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Asian Connection

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 5/28/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours

Date of Production:  Released May 3, 2017. Production Year: 2017

Genre: All Sex; Asian

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Axel Braun

Cast: Akira Lane, Cindy Starfall, Marica Hase, Mia Li, Jayden Lee, Mr. Pete, Small Hands, Owen Gray, Ryan McLane, Eric John

Bonus Scenes: Cindy Starfall, Amanda Tate and Alec Knight from Hot for Teacher; Jayden Lee and Kevin Moore from Tease Me POV; Marica Hase and Chad White from Love, Lust, and Longing

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for DNA, Turn the Page, From the First Moment, Alex Braun’s Brown Sugar, Inner Demons, The Blonde Dahlia; 3 Bonus Sex Scenes


What do you get when you mix the mastermind of highly-decorated adult film director Axel Braun and five exotic and erotic Asian women with a knack for sex? You get the flick Axel Braun’s Asian Connection, a fiery hot movie featuring some of the best Asian babes in the business and I highly recommend it. This movie is chock full of sex-filled moments that are a pleasure to watch, and each Asian starlet knows how to tease, making for great openings to each scene. The movie stars Akira Lane, Marica Hase, Mia Li, Cindy Starfall and Jayden Lee getting their tight Asian pussies stuffed by Mr. Pete, Small Hands, Owen Gray, Ryan McLane and Eric John. The setup is simple. Each girl starts her scene dressed in sexy lingerie, doing a solo tease. Jayden Lee’s solo is one of the hottest of the flick as she dances naked at the top of the stairs, dangling her big boobs over the rail. Once each girl finishes her tease, she meets her meat vendor and wastes no time getting to know his cock, preferring it deep inside her pussy. The girls scream in ecstasy and cum in pleasure after rounds and rounds of cock drilling, ending in jizz blasts that put a smile on their faces. The one question fans might have is where is Wicked contract girl Asa Akira? Although she isn’t in this flick, this movie holds its own and remains a turn on to watch.

Scene 1:  Marica Hase and Owen Gray

Marica Hase walks inside from outdoors dressed in black bra and panties with colors and patterns on it. She stands just inside the doorway and slowly unsnaps her bra, letting it fall to the floor. He perky nipples stand at attention as her fingers run across them. She then gets out of her panties, revealing her bushy pussy that she massages with her fingers. Fully naked now, she sees Owen standing in front of her and walks up to him and kisses him. She licks and sucks his lips and enjoys his fingers opening up her pussy. She moans with her eyes closed, continuing to kiss and hug him while he fingers her. Marica sits on a chair with her legs open and Owen kneels in front of her, continuing to eat and finger her pussy, making her gasp for breath and moan in pleasure. She puts her hand over her mouth to contain her cries of ecstasy as Owen stuffs more of his fingers deep inside her. They kiss some more and Marica gets on her knees in front of him, grips his cock with both hands and starts kissing it all over before sucking it. She puts it in her mouth and runs her lips back and forth down his shaft. She looks up at him with her big, round eyes while she sucks him off and tongues his balls. Owen’s cock is hard now and she starts gagging and drooling all over it. He jerks it while she sucks and swallows his balls then he puts her in doggy position on the chair and spreads her tight pussy with his cock, working his dick deep inside her hole. He squeezes her tits while slamming her pussy from behind, keeping her moaning. They fuck doggy style for a long time and Marica’s eyes are rolling back into her head. The camera zooms in close on her pussy as Owen stuffs it with cock.

Marica turns over, sitting on the chair with her legs open wide. Owen walks up to her pussy and fucks it, jamming his cock into her cunt. She keeps both legs high up in the air with her knees together and watches him stretch her wet pussy. She stands up and Owen lifts one of her legs over his shoulder for a leg up pussy slam. Marica holds on to the table and enjoys the sensation. She gets on her knees again and sucks his cock, licking up all her pussy juices off his meat. She jerks him off until he pops directly in her mouth, leaving a puddle of cum on her tongue. Marica leaves her mouth wide open as he blows his load in it. She sucks his cock and licks more cum off her fingers.

Scene 2:  Akira Lane and Small Hands

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Busty Akira Lane is stunning in her red and black lingerie and she shows off her curvy body for the camera, rubbing her tits and then playing with her panties.  She squeezes her big jugs together then turns around to highlight her ass. Now with her bra off, Akira smiles and turns, giving us a great view of her perky tits from the side. She licks her finger and runs it down her body to her naked pussy. Next, we see her crawl across the bed to Small Hands who is lying comfortably, waiting for her. She climbs on top of him and kisses him while working her hand back and forth across his big cock in his pants. She moans and smiles in anticipation of his cock and enjoys a spank on the ass. She pulls Small Hands shirt up and licks his nipples before turning onto her back for more kissing. He spreads her legs wide open, pulls her panties off to the side and tongues her pussy, making her grip the bed sheets in pleasure. She licks her lips as he fingers her cunt and tongues it at the same time. She gets on her hands and knees doggy style to suck his cock, squeezing his balls and working his meat in and out of her mouth. Small Hands fingers her pussy some more while she sucks him. She swallows his balls and licks his shaft then puts his cock back in her mouth, sucking it. Now Akira is ready to get her pussy stretched open and she lies on her back in missionary position and watches Small Hands penetrate her pussy. She fingers her clit while he fucks her cunt, spreading her wider and wider. Akira holds her legs wide open to each side and moans louder and louder as Small Hands fucks her. He takes over in the clit fingering department, rubbing her clit and making her eyes roll back in her head. They spoon fuck and he drills her pussy deep while gripping her big boobs.

Akira gets in doggy position and enjoys more pussy stretching action as Small Hands slams her tight Asian hole. He spanks her ass and fucks her hard, keeping her in pleasure. The pace changes slightly when he pulls out, spit son her pussy and eats it before fucking her some more. Akira screams out, “right there, right there!” She is having fun and is in ecstasy, telling him to fuck her tight hole. She turns over onto her back, sucks his dick then wraps her big boobs around it for a round of titty fucking. From there, Akira rides his hard pole in cowgirl position, bouncing her big ass up and down on his prick. He grips her ass cheeks, spreading them open while drilling her hole. She squeezes his balls while he fucks her. After more missionary fucking, Akira gets back on top, straddling his dick in reverse cowgirl position. He pumps her pussy and fingers her clit, keeping her screaming in pleasure. A final round of missionary fucking leads to a big popshot all over Akira’s face and in her open mouth. She giggles and rubs cum on her tits.

Scene 3: Mia Li and Ryan McLane

Mia Li walks into her scene as a bold, buxom brunette who is ready for action. She has a smoky sex appeal about her that’s hard to miss and she’s a helluva tease, using the couch as her stage. She strips naked and lies on the couch on her back, fingering her pussy then licking her fingers, tasting her sweet snatch. Ryan joins her on the couch, kissing her lips and stomach. He stands her up, continuing to kiss her body and slap her big ass. She helps him get out of his clothes as they kiss some more but before Ryan takes everything off, he lies her on the couch on her back, spreads her legs open and eats her pussy. He licks and clit, making her laugh out loud and bite her lips. She runs her fingers through his hair while he smacks on her pussy. Mia spreads her pussy open for Ryan to eat and he gorges himself in it until standing up to feed her his cock. Mia is horny and ready for dick and she sucks his meat while bending over him in doggy position. He’s sitting on the couch and she’s deep throating him, moaning from Ryan’s fingers in her pussy. She thanks him then continues to suck his cock. Mia lubes his pole up by spitting all over it and keeping it in her mouth.

She gets in doggy position on the couch and looks back at him while holding her ass cheek open, waiting for him to put his cock inside her. Ryan stuffs her pussy with his hard cock and fucks it. Mia screams then giggles as he slams her harder and harder and pulls her hair. She is having a good time looking back at him as he fucks her. His dick is keeping a smile on her face and Mia is enjoying the feeling. The fucking turns to missionary position next and then on to cowgirl. Mia rides his dick and each time he spanks her big ass, she giggles, louder and louder, enjoying her punishment. We get a really good close-up of Mia riding his dick until she climbs off and turns around to ride it some more in reverse cowgirl position. She goes for a hard ride on his pole and it leaves her mouth gaping open. Ryan spoon fucks her then pulls out and shoots his cum load on her tits. Mia begs for his jizz and gets her boobs splattered in it. She looks at him and laughs while rubbing his cum into her skin.

Scene 4:  Jayden Lee and Eric John

Jayden Lee begins her tease at the top of the stairs. She is in burgundy colored lingerie that features a G-string. She turns around, perching her nice ass on the ledge then she turns around again, letting her tits hang over the edge. She continues her solo dance on the landing then joins Eric on the couch for passionate kissing. His cock is hard and she massages it through his pants while he kisses her neck and keeps her turned on. They kiss some more and Eric works on unsnapping Jayden’s bra. Out pop her big, round boobs. He licks her neck and tits until Jayden unzips his pants and puts his hard cock in her mouth. She squeezes his balls and deep throats his cock, jerking it with her hands and swallowing it in her mouth. When she reaches the base of his dick, she gags then spits on it and that’s when Eric pulls off her panties with his teeth. She lies on her back on the couch and licks her fingers and lips then squeezes her big boobs together. Eric is focused on her feet first, kissing them before aiming for her pussy. He spits on it then licks it from top to bottom, causing Jayden’s mouth to gap open. Eric rubs his face back and forth in her pussy and continues to lick it all over, keeping her turned on. With her pussy wet from all the oral attention, he sticks his cock inside her, fucking her missionary style on the couch. Jayden position one of her legs over his shoulder and looks up at him as he drills deeper and deeper inside her pussy.

Jayden gets up and when Eric sits on the couch, she straddles him in reverse cowgirl position and lowers her pussy on his prick.  She bounces up and down, fingering her clit and licking her fingers. It’s not long before she cums on his cock and it won’t be the only time. Her body shivers and shakes as she reaches her peak and Eric holds her tight while she has her orgasm. After cumming again, Jayden turns around into cowgirl position and rides Eric’s dick, up and down his pole while he squeezes her ass cheeks. The expression on Jayden’s face says just how much pleasure she’s in. Once she gets on her hands and knees in doggy position, Eric eats her creamy pussy then slams it from behind with his cock, gripping her shoulders and pulling her into him while pumping her hole. The chemistry between these two is hot, especially with the multiple orgasms Jayden has. She cums again in doggy position. Eric pulls out and Jayden kneels and squeezes her tits together. He pops all over her tits then Jayden sucks the cum off his cock, licking her lips.

Scene 5: Cindy Starfall and Mr. Pete

The incomparable Cindy Starfall, the Vietnamese bombshell fans love, closes out Axel Braun’s Asian Connection in a fiery scene with Mr. Pete. Cindy does what she does best, teases us at the start of her scene in sexy red lingerie. She pulls on her panties and smiles into the camera, inviting us into her world. Cindy takes her solo show to the bed, crawling across the sheets in doggy position until Mr. Pete shows up and gives her some tongue. Cindy surrenders to the feeling and lies on the bed as Mr. Pete strips her out of her panties. He starts eating her pussy right away and Cindy is left curling and crying in pleasure, running her fingers through his hair while he smacks her clit with his tongue. He spanks and grips her thighs while dining on her snatch. When Cindy opens her legs wide, we see her pink, wet pussy. Mr. Pete drills it with his tongue and thumbs her ass hole, just the way Cindy wants him to. She tells him she wants his cock and he’s happy to give it to her. Cindy gets in doggy position near the edge of the bed when Mr. Pete is standing, jerking his hard cock. She crawls up to his dick and eats it, slobbering all over his shaft. He starts fucking her throat and making her gag. Cindy likes that and drools over his prick even more. Mr. Pete skull fucks her again, thrusting his dick all the way to her tonsils. He grips her hair and jams his stick down her throat, then pulls out and beats her tongue with it. Cindy tells him she’s his little Asian slut.

Cindy and Mr. Pete kiss before she gets on her hands and knees again in doggy position and gets her pussy slammed from behind by Mr. Pete’s cock. He stuffs her ass hole with this thumb again while his dick stretches her pussy. She tells him to fuck her Asian pussy. He pumps her harder and faster, pleasing her with every stroke. He spanks her ass then puts her in spoon position on the bed to drill her cunt even deeper. Cindy screams out louder and louder and fingers her clit while Mr. Pete spreads her pussy. She leans back and kisses him, breathing heavy as she gets fucked. She tells him she’s about to “fucking cum!” He drills her snatch, even more, helping her reach her pleasure point. Spoon fucking soon turns to hot and heavy cowgirl style fucking. Cindy takes control on his cock, slamming her hole up and down on his prick. She climbs off and sucks his dick before turning around into reverse cowgirl position and fucking him some more. She sucks his cock and squeezes his balls until he’s ready to blow his load. He blasts cum on her face and tongue, putting a smile on Cindy’s pretty face. She slurps his jizz up and sucks his cock, blowing bubbles with his spunk.

Final Thoughts:

Asian starlets Akira Lane, Marica Hase, Mia Li, Cindy Starfall and Jayden Lee take center stage in the flick Axel Braun’s Asian Connection, and this is the kind of movie you want to get your hands on. The highly-decorated adult film director Axel Braun doesn’t disappoint in capturing the sexual antics of the five exotic and erotic Asian women featured in this movie, and this is a flick I highly recommend. It’s a pleasure to watch these starlets get their tight Asian pussies fucked by Mr. Pete, Small Hands, Owen Gray, Ryan McLane and Eric John, and it’s even more pleasing to watch them surrender to the pleasure of deep-felt orgasms. The scenes begin with sexy solo teases followed by banging that stretches each girl’s pussy until they curl up in ecstasy. The girls get a healthy blast of jizz in the end, making them happy they all came.

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