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Extreme Depravity

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 5/31/17

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Content: 3/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Cast: Britney, Angelica Heart, Jenny, Aliz, Mandy Bright, Renata Black, George Uhl, Nick Lang, Lauro Giotto, Joe Monti.

Directed by: Alex Romero

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Big Cock, Cum-Swapping, Double Penetration, Double-Vagina Penetration, Group-Sex, Orgy, Squirting, Threesome

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note, presumably lower-grade HD.

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery, and cumshot recap

Overview: Alex Romero's latest DVD release Extreme Depravity specializes in its title by giving you a hardcore smorgasbord of intense and ribald sex acts that go as far as they can before the disc can be labeled a product of the fetish genre.

Scene 1: Britney, Angelica Heart, George Uhl, and Nick Lang

Extreme Depravity doesn't bother opening with any kind of introduction or credit-crawl for the performers; it gets right down to its dirty business, with Britney and Angelica Heart in the middle of an ecstatic cocksucking match of George Uhl and Nick Lang, respectively. Britney dons a leather one-piece she unzips about a minute in, while Angelica rocks a sexy pair of fishnets. Britney is the first to hop on George's dick in missionary, while Angelica completes a blowjob and gets taken for a ride from behind. It doesn't take more than a few moments before Britney squirts a river all over her man.

The scene persists on. Cocks are sucked, asses are fingered, and pussy is eaten, while the guys swap both Britney and Angelica between themselves on several occasions, yet always manage to rope them back in for another romp. Double penetration action occurs for Britney before Angelica after she squirts in her face and is taken for quite the ride by both George and Nick. She handles it like a champ, even opting for double-vaginal penetration soon after as Angelica kisses her tits. When Angelica gets the DP treatment, Britney engages in some mild rimjobbing action as Angelica's accent purrs out of her in a sexual fury.

While Angelica has a bit more flair, Britney never stops trying to get involved even when the emphasis isn't necessarily on her. The final moments appear like a gangbang when the guys jerk off over Angelica's face while Britney hangs her crotch over Angelica's head and masturbates both of them to climax all over Angelica's lips and mouth. Britney unleashes yet another ocean of squirt to add to the loads all over her girlfriend's face and the two make quite a slippery final sequence.

This is a good example of a scene that never stops. Alex Romero's camera keeps moving, taking us through a variety of positions with no cuts, no visual flair, and no filters or choppiness to disturb the sex on camera. It's a solid opener for a disc that's a bit of a throwback to the pornographic DVDs of the 2000s. 3.5/5 stars.

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Scene 2: Jenny, Aliz, and George Uhl

The sophomore scene in Extreme Depravity boasts setup and foreplay, unlike the first scene, involving Aliz and Jenny, who open by making out on a wooden porchswing. Aliz is on a leash with a see-through black top covering her breasts while Jenny makes her shake her ass for her while rocking a devil-red pair of stockings and assless lingerie - both a winning combo. Clearly, Jenny is the one in charge here, doing everything from spreading Aliz's cheeks to spit in her ass to heading to a dungeon-like room where Aliz will be restrained in an old-fashioned, wooden headboard/handcuff combo as if she's in Game of Thrones.

"Tell me what you want," Jenny demands Aliz, but all Aliz wants is some penetration. In walks George Uhl, to give the bent-over, handcuffed Aliz what she demands, thrusting inside of her deep only trading off for anal penetration moments later. The two go at it for a while, with Jenny happy to bear the role of leading and controlling the action, playing with herself and only sporadically interrupting so she can suck George's dick or enjoy some sexual action herself.

George further dominates Aliz into pleasure by shifting through a variety of positions, despite spending a considerable amount of time working her in a restrained doggystyle. The two spoon-fuck, indulge in a blowjob as Jenny anally fingers herself, and entice one another with a reverse-cowgirl that has George, at one point, pulling Aliz's legs back to reveal her pussy for Jenny to enjoy. The two ladies can't keep their hands off one another for too long, and it's great to watch both of them have fun and strike up a great deal of natural chemistry throughout.

The beauty and enthusiasm of the girls comes to a close only when the scene does, as the ladies rob George of a healthy and satisfying load that effectively drains them all after a heaping helping of sexual gusto. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Mandy Bright, George Uhl, and Lauro Giotto

Mandy Bright is playing pool with George Uhl and Laura Giotto, two beefcake guys, while wearing a bright red top and dark black stockings, echoing Raven Black in both appearance and her ability to work two dicks like a pro. The common theme of Mandy being at the mercy of the fierce fingers of the men in this scene is illustrated at the very beginning before she's plowed uncontrollably on her back by George. Spitting and wailing also proves to be a common occurrence here, upping the ante on the depravity from the beginning as well.

The downside, however, is that there is desperately little to this scene besides that. Mandy Bright has her moments, particularly in reverse cowgirl where she only gets wilder when riding George vigorously while hoisting her legs high in the air and giving the other hunk Lauro the cue to dive in, but there's too much emphasis on the same DP style that drags out an already fairly short scene. By this time in the disc, we've grown to expect a certain sense of unpredictable rigor and pacing to go along here, but that doesn't occur during Mandy's scene as much as the rote positions quickly breed a tiresome effect.

Thankfully, we end on a semi-interesting note as both George and Lauro blast Mandy with their loads all over her torso, to which she responds by lathering her face for the better part of a minute. There's proof in that moment that depravity - or "extreme depravity" as it's known her - makes for some fascinating moments but inconsistent entertainment. 2.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Renata Black and Joe Monti

The last 25 minutes of the disc solely belong to Renata Black and her black leather bra and lacey black panty combo, both of which quick to disappear as she plays with herself. She waltzes over to an array of exercise equipment where she's greeted with a muscular Joe Monti, greeting him the only way a woman on this disc knows how to greet someone - by sucking their dick.

She goes through the motions of a gentle but firm blowjob before being bent over a bench-press to be doggied by Joe. She transitions naturally to riding reverse cowgirl by planting herself on Joe's crotch and slowly sashaying in a circular, hip-heavy motion to tantalize him and the audience. Things get hotter when she shifts to her size as Joe cups her breasts before letting reverse cowgirl captivate her age, this time as Joe gives her some anal love.

Renata displays consistent enthusiasm throughout, adding a certain level of flavor to what is otherwise a pretty ordinary scene. Her explosiveness occasionally blossoms into more than something noteworthy for consistency when she's faced with Joe's member, to which she deepthroats to great effect. The home-stretch involves everything from a fine anal doggystyle to intense vaginal play that leaves Renata screaming a bit louder than she has been the whole scene.

Joe goes deep in her ass while spooning one last time before splashing her tongue with a thick load of cum, to which Renata can do little else but smile with a gaze that happily reflects on great sex and a job well done. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

A DVD that shows a nude brunette on her knees, mouth agape, with a list of names next to her and the title "Extreme Depravity" above her head is tailor-made to captivate the seasoned porn-fan who thinks they've seen it all. Extreme Depravity is a fine example of a workable DVD, good for a masturbatory fantasy but somewhat unworthy not only of its title but the standards it sets up for itself. It's keen on functioning as a disc that gets rowdy enough to be softly pushing boundaries at times, but never transitions to fetish-territory, which is totally fine. The problem is that a lot of the scenes - even the best one, featuring Aliz and Jenny, all feel a tad overlong or underwritten, and given the personalities of the women are decidedly understated or thoroughly absent, there's little of that to fall back on when familiar positions get the best of the viewer.

Still, there's an identifiable amusement factor here and the less picky devotees will certainly find orgasmic fun for themselves and the performers in this perfectly okay, sub-premium release.

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