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Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 6/2/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 58 minutes

Cast: Kissa Sins, Johnny Sins, Adriana Chechik, Megan Rain, and Carmen Caliente

Directed by: Johnny and Kissa Sins

Genres: All Sex, Big Cock, Gonzo, POV, Squirting

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: 4K HD resolution

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery and cumshot recap

Overview: Continuing on with their breakout year of 2017 - with the release of their Sex Tour franchise materializing, on top of their intimate YouTube channel and incredible attempts at communicating with their fanbase - the Sins, Johnny and Kissa, further their reign with the second "round" of their "Sex Tour," a raw and exclusive look at their private sex life with very public porn stars.

Scene 1: Kissa Sins, Adriana Chechik, Megan Rain, and Johnny Sins

Without any intro and little warning, Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 2 starts up with three ladies - Kissa Sins, Adriana Chechik, and Megan Rain - diving right into giving Johnny Sins a blowjob amidst the great outdoors. The gaggle of porn's most recognizable faces accentuate their sloppy, naughty talents as they all maintain eye-contact as they slurp down Johnny's massive penis, coating it with spit. Adriana is particularly sloppy, almost violently so, as she produces distended ropes of saliva that lather Kissa's husband's member as the three continue to fight over it.

As impressive as Adriana and Megan's deepthroating ability is - something they seem to be proud of showcasing on Digital Playground and Blacked releases, respectively - their constant desire to remain immersed and active remains the most noteworthy. Five scenes into the Sins' "Sex Tour" overall (including the four from the first round) and we see a prolific desire on the performers' behalf to keep moving and remain kinetic at nearly every moment. It may be in the form of Kissa moving to eat Johnny's ass while Adriana and Megan stay to suck his dick, or it might be something as simple as Adriana holding Megan's head down on his penis in order for both of them to get the full throated experience. Either way, it's entrancing.

Adriana was a filthy star the first time around and she does nothing but add to her resume as one of the most exciting starlets in the business today, as you never quite know what she's going to do nor are you ever sure of when her filthiness with hit critical mass. She seems to make everyone else in the scene better as well, as Megan tongue-massages Johnny's balls as Adriana remains further covered in spit and drool in a total sexual haze. She's a greedy girl come time for Johnny to unleash his load, but she has no problem passing it to the other girls.

The scene concludes by the two ladies hosting the proclaimed "little sex Buddha" in the air to massage her clit, as she moans and wails her way into satisfying ecstasy. If there is one thing constant between the two releases, it's that the Sins and their respective editors make it difficult for one to be able to "last" through a breakneck opener, which, this time around, if you've seen the franchise's first installment, gets you reacquainted with the setup and reminds you how extraordinary and revealing it can be. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: Kissa Sins, Adriana Chechik, Megan Rain, and Johnny Sins

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Following up a roughly twenty minute blowjob scene, the girls are back at the house this time around, doing everything under the sun with Ariana Chechik's famous asshole. Kissa and Megan have a great time making out over her puckered butt, in addition to using their fingers to prepare it for the hour-long rendezvous that awaits it. Personality is key with these scenes and these two are fully aware of that, as much as Adriana as aware and in shock when she discovers that a stunning eight fingers are in her asshole at one time between Kissa and Megan.

Kissa and Adrianna then move on to take blowjob duty while Kissa jiggles her ass in effort to smother Megan as she rims the matriarch of this porn dynasty. Adriana then gets intimate with Kissa when Kissa moves to lie on top of her, with Megan prompting her to squirt all over Adriana's head while she's in the middle of sucking Johnny's cock. Another memorable moment comes when Megan teases herself by gliding along the tip of Johnny's dick and winds up squirting in Adriana's face.

Adriana and Kissa then trade off sitting on Johnny's dick for a hot second, effectively ushering in a frenzy of squirting and wild sex. You could consider an intermission in all the action being a brief couple minutes featuring two of the ladies swallowing a dildo, each inserting it down their throats as they come together for a kiss as Johnny watches and films. The dildo also serves as the device integral to other deviant sex acts that take place throughout the scene in bold and entertaining fashion, some of which even go on to make Adriana beet-red in the face, like when she's utterly pummeled by Johnny.

There's also something fiercely memorable and unbelievably intimate when you witness Kissa and Adriana making love with one another, totally in tears from sexual pleasure and emotion, while Megan lies adjacent, rimming Johnny and sucking his dick. The entire moment is one for the books.

On a final note, it's enthralling to watch the ladies at hand get progressively sweatier and more sexually exhausted as the scene goes on. Kissa, Adriana, and Megan have almost unmatched sexual energy that explodes before Johnny so much so that you'd swear he only lasts so long because he has a stunt double. A roaring finale that features explicit amounts of gagging and deep thrusting effectively concludes this scene with Johnny busting in and around Adriana's ass before a solid closer featuring some good outdoor shower fun with the ladies caps off easily the best scene of the whole disc. 4.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Kissa Sins, Carmen Caliente, and Johnny Sins

Carmen Caliente not only makes her return to porn, but wisely does so by allowing Johnny and Kissa Sins to greet her back into the industry as the halfway point of Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 2 opens with the two ladies twerking and galloping their booties before the camera for a solid few minutes, flaunting their string bikinis in addition. The two plant their lusty lips on Johnny's massive dick, savoring not only him but also the moment. The scene takes a decidedly slower approach than the first two and, after some of the stuff we've just witnessed as viewers, that's more than a welcome note.

Johnny reacquaints Carmen to the impromptu side of the industry with a doggystyle that has her legs flailing as if this is her introductory shoot. "Get that dick, girl,' Kissa exclaims to her friend while she moves into missionary with her husband. There's no shortage of energy on Carmen's behalf, though it may seem like it given how muted the scene is compared to the last. Whether our returnee remarks about Johnny's "good dick" or motorboats Kissa's clit, she's fun and clearly passionate in returning to her former career.

Kissa then goes on to jiggle her lower half, essentially feeding her curvaceous bottom to Carmen as she licks her ass, something Kissa not only enjoys doing but enjoys having done to her. Carmen is then rammed on the couch while on her back, lamenting once again about how much she's missed big dick in her life. The sex, at least, concludes with Carmen popping Johnny's dick out of her mouth and slapping it across her face before an unexpectedly hot pop-shot on her crotch while Kissa moves in for cleanup duty.

But the epilogue of the scene, however, is much longer than anticipated, for good reason too. The cameras surprisingly keep rolling as we see how long and deep a sexual daze manifests itself into these two women before they both get soapy in the shower together, lathering one another up in fluid, twerking, and embracing all the unrepentant energy they have. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Kissa Sins, Carmen Caliente, and Johnny Sins

Kissa Sins and Carmen Caliente are seen lying against Johnny Sins to form a beautifully symmetrical, naked threesome that serves as an image fit for a desktop wallpaper as they begin stroking and sucking his dick. Carmen twiddles the head of Johnny's penis while Kissa briefly attends to his balls, smiling with eyes that always appear to be withholding giggles from her mouth. Carmen, however, can't control herself come missionary, spazzing out for lack of a better term, and allowing her animalistic sexual instincts to come out in a fit of erotic rage.

Kissa dives on the bed for a surprise blowjob while Carmen and Johnny have their intimate moment, which is where we get a good look at Carmen's side, which boasts a dark tattoo above her hip and perky breasts. It's great to have Carmen back in porn, if I haven't already, more than a little obviously, made that clear.

It's also amazing to see how well these women move themselves, going between stacking their asses atop one another for doggystyle, Kissa taking the top, to pretzeling themselves in crazy, crooked positions that have Kissa bobbing her crotch on Carmen's face or twisting her legs across her torso. The scene concludes with Johnny shooting cum into Kissa's mouth while glazing Carmen's ass, and cleanup duty, while not as extended or as exciting as it previously was, nonetheless carries some spontaneous weight. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

I truly believe Johnny and Kissa Sins are on to something not only subversive to the porn genre, but unique and vital. Authenticity is one thing people demand in the features of their porn, from cumshot, to how long the male lasts, right down to the reality of a woman's orgasm. By showing mostly unedited, crisply shot closeups of their private sex life with recognizable porn stars, the Sins open up a window of opportunities they continue to lovingly explore with the second round of their "Sex Tour." You simply do not get porn like this, and to marathon a Sins Life DVD is to get your week's worth of porn and then some.

But paradoxically, you'll want to come back for more of the Sins' exceptional content after a couple hours, so perhaps that point is largely moot as a result. Kissa Sins is a fabulous and engaging performer, Johnny is charismatic, especially given what little speaking he does here yet again, and special guests like Round 1's superstar Adriana Chechik and the returning Carmen Caliente do not disappoint in being their incredibly powerful, enthusiastic selves.

I have no idea how long this Sex Tour will go on, and I can hopefully hope for a few installments more. The only thing I forewarn the Sins is to quit while they're ahead, so as not to breed contempt or a muchness as some series have done by going into volume 20 and 21 with nary a new idea.

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