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Against My Religion

Studio: Pretty Dirty » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 5/29/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Couples Vignettes


Cast: Reena Sky, Cadence Lux, Elsa Jean, Ashley Adams, Codey Steel, Ryan McClane, Tommy Gunn

Director: Craven Moorehead

Writers: Craven Moorehead and Bree Mills

Length: 2 hrs. 30 min.

Release Date: March 10, 2017

Condoms: None

Extras: 17 min. Behind The Scenes doc., a trailer for Pretty Dirty's Village Sluts and slideshows from each scene.


Overview: Pretty Dirty's Craven Moorehead (with Bree Mills) pushes the taboo envelope with these stories sex and religion. In each one a highly religious character's morality is tested. To some the theme might be a bit uncomfortable to watch, but if you enter into it with an open mind an appreciation for good quality adult film making you won't be disappointed.


Scene One: “The Clairvoyant Part One” starring Reena Sky and Codey Steel


Devout Christian Codey Steel is reading from his Bible when there's a knock at the door. It's the wonderful Reena Sky who tells him she's a clairvoyant and she's having visions about his wife, and about the affair she's having with another woman. The name of the other woman is foggy though, and the only way for the name to come clear to her is for her and Codey to connect physically, and she starts by putting his hand on her tits. She tells him it's helping but their clothes are blocking the signals, so they both get undressed. She puts his hands back on her tits and starts kissing him before guiding his hand to her pussy. He starts rubbing it getting it wet. She tells him he needs to be inside her so she sucks his cock getting it hard for her wet pussy. She climbs on top of him and starts riding him. Her gorgeous pussy looks terrific as it slides up and down on his cock and he pinches her nipples and rubs her clit making her cum on his cock.


After sucking her juices off she gets back on and rides him cowgirl. Reena's ass is so beautiful as it bounces up and down and grinds on his cock. She then tells him he needs to make her cum by fucking her from behind. They start fucking doggy, his balls slapping against her clit until he shoots off on her face. With his cum still on her lips and chin she tells him the woman his wife is sleeping with named Diane and that she has all of the info as to where they are and everything. When Codey goes to fetch a pen and paper Reena uses the Bible to wipe his cum off her tits. And I'll leave it there, just know that the very sexy and gorgeous Reena Sky's performance is fantastic in this scene as the fake clairvoyant.


Scene Two: “Against My Religion” starring Cadence Lux and Ryan McLane


Although she's been shooting for three years now Cadence Lux is truly starting to make a name for herself with her wonderful performances she's been turning in for the different Girlsway Network labels, including Pretty Dirty. And this one's no different. Her terrific deadpan comedic delivery is perfection as she plays a virginal Jehovah's Witness visiting the house of Ryan McLane. Ryan (who's great in this scene as well) invites her with her handful of pamphlets inside to discuss her faith. However while she's sitting on his couch she starts twitching uncontrollably. Ryan asks her what's wrong and she tells him she's had the strangest tingling sensation “down there” all day. As luck would have it Ryan tells Cadence he's a gynecologist and he'd be happy to treat her right then and there. He tells her to disrobe and sit back so he can examine her gorgeous pussy. With surgical on (that he just happened to have in his back pocket, wink) he probes her pussy. The comedic interplay between the two here is terrific as they mostly improvise this sequence. Cadence loves it as Ryan fingers her pussy, with and without the gloves.


Eventually Ryan is eating her out, telling the naive Cadence it's all part of the procedure, as well as sucking his cock. She wraps her pretty lips around his dick and sucks and deep throats it until she gets on all fours and Ryan fucks her from behind on the couch. Cadence is loving these new found feelings as he plows his cock into her dripping wet pussy. He then lays her on her side and spoons her from the back until she cums on his cock while rubbing her pussy. They then go into a cowgirl position and Ryan's cock becomes a piston as it plunges in and out of her pussy at rapid speed driving Cadence crazy.


Cadence then cums again in a missionary and after sucking her juices off Ryan's cock goes into a reverse cowgirl. Of course Cadence Lux has to squirt at least once and she does while riding and grinding on Ryan's cock. After the water works she sticks his cock back up in her pussy and fucks him until he shoots off on her beautiful pussy. He picks up copies of her pamphlets to wipe his jizz off of her. After Cadence picks up her clothes and leaves Ryan gets on the phone and tells his buddy how he just lied to Cadence about being an OB-GYN and fucked her. I loved this scene. Ryan and Cadence are electric together delivering some truly clever dialog when they're not fucking. And Cadence is just so sexy playing the innocent act to a tee. Truly great scene.


Scene Three: “Possessed By Pleasure” starring Elsa Jean and Tommy Gunn


In this scorcher of a scene Tommy Gunn plays a religious fanatical Christian who is step father to nymphomaniacal Elsa Jean. Elsa is constantly getting herself off to porn until she finds the sites have been blocked on her laptop. She frantically searches for something she can rub off to and finding anything even remotely sexual throughout the house to be ripped out or removed. She eventually finds a phone sex number. While she's masturbating to it Tommy sees their phone bill has over $3000 in charges. Yep, Elsa's been busy. With Bible in hand he goes to confront her and walks in on her masturbating, The sight of her rubbing her pussy intoxicates him for a second before he says something. They talk about praying more, going to church more, finding guidance in prayer and sending Elsa to church camp. Elsa then notices Tommy's hard cock in his pants from watching her and asks him to give her his holy seed. Saying they're both going to Hell Tommy undoes his pants and for Elsa to give him head. He keeps asking the Lord to forgive them as Elsa gobbles his cock. I guess to shut him up they go into a 69, Tommy devouring Elsa's pussy as Elsa gives him superlative head.


She then climbs on top of him rides him cowgirl, first reverse then regular. After sucking her juices off his cock they go into a doggy where she cums again on his dick. She sucks him again before they spoon. With bible in her hand Tommy plunges his cock into Elsa's sweet pussy from behind. The fucking is just so intense from these two as she rubs her clit until she cums again. They eventually end up in a missionary when Tommy shoots off on Elsa's face. Guilt ridden Tommy runs out of the room to ask for the Lord's forgiveness and Elsa goes back to masturbating on the phone. A truly electric scene from the terrific synergy brought about by Tommy and Elsa.


Scene Four: “The Clairvoyant Part Two” starring Reena Sky, Ashley Adams and Codey Steele


In part two of the first scene Codey drives to the address clairvoyant Reena Sky tells him his wife Ashley Adams is having a lesbian affair. He walks in and in a dimly lit room sees a naked woman with a long blond wig sitting on a bed with her back to him. He walks up to her and asks her where his wife is. Without saying a word she turns around, undoes his pants and starts sucking his dick. She gives him head getting him nice and hard before backing her ass up and fucking him doggy. He's speechless but can't resist her pussy as her fucks her from behind. Suddenly he's hit on the head knocked unconscious. He wakes up tied to the bed naked with his wife and the mystery woman on both sides of him. She pulls her wig off and it's Reena. It's all part of a plan she and Ashley conjured up to lure Codey to be their boytoy. They each take turns sucking on Codey's dick before they have fun with each other. It starts with Reena eating out Ashley, licking and fingering her until she cums.


Ashley then sucks on Codey's dick some more while she sits on Reena's face. The two girls then go into a 69 making each other cum before getting on both sides of Codey and masturbating themselves. Ashley then straddles Codey's face forcing him to eat her pussy while Reena gives him a blowjob. She sucks, jerks and tugs on his cock until it explodes, cum flying everywhere. He asks the Lord to forgive him as they leave him tied to the bed.


Overview: Craven Moorehead and Bree Mills are really pushing the envelope with this one. It makes me wonder if they are merely exercising their freedom of expression, or if their trying to truly offend people. As an Agnostic I didn't find the scenes to be offensive at all. On the contrary, I thought they were wonderfully shot, beautifully written and the performances are top notch. The mixing of religion and porn is nothing new. Stories of priests and nuns having sex go back to the golden age. And these stories all concern the same theme, a person of faith whose morals are tested. At the end of each scene they ask the Lord for forgiveness for being lead into temptation. I myself don't see anything wrong with that, and find it to be very uplifting. Some people might have a problem with this dvd, and that's ok. If you get it, great. If not, that's ok too because you weren't meant to in the first place. Besides, I don't think people with strong moral values are the filmmakers target audience anyway. So once again I have to give it up to the fine folks at Pretty Dirty for delivering probably their most daring dvd yet. Great job. Highly Recommended

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