gamble from “Karma”


Final Thoughts: It seems as though Jonathan Morgan never really gets as involved with project that isn't 100% his. Case in point, with his film Should I Say Yes (which I gave an Xcritic Pick last year) he seemed to be more enthused. He was so engaged in telling his story that he turned in a beautifully filmed and written couples piece. Here he seems so lazy, like he's just phoning it in with a very uninspired presentation. I have to give it up to the cast though for trying to deliver some good performances, but for the most part Morgan misfires too many times with poor camera angles. Perhaps I was expecting too much, or possibly Stormy Daniels should have helmed her story herself. Either way I can't recommend The Driver, and we can just hope for the best next time.

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