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Mandingo Massacre 12

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Dan C. » Review Date: 5/23/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Mandingo Massacre 12

Genres: All-Sex, Interracial

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Sydney Cole, Monique Alexander, Olivia Austin, Janice Griffith

Length: 2 hours 6 minutes

Date of Release: 1 May 2017

Extras: 14 Minute Behind the Scenes, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: HD 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen, Stereo 48,000 Hz


Mandingo and his weapon-sized dick have returned!  Again.  For the twelfth time.  This time, the man with the “largest cock on the planet” takes on Sydney Cole, Monique Alexander, Janice Griffith and Olivia Austin.  Spoiler alert: Mandingo fucks the holy snot out of all of them.

The first Mandingo Massacre movie debuted back in November of 2011 and over the years, many of the industry’s top starlets have performed in the series.  Each of the installments has been helmed by Jules Jordan, one of the most talented filmmakers currently working in smut.

Scene 1: Sydney Cole and Mandingo

Mandingo Massacre 12 - Mandingo and Sydney Cole

After teasing us for a little bit by dancing around in some skimpy, red lingerie, Ms. Cole walks into Mr. Mandingo’s office.  I’m not entirely sure why Mandingo has an office, because it’s just an empty desk and bare shelves.  When she walks in, he’s just sitting there, looking kind of bored.  SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A LAPTOP SO HE CAN GET SOME WORK DONE!

Not having anything else to do, Mandingo decides to have some fun with Ms. Cole.  He starts out by letting her slobber on his dick…which is literally bigger than her head.  This goes on for several minutes and after Mandingo has made a sloppy mess out of Sydney’s face and throat, he turns her around to work on her pussy.

Mandingo Massacre 12 - Sydney Cole and Mandingo

This is where Mandingo’s empty desk comes in handy, as he uses it as a platform to bang Sydney Cole from a few different angles.  Based on their facial expressions, Sydney was very satisfied with the size of Mandingo’s manhood and Mandingo was doing his best to drive his dick into her vagina while not actually killing her.  Because his dick is only slightly smaller than Sydney Cole’s waist.

Deciding it was time to move the party to the bedroom, the pair walked into the next room.  Which was the bedroom, conveniently enough.  More cock sucking ensues and eventually the action moves to the bed, with Sydney riding Mandingo for all her worth.  The scene ends with her taking an impressive load to the face.

Scene 2: Monique Alexander and Mandingo

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Mandingo Massacre 12 - Monique Alexander and Mandingo

Monique Alexander, who has some of the very best ink of any starlet in the biz, opens the scene by dancing around in some purple, lacy lingerie.  Because he is a fancy gentleman, Mandingo obviously has a stripper pole in his living room and Ms. Alexander uses this to give us a bit of a show before becoming tired and lying down on the couch.

It’s at this time that Mandingo makes his entrance.  He strolls in and immediately starts rubbing and fondling Monique because what else is he gonna do with a scantily clad women on his couch?  After feeling her up and sucking on her tits, Mandingo drops his pants and lets Ms. Alexander show off her oral skills.  She’s good.

Mandingo Massacre 12 - Mandingo and Monique Alexander

Not wanting her to wear her mouth out, Mandingo flips her around and shoves his cock up her pussy.  Because that’s what fancy gentlemen do.  Mandingo goes to town, fucking away while Monique does makes all sorts of squeals and moans.  While I’m not a doctor, I would estimate that upon going balls-deep into Monique Alexander, the tip of Mandingo’s dick is probably up somewhere around her heart.

Switching it up again, Monique goes back to sucking on Mandingo’s dick for a few minutes before tagging her vagina back into the fight.  She then attacks his cock from all angles, doing everything from twerking on it, backing up onto it, riding it, sucking it and then riding it some more.  Eventually, Mandingo puts her on the floor and fires off a load down her throat and onto her face and tits.

Scene 3: Olivia Austin and Mandingo

Mandingo Massacre 12 - Olivia Austin and Mandingo

The scene starts off with Olivia Austin hanging out in Mandingo’s kitchen, chatting with Jules Jordan while he films.  Or maybe it’s Jules’ kitchen, I dunno.  Anyway, she explains she ready to take some big black dick and the two make their way into the living room.  She does some sexy dancing and stuff and eventually she heads back into the kitchen.

Olivia grabs her tits and says that they’d look better if they were rubbed with oil.  This is Mandingo’s cue!  He shows up, takes her bra (which has zipper access to each of the nipples?!?) and starts playing with some boobs.  Now properly lubed up, Olivia drops to her knees and does her best to suck Mandingo off.

Mandingo Massacre 12 - Mandingo and Olivia Austin

After gagging and choking on Mandingo’s dick, Ms. Austin removes her panties, grabs a bar stool for support and lets Mandingo ram his cock up her pussy.  That barstool gets quite the workout over the next several minutes, with Olivia holding on to it for dear life while Mandingo tears her up from the south side.  She then sucks his dick for a little bit before the two head back out into the living room.

For the next several minutes, Mandingo fucks Olivia Austin on a couch from all of the usual angles.  After having her snatch beat to hell by the largest cock on the planet, Olivia finishes Mandingo off in her mouth and ends up with gobs of cum all over her face and tits.

Scene 4: Janice Griffith and Mandingo

Mandingo Massacre 12 - Mandingo and Janice Griffith

Do you know what doesn’t look even a little bit comfortable?  Lying on a tile floor.  But this is what Janice Griffith is doing to start the final scene of the movie.  Just laying on the floor, talking to the camera and moving around all sexy and stuff.  Eventually she gets up and gives us a topless tease for a bit.

And then Mandingo shows up to put an end to all of this madness!  After a very quick introduction, Janice is on her knees doing her best to shove Mandingo’s cock as far down her throat as it will go.  Which isn’t all that far, because Mandingo’s cock is like twice the diameter of her throat hole.  But she certainly gives it the ol’ college try.

Mandingo Massacre 12 - Janice Griffith and Mandingo

The pair move into the living room, where Mandingo proceeds to pound the holy gospel out of Janice Griffith’s vagina.  Throughout, we get a really nice look at her butthole, which is just daring Mandingo to stick his dick into it.  But because this isn’t that kind of movie (and because it would probably split Ms. Griffith in half if he did), Mandingo doesn’t.  But he does knock the hell out of that cooch for a solid ten minutes.

As with all of the previous ladies, Janice Griffith ends the scene by taking a load of Mandingo’s man juice on and around her mouth, face and tits.

Final Thoughts:

Mandingo Massacre 12 is fun from start to finish.  The action moves along at the perfect pace (for me), with each scene averaging about 30 minutes in length.  The collection of ladies assembled here each give very impressive performances, with Janice Griffith delivering my favorite scene of the movie.  Jules Jordan is a master craftsman when it comes to XXX and Mandingo Massacre 12 is just further proof of that.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

You can keep up with Dan C. on Die-Screaming, Twitter and your local police blotter.

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