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Railed By The Cocksmen

Studio: VIP Digital Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 6/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Gangbangs, Creampies, Gokkum (kind of)

Producer/Director: Buzz Aziana


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Female Cast: Jennifer White, Kacie Castle, Daisy Monroe, Chloe  
The Cocksmen: Focker, Mason, Mitt, The Colonel, Thomas, Token, Addy, Gator, Tony, eLmO

Length: 2 hours 48 minutes

Date of Release: April 4, 2017

Extras: 3 BTS Segments totaling 52:47 minutes, 4 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Gallery

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Really good on both counts. Small logos appear at different but unobtrusive locations throughout the film.

Overview: Four girls are driven around Arizona where they get interviewed over lunch or (non-alcoholic) drinks and then they get railed by the cocksmen. It's not your average gangbang flick! This is presented with a different style and flair. If you are looking for a good gangbang flick, this may be your ticket!

Scene 1: Kacie Castle, eLmO, Focker, Mason, Mitt, Token, Tony

Kacie's in the back seat of a car, wearing a cute dress that has parental advisory logos all over it, during the first part of her interview. She reveals there isn't a lot of things on her "no" list. In fact, she mentions that she asked another studio if a guy could pee on her and they turned her down as they don't (can't?) do that stuff anymore! Her interview continues over some mozzarella sticks at a famous Irish pub in Arizona. Out on the patio she talks a bit more about her likes and turn ons and the guys have her remove her panties. As they walk back to the car she lifts up her dress and flashes the camera. Once at the car, she strips off her dress in the parking lot to reveal her long, lean body. Her big, brown eyes shine as the camera moves in for a close inspection. As they drive to the gangbang, she's joined by the cameraman in the back seat who thumbs her pussy and licks her. She responds to that by sucking his limp dick to firmness, gurgling as it grows in her throat.

Kacie Castle

Once they get to the studio she lies on a bench and the guys rope her legs open. The studio is a blackened environment with lights concentrating at the center bench. The cocksmen all wear masks which doesn't seem to deter her in any way, she just starts sucking and jerking at random while guys stick cocks in her. One guy in particular early on starts banging her tight little box and making her scream in a vibrato. After a few moments it occurs to someone to take her dress off. It's at about that moment that the first load gets pumped into her. The next batter up in her box brings her to a shuddering orgasm. During the interview she had expressed an interest in being slapped and roughed up but the guys seem quite reluctant to do much more than soft slaps to her pretty face.

Kacie Castle

After a number of guys have unloaded into her hole she moves into riding position, which proves problematic due to the amount of body fluids dripping out of her. So, they switch into doggie and put her into a spitroasting while others stand around keeping themselves hard until their turn comes. One by one, the guys fill her donut with cream; the camera occasionally taking the time to focus on the leakage and queefage in closeup. The pretty brunette is all smiles and very accommodating to any position requests the cameraman needs her to get in to showcase the jizz. Once the final load is delivered, the cameraman has her squat to show it dripping out; her eye makeup is in shambles as she high-fives him and answers "duh" when he asks if she'll be back again.

Scene 2: Chloe, Focker, Mason, Mitt, The Colonel, Thomas

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The guys are joking around with Chloe who is shocked when she is told that today is going to be all anal action. She's relieved and laughs it off when they tell her they were just fucking with her. She realizes they're filming as she eats and she's worried she's being messy. They assure her that she'll get messier later on. She makes it sound like she does porn on a regular basis, although the IAFD has this title listed as her 2nd of 2 credits. She may want to update that. The playful banter, and some flashing, continues as the team checks out the historic rail yard that has been transformed into a popular restaurant. The location they are at will be readily apparent to anyone who has spent some time in Tempe, Arizona (eg. Sundevils).


Once in the studio (the same one from Kacie's scene) they discuss her last shoot in which she was sporting a large bush. This time around, her curves are accentuated by the total lack of hair down there. Naked, but not afraid, she starts sucking on the guys as they enter and some of them stop to taste her too! Her jeweled belly button gleams under the studio lights as she lies back and guys start penetrating her. She's very quiet as they bang into her, and even as she rides their rods. At some point I noticed that there is a creampie counter that appears onscreen. It's so unobtrusive that I only noticed it when I lifted my head in a sneeze.

During the session, where she is riding a guy, and sucking a guy while bending forward, there is a dude smacking his pecker on her shoulder like he's trying to get her to move to him next. It's kind of funny. Another funny moment happens during creampie 4 where the cameraman has her lie back on the guy and explains that she's "corked" and as soon as his dick comes out so will his cum. She laughs as it happens at that very moment and rolls off of him to lick it up. While she's licking that guy off some other dude starts dicking her from behind and she starts sucking another cock. Creampie 5 gets caught in the guy's hand and fed to her and #6 steps up to bat. Meanwhile, Creampie 4 guy is still trapped beneath her as the guys continue the spitroasting. Creampie 6 tries to repeat what 5 did but someone gets the bright idea to grab a martini glass and scoop it in in closeup. The ring light on the camera shines in the glass as they do that and then the railing continues. Creampie 7 adds to the martini glass collection.


The team has her lie on her back and she sounds a bit nervous when someone offscreen fires up a wand vibrator. They assure her she'll like it, and she does! As one guy vibes her, there's another guy that's been trying to cum in her mouth for a while and finally manages to spurt his load. As her moans get louder from the vibrator, someone teabags her to soften the level. Another wand makes an appearance so they can work her entire nether region with battery power. She's a bit cum drunk as the last depositor steps up to the plate and someone offscreen tries to figure out how to turn off the Hitachi. The cameraman tells him you have to hold it...like forever. She looks a bit worn out as the final batter whacks a home run into her and they try to collect it in the martini glass. As they try to slide her into position, she laughs as she worries about the fact that they might drag her hair through all the cum. She tries to aid their dragging with her legs, but that just causes her to lose half the load which dribbles down her ass crack.

Scene 3: Daisy Monroe, Jennifer White, Token, The Colonel, Addy, Mitt, Gator, Thomas

Jennifer is tieing a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue at a bar as the cameraman cracks jokes about whether or not the people behind him might know what a creampie is. She tries not to laugh, but because they "look like moms" she thinks they probably do. The cameraman explains they are going to put her on a "lazy cocksman" and spin her around during a blowbang warmup as she continues to work the stem around in her mouth. She hums the theme to Jeopardy as she prepares her nipples for an unveiling. As for the cherry tieing, I'm not sure she ever completed it. I am in the middle of an allergy attack as I write this so a sneezing fit may have caused me to miss the finished product, or it got edited out. Who knows?

In the studio, Jennifer is on the table with her friend, Daisy who made a cameo during the interview when she came up with a proposition to drink all the creampies deposited in Jennifer. Daisy massages Jennifer's boobs as she peels off her pants and a cocksman attends to Daisy's clothing. AS the girls start sucking schlong Mr. Peter-shoulder-tapper returns and starts beating on Jennifer, his wrist adorned with a bunch of rubber wristbands. The ladies lie back and suck and jerk like it's going out of style as a guy quickly delivers his package to Jennifer's box and Daisy is summoned to come deal with it. After licking it out of her, she deposits it into Jennifer's mouth via a kiss and goes back to blowjob duties while Jennifer gets jammed harder by the next cocksman.

Jennifer White & Daisy Monroe

Another guy calls "Man Down" and Daisy quickly licks it out of her girl friend. The ropes have made a reappearance with Jennifer's thighs held wide by them and everyone laughs as Creampie 3 steps up and loses his load within seconds. Daisy just lies across her bang buddy to suck it all out this time as creampie 4 takes his place in Jennifer's hole. As 4 hammers away at Jennifer's hole, Daisy grips her throat for support but then has to kneel at the edge of the bench to catch the next dripload with her tongue. After all that semen swallowing, she climbs onto Jennifer's face to get her now wet pussy eaten as she strokes multiple guys off. In the midst of her writhing and squealing facesitting she has to lean forward to lick out the next load. Jennifer takes some time facesitting on her friend while getting from behind and Daisy gets her face drenched when they pulls out and his wad drips out.

Jennifer White & Daisy Monroe

The whole thing just takes a turn with guys banging Jennifer's box and Daisy's face at will. Miss White just sucks and fucks like a machine, Daisy's mouth becomes a depository. The maritini glass reappears as one guy cums in her hole and another shoots into her mouth. Jennifer shares the mouth load with her friend and then scoops up whatever was missed into the glass. That glass gets fed to Daisy after Jennifer drinks it and they share it back and forth a few times through crazy kissing. As the cameraman tries to wrap up a cocksman mentions he still has a wad to deliver and then another...so they all pause to showcase the shots to Jennifer's body which Daisy cleans up with her tongue and shares with her.

Final Thoughts: This is the part where you are expecting me to say "it's a gangbang flick, girls get nailed by a bunch of guys and covered in cum". Oddly, I'm not going to say that. Did you see how much screen space my scene reviews took up? The box cover and title menu describe this as "The Ultimate Gangbang Creampie". I'm not going to argue with that. This is different! The layout of each scene makes it interesting. It's not a high-end Euro-mansion-gangbang scene and it's not some chick getting drilled relentlessy in a warehouse. It's almost 3 hours of girls getting drilled by masked men with lengthy interviews before the drilling. I won't go so far as to say it's riveting, but it is fucking close. It's entertaining and interesting. It has some comedic moments, intentional or otherwise. Should you watch it in one sitting? Probably not. It's more of the kind of thing you'll watch one scene at a time unless you have a long sex weekend planned with your partner and want to see girls get drilled non-stop for hours on end. The male talent is masked and definitely not the A-team of porn, but they manage to deliver load after load into the girls on the bench. The girls are cute, and above that, they are all very personable! Any sex positive person would want to join in, or at least watch, them getting railed by the cocksmen! If you are looking for serious gokkum, this isn't your flick. Yeah, there's a martini glass...but it's filled by a few loads not hundreds. For anyone else that is looking to add a gangbang flick to your collection - this one is kind of unique, which makes it great. Highly Recommended.

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