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Cindy Queen of Hell

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 6/10/17

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Genre: Feature Comedy


Cast: Joanna Angel, Leigh Raven, Lily Lane, Sarah Jessie, Anna Bell Peaks, Nikki Hearts, Ophelia Rain, Xander Corvus, Small Hands, Tommy Pistol, Owen Gray, Gage Sin, Chad Alva

Directors: Joanna Angel and Xander Corvus

Photographer: Mike Quasar

Length: 2 hrs. 42 min.

Release Date: Oct. 17, 2016

Condoms: None

Extras: 5 trailers, a photo gallery and internet access. There's also a blooper reel over the feature's end credits.


Overview: Cindy Queen Of Hell is the amazingly talented Joanna Angel's award winning masterpiece about a goth chick who finds out she's the daughter of Satan, and on her 21st birthday has to decide to stay on Earth and live life as a mortal or descend into Hell and rule the dark world for all eternity. I don't think you could have assembled a better cast since it's obvious that everyone is having the time of their lives on this amazingly beautifully shot film, thanks to the terrific camera work of Mike Quasar.


Scene One: Joanna Angel, Xander Corvus and Small Hands


It's Lucinda's (Cindy for short, wonderfully played by Leigh Raven) 21st birthday and she's noticing some peculiar things happening around her, such as animals and people dying in her presence. She tells her alcoholic mother Raven (the brilliant Joanna Angel who won AVN's best actress award playing the punk rock/heavy metal/doting mother act to a tee. Picture Wendy O. Williams crossed with June Cleaver), she tells her about how she met her father, Lucifer (a rather soft spoken Xander Corvus), and his loyal bodyguard Leviathan (Small Hands). Joanna flashes back to the 1980's Los Angeles where Lucifer and his bad are playing at some small dive.


In a beautifully shot sequence Xander truly rocks out as the leader of the horned band. After the set Joanna makes her way tot he back to meet Xander and Small Hands and Joanna is simply terrific as the slutty heavy metal groupie whose sole intention to get dicked by her favorite band. Xander creampies in Joanna, impregnating her. Xander tells her he's actually Satan and that she's now carrying his spawn, who would become Cindy. However, Cindy doesn't believe her drunk mom and decides to attend a Satanic ritual and ask him in person.


Scene Two: Lily Lane, Tommy Pistol, Owen Gray and Gage Sin


In this amazing gangbang scene the incredible Lily Lane plays a sacrifice in a Satanic sex ritual. With some very creepy white contacts she gets banged every which way possible by the three dorky Satanist lead by the always terrific Tommy Pistol. The three completely rail her and she amazingly takes them all like the fantastic performer she is. Once they get naked she takes all three cocks in her mouth and from there it's just three holes no waiting, constantly begging to filled with cock from all directions. You eventually get lost as to who's in what hole, Lily never breaking character as the cock hungry whore.


There's an incredible shot of her lowering her self down on two cocks, one in ass one in pussy, that has to be seen to be believed. Just an incredible, amazingly shot scene with terrific performances especially from the wonderful Lily Lane whom I just simply cannot praise enough. Fantastic.


Scene Three: Sarah Jessie and Small Hands


After they all coat her face with their jizz, Lucifer appears and meets with Cindy and tells her he's her father. Naturally she thinks he's crazy. So to convince her he offers to show her but when he tries she passes out. Meanwhile we descend into green screened Hell where we observe Small Hands and the beautiful succubus Sarah Jessie. The gorgeous blond Sarah is dressed in a see through mesh body suit showing off her incredible tits. She tries to conspire with Small to overthrow Lucifer and take over Hell before the half breed Cindy does. Small however is completely loyal to his boss and best friend, so Sarah tries to win him over by fucking him. She starts by giving him some amazing slobbery head before he bends her over and fucks her standing from behind. They then go into missionary where Small fucks her and eats her pussy until she cums before sticking his cock back in a fucking her some more. After sucking her juices off his dick she climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl before he spoons her from behind.


They then go into a doggy, Small Hand's huge cock plowing into Sarah's pussy from behind. After sucking her cum off his cock again she climbs back on and fucks him cowgirl again, this time we see her from behind. Small Hands slams his cock into her, his balls slapping against her asshole before she starts grinding on him making her cum once more in his cock. They go into one more quick missionary before he shoots his load all over her chest and belly. She lays back and revels in his cum, rubbing it all over her and licking it off her fingers. In the end Small Hands remains loyal to his boss and rejects the pissed off succubus.


Scene Four: Leigh Raven, Anna Bell Peaks, Nikki Hearts and Chad Alva


Back on the Earth's surface Lucifer tells Cindy he'd like her to take over as ruler of Hell. Cindy's not sure so he tells her to descend into Hell and have a look around. He gives her a magic bell that transports her back and forth. When she rings it she's instantly zapped into Hell where she sees succubi Anna Bell and Nikki flogging Chad Alva. They invite Leigh to join in and they all start making out. Chad eats out all three girls pussies as they're lined up in a row before giving the dick to Anna Bell while Nikki fucks Leigh with a strap on.


This leads to a spectacular reverse gang bang complete with so much cock sucking and pussy eating and all three girls fucking Chad in every way possible. They all take turns riding and sucking his cock in between going down on each other and Leigh is absolutely loving it. And I have to hand it to Chad for his stamina, keeping his cock hard as the three beauties fuck him senselessly. The scene ends with Chad shooting off on the very satisfied Leigh's face while we see the fires of Hell burning in the background.


Scene Five: Ophelia Rain, Joanna Angel and Xander Corvus


After the all out fuckfest Anna and Nikki tell Leigh that this is a typical day for them in Hell. This is enough to convince Leigh to stay and she goes back to the surface to tell her parents the good news. When she gets there she sees Joanna flogging Xander and wearing a strap on (which Mike Quasar can't seem to stop focusing on). Leigh tells Lucifer she'll take over as ruler if Joanna can come to and they all can be on big happy family in Hell. So they all go back and once there Joanna and the retired Lucifer treat themselves to a spa day with masseuse Ophelia. Lucifer calls for a happy ending and Ophelia starts sucking his cock. Joanna comes over and joins them before climbing on top of Xander and riding him, pulling his cock out from time to time for Ophelia to clean her juices off. Xander then dicks Ophelia from behind while she eats Joanna's pussy.


He pounds away at her pretty pale pussy before lying down for Joanna to fuck him cowgirl. He slams his cock up inside her, pumping away as his balls slap her asshole once again pulling out periodically so Ophelia can suck on him. Xander then fucks Ophelia in the ass while in a missionary while Joanna rubs her pussy until Ophelia cums on her hand. Ophelia then starts riding Xander cowgirl style until Joanna DP's her with a strap on, anally fucking her while Xander fucks her from underneath.  The scene ends with Xander shooting off on Ophelia's face and snowballing his cum with Joanna. A fittingly scorching hot scene to end an amazingly great feature.



Final Thoughts: This great award winning movie is so terrific on so many levels. First the performances, Joanna Angel is just so terrific as the loving mom. When she's not fucking she plays the heavy metal happy homemaker to a tee. And Xander Corvus is terrific as the very chill Lucifer. In most films Satan is portrayed as wicked evil entity with an English accent. Here Xander shows him a cool, actually very down to Earth, and loving father to her daughter Cindy. Second, the great makeup work with the horns and contacts designed by the talented Nikki Hearts. Third, the sex scenes are scorchingly terrific. Everyone is having a ball fucking and screwing each other and it shows making it so much hotter for the viewer. And finally I've really, really got to give it up the Mike Quasar and his phenomenal photography. His over saturation of the sex scenes give the film a nice '70's and '80's grindhouse vibe, plus it accentuates everyone's ink making it all so much brighter and more beautiful. The film won AVN's and XRCO's awards for best comedy, and it completely deserved it. I'm giving this film the coveted Xcritic Pick.

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