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DreamTranny.com (Six Month Update)

Studio: Other » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/7/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dreamtranny.com SIX MONTH UPDATE

Six months ago, in January 2017, I first reviewed dreamtranny.com and strongly urged you to join it. That review is copied below if you'd like to read it.

I've gone back to the site recently and my opinion of the site is even better than before because the site continues to feature some of the most beautiful trans women you'll see anywhere. They really are DREAM trannies! And, the producers spare no expense in making these gorgeous trans women even prettier through the use of outstanding wardrobe and make up, pleasing locations, superb lighting and camera work, and excellent editing. 

One of the site's most recent featured performers, Graziela Cinturinha, has truly blown me away. I think that the site's producers and directors love her as much as I do because they have featured her in six five-star scenes, some of which are solo while others are hard-core boy/TS or TS/TS. Outstanding! 

I've searched the web for Graziela's scenes on other sites to satisfy my lust for her and have discovered that almost all her scenes appear on dreamtranny.com. It's my opinion that her scenes are sufficient reason to join this excellent site.

To give you an idea of just how spectacular Graziela, I'm devoting this update to photos of her amazing body. Let's start with some glamour shots:


As you savor these photos, consider how pretty she is! Worship her eyes and lips, her hourglass shape, her blemish-free ass, her tasteful tattoos, and her oh-so-amazing tits.

Speaking of tits, Graziela's breasts are superb. Check out these photos:


Have you ever seen two more beautiful breasts in your life? I haven't, not even on a "genetic" girl. Whoever augmented her chest should be given an international award! As for me, I can safely say that I could spend an entire day just squeezing and sucking them!

Those of us who love trans women appreciate that they are all woman and all man. They cross all gender boundaries and become the perfect sexual beings combining some of the best attributes of genetic women and genetic men. So, a stellar trans woman needs to have not only a stellar chest, but a stellar cock as well. Check out these shots of Graziela's penis:


Isn't her cock gorgeous? Just the right size, her rod is perky, proud, and oh-so-hard. It gives her earth-shattering orgasms, spews deliciously, and readily penetrates her parnter's ass hole for superb hard-core topping action. 

Speaking of hard-core action, here are some screen captures from some of Graziela's scenes on dreamtranny.com. Note the hot TS/TS 69 action, the fiery solo masturbation (complete with dildo ass penetration), the double anal bottoming, and the balls deep bottoming. Yowza! I want this girl!


Bottom line at six months? The addition of Graziela to dreamtranny.com's stable of performers moves my recommendation of the site from "Join it" to "Highly Recommended." I think you'll love belonging to this site.

You can get more preview images or clips of Graziella here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

Here's my original review for your convenience.

Dreamtranny.com is a website dedicated to beautiful trans women. The girls, who are primarily international, are gorgeous. The site features solos, one-on-one, and group sex scenes and accompanying photos. It is updated weekly.

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In comparison to most of the trans woman sites I've visited, Dreamtranny.com does an absolutely superb job of making the girls look, well, like someone from a wet dream. Lighting, make-up, wardrobe, and videography are light years ahead of some other shall we say "amateurish" sites. I've been a member of Dreamtranny for a while and I think it is one of my favorite places to visit. 

This review is based upon my visits between 12/22/2016 and 01/11/2017.

Dream Tranny Members Page

  • Overall Look and Feel (Aesthetics): The site is simple and elegant. The members page (shown above) lets you check out the scenes that are coming, choose to jump to one of the more recent scenes, search by model name or by category, and other features. I like the pink color scheme, which is appropriate for the very feminine girls featured on the site, and I think they've done a nice job choosing images to highlight each of their scenes.

Dream Tranny Scene Page

  • Ease of Navigation: For the most part, the navigation of the site is easy and what you'd expect. Once you choose a scene to watch, a preview page appears (see above). Clicking a button allows you to view the extensive photo set that accompanies each scene, a popup menu lets you choose the size of the video you wish to download (the sizes are listed under "Videos" below), read text the previews the contents of the scene, rate the scene, or play the scene through streaming video. The only thing that I find a bit annoying about the navigation of this page is shown with the black arrow. The girl's name is actually a link, although it does not appear to be. Clicking this link causes the girl's scene page to appear.
  • Speed: I have watched scenes from this site on my office desktop and my iPhone (both Wi-fi and using LTE data) and it works perfectly. Downloads never hesitate while I stream a scene. 
  • Responsive Design: Only the site's home/logon page appears to be responsive to the device being used to view. That page responds to my iPhone and appears appropriate to the size and shape of the screen. Once I logon, however, the rest of the site is quite tiny on my screen. In other words, the site itself is not responsive design, only the home and logon pages.
  • Content provided: Hard and soft videos and photos. Text passages describe each scene as shown on the preview page above.
  • Frequency of updates: Weekly on Fridays.
  • Cost: $19.99 per month or $119.40 per year (that's only $9.95 per month!)


These comments are based upon my review of the five most-recent posted videos prior to 01/11/2017.

Dream Tranny Video Captures

  • Size (resolution): iPhone, 480P, 720P, or 1080P (Your choice)
  • Downloadable? Yes
  • Available as Video on Demand? Yes
  • Approximate length: The scenes I watched for this review were 20-54 minutes in length.
  • Storyline/acting: While most of the scenes are strictly gonzo in natures, some of them have an extensive storyline leading up to the sex. In one scene (with Carol Penelope (bottom left in the video capture montage above), the girl's boyfriend "loses" her to a friend in a card game. So, as you might expect, the friend fucks his prize. Later, the boyfriend enters the scene and she gets a wild DP. Although the storyline is plain, it is in Portuguese, I think, so I don't know exactly what the script entails.
  • Type of Scenes Available:
    • Solo: Yes
    • Transwoman/genetic woman: Yes
    • Transwoman/transwoman: Yes, but extremely limited 
    • Transwoman/man: Yes
    • Group: Yes
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Outstanding. I have never seen a site in which the movie directors do a better job highlighting the beauty of the trans women. 

Dream Tranny Pops

  • Girl has orgasm during scene: Most of the time (see video capture montage above). I only reviewed one scene in which the girl did not cum.
  • Compression artifacts: None noticeable.
  • White balance/lighting: Superior. Looking at the montage of uncorrected (only cropped) screen captures above, note how beautiful the girls' skin looks. Excellent lighting and attention to detail are obvious.
  • Camera angles/motions: Excellent. The videographer is skilled and talented.
  • Audio: Top notch throughough.
  • Editing: Very good. Attention to detail is obvious.
  • Problems encountered: The only thing I noticed is that when I tried to download several scenes at once, the connection between my desktop computer and the site faltered and I had to re-connect to continue downloading. If you download only one or two scenes at a time, this does not happen.
  • For a sample video clip, click HERE.


These comments are based upon my review of photo sets that accompanied the five scenes I watched.

Sample of Dream Tranny photos

  • Size (resolution): 1200 X 1800. Big...but I wish they were bigger! When it comes to photos, bigger is better.
  • Downloadable? Yes
  • Type of Photo Shoots Available:
    • Solo: Yes
    • Transwoman/genetic woman: Yes
    • Transwoman/transwoman: Very limited
    • Transwoman/man: Yes
    • Group: Yes
  • Approximate quantity of photos per set: The sets I reviewed ranged from 179 to 445 photos. This is a very generous selection of images and, without a doubt, the images are hot as well as technically and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Excellent
  • Photos of Orgasms included: Usually
  • White balance/lighting: Perfect. Seldom do you see trans women so well photographed.
  • Problems encountered: None.
  • For sample photos click HERE.


  • Preview of video/photoshoot content: Yes
  • Blogs: Yes, you can post and read comments about each scene.
  • Stories: No.

Commentary and Recommendation

I really like this site. Although this recommendation is based upon the most recent five scenes (through 01/11/2017), I have belonged to this site for a while and I've enjoyed all of the scenes I've watched. 

The approximate $20 per month for the site gives you, on average between two to three hours of quality and exhilarating viewing pleasure per month. That's about the same as a retail-priced DVD. However, when you join, you can download hundreds of previous movies and photo shoots and keep yourself busy for many hours. That's worth way more than the $20 per month.

Of course, you can get 50% off if you join for a year and pay about $120. That's just $10 per month and I can safely say that if you like trans women, you'll get your money's worth.

Dr. Jay

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