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Cum Deep In Me

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 43 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre:  18+ Teens; Cream Pie, Cumshots, Gonzo

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Ryan Madison. Art Director: Kelly Madison

Cast: Starring Haley Reed with Cadey Mercury, Eliza Jane, Krystal Orchid and Ryan Madison

Bonus Scenes: 1 Bonus Scene

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers; BTS and POV Fluffing Cam; Q&A Content; BTS Photo Gallery; Commercials


The husband and wife duo of Ryan and Kelly Madison are a power couple when it comes to porn. Their successful Teenfidelity.com and Pornfidelity.com studios produce some of the hottest, 4k HD, 18+ teen sex on the market. One of their specialties is showing hot, young teens getting their pussies filled with cum, and Ryan Madison serves up the creamy jizz for these young babes. Creampies abound in Cum Deep in Me, and it’s a flick I highly recommend. Team Madison not only showcases four, teen creampies, they include tons of extras like behind the scenes cock sucking and fucking, Q&As, behind the scenes photo shoots, trailers and lots more. The flick stars Haley Reed with Cadey Mercury, Eliza Jane and Krystal Orchid in a two-disc set that runs close to two hours and 45 minutes. Teenfidelity’s scenes are always shot with tons of close ups of each girl’s pussy getting absolutely annihilated by Ryan’s cock. The Gonzo-style flick is a mix of extremely high def POV shots from Ryan and other great shots that stay close up on the pussy pumping action. Haley opens the flick, getting her mouth fucked by Ryan until she spits and gags all over it. Soon her legs are open wide as she lies on her back getting banged. Ryan delivers her cream pie in pile driving fashion, filling her up missionary style and continuing to pump her pussy until all the cum drains out. You can expect the same kind of sizzling, hardcore sex in all four scenes, making this flick one of those that’s a pleasure to see.

Scene 1:  Haley Reed and Ryan Madison

This flick opens with Haley walking up to Ryan and kissing him. She makes her way over to the bed where the couple continues their passionate tonguing. Ryan chokes her while he licks her face and neck. Haley lies on her back and fingers her pussy while Ryan plays with her tits. He holds his camera at the same time, focusing it on her pussy. She continues to tease him, pinning her legs back while he kisses her thighs and cunt. He pulls her panties off to the side, exposing the pink lips of her pussy. The POV camera angles bring us up close to Haley’s pussy. Ryan pours oil on it and eventually begins fingering it, making her moan. He stuffs his fingers in her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb. The fingering gets harder and faster, sending Haley into shivers. She soon cums all over Ryan’s fingers and he stuffs them into her mouth, making her taste her own cum. It’s back to fingering her again until Haley reaches for his cock and puts it in her mouth. We stay close up on Haley’s meat eating. He fucks her throat, making her eyes well up and, soon, she’s drooling all over his dick and herself. Haley worships his cock, jerking and slurping on it and force feeding it to the back of her throat. She gets off her knees and in bed, deep throating his cock while he watches her every move. Haley has made a complete mess of his cock, leaving streams of drool draining down his shaft. She sucks his balls before lying on her back for another round of throat fucking. With her head hanging over the edge of the bed, the drool drains down her face, covering her nose and eyes.

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Haley is ready for his cock now and she gets into doggy position and waits patiently for Ryan to slam her from behind. He penetrates her pussy slowly, working his cock further and further into her wet box. Haley slams her body back and forth into his, hugging his cock with her pussy. She closes her eyes in pleasure as Ryan bangs her from behind. Most of this part of the scene is filmed from Ryan’s POV, so we’re looking down on Haley’s ass cheeks as Ryan’s cock splits her pussy. We get a close-up view of Haley’s pussy from behind as she lies in a downward doggy and Ryan fucks her balls-deep. He drills her teen snatch, making her scream out in pleasure. One thing you’ll like about a Teenfidelity.com scene is the fucking goes on for long periods, there are lots of sex positions and the camera shots don’t miss a second of it. Haley is in the middle of her pussy takedown by Ryan’s cock and she is enjoying every minute of it. Ryan is back to choking her while he fucks her and this keeps a smile on Haley’s face. Ryan pulls out and fucks her face then puts his cock back inside her creamy cunt for missionary style fucking. She does more pussy to mouth cock sucking then goes on a reverse cowgirl ride on Ryan’s cock. He films the action, giving us his POV on her pussy then he climbs on top of her for more downward doggy. We’re 45 minutes into this scene and the sex is still hot and still going. Cowgirl is next, and Haley takes control of the fucking. Slamming her body up and down on Ryan’s. He finishes her pussy off in missionary position, pumping it until he cums inside it. He doesn’t stop fucking her, continuing to drill her hole until his jizz is squeezed out the sides of her cunt and she cums. When he pulls out, Haley squirts over and over again as she fingers her clit.

Scene 2:  Eliza Jane and Ryan Madison

Eliza is ready for her close-up. She walks up the stairs to Ryan, kisses him then makes her way to the bedroom. Soon, she’s on her knees, unzipping Ryan’s pants in a bid for his cock. When his dick pops out, she smiles and starts licking his balls. The camera angle is from Ryan’s POV, looking down on her big, brown eyes as she works her lips up and down his shaft. She jerks his cock while licking it and keeping her eyes on Ryan’s. She drops spitballs on the head of his cock and works it in with her hand, jerking his dick all the while. The POV angle on the camera zooms in close on Eliza’s face as she eats Ryan’s meat. He feeds his cock to her. Eliza sucks it some more then strips out of her clothes and sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position. She rides his pole, bouncing up and down on it and rubs his balls at the same time. We’re still watching all the action from Ryan’s POV as he squeezes her ass cheeks.

Eliza transitions to doggy position and looks back at Ryan while he fucks her. He spanks her ass cheeks and drills her pussy from behind. He has her pinned against the back of the couch doggy style and slams her pussy fast and deep. She reaches back and holds on to his thigh while he bangs her.

Eliza goes for a cowgirl ride on his cock, squatting over him and bouncing up and down on his dick. He quickly flips her over onto her back for missionary style drilling that keeps her moaning. Ryan chokes her while he pumps her pussy. Eliza lies on the bed with her legs pinned back behind her ears as Ryan makes a target out of her wet pussy. A quick round of cowgirl and pussy eating gives way to a spread-eagle missionary bang that has Eliza’s pussy getting completely stuffed by Ryan’s cock. The camera zooms in close on her pussy as it gets drilled balls deep. Eliza sucks his cock some more but not before she gets spoon fucked. Eliza’s cream pie is delivered missionary style with her legs spread open. We watch as she screams out in pleasure when Ryan’s cock pumps her pussy with spunk. As Ryan continues to fuck her, Eliza’s cream pie drains out, pouring down her ass. Ryan spreads her pussy open for the camera then fingers and spanks it until she cums. Eliza stands up and squeezes the rest of his cum out of her pussy onto the floor then she licks it up.

Scene 3:  Cadey Mercury and Ryan Madison

Cadey Mercury is sitting on the couch with no bra on, opening and closing her legs and playing peek-a-boo with her pussy. She pretends to be a genie in search of the right panties, bra, and socks. With a wiggle of her nose, her bra, panties, and socks all change until she finds the right outfit. Cadey is having a lot of fun, playing dress up in front of the camera. She tries on tons of hats and laughs as each one gets sillier than the next. With her outfit on, she dances and skips around the kitchen having fun. Next, we see her from Ryan’s POV as he holds the camera. She is outside, walking up the steps toward him and as soon as she gets close to him, he grabs her by the throat and chokes and kisses her. He leads her inside where the rough petting continues. She makes her way up the stairs to the bedroom and sits on the couch, spreading her legs wide open for him, showcasing her teen pussy. She fingers it and invites him to eat it. Ryan licks her snatch and Cadey holds his head in place. He spreads her pussy open then slaps it, making Cadey giggle. She plays with her tits and watches Ryan drop his pants and puts his cock in her face. She sits up and puts his dick in her mouth, attempting to deep throat it. She jerks and sucks it, gasping for air as his dick goes further and further down her throat. Cadey is gagging and drooling as Ryan fucks her throat and grips her hair. The cock sucking gets nasty and sloppy, leaving Cadey with trails of spit hanging from her chin.

She lies on her back on the bed, fingers her clit and watches Ryan fuck her pussy. He films the whole thing with the camera in his hand and we get that POV. He stuffs his dick in her hole then pulls it out slowly then repeats, making Cadey moan. The creative missionary fucking continues and this time while he slams her teen pussy, Ryan chokes her and covers her mouth. Cadey mumbles that his cock feels so good. The couple is rolling and tumbling all over the bed as Ryan drills Cadey’s pussy, making her scream out in ecstasy. She climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl style, grinding her body back and forth on his meat. Following more cock sucking, Cadey lies on her stomach for a round of downward doggy and spoon fucking. She spanks her ass cheek as Ryan’s cock spreads her open. She’s on top again in cowgirl position, riding his prick. Ryan never stops filling the whole thing with his camera, giving us spurts of POV action. She tastes her own pussy off his cock then lies on her back, preparing for her creampie. Ryan pumps her pussy, spreading her legs open wide in missionary position. He fucks her and fills her with cum, continuing to fuck her hole until his cum spills out of her pussy. Cadey is in ecstasy from Ryan’s drilling. He climbs off and opens her pussy up with a speculum, zooming in on the cum inside her. He pulls the speculum out of her pussy and sticks his dick back in it, fucking it some more. Cadey is in pleasure again as Ryan cums in her again, giving her a second creampie. He quickly grabs the camera for a close up on her pussy just as her second creampie drains out.

Scene 4:  Krystal Orchid and Ryan Madison

Krystal’s sex scene is on the second disc in the movie and it’s 50 minutes of pleasure. She meets Ryan in the hallway and kisses him then sits on the bed, smiling into the camera. She’s a redhead who looks eager to experience her creampie from Ryan. He squeezes her tits as she undresses and pretty soon, Krystal is lying on the bed with Ryan’s cock in her mouth, sucking it while he films the whole thing. We get a close-up view of her face, full screen, as her lips hug Ryan’s cock. She beats her tongue with his dick then squeezes and jerks it. Krystal sits on his cock cowgirl style and we get a hot bifocal view of the action with one side of the screen showing Ryan’s POV from his camera and the other side of the screen showing the view from the other camera. She rides him for a few minutes then turns around into a reverse cowgirl ride. Ryan squeezes lube on her ass and watches it drain down her pussy before inserting his cock inside her.

Krystal transitions into doggy position and Ryan grips her ass and slams her pussy from behind. Ryan’s POV is close up on Krystal’s pussy while his cock glides in and out of it. The doggy pounding gets harder and Krystal turns onto her side where Ryan continues to pound her pussy in spoon position. Missionary fucking stretches Krystal’s snatch out more then she takes control by going on another cowgirl ride. The close up on Krystal’s pussy gets extreme when she gets fucked in spoon position again. They both stand up facing each other and keep fucking, leaning up against the side of the bed. Quick rounds of doggy, cowgirl, and missionary happen in fast succession until Krystal finds herself spoon fucking again. That spoon fucking leads to Ryan blowing his load deep in her pussy, filling her with a cream pie. He pulls out and zooms in on Krystal’s pussy as she pushes his cum out. She lies on her back and Ryan gets on top of her to fuck her missionary style. He drills her cum-filled pussy some more, keeping Krystal in pleasure. Ryan cums again, this time pulling out and popping on her stomach.  He wipes up the cum with his finger and feeds it to Krystal.

Final Thoughts:

The tagline on the DVD box cover of Teenfidelity.com’s Cum Deep in Me says “There comes a point in every teen girl's life where safe sex becomes boring….Eventually, these teens end up screaming, I'm not on birth control but Cum Deep In Me!” That description sets the backdrop for this hot, turn-on-of-a-flick that features four young teens getting their pussies pumped hard and filled with cum. The power porn duo of Ryan and Kelly Madison are the masterminds behind the cream pie debauchery in this two hour and 45-minute flick, starring Haley Reed with Cadey Mercury, Eliza Jane, and Krystal Orchid. I highly recommend this movie. The Gonzo-style flick brings us a mix of POV sex from Ryan’s perspective and hot close-ups on deep fucking that keeps each girl’s pussy wet and creamy. This movie is spread across four scenes and two discs with tons of extras like behind the scenes cock sucking and fucking, Q&As, behind the scenes photo shoots, trailers and lots more. Each scene is equally as hot as these teens experience their cream pies. Ryan fucks and fills their cunts with cum, then he fucks them even harder until all the cum slips down the sides of their pussies. The action still isn’t over until Ryan cums again, giving the girls a second creampie. This flick is hot and is a pleasure to watch.

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