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Interracial Surrender 8

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Dan C. » Review Date: 6/4/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Interracial

Director: ?

Cast: Jenna Ivory, Candice Dare, Carmen Callaway, Casey Calvert, Melissa Moore, Isiah Maxwell, Jovan Jordan, Moe Johnson and Stallion

Length: 2 hours 33 minutes

Date of Release: 1 May 2017

Extras: Picture gallery, cum shot recap and some trailers of other Team Skeet movies

Condoms: Nope.

Audio/Video Quality: Video was shot in HD, but there were several instances of it being out of focus.  Audio was okay, but not a lot of effort was put into making it great or cleaning up echoes and background noise.

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Interracial Surrender 8 is all about white girls getting down with some big black cock.  The movie’s comprised of five B/G interracial vignettes, each of which features a little bit of plot followed by a whole lot of deep dicking.

The first Interracial Surrender film was released back in July 2015 and obviously proved itself successful enough with the porn watching public that Team Skeet decided to make seven sequels.  That being said, the only other title in this series to be reviewed by Xcritic was #7, which earned only a 2 Star (“Watch It On Demand”) review from Cyber5.

So what did I think of this one?  READ ON!  Or don’t.  Whatevs.

Scene 1: Carmen Calloway and Jovan Jordan

Interracial Surrender 8 - Carmen Callaway and Jovan Jordan

The scene opens with Carmen Calloway getting “drilled” by her lame-ass boyfriend, who clearly sucks in every way at sex.  Fortunately, Ms. Calloway keeps Jovan Jordan on speed-dial.  He shows up and fucks the holy hell out of her, not noticing that the hubby at one point shows up and catches them.  OH NO!

Don’t worry, though.  The boyfriend just kind of sneaks out and doesn’t interrupt Carmen and Jovan.  Because would you interrupt your wife from getting fucked by Jovan Jordan?  No.  You wouldn’t.  Anyway, a few days later Carmen comes home and finds her husband and Jovan sitting on the couch, hanging out like friends.

Interracial Surrender 8 - Jovan Jordan and Carmen Callaway

She panics a little, but they both tell her everything is cool.  As it turns out, the husband is a sissy and all he wants to do is watch Jovan fuck his wife.  Everyone is cool with this and it’s back to Jovan and Carmen getting nasty, again!  And the boyfriend just stands around, offers compliments to both about how great they are at sex and takes some pics and video before heading back to work and leaving them to continue.

 The hardcore action in this scene features Mr. Jordan (2014 AVN, XBIZ and XRCO Best Male Newcomer nominee) shoving his cock into Carmen Calloway’s pussy from every possible angle and position.  Throughout, she squeals and moans and generally looks like she’s doing all she can to handle a dick the size of her forearm.  The scene concludes when Mr. Jordan unleashes about a gallon of cum upon Carmen’s face.

Scene 2: Casey Calvert and Moe Johnson

Interracial Surrender 8 - Casey Calvert and Moe Johnson

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In this scene, Casey Calvert plays a hooker and Moe “The Monster” Johnson is her client.  She shows up to his place (apparently Carmen Callaway sold it to him, because it’s the same place as the first scene) and they greet each other by making out, followed by Casey sucking on his dick for a few minutes.

Things move on in to the bedroom, where Mr. Johnson wastes no time diving face-first into Casey’s pussy.  After a bit of that, he shoves his hulk-sized cock into her and away we go for the next several minutes.  He hits it from all the usual angles and eventually Ms. Calvert climbs up on top for some riding action.

Interracial Surrender 8 - Moe Johnson and Casey Calvert

Taking a break from that, Casey switches things up and goes back to slurping on Moe’s dick.  Anyone who’s ever seen any of her work knows that Casey Calvert is an oral sex freak and those master skills were on full display here.  Her efforts are rewarded by Moe flipping her around and banging on her vagina doggy style for several minutes.

The scene concludes when Moe stands up and lets Casey suck on his nuts while he jerks on himself for a few seconds and then spills a thick load into Ms. Calvert’s open mouth.  Throughout the scene, Moe (2014 AVN and XBIZ Best Male Newcomer nominee) and Casey (2016 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year nominee) appeared to have some great chemistry and the two of them put on a fun show.

Scene 3: Melissa Moore and Jovan Jordan

Interracial Surrender 8 - Melissa Moore and Jovan Jordan

The scene opens with Jovan Jordan giving a lecture on Martin Luther King Jr. to two “high school” students; Melissa Moore and the dude who played the boyfriend in the first scene.  The best part of this entire movie was the hand-drawn stick figure Martin Lither King Jr. on the blackboard, which was apparently a part of this “lesson”.  About two minutes into the scene, Melissa falls asleep and Mr. Jordan doesn’t appear to notice, despite her being fifty percent of the class.  I LOVE PORN!

As she sleeps, Melissa Moore has a dream where she walks up to Jovan Jordan, who’s sitting at his desk in front of the classroom still rambling on about Martin Luther King Jr., and throws herself at him.  He takes his shirt off, she gets mostly naked and then Jovan stands up to let Melissa take what she can of his massive cock into her mouth.

Interracial Surrender 8 - Jovan Jordan and Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore (2017 AVN and XBIZ Best New Starlet nominee) can suck some dick.  Despite only being able to physically fit about half of Jovan Jordan’s cock into her mouth, she gave an A+ oral effort that I’m sure would have even made Dr. King proud.  This transitions to Jovan spending most of the remaining time of the scene plowing away at Melissa while she lays on his desk.

Things reach a climax when Melissa crawls off the desk and kneels in front of Jovan, preparing to take his load to her face.  Underestimating the power of his cum cannon, Jovan shoots most of the jizz over her head and on to the desk.  After cleaning his cock with her tongue, Melissa turns around and eats the cum off the desk.  Best.  MLK lesson.  Ever.

Scene 4: Jenna Ivory and Isiah Maxwell

Interracial Surrender 8 - Jenna Ivory and Isiah Maxwell

Meanwhile, back at Carmen and Moe’s house, Jenna Ivory has hired photographer Isiah Maxwell to take some pictures of her so that she can “expand her portfolio”.  Mr. Maxwell has every intention to expand something of hers…but it’s not her portfolio.  Within a few minutes, Isiah manages to talk Jenna into showing her tits and stripping down to her panties.

At this point, the two decide to take a break from the photoshoot and instead do some hardcore fucking.  Isiah kicks things off by going down on Jenna, who then returns the favor by letting him ram his cock as far down her throat as he can fit it.  Things get hot and sloppy, with Jenna gagging and spitting on Isiah’s dick while he roughly plays with her tits and smacks her ass.

Interracial Surrender 8 - Isiah Maxwell and Jenna Ivory

As the action continues, it doesn’t get any less aggressive.  This ends up being the wildest XXX scene Interracial Surrender 8 has to offer, with plenty of light-choking, screaming and deep dicking.  Jenna Ivory is an absolute freak and Isiah Maxwell (2017 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year nominee) has zero trouble giving her all that she can handle.

After a whole lot of pussy slamming and dick riding, Jenna brings things to a close by milking Isiah’s dick with her mouth and hands, filling her mouth with his spunk and blowing cum bubbles with it.  This was, in my stupid, drunken opinion, the best scene of the movie.

Scene 5: Candice Dare and Stallion

Interracial Surrender 8 - Candace Dare and Stallion

Stallion and Candice Dare open the scene by performing in the worst music video ever made, apparently for Stallion’s new smash-hit song, “Teens Love Black Cocks”.  After two minutes of terrifying interpretive dancing, the song ends and the two are standing in front of a green screen, their music video shoot over (hopefully forever).  Stallion starts to walk away, but then Candice rubs her butt against his crotch; the universal signal for, “LET’S FUCK!!!!”

Which they do.  The pair abscond to a back room, where the first several minutes of hardcore action consists of Candice going down on Stallion.  She’s not afraid to make a mess and after a few minutes, her mouth and face are wet with his cum and her saliva.  This phase of things complete, she hops on his dick, riding him aggressively for most of the remaining scene.

Interracial Surrender 8 - Stallion and Candice Dare

Eventually Stallion and Candice switch it up and do some doggy style.  This allows Stallion to use his BBC for full effect and slam it deep into Candice’s lady hole.  This continues right up until the very end of the scene, when Candice drops to her knees and takes a freshly brewed batch of semen all over her face.

The action in this scene was a bit less intense than in the previous ones and it really didn’t look like Stallion or Candice were putting their full effort into things.  At one point, I thought Ms. Dare looked a bit bored.  Having seen each of these performers in previous XXX action, I know that both can do better.

Final Thoughts:

Interracial Surrender 8 is an okay porn movie with hardcore action that sometimes achieves “pretty great”, but is mostly generic and follows the same formula through each of the scenes.  Additionally, there’s some sloppy editing that results in it feeling at times that maybe the disc skipped.  I’m going to recommend that if you are interested in seeing this, WATCH IT ON DEMAND.

You can keep up with Dan C. on Die-Screaming, Twitter and your local police blotter.

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