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It's The Girl Next Door 3

Studio: New Sensations » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/9/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 12 minutes

Date of Production: 2017

Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Featuring Katya Rodriguez with Izzy Bell, Cleo Vixen, Madison Hart, Toni Ribas, Logan Long, James Deen, Ramon Nomar

Bonus Scenes: Alex Grey and J Mac from Cute Little Things 2; Aurora Belle and Anthony Rosano from It’s the Girl Next Door 2

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for It’s the Girl Next Door 2, The Cute Little Babysitter 7, Young and Curious 2; Behind the Scenes; 2 Bonus Scenes with over 32 minutes of interview footage with each starlet; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, popshot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


Director Paul Woodcrest does a great job presenting hot, young sex in his flick “It’s the Girls Next Door 3.” This series has featured lots of young, fairly new to the biz babes who get fucked by cock-serving veterans. Katya Rodriguez hails from Mexico and she stars in this friendly neighborhood flick, getting her pussy flogged by Logan Long’s mega cock. The flick also includes Izzy Bell, Cleo Vixen, and Madison Hart banging and swallowing their hard cock neighbors James Deen, Ramon Nomar, and Toni Ribas. I recommend this movie. The scene set-ups will keep you interested and these innocent-looking girls next door keep you hooked on watching their pussies get stretched. The sex scenes are good with great chemistry, the scenes are produced well with great lighting and high-quality filming and the DVD has lots of extras, including two bonus scenes.

Scene 1:  Katya Rodriguez and Logan Long

Katya Rodriguez is the featured starlet and featured DVD cover girl in It’s the Girl Next Door 3.  She’s been in the business since 2016 and has several web scenes under her belt and a few movies. Katya is from Mexico and started when she was 19 years old. She hosts Logan Long’s big cock in this opening scene and greedily accepts his cum blast all over her face in the end. When the scene opens, Logan walks into Katya’s house and tells her he couldn’t wait to see her; he just had to come over. Katya is worried that her parents might see him. She tells him he’s got to leave. He does leave. Later on, after Katya’s mom leaves, she texts Logan, telling him that her parents are gone and he should come over. Before she knows it, Logan pins her up against the wall in the hallway and kisses her. He squeezes her tits and tells her to let him take her to the bedroom. Katya is being a bad girl and loving it. She lies on the bed, rubbing his cock in his pants while he fingers her pussy. Her pussy is already wet. Logan pulls her panties off, opens her legs wide as she lies on her back and licks her pussy, making his horny neighbor moan. He tells her that her pussy tastes so fucking good. Logan spits on it and eats it. The smiling Katya tells him to get her pussy nice and wet. Logan stuffs his thumb deep in her pussy, thumb-fucking her. Eat continues to smack on her wet cunt, keeping her satisfied. Two fingers go deep into her pussy next and it Katya tells him this is going to make her cum. She squirts all over his hand and he spanks her pussy then pulls her top off. Katya undresses Logan as well and tells him she’s so ready for his cock.

With Logan lying on his back, Katya pulls down his pants and takes out his big cock. She jerks it and sucks it, admiring the size of his pole. She runs her small mouth around his thick dick, gagging as she works her lips down his shaft. She sucks his balls then focuses on his dick again. Her spit drains down the sides of his cocks as Katya gorges on his meat. She tells him, “I want you to fuck me now!” Logan is happy to stretch her pussy out for her. She gets in doggy position and tells him she’s ready. He sticks his dick in her pussy from behind. It’s tight. Logan pounds her hole, working his big, long cock deep inside her cunt and making her scream out in sexual abandon. “Oh, fuck! Oh, Yeah, just like that,” are the words Katya belts out. She tells him his dick feels so good. Logan pulls out and feeds her his dick. Katya tries to deep throat it but it’s too big. She makes a sloppy mess instead, drooling on his shaft. She rides his pole cowgirl style then turns into reverse cowgirl position for more cock riding. After tasting her pussy off his cock, she gets spoon fucked followed by a hard pounding round of missionary fucking that rewards her with a blast of cum all over her face and in her mouth.

Scene 2:  Cleo Vixen and James Deen

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The curvy Cleo Vixen gets banged by her neighbor, James Deen, in the second scene in the movie. When the scene begins, Cleo is sitting on the kitchen counter as James walks up looking for her brother. She tells James that her brother isn’t there yet. James says they were supposed to go downtown to hang out. He tells Cleo he’ll be back later. Before he leaves, Cleo stops him and tells him she doesn’t want to be a tag-along. She wants to go out with him. She knows he’s thought about her before. James admits he has thought about her. Cleo walks up to him, touching his chest. James tells her he doesn’t think this is appropriate, but that doesn’t stop Cleo from making her movie. She kisses him and James kisses her back. Cleo starts squeezes his cock in his pants and helping him strip out of his shirt. James pulls her top off, revealing her tits. He spanks and grips her ass several times as she holds on to the railing. James stuffs his hand down Cleo’s shorts and fingers her pussy, telling her to open her legs wide. He grips her around the neck while he finger-fucks her pussy. She moans louder and louder, enjoying the sensation of James’s fingers in her cunt. He puts his fingers in her mouth, making her taste her wet pussy. Cleo bends over in standing doggy position and James buries his face in her pussy, tongue lashing her wet hole from behind and driving her crazy. Cleo sits on the couch and opens her mouth wide to get it fucked by James’ cock. She stuffs her throat with his dick then bends over doggy style on the couch to eat more of his meat. He tells her to spit all over his cock. Cleo lubes his dick up with her mouth and jerks his meat back and forth down her throat. James tells her she’s so good at sucking his dick, then he sits her on it cowgirl style, spanking her ass cheeks as she rides up and down on his hard pole.

Cleo’s pussy hugs James’ cock as it slides up and down on it. When his cock slips out, she orders him to stick it right back in there and fuck her pussy. James slams her box, banging her hole with every inch of his prick. He fingers her ass hole while fucking her pussy, and Cleo enjoys that action. She climbs off his cock and sucks his dick some more, spitting all over it and jerking it back and forth. Cleo goes for a reverse cowgirl ride as James concentrates on making her cum. The combination of getting her pussy fucked and her clit fingered makes Cleo cum, she smiles in ecstasy then watches as James fucks her pussy harder and deeper. He lies her on her back on the couch, spreads her legs wide open and eats her pussy. With her clit tongue whipped, he sticks his dick in her hole again, sucking her toes while he fucks her snatch. James spoon fucks her then drills her from behind doggy style while jamming three fingers into her ass hole. Cleo looks back at him, smiling and telling him to give it to her. James slams her pussy faster and harder and Cleo tells him to keep doing it just like that. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then rides it cowgirl and takes it missionary style until James pulls out and blasts her face and mouth with cum.

Scene 3 Izzy Bell and Ramon Nomar

Izzy Bell is eagerly getting undressed in the bathroom mirror. She pulls off her dress then takes off her bra. Just as we get a good look at her tits, Ramon walks in on her. Izzy is startled at first. She didn’t realize Ramon was watching her. He walks in, kisses her and squeezes her boobs and he’s glad to hear that her parents went out for lunch because that means he can have some alone time with her. He tells her she’s so beautiful. Izzy is excited about this alone time with her neighbor too. He drops his pants and out pops his cock. Izzy gets on her knees to suck it, opening her mouth wide and jerking his dick back and forth. She is happy to have his cock in her mouth and she holds it in her hand, admiring it. Ramon starts fucking her face, thrusting his dick deeper and deeper down her throat, encouraging her to swallow all of it. He tells her to look up at him while she sucks his cock. Izzy is having lots of fun and tells him how much she loves his cock. She happily agrees to go fuck now and follows him out of the bathroom. Before they get to their destination, he pins her up against the wall and runs his hands all over her body. Izzy takes this opportunity to tell him that she’s moving and this is the last time they’re going to have sex. Ramon decides that he has to make this fuck count. He sucks her tits, pulls off her panties and starts eating her pussy while she stands up against the wall.

Izzy loves the feeling and tells him she’s going to miss this. Ramon fingers her pussy and tongues her clit, making her body twist and turn and her mouth gape open. He spanks her pussy then spanks her ass when she turns around. She still standing against the wall and he’s eating her pussy from behind now, gripping her firm ass cheeks. He kisses his way up her body, asking her if she’s ready for him to fuck her now. Izzy is ready for it right now and she takes it by sitting on his dick cowgirl style. Ramon checks to confirm her pussy is ready for his dick by fingering her one more time, making her moan. She sits on his pole and rides it, grinding her body back and forth on it and telling him to spank her ass. Ramon takes control, fucking her hole and threatening to make her cum. He bangs her deep inside her pussy, making Izzy grasp for air. With her pussy stretched, she climbs off and sucks his dick, swallowing her pussy flavor then she screams she wants his dick inside her again. He beats her pussy with it first then sticks it in her snatch in reverse cowgirl position. She tells him, “just like that” and “deeper, harder!” Izzy wants him to make her cum and when Ramon starts fucking her harder, she’s set to get her orgasm. He fingers and spanks her clit some more before lying her on her side for spoon fucking. She tells him to keep fucking her, “faster, faster.” Ramon tells her she’s got a good pussy as he drills it full of his cock. Doggy style is followed by missionary with Izzy still begging for his cock harder and faster. Ramon pulls out and blasts her face with cum. Izzy opens wide as he shoots his load, catching some of it in her mouth. She grips his dick, jerking and sucking it, tasting his cum.

Scene 4:  Madison Hart and Toni Ribas

Madison is being a good girl, washing dishes just as Toni walks up behind her, surprising her. She’s so happy to see him. Toni checks in to make sure everything is fine with the house. Madison assures him that everything is fine. He tells her that her dad agreed to let him stay at the house for the next 3 days and if there’s anything she needs, she should tell him. Madison says there’s nothing right now. With that, Toni leaves but the smile on Madison’s face says that she has something up her sleeve. She plots to seduce him later that night and does it by leaving her bedroom door open while she fingers her pussy. The unsuspecting Toni walks by her bedroom and is surprised and turned on to see her masturbating. Madison fingers herself until she cums, just as Toni walks away. She smiles to herself, knowing that he saw her. This is exactly what she wants. The next day, she joins him at the kitchen table asking what he’s working on. Toni has a lot of paperwork from the office he has to go through. He hopes he’ll get it all done today. He asks her what she’s doing today. Madison is going on a road trip with her girlfriends today. She’s leaving in about an hour. Toni tells her to be safe. After a short pause, Madison tells him she knows he was watching her. She knows he saw her. Toni admits to it and that’s when Madison crawls across the table to him and asks if he wants to fuck her.

They kiss and Madison immediately goes for his dick, unzipping his pants and taking out his cock. It’s already hard and she begins by licking his dick head then sucks it. Toni spanks her ass cheeks that are high up in the air while she kneels in doggy position. He takes her down off the table and she sits on the couch, as he stands in front of her, and sucks his cock some more. Toni tells her to let him do it. He holds her head still with both hands and fucks her throat, forcing her to deep throat his prick. He tells her to keep doing it just like that. He wants to see her gag on his dick.  All that throat banging has made Madison tear up. He wipes her tears away and watches her strip naked, then he feeds her his cock again. Toni slaps and spanks her tits and pussy, making Madison cry out. He gets rough with her, choking her while fingering her feverishly. Madison is in complete ecstasy now and is like putty in his hands. She sucks his cock again then opens her legs wide in reverse cowgirl position and moans as Toni beats her pussy with it. He fingers her clit then slips his cock in her cunt. Madison rides him reverse cowgirl style, sucks his dick then climbs on top in cowgirl position, riding him hard and fast. Toni doesn’t stop spanking her ass while she bounces up and down on his dick. Missionary fucking transitions to spoon fucking and soon Madison is on her hands and knees getting fucked doggy style. She looks back at the way Toni is banging her pussy until he puts his foot on her face, pinning it down to the couch while stuffing her with cock from behind. Another quick round of spoon fucking leads to more pussy drilling with Toni pinning Madison’s legs open wide as he stretches her snatch. Toni pulls out, Madison sucks him quickly until Toni pops, splashing cum on her face and tits. She jerks his cock and sucks it, swallowing the cum from his dick.

Final Thoughts:

Director Paul Woodcrest shows us that the girls next door can turn out to be the horniest, not-so-innocent girls next door looking to fuck their boy-toy neighbors. In his flick It’s the Girl Next Door 3, we meet four of these cock-craving girls. The movie features Mexican-born Katya Rodriguez as the DVD cover girl and she opens the flick fucking her big dick neighbor Logan Long. You’ll enjoy watching her spread her legs open to their limits as Logan dines on her cunt before banging it out. Katya is joined by Izzy Bell, Cleo Vixen and Madison Hart who show they are just as horny for their neighbors as Katya is. There are four main scenes in the flick and Woodcrest has worked in two bonus sex scenes too. I recommend this movie. It’s good sex between horny neighbors. Woodcrest pays attention to production details, lighting and filming his scenes well and setting up each scene with interesting short storylines.

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