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Please Don't Break Me

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/10/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 6 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Gay; All Sex

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Starring Rafael Alencar with Tino Cortez, Elliot Blue, and Brad Gray

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Web Access


Brazilian-born, big-cock hottie Rafael Alencar stars in Men.com’s Please Don’t Break Me and it’s a flick you don’t want to miss. Rafael fucks Tino Cortez, Elliott Blue and Brad Gray and each of them beg him not to break them with his big cock. Rafael promises to take it easy on them but soon he’s driving his monster cock deep in each twink’s ass hole. Eventually, each boy comes to love getting his ass hole plowed by Rafael’s pole. I recommend this movie. The scenes are each shot with attention to a high-quality production. The sex is incredible with lots of great close ups and the boys fully enjoy hosting Rafael’s prick in their butts. The DVD has three scenes and rounding it out with four would have been even better. The extras are standard with a photo gallery and cumshot recap. Overall, this flick is well worth watching. Rafael is a turn on. The hottest scene of the flick is his butt-bang with Elliott Blue. The close-ups on Elliott’s tight ass hole getting pumped by Rafael’s cock make that scene a sizzler to watch.

Scene 1:  Rafael Alencar and Tino Cortez

Tino stands up and jumps around in the bed until Rafael tells him to calm down. Rafael puts his hands around Tino’s waste and tells him he’s so tiny. He can’t believe how his hands fit all the way around Tino’s midsection. Tino sits on the bed to find Rafael’s big, hard cock swinging in his face. Tino can’t believe how big Rafael’s cock is. He grips it and sucks it, telling Rafael he’s never seen a dick this big before. Rafael tells him he’s going to get it today. Tino spits on his cock and tries deep throating it, but Rafael’s prick is too big. Tino looks up at Rafael and says, “you’re not going to break me, are you?” Rafael puts his cock back in Tino’s mouth and fucks his face, ordering Tino to look up at him. He chokes Tino with his large pool and tells him he wants to fuck him. Tino takes off his clothes and continues to suck Rafael’s dick. Rafael rubs Tino’s ass while ordering him to “suck that dick!” Tino has to use both hands to jerk Rafael’s cock. It’s so big. Rafael spanks Tino’s ass and fingers his ass hole. Soon, Rafael is spreading Tino’s ass open, admiring his gaping hole.

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It’s time for Tino to get fucked and he lies on his side in spoon position. Rafael drives his dick deep in Tino’s ass hole, making him squint his eyes and scream out, “Oh fuck!” Rafael’s cock is diving deeper and deeper into Tino’s ass with every stroke and Tino is biting his lips as he experiences it. Tino ventures into reverse cowboy position on top of Rafael’s dick and the pleasure is written all over Tino’s face as Rafael pumps his hole. It’s so big, Tino needs a break and he climbs off. Rafael doesn’t let up, telling him it’s time to take it doggy style. Tino bends over the back of the couch and Rafael stands behind him, banging his butt. “Take that dick,” is what Rafael tells Tino. We get a great close-up from behind of Tino’s tiny ass hole getting stuffed by Rafael’s dick. Rafael turns him over into missionary position and fills his hole. Another close up shows us all the ball banging action as Rafael’s balls slam against Tino’s ass while he gets fucked. Rafael pulls out and pops all over Tino’s chest, leaving long strings of cum draining down his stomach.

Scene 2:  Rafael Alencar and Elliott Blue

This scene is the hottest scene of the flick, featuring Elliott Blue and Rafael. When the scene opens, Rafael is carrying Elliott over his shoulder up the stairs to the bedroom.  He throws him across the bed then bangs his face into his cock in his pants. Rafael asks him if he wants to try a hard dick. He takes out his cock, spanks Elliott’s face with it then Elliott puts it in his mouth. “It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had,” Elliott tells Rafael. Elliott sucks his dick like a greedy, cock-craving machine. He opens his mouth wide, accepting Rafael’s pole down his throat. Rafael rips Elliott’s shirt off then chokes him with his cock again. Elliott is inked with tattoos on his chest, arm, and stomach. He kneels to continue his meat eating. Rafael flips him over into a standing 69, ordering Elliott to suck his dick. Elliott does a great job at swallowing Rafael’s cock while he’s upside down. He really gets his throat banged when he lies on his back with his head hanging over the edge of the bed. Rafael walks up and fucks Elliott’s throat, letting his balls bang up against Elliott’s nose. We get great close up shots of Elliott’s throat bang.

Rafael flips him over with his head on the floor and his ass up against the bed and fucks him butt thruster style. Elliott jerks his dick while Rafael plows deep in his ass hole. Rafael makes his hole gape then drills it hard and deep. Elliott screams out, “you’re so deep.” The muscle-bound Rafael flips Elliott up into a standing cowgirl and bounces him up and down on his cock. Elliott begs Rafael not to break him. Rafael says maybe. Elliott gets on all fours on the bed in doggy position and takes more butt banging from behind. The body slapping action is hot as Rafael fucks him wheelbarrow style. Rafael fucks him in a downward doggy next, stuffing every inch of his cock deep in Elliott’s ass. They fuck missionary style next until Elliott jerks and pops all over himself. Rafael continues to pound Elliott’s hole then he pulls out and covers Elliott’s face and glasses in cum. Elliott takes off his glasses and licks up the cum.

Scene 3: Rafael Alencar and Brad Gray

Rafael has been waiting for two hours for Brad, then Brad finally arrives. He apologizes for being late and tells Rafael he has never done anything gay before, so he’s nervous. Rafael asks him if he’s never played around with a guy before, never jerked off with a guy before. Brad says no. He’s only been with three girls and that’s it. Rafael tells him he wasted so much time that he’s leaving. Brad begs him to stay and tells him that he’s seen his dick and he just doesn’t want Rafael to break him. Rafael tells him not to worry, just try it out. He unzips his pants and out pops his big cock. Brad says, “it’s huge,” and “it won’t fit in my mouth.” Rafael encourages him to try it out first. Brad jerks Rafael’s cock then puts it in his mouth, sucking it. He licks his dick head then sucks it. Rafael takes control by fucking Brad’s wide-open mouth, making Brad gag. Brad likes all of this and continues to try to swallow all of Rafael’s cock. Brad does his best to deep throat Rafael and makes it about halfway down his shaft.

Rafael sits down and Brad bends over doggy style to eat more of his meat. Despite his best efforts, Brad is still not able to deep throat Rafael’s cock. Brad strips down and is ready to get his ass hole broken in. He bends over doggy style and watches as Rafael stuffs his cock deep in him. Rafael has to go slowly at first to open up Brad’s ass hole. Eventually, Rafael gets deep inside Brad’s butt and he fucks it. Rafael slams into Brad’s ass hole, stretching it wider and deeper. Rafael makes Brad’s ass hole gap then he feeds it with his dick. Rafael climbs on top of Brad and drills his ass hole doggy style. He tells Brad to open his ass hole wide. Brad spreads his ass cheeks open so Rafael can pump his open hole. Brad sits on Rafael’s cock cowboy style then turns around and rides it in reverse cowboy. Rafael says, “take my cock!” Brad rides him in low strokes, swallowing up his cock deep inside his ass. They fuck missionary style until Rafael pulls out and jerks off in Brad’s mouth and on his face. Brad cums too, popping on the floor. He tells Rafael it was so good.

Final Thoughts:

The gorgeous, hard-bodied Rafael Alencar is a gay fan favorite. His steely good looks, ripped abs and body, beautiful ass and big cock make him a highly sought-after top in the biz, and fans love to watch him. This Brazilian-born cocksman stars in Men.com’s Please Don’t Break Me, and I recommend it. The DVD is a collection of three web scenes from Men.com, but it’s three hot scenes with one sizzling standout. Rafael stars with and fucks Tino Cortez, Elliott Blue, and Brad Gray. Elliott Blue’s submission is the hottest scene of the flick and It’s one of those scenes you can’t turn away from. The other two scenes are a pleasure to watch as well. Giving this DVD a fourth scene would have made it even better. The extras are what you would expect with a photo gallery and cumshot recap. The DVD also offers a special promo for the Men.com website. Overall, this flick is worth watching. The close ups on the guys’ butts being banged by Rafael’s monster cock make each scene a welcome turn on.

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